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									License #294815

CURRICULUM VITAE            Summary of QualificationS:
                            Mr. Floyd is multiple-court qualified, consulting and testifying in general building
                            construction, plumbing (including hot water scaldings), electrical specialties, electrocution
                            and wrongful death; construction defects, contractor faults, failures and non-performance
                            non-code compliance, non-permited, non-inspected, and maintenance operations of
                            apartment/condominium complexes.
                            as a testifying Expert Witness
                            Art Floyd is uniquely qualified as an expert witness because of his broad and diverse experi-
                            ence personally performing in at least 15 specialized construction, remodeling, repair, instal-
       art floyd            lation and fabrication trades. He maintains and utilizes his own professional journeyman lev-
Testifying Expert Witness   el tools and equipment. He has more than 40 years experience conducting and supervising
  art@multi-trade.com       construction projects, including maintenance and landscape operations, service call repair
                            work and trade installations on hundreds of properties, with extensive single-family
Phone (909) 969-1968
                            home, apartment complexes, condominiums and low-rise commercial building experience.
Phone (800) 684-4473
                            Mr. Floyd is a strong testifier; 93% of cases have settled. In 17 years, he has completed
   Fax (800) 460-6629
                            more than 550 cases and worked with more than 600 attorneys. He is also experienced in
    Upland, Calfiornia      depositions, arbitrations and mediations. He has testified on the witness stand in more than
www.multi-trade.com         40 cases, with equal experience in both jury and judge trials.
                            multiple contractors licenses
“Hands-on experience        Arthur G. Floyd is licensed by the State of California as an Individual Contractor (License
   Tthat makes the          #294815) Mr. Floyd and Multi-Trade Associates conduct business with an uncommon
      Tdifference ™ ”       combination of three California Contractorss Licenses & Specialties:
                                • General Building Contractor (B)
                                   – Defects; General Construction, Remodeling & Repair
                                • Electrical Trade Specialty Contractor (C-10)
                                    – Defects, shocks, electrocution & circuits
                                • Plumbing Trade Specialty Contractor (C-36)
                                    – Defects, shocks, electricution & circuits
                                    – Certified Plumbing Inspector
                                    – Hot Water Scald Injuries
                            Working with attorneys
                            Mr. Floyd’s work with hundreds of attorneys, both defense and plaintiff, substantiates that
                            nothing can take the place of the practical insights of a tradesman who has years of “in the
                            field” experience. His hands-on approach cuts through guesswork and allows litigators to
                            utilize uncomplicated workable solutions, explanations and testimony.
                            in the court room
                            Art Floyd has testified over 40 times between judge and jury trials 75 plus hours
                            on the witness stand, utilizing props, models and large photo boards to illustrate and
                            explain defects or injuries. Mr. Floyd is good on his feet, and is a dynamic speaker who can
                            articulate vivid mental pictures.
                            Since 1983 Art Floyd has worked with hundreds of property owners, engineers, contractors
                            and tradesman as a Property Owner and Contractor Consultant for general construction,
                            plumbing and electrical.

                                                                              Art Floyd/Multi-Trade Associates CURRICULUM VITAE 1
real Property Professional
Mr. Floyd is a “hands-on” professional of both large and small real properties. He has personally performed, organized,
conducted and supervised construction, remodeling, maintenance and landscape operations, service call repair work
and trade installations on hundreds of properties of all types.
maximizing litigation Potential
Mr. Floyd believes that highly technical and mathematical theories are important in some cases. However, his expe-
rience bears out the fact that major breakthroughs occur because he brings practical and actual “hands-on” trade
experience to the litigation table.
litigation testing
He has conducted numerous field and shop tests including destructive and non-destructive; light source illumination;
wood moisture; tools; machinery; pipes and joints; sewer line camera and location survey; electrical trouble
shooting and circuits testing.

