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									Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter                                                                          [ April 2011 ]

                              2011 Facts and Figures Released
                              The Alzheimer's Association                  families in taking steps to reduce
                              released the 2011 Alzheimer’s                the risk of accidents requiring
                              Disease Facts and Figures in March           further medical care.
                              which highlighted the impact of                   “The Alzheimer’s Associa-
                              Alzheimer's disease – on the in-             tion is committed to increasing
                              dividual, the family and state and           awareness about the importance
        Tulsa [ 4 ]           federal governments.                         of early detection and diagno-
                                  The report found in the                  sis,” said Mark Fried, CEO and
                              United States, an estimated 5.4              President of the Alzheimer’s As-
                              million people are living with               sociation Oklahoma and Arkan-
                              Alzheimer's disease, and some-               sas Chapter. “The Chapter’s goal
                              one develops the disease every               is to work with families in the
                              69 seconds. Unless something                 community and connect them to
         OKC [ 5 ]            is done, as many as 16 million               local resources and services that
                              Americans will have Alzheimer's              help them better understand and
                              in 2050 and someone will devel-              manage what Alzheimer’s disease
                              op the disease every 33 seconds.             introduces into their lives. This
                                  The report also stressed the             knowledge is not only empow-
                              importance of early detection.               ering but extremely helpful for
                              Early diagnosis allows affected              the whole family.”
                              people, relatives and their care-
     Little Rock [ 8 ]        givers to plan for the future,               The full text of the 2011 Alzheim-
                              obtain medical care to manage                er’s Disease Facts and Figures can be
                              symptoms and optimize func-                  viewed at www.alz.org.
                              tion, and assists Alzheimer’s

                                           Oklahoma                                      Arkansas
                               • 74,000 people aged 65 and                 • 60,000 people aged 65 and older
                               older with Alzheimer's                      with Alzheimer's
      Fort Smith [ 9 ]         • 205,843 caregivers providing              • 167,733 caregivers providing
                               2.3 million hours of unpaid care,           1.9 million hours of unpaid care,
                               valued at $2.7 billion.                     valued at $2.2 billion.
                               • Number of deaths due to                   • Number of deaths due to
                               Alzheimer's disease in 2007: 927            Alzheimer's disease in 2007: 824
                              The Alzheimer’s Association helps newly diagnosed individuals and their families by
                              offering a variety of services to help navigate the challenges of caregiving: Support
    Bentonville [ 10 ]        groups, caregiver counseling, respite program, education, resource referral and a 24/7
                              Helpline (1.800.272.3900)

                                                                        Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 1 ]
Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter

