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									                               Celebrating our 96th Year                                        August 2000, Volume XLVIII          No. 8

✔ YOUR CALENDAR                              California Legislative Activities
 AUGUST                                      by Ward Tabor, CSC, Legislative Analyst
                                             The 2000 Legislative Session ends on August 31. The status of bills potentially affecting
 No meetings planned for North               engineers are:
 Coast, Geotech, and YMF. For                AB 424 (Wildman) - Public works design-build contracts. This bill would authorize school
 final details on Fresno’s August            districts to enter into design-build contracts, as defined in the bill. The bill would require
 meeting call 559-243-3538, see              each contract to prohibit construction or alteration of any school building without the prior
 page 4.                                     written approval of the plans by the Department of General Services, and would require
                                             the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop a checklist for design-build projects
 9th, Wednesday                              by June 30, 2001. Status: Jointly referred to Senate Committees on Education and Local
 Current Issues Facing Water Sup-            Government.
 ply in Sonoma County, Redwood
 Empire Luncheon Meeting at                  AB 958 (Scott) - Transit design-build contracts. This bill would authorize transit districts
 Cattleman’s in Santa Rosa, RSVP             to enter into design-build contracts, as defined in the bill, according to specified proce-
 by fax 707-579-3877, see page 5.            dures. The bill would require each contract to prohibit construction or alteration of any
                                             school building without the prior written approval of the plans by the Department of
 10th, Thursday                              General Services. A transit district that used the design-build process would be required
 The Year End Formal Banquet, San            to report to the Legislative Analyst at the conclusion of the project. Status: Senate
 Jose Dinner Meeting at Paul                 Committee on Transportation.
 Masson Winery, RSVP 650-967-                AB 1096 (Romero) - Interior designers. This bill would provide for the registration of interior
 9585, see page 5.                           designers, and the regulation of their professional services by a Board of Interior Design
                                             which would be created by the bill. The bill would set forth certain educational, examination,
 12th, Saturday                              and experience requirements for registration. The bill also provides that it does not preclude
 Bay Model Tour, Water Resources             an architect, professional engineer, or any other person from practicing interior design or
 Group Event at the SF Bay Model             interior decoration, or from referring to themselves in writing, verbally, or in advertising as
 in Sausalito, RSVP 650-969-6900,            an interior designer. Status: Senate Committee on Business and Professions.
 see page 5.                                                                                                             Continues on page 7
                                             Have You Registered?
 17th, Thursday                             If you are located in or conduct business in San Francisco, you or your firm or practice must
 CalFed Current Water Supply Man-           register with the City and renew your registration annually. Article 12B of Part III of the
 agement Plan, Golden Gate Dinner           San Francisco Municipal Code requires any entity that engages in business in the City and
 Meeting with SAME at Hs Lord-              County to obtain a registration certificate from the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector
 ships in Berkeley, RSVP                    within 15 days of commencing business. This includes firms that are not located within San
 415-546-6546, see page 4.                  Francisco, but which conduct business in the City and County. Proprietors who own more
                                            than one business or location must
 22nd, Tuesday                              register each of them separately (no                    INSIDE:
 South Bay TOA Picnic, San Jose             additional annual registration fees are                  2 President's Column
 Joint Social at Central Park in            assessed for multiple businesses under a
                                                                                                     3 Law & Civil Engineering
 Santa Clara, RSVP 408-277-4217,            single ownership). You can obtain an
 see page 5.                                Application for Business Tax Registration                4 Fresno
                                            by visiting the Office of the Treasurer &                4 Golden Gate
 23rd, Wednesday                            Tax Collector in Room 140 of City Hall, 1                4 North Coast
 FEMA Community Rating System,              Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place. Also,
                                                                                                     5 Redwood Empire
 Water Resources Dinner Meeting             information and down-loadable forms
 at Blake’s in San Jose, RSVP 408-          can be found on the Department’s                         5 San Jose
 246-4848, see page 5.                      website at                     5 Technical Groups
                                            busstart.htm. You can call the Taxpayer                  6 Continuing Education
                                            Assistance Hotline, 415-554-4400, to get
      ASCE HOME PAGE                                                                                 6 Classified
                                            more information about registration,                                                                           8 National Activities
                                            fees, and other requirements.
                      PRESIDENT’S                                                                The Civil Engineer
                                                                                                 Official monthly publication of the
                      COLUMN                                                                     San Francisco Section–ASCE
                                                                                                 The Civil Engineer is published regularly on the first
                      by Tony Akel, P.E.                                                         day of each month. Articles are solicited from the San
                                                                                                 Francisco Section membership as well as the general
                      President                                                                  engineering community. Articles, meeting notices, and
                                                                                                 photographs should reach the Civil Engineer Editor,
                      Fresno Branch                                                              Section Office (see below), BY THE TENTH OF THE
                                                                                                 MONTH. Copy must be typed and DOUBLE SPACED.