additional SErVicES
     •		 ite-Inspection	Discovery
       In response to client’s case criteria, Mr. Floyd conducts both defense and plaintiff discovery, including thorough
       site-inspections, detailed photo documentation, complete investigations, comprehensive reports and cost
     •		 n	The	Shop
       Multi-Trade Associates, Inc. maintains a complete shop for mock-up and model building, as well as testing.
       The shop is setup for light welding, brazing, cutting, forming, soldering, sawing, grinding, hot gluing, painting,
       air brushing, drilling, sanding, threading, taping for electrical, plumbing and mechanical work in preparation for
       providing expert witness testimony.
     •		 n	the	Office
       Mr. Floyd’s offices are fully automated with computers, hardware and software that enable professional reports,
       photographic logs, codes and ordinances, and case documentation.
     •		 ost	Estimation
       Estimating often relates directly to case work; Multi-Trade Services utilizes a 2800 page professional program
       which enables round number costing for construction, remodeling & repairs.

    hand on fiEld PracticES
     •		 n	The	Field		
       Mr. Floyd has employed hundreds of tradesmen and workers in all phases of construction and installation work.
       Their peak performance is stimulated by handling personnel in an encouraging manner. Multi-Trade Associates,
       Inc. services are enhanced by a complete understanding of job-site practices, codes, personnel, materials, hard-
       ware, parts, fixtures, tools and equipment.
     •		 tandards	of	Care
       Art Floyd understands the “standards of care” by which contractors, subcontractors, and tradesmen must oper-
       ate and the limitations that are inherent in the business. During his many years experience in customer service,
       he has developed effective communication, delegation, and trade scheduling skill as well as a complete under-
       standing of responsibility protocols.
     •		 tandards	of	Practice
       Having performed literally thousands of on-site jobs and projects involving plumbing; electrical; roofing; dry-
       wall, plaster and stucco; structural defects; windows and doors; water and warm air heating; galvanized and
       copper piping; sprinkler systems; drain and sewer piping (iron, PCV and clay); sewer and drain cleaning; elec-
       tro/mechanical systems; electrical services and wiring; painting; and repair trouble shooting, Mr. Floyd under-
       stands well the “standards of practice.” He has supervised his own crews as well as subcontractors and knows
       the trade practices, work routines and what performance is expected on the job-site.
     •		 afety	First
       In over 38 years of hands-on operations, Mr. Floyd personally has not personally suffered a loss time injury,
       despite some extremely dangerous operations. He is considered, by those who have worked alongside him, to
       be an expert at practical job-site safety. Since 1959, he has safely employed and/or managed over 400 people
       with only one loss-time accident, which was minor and not permanent.

                                                                            Art Floyd/Multi-Trade Associates CURRICULUM VITAE 2
Summary of Experience
Since 1959- Construction Field           Hundreds of Litigation Cases Completed
Since 1983- Construction Consultant      Numerous Arbitrations, Mediations, and Hearings
Since 1992- Testifying Exert Witness     Working With Both Attorneys & Claims Agents
                                         Court Qualified - Jury and Court Trials
                                         Completed hundreds of depositions

three ca licenses
General Building Contractor (B), Electrical Contractor (C10), Plumbing Contractor (C36)
  (Certified Plumbing Inspector )

codes and ordinances
Uniform Building Code                    California Building Code            Local Ordinances
National Electrical Code                 California Electrical Code
Uniform Plumbing Code                    California Plumbing Code

Defense & Plaintiff Cases                Thorough Photographic Documentation            Thorough Site Inspections
Assertive Deposition Testimony           Demonstrative Hardware Models                  Effective Research & Analysis
Strong & Deliberate Trial Testimony      Focused and Complete Reports

Complete	Services	                          Litigation	                               Structures
Estimating & Bid Analysis                   Construction, Remodeling                  Apartments & Complexes
Building Inspection & Evaluation                & Repair Defects                      Commercial Buildings
Claims Investigation                        Contractor Workmanship                    Condominiums & Complexes
Code Research & Analysis                        & Installed Products                  High-End Custom Homes
Litigation Consultation                     Personal Injury & Accident                Hotels & Motels
Damage & Loss Assessment                    Earthquake, Fire & Weather                Industrial Buildings
Defect Investigation & Analysis                 Related Damage                        Laundromat
Destructive/Non-Destructive Testing         Owner & Contractor Disputes               Medical Suites & Buildings
Detailed Documentation                      Property Damage                           Religious Structures
Expert Witness Testimony                    Estimating & Costs                        Restaurants
Independent Appraiser                       Buyer & Seller Disputes                   RV Parks & Parking Lots
Photographic Documentation                                                            Single Family Residences
Replacement Cost Analysis                                                             Tract Home Developments