 Alumni Advisory Board                                                [ Chapter Office Locations ]
 Jeannie Bracken               Judy Kishner
 Denice Brice                  Dick Litzinger
 Charles M. Cole III           A.B. Steen                            Tulsa Office                                   Western Arkansas
 Mary Ann Hille                Betty Garrett Wood
 J. Clarke Kendall II          Robert Thomas, National Board
                                                                     6465 S. Yale, Suite 312                        Regional Office
 Executive Committee
                                                                     Tulsa, OK 74136                                (as of 5.13.11)
 Harry Sheline - Board Chair
                                                                     Central Oklahoma Regional Office               2408 South 51st Court,
 Jeff Cope - Vice Chair
 David Dearman - Treasurer/Secretary                                 3555 NW 58th St., Suite 220                    Suites E & F
 Margaret Swimmer, Immediate Past Board Chair                        Oklahoma City, OK 73112                        Fort Smith, AR 72903
 Members-at-Large              Medical/Scientific Advisory Council                                                  Northwest Arkansas
 Jackie Kouri                  Stephen Gemmell, PhD                  Central Arkansas Regional Office
 James Holman                  W. Sue T. Griffin, PhD                                                               Regional Office
                                                                     1202 S. Main St., Suite 215
 William M. Lissau             Insung Kim, MD                                                                       210 N. Walton Blvd., #25
 Tom Palmer                    William C. Orr, PhD, Chair            Little Rock, AR 72201
 Craig Silberg                 Chandini Sharma, MD
                                                                                                                    Bentonville, AR 72712
 Board of Directors                                                   [ Website & 24/7 Helpline ]
 Blanton Brown                 Lawrence R. “Bubba” Cunningham
 Kim French                    Judy Gibson                           www.alz.org/alzokar
 Scott Grauer                  Charlie Harding
 Sally Hood
 Jill King
                               Letitia Jackson
                               David Lawson
 Christian H. Leikam           David Loftis
 David Mercer                  LaKiesha Mitchell                      [ Social Media ]
 David Murlette                Sara G. Murphy
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 Susan Walker
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                                                                                                   Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 2 ]
[from the president's desk]
The Journey to End Alzheimer’s Starts With the First Step
    For 18 years, across our two        • Advancing public policy
states of Oklahoma and Arkansas,
we have walked together. Primarily,     • Enhancing care and support
we have walked to remember those        • Accelerating research
with the disease and to honor those
who care for them.                      • Growing revenue to support our
    We are at a crossroads in our       mission – in communities nation-
journey to a world without Al-          wide.
zheimer’s disease, and we are re-
launching our signature event to             For our vision of 'a world with-
help us get there. In 2011, our         out Alzheimer’s' to become real-
Chapter will have eight Walks           ity, it is imperative we engage our           Mark Fried
– some in metro areas, some in          communities and succeed in every              President & CEO
smaller communities. As we embark       one of these objectives. Walk to
on this year’s efforts, we are ener-    End Alzheimer’s will highlight all
gized by an exciting nationwide         of those efforts and engage partici-
shift in how our Walk engages your      pants to play an active role.
community.                                   Be on the lookout for the first
    We can hardly wait for you to       Walk to End Alzheimer’s television
particiapte this new Walk experi-       advertisements beginning in May.
ence.                                   Everything about this event has a
                                                                                         "We can be
    The Alzheimer’s Association         new look, a new name, a new feel.           an unstoppable force
Walk to End Alzheimer’s is not          But, it is up to all of us to get more
a fundraiser. It is not simply a        people involved about the Alzheim-
                                                                                     against Alzheimer’s
walk. Walk to End Alzheimer’s is        er cause.                                         disease"
a full-mission event designed to             We can be an unstoppable force
create a movement that will defeat      against Alzheimer’s disease. Join us
the nation’s sixth-leading cause of     by going to alz.org/walk to find
death. When we look at the grow-        the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer’s
ing numbers of those impacted by        nearest you.
Alzheimer’s – those living with the
disease and their caregivers – it is    The end of Alzheimer’s starts here!
obvious how far its reach is.
    However, we need the help of
more than just those who have a
personal connection. We need the
help of a purple army that will fight
Alzheimer’s en masse.
                                        Mark Fried
    Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the
                                        President & CEO
embodiment of the Association’s         Alzheimer’s Association
strategic objectives:                   Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter
• Increasing concern about the
disease and awareness about support
available through the Alzheimer’s

                                                                                 Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 3 ]
Tulsa oklahoma office
  Learning To Embrace Life Beyond Alzheimer's
                                    Barry Petersen has worked                             her the most, she wasn't there."
                                    in some of the most dan-                                  Jan now resides in an assisted living facility where she is
                                    gerous areas in the world                             watched over by caring and supportive staff. Barry has also
                                    throughout his career as a                            found support and companionship, too - with Mary Nell.
                                    journalist; however, he says                              "Jan taught me to embrace life, and to do that I must go
                                    nothing compares to the                               on," said Barry.
                                    journey he has experienced                                Mary Nell, a widow who lost her husband in an acci-
                                    as a caregiver of a loved one                         dent, cares for Jan alongside Barry in their relationship and
                                    with Alzheimer's.                                     has become a good friend to Jan on their consistent visits.
                                         "The disease is never sat-                           "This [relationship] is about support, not division," said
                                    isfied with one. Alzheimer's                          Mary Nell. "Jan is an active part of our lives."
                                    wants more than the person                                Barry and Mary Nell urge couples to discuss the tough
                                    with the disease. It wants the                        questions of what would happen if one of them suffered
                                    person who is caring for the                          a fatal disease or accident, and encourage spouses who are
                                    person with the disease."                             experiencing Alzheimer's disease to reach out to the Al-
      Barry's wife Jan, also a journalist, was diagnosed in 2005                          zheimer's Association for support.
  with Younger-onset Alzheimer's. In the beginning, Barry                                     Barry has gone on to publish a book in 2010 called
  cared for Jan alone but he struggled to balance his own                                 "Jan’s Story: Love lost to the long goodbye of Alzheimer's",
  personal career and health with his caregiver responsibilities.                         shared his story with CBS Sunday Morning and has spoken
  Soon, this stress combined with the emotional and physical                              at several events on behalf of the Alzheimer's cause, includ-
  strain brought on by caring for someone with Alzheimer's.                               ing the 16th Annual Tulsa Memory Gala in March 2011.
      "In my life there was one person who was my safe
                                                                                          For more information on Barry and Jan's journey or to purchase a
  person," said Barry. "One person who always stands by you,
                                                                                          copy of the book, please visit barrypetersen.com
  heals you and gives you strength and then when I needed