                                                                                                 The Society and the Section are not responsible for
When the Executive Committee Makes a Difference                                                  any statement made or the opinions expressed in their
“Would you be receptive to advice on leadership?” asked Wayne Choate at a recent
Toastmasters International Conference. Mr. Choate, who is a past TI District 33 Governor
                                                                                                 The ASCE San Francisco Section Newsletter reaches
and a most effective accredited speaker, continued: “There are three things you need to          over 5000 civil, environmental, geotechnical, and
remember about leadership: Delegate. Motivate. Recognize”. These three elements are              structural engineers throughout Northern California
                                                                                                 from the Oregon border to Fresno.
correlated to the success and growth experienced by the Fresno Branch.
                                                                                                 ADVERTISING RATES
Delegate. Over the past year, the Fresno Branch has experienced a remarkable 14% increase        Ad Size           Cost per issue
                                                                                                 1/8 page          $150
in membership, at a time when the national membership remained relatively unchanged.             1/4 page          $300
This impressive growth is attributed to the strong vision and significant activities of the      1/2 page          $500
                                                                                                 Full page         $800
Executive Committee, who have applied their organizational and leadership skills to make
things happen - and as we say at ASCE “make a difference.” The Executive Committee               (Provide typed      $40 for first 35 words,
(Team) defined the mission statement, identified ambitious goals, developed strategies,          Double Spaced Copy) $20 for additional 10 words

and established implementation timetables.                                                       Business Card            $50
                                                                                                 (Provide two cards)
The Team is composed of dedicated and goal oriented professionals, distinguished faculty         Send Ads to: Civil Engineer, 74 New Montgomery
from California State University Fresno, student members, and 4 past presidents/section          Street, Suite 230, San Francisco, CA 94105. For more
                                                                                                 information call Grace Lee at (415) 546-6546.
directors. One of the best-kept secrets of the success we experienced is directly linked to      Advertising Deadline: 10th of the month.
the participation of the past presidents who contributed a wealth of knowledge and
invaluable mentoring. As presidents, they have previously demonstrated their dedication                      SAN FRANCISCO SECTION
to the success of this organization, and they gladly accepted to come back and volunteer                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                 President _______________ Sharareh Tavafrashti
their time because they genuinely care (underline care) to teach other members build on          President-Elect ________________ Lawrence Roth
previous accomplishments. Past presidents are the pillars of this organization.                  Vice President _______________ Lawrence Pulley
                                                                                                 Secretary ____________________ Michael Kincaid
Motivate. The Executive Committee monthly meetings were extremely important to                   Treasurer _____________________ Kevin Booker
                                                                                                 Past President _______________ Chandra Brahma
planning and monitoring progress, and to sustaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude         Fresno ________________________ John Minney
that became contagious. Close contact with Team members was kept between meetings via            Golden Gate ____________________ Darlene Gee
                                                                                                 North Coast ____________________ Brent Seimer
email or telephone, and usually increased before general membership meetings or special          Redwood Empire _____________ Peter Dodsworth
events. An agenda was emailed to the Team prior to each meeting, and comprehensive               San Jose _______________________ Kurt Arends
                                                                                                 Y.M. Forum ______________ Berenice Rodriguez
minutes from previous meetings were used to monitor progress of action items.                    Newsletter Editor ________________ Glenn Boyce
                                                                                                 Director of District 11 ______________ Larry Brown
Since the Team was involved in setting the goals, they worked diligently towards their
successful implementation. The Team sponsored a myriad of activities that included                                FRESNO BRANCH
                                                                                                 President ________________________ Tony Akel
technical programs, project management programs, field trips, seminars, membership               President-Elect _________________ Anand Kapoor
drives, outreach to the disadvantaged, public awareness exhibits, public relations and           Vice-President ______________ Anthony Farmand
                                                                                                 Secretary ______________________ Kassy Smith
press releases, e-week activities, educational training, resume workshops, web page              Treasurer _________________________ Alan Mok
development, judging at Math and Science Fairs, and of course golf/bowling tournaments.