contruction of tEStimony modElS
Mr. Floyd has successfully designed and built models for the purpose of testimony as follows:
For Scalding / Amputation    Plumbing Faucet Assemblies to demonstrate incorrect faucet installation.
                             (Loss of both legs)
For Machinery / Amputation Electrical Switch Control Boxes and Cabling Systems Models to demonstrate
For Ankle & Foot Injury      Drainage Grate Models to demonstrate proper walking surface area, and how wrong
                             grate was put to use.
For Loss of Sight Injury     Structural Wood Framework Model to demonstrate plaster lathe techniques to disprove a
                             contractor’s claim of serious eye injury.
For Slip & Fall Injury       Drywall Tools demo supporting injury claim when worker slipped or drywall mud.
For Trade Models             Demonstrating: Electrical, Plumbing
For Hot Water Scalding       Faucet models and water heater cut-away
                                                                          Art Floyd/Multi-Trade Associates CURRICULUM VITAE 3
comPlEtEd litigation (All Construction and Real Property Oriented)

construction, remodeling & repair defects                                     contractor Problems
Appliance Installations            Painting & Coatings                        Building with No Plans
Carpet & Hard Wood Flooring        Plumbing Defects                           Walking off job
Condemned Structures               Radio Freq. Interference                   Contractor Caused Damage
Decks, Landings & Railing          Ramps (Entrance & Exit)                    Covering Work, Illegally
Door & Hardware Installations      Repair Failures                            Defective Materials
Drains & Sewers                    Restroom Partitions                        Faulty Installations
Drywall, Taping & Finish           Rolling Gates & Fences                     Job Site Hazards
Electric, Equipment & Wiring       Roof Framing                               Materials Selection Failure
Electrical Defects                 Roof Systems & Drainage                    Non-Journeyman workers
Foundation & Slab Construction     Septic Tank Systems                        Non-Code Compliance
Garage Door (Manuel & Automatic)   Sheet Metal & Flashing                     Non-Performance
Grates (Drainage & Pedestrian)     Skylights & Vents                          Non-Trade Level Workers
Handyman Services                  Specialty Trade Services                   Product Defects
Hardscape & Walls                  Sprinklers & Irrigation                    Shoddy Workmanship
Incompatible Materials             Structural Failure                         Subcontractors Failure
Installation of Equipment          Structural Framing Work                    Not Paying Subs
Landscape & Drainage               Stucco & Lath                              Wrong Material Use
Latent & Patent Defects            Sump Pump Systems                          Not Pulling Permits
Leaks & Water Intrusion            Temperature Control Valves                 Not requesting inspections
Maintenance Failures               Welding & Fabrications                     Misuse of Project Funds
Municipal Improvements             Window & Hardware Installations            Job site substance abuse

