Use of Sodium Hyaluronate solution in patients suffering from post

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					Use of Sodium Hyaluronate solution in patients suffering from post-radiation

J. Diamantopoulos1, Z. Kapsalis1, G. Pliotas1, N. Koliarakis2, Th. Antonadou2,
P. Karagiorgis2
  Western Attica General Hospital “Santa Barbara”, Urology Dept., Athens,
  “Metaxas” Cancer Hospital, 2nd Radiology Dept., Piraeus, Greece.

Purpose: To improve symptoms of post-radiation cystitis in patients
undergoing radiotherapy for pelvic cancer.
Patients and Methods: In a preliminary study, 20 patients suffering from post-
radiation cystitis due to external beam radiation for pelvic cancer, were
subjected to intravesical infusions of sodium hyaluronate in form of isotonic
solution 80%. The onset of therapy was after finishing radiotherapy and as
soon as symptoms had appeared. 50 mL of the solution were administered and
kept in the bladder for one hour to drain it everywhere. This maneuver was
repeated once a week for a period of 4-6 weeks and, then, once a month for a
total period of one year.
Results: 12/20 (60%) of the treated patients were improved significantly
within 3-4 weeks after the onset of the infusions. 4/20 (20%) were improved
slightly within the same interval; however, their clinical status became
significantly better within the following 1-3 months. All these 16/20 (80%)
patients were almost asymptomatic at the end of the therapy.
Any withdrawal from treatment schedule was followed by various degree of
recurrence, according to the time.
Clinical improvement was in accordance with the endoscopic appearance of
the blabber.
3 patients were slightly improved by the first month, but they remained ill, so,
they were withdrawn and subjected to urine diversion. One of them died three
months later.
The last patient did not refer any improvement and was subjected to urine
diversion. She died two months after operation.
Conclusion: Intravesical infusions of Sodium Hyaluronate in patients suffering
from post-radiation cystitis consists, in first view, a good challenge for clinical

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