The Team even appeared on a PBS television station wearing white hard hats with ASCE                         GOLDEN GATE BRANCH
                                                                                                 President _____________________ David Holman
logos to staff phone banks. The program was taped and later rebroadcasted at least 4             President-Elect ________________ Tim Dougherty
different times by the station. The Team synergy has unquestionably outperformed the             Vice President __________________ Fred Brovold
                                                                                                 Secretary ____________________ Deron van Hoff
best stocks on Wall Street.                                                                      Treasurer _______________________ Maria Solis

Recognize. As the leading Civil Engineering organization, it is our duty to identify outstand-               NORTH COAST BRANCH
ing achievements within our profession and to recognize them. Who else is better positioned      President ___________________ Michael Leggins
                                                                                                 Vice President __________________ Steven Allen
to demonstrate that we care to acknowledge outstanding efforts? In return, people usually        Secretary ________________________________
repay care with superior performance. The Outstanding Achievements Awards ceremony               Treasurer __________________ Stephen Davidson

held in March proved to be one of our most successful events. Attended by approximately 90                 REDWOOD EMPIRE BRANCH
people and sponsored by large engineering firms, the well organized event recognized             President _______________________ Arthur Graft
                                                                                                 Vice President _________________ Elizabeth Ellis
outstanding projects, outstanding engineers in the public and private sectors, life members,     Secretary ______________________ Brent Beazor
outstanding students (scholarship awards), and outstanding media person.                         Treasurer _____________________ George Potter

Recognition does not necessarily need to be tangible and can be expressed with a “thank                         SAN JOSE BRANCH
                                                                                                 President ______________________ Barry Butler
you for a job well done” in the best way you know how, to someone who really deserves            Vice President ________________ Thalia Anagnos
it. Recognition would not be complete without naming the members of the Executive                Secretary _______________________ Daren Gee
                                                                                                 Treasurer ____________________ Dianna Butcher
Committee: Ted Mooradian, Kassy Smith, Doug Taylor, John Minney, Vaughn Melcher,
Cordie Quallie, Mike Wegley, Alan Mok, Anand Kapoor, Dr. Mohamad Yousef, Anthony                             YOUNGER MEMBER FORUM
                                                                                                 President ________________ Berenice Rodriguez
Farmand, Dr. Jesus Larralde, Scott Sehm, Mathew Willbanks, Hollee Buckman, and Noelle            President-Elect ________________ Amanda Wong
Merson. Current champions of the Fresno Branch: Every single effort counted, and you             Vice President ________________ Michael Moore
                                                                                                 Treasurer ________________________ T.J. Chen
made a big difference. Congratulations on a job well done! The stockholders (members you         Membership ___________________ Sasha Dansky
represent) should be pleased with your truly outstanding and exemplary performance.              Activities Director _________ Pierre-Yves Mazeaud

THE LAW & CIVIL ENGINEERING                                              tion. The City contended that the permits disclosed the agencies’
by Eugene L. Bass, Esq.                                                  intent to impose restrictions on disposal of excavated material and
                                                                         on access to the project, and the contractor’s examination of the
"Known Conditions Adversely Affecting the                                permits would have revealed the adverse affect of the restrictions
Project Must be Disclosed"                                               upon the cost and time required to complete the project.
 A contractor on a City canal improvement project incurred extra
costs and was delayed in the performance of the work because of          The court disagreed and noted that under general principles of
requirements that were imposed by regulatory agencies of which           contract and tort law, a party who conceals or fails to disclose
the contractor was not aware. The City, however, was aware of            material information to another is liable for fraud. In the public
the requirements and had not disclosed them to the contractor            construction contract context, however, the conduct of a public
before bidding. Because of the City’s concealment and nondisclo-         agency which would otherwise amount to a tortuous misrepre-
sure of information, the contractor could not and did not address        sentation is treated as a breach of contract. The underlying theory
the potential impact of the restrictions in it’s bid submission          is that providing misleading plans and specifications constitutes
documents. When the bids were submitted and the contract was             a breach of the implied warranty of correctness.
awarded, neither the contractor nor its subcontractors contem-           The contract provision in this case did not specifically direct
plated the delays that occurred.                                         bidders to examine the permits issued by the regulatory agencies.
The undisclosed facts were that certain of the materials from the        Moreover, no reason appears to have compelled them to do so.
project would have to be treated as hazardous wastes and would           Despite the City’s awareness that various regulatory agencies
require special disposal. In addition, work on the project had to        intended to impose restrictions on the project, the City’s plans and
be suspended from April 1 to September 30. This caused the               specifications did not include any provision regarding the
contractor to have to perform work during the rainy season.              anticipated difficulties resulting from the restrictions. Moreover,
                                                                         the bidding documents provided by the City failed to contain any
Before the bids were submitted, the City was aware that regula-          warning about the adverse conditions contractors were likely to
tory agencies intended to impose restrictions on the disposal of         encounter. Since the City bore responsibility for obtaining the
excavated material and on project access. However, the City not          project permits, bidders were reasonably entitled to assume the
only ignored the restrictions in designing the project and prepar-       City would inform them of any permit requirements or restrictions
ing project plans and specifications, but concealed information          adversely affecting their ability to perform work on the project.
about the restrictions from bidders.
                                                                         This article is intended to provide general information regarding legal
The City argued that a contract provision requiring a contractor’s
                                                                         issues. It is not to be relied upon as specific legal advise or in place of the
compliance with requirements of project permits issued by regu-
                                                                         need to seek competent legal advise on specific legal matters. Eugene
latory agencies absolved the City of any liability for damages
                                                                         Bass is an attorney and registered Civil Engineer. He has offices in
resulting from concealment or nondisclosure of relevant informa-
                                                                         Redwood City and can be reached at 650-361-1199.