Personal injury & accident           owner/contractor disputes
Accident Claims                      Billing Confusion                        Over Charging
Ceiling Collapse                     Collecting Ahead of Work                 Owner Non-Payment
Electrical Safety Lockouts           Collection Difficulties                  Plan check Failure
Electrical Shock Injury              Completion Cost Failure                  Property Set Back Rules
Electrocution (Death)                Completion Schedule Failure              Scheduling Failure
Fungus Growth & Illness              Completion Time Failure                  Stalls & Delays
Gas Explosion                        Contact Disputes                         Stop-Orders
Job Site Injury                      Contractor Lockout                       Subcontractor Disputes
Ladder Falls                         Contractor Payroll                       Supervision Failure
Limb Loss (amputation)               Contractor Walking off Job               Unauthorized Extras
Limited Lighting                     Damage to other Property                 Written Contract Failure
Sight Impairment                     Extras & Change Orders
Machinery Guards                     Failure to Keep Promises
Machinery Interlocks                 Failure to Keep Records
                                                                              Estimating & costs
Pressure Washing                     False Accusations
Railing Failure                      General Contractor Disputes              Accident
Scaffold & Lift Failure              Illegal Contracting                      Construction Cost
Scalding-(Hot Water & Steam)         Illegal Work                             Estimating & Bids
Sight Loss                           Incomplete Work                          Water Damage
Slips, Trips and Falls               Inspections Not Requested                Fire Damage Restoration
Stair Steps out of Gait              No License Contracting                   Loss of Earning
Tool Failure                         No Required Engineering                  Payment Vouchers
Uneven Walking Surface               No Written Contract                      Plan Check/Permits
Wall Bar Failure                     Non-Permitted Work                       Remodeling Costs
Window Fall (Child)                  Not Building to Plans                    Repair Cost
Worker Injuries                      Not Building to Specifications           Settlement Appraisal
Workers Compensation                 Not-Pulling permits                      Stolen Tools Cost
                                     Oral Contract Failure

                                                                      Art Floyd/Multi-Trade Associates CURRICULUM VITAE 4
Earthquake, fire & Weather              Property damage                       Buyer & Seller disputes
Building Heaving & Damage               City Caused Water Damage              R.E. Broker Misrepresentation
Building Slippage & Damage              Deterioration of structure            Seller Failure to Disclose
Building Subsidence & Damage            Flooding (Minor & Major)              Fraud & Misrepresentation
Earthquake Damage & Repair              Flooding (Pipe Break)                 Non-Code Electrical
Fire Damage & Restoration               Flooding (Whole House)                Non-Code Plumbing
Fire Sprinkler Floods                   Fungus Decay (Dry Rot)                Non-Code Structures
Flooded Building                        Investment Devaluation                Non-Insured Seller
Freezing & Broken Pipes                 Leaking Planter Box                   Non-Trade Level Work
Heavy Rains & Floods                    Premises Liability                    Promises to Repair
Pipe & Joint Breaks                     Water Damage (Serious)                Seller Misrepresentation
                                        Water Intrusion                       Undisclosed Structural Damage

Building	Construction,	Remodeling,	Repair,	Renovation
Appliance & equipment installations                       Interior wet plastering patching
Carpet and floor tile                                     Lathing (exterior and interior)
Carpentry (rough & finish)                                Landscaping (construction & maintenance)
Cabinet remodeling & installations                        Plumbing (interior and exterior)
Concrete work (foundations, slabs, driveways,             Painting (interior and exterior)
    walkways)                                             Roofing (composition, roll stock, rocked, tile)
Drywall (installation, finish & texture)                  Sewer and drainage systems (repair, construction
Exterior stucco (match patching & whole wall)                  & snaking)
Fencing & wall construction                               Sprinkler systems (installation & repair)
Framework construction (wood & metal)                     Water piping (steel / copper construction & repair)
Hot Water heating (repair & installation)                 Water pumping systems ( sump & water circulation)

additional EXPErtiSE arEaS
Electrical & Electronic Systems
Electrical construction and repair (rough & finish)        Electronic wiring and cabling systems
Two-way radio communications (systems construction         Electrical & electronic sprinkler and lighting controls
   installation & repair.)

model making and fabrications
Electric welding                                           Gas welding and cutting
Conceptual mock-ups (multi-material construction)          Full scale prototype construction
Light fabrication and associated installations             Light machining, assembly and finish
Scale model design and construction

high Volume trash-Site recycling Plants
(Plant Designs for Major Construction, Business Planning & Patenting)
High performance recycling separation tests             Computer generated models and conceptual drawings
Detailed patent application writings                    Intensive recycling systems research
Recycling plant design (ground-up concepts development) Scale model design and construction
Consulting work for recycling and trash facilitators

contractor licenses          Category     Earned          Professional	Affiliations
General Building                (B)       1974            FEWA     Forensic Expert Witness Association
Plumbing Trade Specialty      (C-36)      1975            IAEI     International Association of Electrical Inspectors
    Hot Water Scalding                                    IAPMO    International Association of Plumbing and
Electrical Trade Specialty    (C-10)      1975                     Mechanical Officials
                                                          ICC      International Code Council
                                                          NFPA     National Fire Protection Association