1/2 page ad

fresno branch                                                               golden gate branch
August Meeting                                                              August Meeting with SAME
Contact Anand Kapoor at 559-243-3538 for the details on the                 Program:    CalFed Current Water Supply Management Plan
August Meeting. All of the specifics hadn’t been worked out at              Speaker:    Mark Cowin
press time. ASCE officers deserve a little break from time to time          Date:       Thursday, August 17
especially during the summer time. We will contact you via email            Location:   Hs Lordships, Berkeley Marina
or fax in regard to the August meeting. Hope to see you there and           Time:       11:30 am Social, 11:45 am, Lunch; 12:30 pm Program
hope you are having a great summer!                                         Menu:       Buffet lunch
                               ****                                         Cost:       $25
YMF Golf Tournament                                                         RSVP        Section Office, 415-546-6546 by Friday, August 11
Time is ticking away! September 8 and the annual YMF golf
tournament are just around the corner. Only time will tell                  High School Outreach Committee
whether or not we will be able to have a shot-gun start for this            After completing a series of presentations this spring, the High
year's annual golf tournament. The tournament will be held at               School Outreach Committee is taking a break for the summer. In
Fig Garden Country Club and will feature a chance to win many               January, Ravi Mathur (DeLeuw Cather) gave a presentation to
great prizes including a fully loaded $40,000 vehicle. There is still       students at Sequoia Middle School in Pleasant Hill. In March,
space available, so call today and sign up as an individual or as a         William Bruin (EQE), Rodney Jung (EBMUD), and Gregg
team. There must be a minimum of 100 people signed up for the               Cummings (HDR) discussed engineering with students at Oak-
tournament by August 18 to have a shot-gun start.                           land High School and helped recruit students into the school’s
                                                                            technical academy. In April, Karen Gontasz (DeLeuw Cather),
Officers of the YMF will be contacting local companies soliciting           Tim Stauffer (Degenkolb) and Gregg Cummings gave presenta-
for tee sponsors. Let’s help YMF make this year’s tournament a              tions at George Washington High School.           We also gave
successful one. Contact Ray Hunt at 559-486-0750 or Scott Sehm              presentations to advanced physics classes at Mission San Jose
at 559-448-8222 for all of the details.                                     High School in Fremont and to drafting classes at Sequoia High
                               ****                                         School in Redwood City.
Wanted: All Younger Members of ASCE                                                                      ****
Younger Members Forum (YMF) is a division of ASCE designed                  May and June Meetings in Review
for those individuals who are new to the field of engineering.              The May 25 and June 15 meetings brought us to both great cities
Fresno has a YMF group and invites all recent graduates who are             on either side of the Bay. Mary Williams, Manager of the Water
entering the work force to participate in the group. The best part          Supply Master Plan for San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commis-
is that there are no membership dues required. If you pay your              sion (PUC), provided an informative sketch of their capital
National dues, you are qualified to participate in the YMF group.           program. The program is a worthy one, and probably will receive
YMF provides a network for recent graduates and holds several               more news attention as the planned bond issue approaches in
functions throughout the year, including golf tournaments and
                                                                            November 2001. This meeting took place on a beautiful, sunny
bowling tournaments. Anyone interested in participating in                  afternoon at Sinbad’s Restaurant along the Embarcadero in San
YMF should contact Scott Sehm at 559-448-8222.                              Francisco.
Internet News                                                               On June 15, we meet on the other side of the Bay (Oakland).
Please visit the Fresno Branch web site at             Joseph Wong, Director of Engineering for the Port of Oakland,
                                                                            provided an update of the expansion of its three revenue lines –
gsd/branches/fresno. Upcoming events and activities are posted
                                                                            Maritime, Aviation and Real Estate. Maritime has awarded a
on the site. There is also information on how to get in touch with
your local officers.                                                        good portion of the construction contracts, the Airport Develop-
                                                                            ment Program will be heating up in the next year, and the Real
The CSU-Fresno Alumni, School of Engineering and Computer                   Estate division has been capitalizing on the good economy to
Science Chapter has recently updated their web page with a                  redevelop the Jack London Square area.
calendar of events and the latest news for the School. The web
page can be found at
index.html .                                                                north coast branch
   Thought for the Month                                                    Summer Plans
   “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the                      No meeting in the summer months. Our next meeting will be in
   answer but wish we didn’t.”               Erica Jong                     September.

                                                                           For more information call Ray Salvano or Dianna Butcher at 408-
redwood empire branch                                                      277-4217.
August Meeting
                                                                           San Jose Branch Officer Nominations
Program:     Current Issues facing Water Supply in Sonoma
                                                                           President:          Thalia Anagnos
                                                                           Vice President:     Daren Gee
Speaker:     Pam Jeane, Sonoma County Water Agency
                                                                           Treasurer:          Bill Beaman
Location:    Cattlemen’s, 2400 Midway Drive, Santa Rosa
                                                                           Secretary:          Mark Klemencic
Date:        Wednesday, August 9, Noon to 1:30
Menu:        a) Sirloin Steak, b) Teriyaki Chicken, c) 3-cheese            Elections to be held at the August 10th Formal Banquet.
             Pasta. Each choice Includes salad, beans, bread, cof-
             fee, and tea.                                                 water resources group
Cost:        $15 ($5 for students)
RSVP:        Stacey by 5 pm Monday, August 7; Fax 707-579-3877             Bay Model Tour
             (preferred), or phone 707-579-0388                            We are pleased to present a free technical tour of the San Francisco
Pam will be reviewing some of the current issues facing water              Bay Model, guided by Dan Schaaf, PE, of Schaaf & Wheeler. Mr.
users in Sonoma County, starting with the topic of “temporary              Schaaf has worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 3
impairment”. Pam is one of the Agency’s senior engineers and               years as a Hydraulic Engineer. The Bay Model, located on
has extensive knowledge of the supply and demand issues placed             Richardson Bay in Sausalito, is a unique scientific tool for explor-
on the Russian River water supply. Please bring your questions             ing water movement patterns in the San Francisco Bay-Delta
and join us for what is sure to be an informative lunch.                   Estuary. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers first built the scaled
                              ****                                         hydraulic model of the bay in 1956 to test a series of barrier and
September Officer Installation Meeting                                     water quality proposals. The model has since been expanded to
Look forward to more details in the next month, but we are                 include “The Delta” and is used to test the effects of oil spills, salt-
breaking from tradition this year! This year our annual banquet            water intrusion and pollutant dispersion. Using a
is going to be held on a Friday over a leisurely lunch with a              computer-controlled pump, the model reproduces the rise and
wonderful view overlooking Santa Rosa. In addition, we will be             fall of tide, flow and currents of water, mixing of salt and fresh
challenging our members to help out a very worthy organization             water, and indicates trends in sediment movement within the
as a part of the banquet - Habitat for Humanity. Be prepared to            Bay-Delta. Although the Bay Model and adjacent visitor center
have a great time and kick-off a new year of ASCE at this luncheon.        are open to the public, the Corps of Engineers is no longer staffing
                                                                           engineers at the model. This tour is a rare opportunity to see the
san jose branch                                                            Model in action!
                                                                           Date:          Saturday, August 12
                                                                           Tour:          2 pm – 5 pm
Formal Banquet                                                             Location: San Francisco Bay Model, 2100 Bridgeway, Sausalito
This year's joint meeting with the San Francisco Section is on
August 10. It will be held at the panoramic view of Chateau la
                                                                           Dinner:        (optional 6 pm) Location to be announced
Cresta at the Mountain Winery. This venue was formerly the Paul
                                                                           RSVP:          by Monday August 7 to: Jon Marshall (tel: 650-969-
Masson Winery, which is in the Saratoga hills. Dinner prices are
                                                                                          6900; e-mail: Sarah
set at $60 per person, not including wine. Call Barry Butler at 650-
                                                                                          Tracy (tel: 408-246-4848; e-mail:
967-9585 or e-mail to RSVP or get additional
                                                                           August Meeting
                                                                           Program:   The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s
August Picnic                                                                         (FEMA) Community Rating System
Our local South Bay Transportation Officials Association Picnic
                                                                           Date:      Wednesday, August 23
will be held on Tuesday, August 22 at 11:30 AM. The venue is
                                                                           Time:      Social 6 pm – 7 pm, Dinner: 7 pm, Program8 pm
Central Park, Santa Clara, on Kiely Blvd, between Homestead & El
                                                                           Location: Blake’s Steakhouse & Bar, 17 N San Pedro St., San
Camino Real. This Joint Meeting is hosted by the Branch and the
                                                                                      Jose, 408-298-9221
South Bay Chapter of APWA. Choice of Barbequed Rib Eye Steak
                                                                           Menu:      Flat Iron Steak, Broiled Chicken Breast
(10 oz.), Boneless Chicken Breast (10 oz), or Vegetarian Dinner;
                                                                           Cost:      $23, $10 Students
Firefighters Chile, Tossed Green Salad, Garlic French Bread, Ice
                                                                           RSVP:      by Monday August 21, 2000 to: Jon Marshall (tel: 650-
Cold Watermelon and Beverages for $15.00.
                                                                                      969-6900; e-mail: Sarah
RSVP: Payment must be received by August 15. Send menu                                Tracy (tel: 408-246-4848; e-mail:
choice and check, payable to APWA, to: Robert Ryan Harris and              We are pleased to welcome this month’s speaker, Ms. Kristen
Associates, 95 South Market Street, Suite 300 San Jose, CA 95113           Kingsley, Water Resource Technician II, with the California De-

partment of Water Resource’s Northern. Ms. Kingsley’s current              Classified
position is with the Northern District’s Flood Management and
Hydrology Section. For the past five years her job assignments             Gary Davis-Consulting Engineers. A golden opportunity to work and
have involved various aspects of surveying and floodplain man-             live at the northshore of Lake Tahoe. We need motivated, creative self-
                                                                           starters for the Structural Manager Position. Management of staff and
agement, including Northern California’s coordinator for the
                                                                           ownership opportunity. P.E. or the ability to become licensed within one
Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Assis-                     year desirable.
tance Program.