                                                                          Art Floyd/Multi-Trade Associates CURRICULUM VITAE 5
 academic Background
 1957 - 1959    University of Redlands: Liberal Arts Studies
 1961 -1993     Pasadena City College: Business Administration—Associate of Arts Degree
 1962           Dale Carnegie Training: Public speaking and inter-personal relationships
 1960 - present Numerous self-improvement, construction trade, business management and negotiating training
                seminars and courses

 multi-tradE aSSociatES, inc., Upland, California
 1992 to Present President— Multi-Trade Associates, specializing in construction
                 consulting, expert litigation consulting and expert witness testimony.
                 General Building (B), Electrical (C-10), and Plumbing (C-36).
 floyd SEParating SyStEmS, Pasadena, California
 1982 to 1992 Inventor & Owner—Construction design, planning and development of High Volume Trash Site
              Recycling (HVTSR) plants for separation and processing of recyclable materials from the solid-waste
              stream at landfills, transfer stations and burning plants. Working with patent attorneys and patent
              drawers on intellectual property matters relative to HVTSR plants and systems. All of the above was
              proprietary and protected under “Confidentiality Agreements” when dealing with individuals, compa-
              nies and Fortune 500 corporations. Worked as HVTSR Construction Consultant to the solid waste and
              recycling industries. Developed business plan for the $25 million HVTSR plants.
 art floyd & aSSociatES, Pasadena, California
 1974 to 1982 Owner & Sole Proprietor—Construction business which specialized in remodeling, repair and
              installations on residential, multi-residential and low-rise commercial/industrial real estate. Con-
              ducted operations with in-house staff of carpenters, plumbers and electricians along with supervising
              numerous subcontractors. Conducted business as a General Building Contractor, Electrical Specialty
              Contractor, Plumbing Specialty Contractor and worked as a subcontractor to general contractors.
 aPartmEnt rEPair SPEcialiStS, Pasadena, California
 1963 to 1974 Owner & Sole Proprietor—In the early years of this period, developed “Maintenance Management
              System” specializing in on-call and emergency apartment repair services that led to the operation of
              over 400 apartment units located on 35 separate properties. Landscaped and maintained a number
              of large multiple dwelling properties. Extensive dealings with property owners, tenants, professional
              property managers, on-site managers and real estate brokers.

Professional Fee Schedule & Retainment                        Retainer A standard initial retainer is required prior to the start of
Expert Fees                                                   any work and or/travel. The amount of the initial retainer may vary,
Arthur G. Floyd - Consultant & Expert $200.00 / hour          depending on the nature and complexity of each case. $3000 to
                                                              $5000 is typical.
Deposition; Arbitration; Trial         $300.00 / hour
Case File Set-up Fee                   $100.00                Naming Expert Receipt of initial retainer at Multi-Trade Assoc.
                                                              offices is required prior to naming Mr. Floyd in a case. The
Local Travel Mileage                    0.80 / mile
                                                              minimum price for naming is equivalent to the standard initial
Payments in advance All litigation work and testimony         retainer amount
time is collected in advance of any and all work.
                                                              Billing Services are invoiced upon completion of each work
File Set-up Fee Includes time for database entry,             phase. Payment of invoice is due and payable upon receipt of
billing set-up and establishing case ring file(s).            invoice to reinstate the retainer and to continue case work
Travel Fee indicated above is for vehicular travel within     Reimbursable Expenses All out of pocket expenses relating to
Southern California. All other travel (road, airline or       the case will be billed to the client at cost plus 15%.
marine) is estimated and collected in advance of any
and all work.                                                 Refunds Monies remaining in the retainer fund at case are
                                                              refundable to the individual or entity payee.
Out of Town Work When case work is required outside
the Southern California area, travel & lodging expenses are
paid for in advance by the client.
                                                                               Art Floyd/Multi-Trade Associates CURRICULUM VITAE 6

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