                                                                           Structural Engineer - Experienced wood frame designer, some steel and
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has developed a                    concrete, for residential and small commercial projects. Experience with
new Elevation Certificate that will be mandatory effective Octo-           design in snow country helpful. This is a very challenging position to
ber 1. Communities that participate in the Community Rating                work with architectural masterpieces. 7-10 years experience.
System were required to use these new certificates for new                 Flexible hours, excellent benefits, and top salary. We are a small 10 person
construction as of January 1, 2000. Ms. Kingsley will present this         of active sports minded individuals. Fax resume or letter of interest, in
new Elevation Certificate and conduct a hands-on exercise as to            confidence to 530-583-9294, Tahoe City.
its proper completion. In addition, a brief overview of the Letter
                                                                           Fugro West, Inc., specializing in geotechnical engineering, survey/posi-
of Map Amendment and Revision process will be discussed.                   tioning and water resources consulting, is currently recruiting motivated
                              ****                                         individuals to become part of our professional team in both our northern
                                                                           and southern California offices.
Storm CAD Workshop
The Water Resources Technical Group is subsidizing a StormCAD              Geotechnical Engineers - Advanced degree pref. Various opportunities
                                                                           depending on exp. Practice is focused on infrastructure and commercial
workshop, conducted by Haestad Methods Inc., on Friday
                                                                           projects both onshore and over water.
September 29. The workshop will be held in the afternoon at the
EBMUD training center in Oakland. Further details, including               GIS Technician/Staff Engineer/Staff Geologist - Degree in civil engineer-
                                                                           ing or geology required. Digitizing, coding and mapping geologic/
the exact member cost, workshop times, and course summary,
                                                                           engineering data using ESRI Arc/Info and ArcView. Programming and
will be published in our electronic mailing list in early August. If       input and analysis of engineering data using GIS.
you would like to join our electronic mailing list, contact Jon
                                                                           GIS Computer Programmer/Staff Engineer - Degree in civil engineering
Marshall at 650-969-6900 ( or visit              required. Programming with Avenue and Visual Basic to facilitate the
us on the web at:                             input, display and analysis of engineering data using GIS.
                                                                           Staff and Project Hydrogeologists - RC/CHG desirable with 3 to 5 yrs of
                                                                           progressively responsible exp. Management and implementation of projects
                                                                           involving field exploration for groundwater development, municipal and
                                                                           private well design, aquifer testing and groundwater modeling.
 Continuing Education and Conferences                                      Marine Surveyors - Various opportunities depending on exp. Looking for
                                                                           individuals who are mechanically inclined, computer proficient, not prone
Modern Blasting and Risk Management                                        to seasickness and willing to travel.
September 7-8, San Diego                                                   Fugro offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including Medical,
      ASCE is sponsoring a course on the principles of blast               Dental, Vision and Life Insurance, as well as Education Assistance and a
      design, vibrations, specifications, and blasting risk. Call          401(k) program. Fugro also has an active mentoring program to encourage
                                                                           professional growth.
      800-548-2723 for information.
                                                                           Please send a letter of interest along with your resume to: Fugro West, Inc.,
Leadership Development for Engineers                                       5855 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura, CA 93003. Attn: Human Resources, fax
September 14-15, San Francisco                                             805-650-7010; EOE.
      ASCE is sponsoring a course that teaches the leadership              Lee International, Engineers & Contractors since 1976, with offices in San
      skills available and how to apply them to move an organi-            Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, is seeking a Senior Civil/Environmen-
      zation forward. For more information call 800-548-2723.              tal Engineer, P.E. with minimum 5 years municipal experience. Please
                                                                           send resume and letter of introduction to: LEE International, 2 North
Water Resources Engineering Workshop                                       Second Street, Suite 450, San Jose, CA 95113. Attention: Human Re-
September 23, 30 and October 14, Hayward                                   sources. Fax 408-885-9020; e-mail:
      California State University at Hayward and DAR Engi-                 Engineering Tech - City of Belmont $3603 - $4380 per month. This
      neering and Associates, Inc. are offering a three-day                position is in our Public Works Dept. You will provide technical support
      workshop on open channel and pressure flow hydraulics.               & assistance in the reviewing & processing of various City engineering
                                                                           plans, permits & specifications; to ensure completeness & accuracy of
      For more information call 916-786-4829.                              documents prior to issuance; to generate computer aided design draw-
                                                                           ings for capital projects including data entry, revision, & correction of
                                                                           existing drawings, maps & records; to perform a variety of technical tasks
                                                                           relative to assigned area of responsibility. Minimum 2 years increasingly
                                                                           responsible technical engineering experience. A degree in Civil Engineer-
                                                                           ing from an accredited program &/or an EIT certificate are desirable. CA
                                                                           driver's license required. Excellent benefits. For further info call 650-595-
                                                                           7438; or under HR, or apply at 1070 6th Ave. EOE.
                                                                           Assistant Engineer - Water, City of Santa Cruz (Salary: $3,534 - $4,975/
                                                                           Mo, plus excellent benefits). The Assistant Engineer designs, plans and
                                                                           coordinates various water facilities projects; leads technical staff in
                                                                           project work; and, performs related tasks. Typical qualifying exp.:
                                                                           Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and two years of engineering
                                                                           experience (a CA EIT certificate may substitute for one year of experience)
                                                                           or two years of engineering coursework, three years of engineering
                                                                           experience, and a CA EIT certificate. Apply by 8/18/00. Contact: City
                                                                           of Santa Cruz Personnel Dept., 831-420-5040, TDD: 800-735-2929,
"LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITIES" continued from page 1                              This bill would permit the board to adopt rules and regulations
AB 1908 (Lempert) - School facilities: certified architect or struc-        relating to professional conduct to maintain a high standard of
tural engineer. This bill specifies that the plans, specifications,         integrity in the engineering and land surveying professions, and
and estimates prepared by an architect or structural engineer are           would revise the provisions relating to reproving, revoking, or
the property of the school district only for the purpose of the             suspending a professional engineers’ certificate or licensed land
particular project for which they were prepared. The bill would             surveyor’s license. The bill would also require, with certain
name the certified architect or structural engineer as the author of        exceptions, that professional engineering services and land sur-
the documents and who retains all common-law and other re-                  veying services be undertaken only after the execution of a
served rights in the documents, including copyright unless the              written contract containing specified terms and conditions.
certified architect or structural engineer expressly transfers or           This bill would require the Department of Consumer Affairs to
waives these rights through a written contract. Status: Passed              review certain engineering branch titles to determine whether to
Assembly, in Senate Rules Committee for assignment.                         eliminate or convert any of them to practice acts and report its
AB 2296 (Dutra) - County design-build contracts. This bill would            findings and recommendations to the Legislature by September 1,
authorize certain counties to enter into design-build contracts, as         2001. This bill would require license renewal every two years
defined, according to specified procedures. The bill would re-              (compared with the present every four years), and would increase
quire each contract to prohibit construction or alteration of any           the maximum fees that may be charged for licensing and certifica-
project without the prior written approval of the plans by the              tion. This bill would make practicing as a professional engineer or
county. Status: Passed Assembly, in Senate Rules Committee for              a land surveyor with a suspended certificate a misdemeanor.
assignment.                                                                 This bill would also make representing oneself as a professional
AB 2366 (Margett) - Public contracts design-build procurement.              land surveyor, licensed land surveyor, or land surveyor, without
This bill provides that a local agency may use design-build                 having been licensed or certified, or acting as a manager, propri-
procurement for public works projects if it provides specified              etor, or agent in a place of business performing land surveying
information about the cost and time of completion of the project            work, except as specifically permitted, a misdemeanor. Under
to the public. The local agency would also be required to specify           existing law, the board may issue to applicants who are legally
its method of selecting the winning bidder. This bill would also            qualified to practice as a professional engineer or as a land
provide that design-build procurement may be used for public                surveyor in another state or country a temporary authorization,
works projects if the local agency determines that use of design-           for a period of 60 consecutive days, to practice as a professional
build procurement is in its best interest. The provisions of the bill       engineer or a professional land surveyor for a specific project in
would be repealed on January 1, 2006. The bill would require the            this state. Under existing law, the board may extend the tempo-
Legislative Analyst to study design-build procurement as imple-             rary authorization for a period not to exceed 120 consecutive days.
mented by public entities and to report to the Legislature. Status:         This bill would make the duration of the temporary authorization
Passed Assembly, in the Senate Rules Committee for assignment.              120 consecutive days upon its issuance; would require the appli-
SB 1563 (Leslie) - Real Property Surveys. This bill would delete            cant to pass the second division portion of the registration or
the requirement that the bearing and length of lines, scale of map          licensure examination that covers state laws and the board’s rules
and north arrow, the name and legal designation of the property             and regulations; would require the applicant to notify the board
depicted, and the date or time period of the preparation of the             of the approximate commencement date and duration of the
map or plat be included on each map or plat issued by a licensed            specific project for which the temporary authorization to practice
land surveyor or registered civil engineer. The bill would make             is requested; and would specify that the applicant is required to
technical changes regarding the filing of a record of survey.               demonstrate to the board knowledge in his or her particular
Status: Senate Floor.                                                       profession as it relates to the specific project for which the
SB 1863 (Committee on Business and Professions) - Landscape                 temporary authorization to practice is sought. This bill would
architects: land surveyors: civil engineers. This bill would make           authorize the board to receive and investigate complaints con-
various changes relating to the requirements governing a map or             cerning persons holding these certificates and to take disciplinary
plat issued by a licensed land surveyor or registered civil engi-           action against them for specified acts of misconduct. Existing law
neer and the requirements relating to the filing of a corner record         provides a “Good Samaritan” immunity with respect to liability
or record of survey. Specifically, the requirements that every              in negligence for personal injury, wrongful death, or property
map or plat issued by a licensed land surveyor or registered civil          damage for an engineer, who voluntarily and without compensa-
engineer show the bearing and length of lines, scale of map and             tion provides structural inspection services at the scene of a
north arrow, the name and legal designation of the property                 declared national, state, or local emergency caused by earthquake
depicted, and the date or time period of the preparation of the             at the request of certain public officials. This bill would expand
map or plat, would be eliminated. The decision to file either a             this immunity to also apply to declared emergencies involving
corner record or a record of survey would be at the election of the         flood, riot, or fire.
licensed land surveyor or registered engineer submitting the                Existing law requires that five of the 13 board members be
document. Status: Senate Floor.                                             registered under this chapter. This bill would require that one of
SB 2030 (Figueroa) — Engineers and land surveyors. Under                    those members be from a local public agency and that one be from
existing law, Board for Professional Engineers and Land Survey-             a state agency. Existing law requires a person who wants to use
ors will sunset on July 1, 2001. This bill would change the date to         the title “structural engineer” to submit an application to the
July 1, 2003. Existing law permits the Board for Professional               board and pay a fee. This bill would require an applicant to have
Engineers and Land Surveyors to determine the scope of practice             successfully passed a written national examination and a
for electrical and mechanical engineers. This bill would delete             supplemental California specific examination. Status: Senate
that authority, and would describe the scope of practice of those           Committee on Appropriations.
two branches of engineering.

The ASCE San Francisco Section office
                                          You Too Can Be a Winner
            is located at                 Civil engineers don’t like to brag, but brag we shall. ASCE’s 150th Anniversary is fast
   74 New Montgomery, Suite 230           approaching. Not only is the Anniversary a celebration of our organization, it’s a
        San Francisco 94105               celebration of the civil engineering profession. Now is the time to recruit new civil
   415-546-6546 415-764-4915 Fax          engineers to join ASCE before the party gets started in 2002.               To get us underway, ASCE has kicked off its annual membership drive. This year’s theme
                                          “Y2K, Why ASCE?” calls upon civil engineers to join ASCE in pursuing the advancements
                                          and challenges that await the profession in the new millennium. All that we ask of you
                                          is to recruit one new member. If 10 percent of our current membership were to recruit one
          800-548-ASCE                    new member each in 2000, 2001 and 2002, ASCE would have 150,000 members during its
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                                          As a member of ASCE, you are the best and most credible recruiter that the organization
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        FAX 503-274-1412                  a package, call 1-800-548-ASCE and ask for the membership department .

           Kassy Smith
           Fresno Branch                  75th Anniversary of Establishing ASCE’s Construction Division
                                          ASCE will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Construction Division with a day-long
         Deron van Hoff                   affair on Friday, October 20 during the Seattle 2000 Conference and Exposition. The
     Golden Gate Branch News              Program will bring together the past, the present, and the future of Construction. The
          510-633-5640                    morning starts with the Peurifoy Construction Research Award, Address & Breakfast. Dr.
                                          Randolph Thomas will discuss Construction Practices in Developing Countries. After the
          Steven Allen                    awards ceremony, the Construction Division will present the Future of Construction. This
     North Coast Branch News              session will provide a forum to identify major trends that will have a profound impact on
          707-443-8326                    the industry. The Construction Institute Luncheon, hosted by Howard Mager, will give
                                          participants a chance to reflect upon major accomplishments of the last 125 years. The CEO
            Liz Ellis                     Forum will bring together six exceptional leaders from the industry to talk about impor-
   Redwood Empire Branch News
                                          tant issues of the day, such as business development, long-term growth and career
                                          opportunities. The festivities continue in the afternoon with Construction 1975-2000. In
           Darren Gee                     this program, three heavy weights of engineering will share their personal experiences
       San Jose Branch News               from some of the most significant projects of the last quarter century. James Howard, Ben
           408-321-5997                   Gerwick and Jack Lemley will relive some of the problems faced and identify the many
                                          lessons learned. The day ends with inauguration of the Construction Institute. President
       Berenice Rodriguez                 Delon Hampton will host a ceremony that will end the Construction Division but pass the
           YMF News                       torch of innovation and leadership within the construction industry to the new Construc-
          510-864-5370                    tion Institute. Participants to the inauguration will be introduced to the Board of Directors
                                          of the new Construction Institute and will be given an overview as to the goal and vision
        This Newsletter was printed       associated with this undertaking. It will be a time to celebrate the past and herald the
        on recycled paper.                future.

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