     16th Annual Tulsa Memory Gala - President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield
     of Oklahoma, Bert Marshall (left) presented Oklahoma and Arkansas
     Chapter President and CEO, Mark Fried (right) with a $100,000 donation. The
     generous donation is the largest single event check in the history of the
     Chapter. The Tulsa Memory Gala attracted 760 Tulsans and raised around $1
     million. Thank to our sponsoring friends:
      Premier Presenting Sponsor: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma
      Presenting Sponsors: Senior Star Living, Tulco Oils, Inc. - Jeff & Connie Cope                                         education conference
      Platinum Sponsor: Williams
      Statewide Sponsor: Bank of Oklahoma                                                             thursday, June 9 // renaissance hotel // tulsa
      Diamond Sponsors: American Residential Group - Faynelle and Jay Helm, George Kaiser                   register today - www.alzconference.org
      Family Foundation
      Sapphire Sponsor: Mary K. Chapman Foundation
      Gold Sponsors: Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels, Frederic Dorward - Lawyers, Napa Station,
                                                                                                        Call 918.481.7742 and mention this Ad to
      The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation                                                              receive $ 5 off conference registration

                                                                                                                Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 4 ]
OKC central oklahoma regional office
                                             Volunteer Spotlight: Levi Heard
                                                  Levi Heard has been volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association for eight
                                                  years. He is the President of a geriatric care management company called
                                                  Elder Care Solutions in Oklahoma City and currently serves as Vice Presi-
                                                  dent of the Central Oklahoma Leadership Council. In addition, he is the
                                                  Chair of the 2011 Walk to End Alzheimer’s.
                                                      Levi has experienced first hand the damage and heartache that Al-
    Levi Heard has been a volunteer for eight
                                                  zheimer’s disease can cause. Three of his four grandparents passed away from
    years and will serve as the OKC 2011 Chair Alzheimer’s, and he is constantly working with families who are caring for a
    of the Walk To End Alzheimer's             loved one with Alzheimer’s. For these reasons, he is passionate about joining
                                               the fight against this incurable and fatal disease.
      According to Levi, the best part about being a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association is seeing the interest
  and passion of the Oklahoma City community continue to grow for our mission. As a volunteer for the Al-
  zheimer’s Association, he personally feels that he has a direct and positive impact in the efforts to defeat this hor-
  rible disease. Professionally it is important to him to be on the cutting edge of what is happening in Alzheimer’s
  research. Volunteering keeps him and his staff informed on all the resources available to their clients and families
  through the Alzheimer’s Association.
       Everyone has their own reasons for giving back to the community.
      “People give back in different ways, but I think volunteering is particularly important because it requires time,
  which is one of our most valuable assets,” said Levi.
       He believes that volunteering is one of the greatest indicators of our individual commitment to the commu-
  nity and compassion for those in need. Thank you Levi for everything you do for our community and joining us
  in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

                                    The 11th annual
                                    Memory Gala will be
                                    held on Thursday, May 12
                                    at the National Cowboy
                                    and Western Heritage
   Museum. This year Jim Everest will be honored with the
   Alzheimer’s Association 2011 Maureen Reagan Award.
   Thank you to the outstanding gala committee!
       A special thanks to our Memory Gala sponsors:
   BlueCross and BlueShield of Oklahoma, Premier Presenting Sponsor
           Bank of Oklahoma, Statewide Presenting Sponsor
             Jean I. Everest Foundation, Presenting Sponsor
   The Oklahoma Publishing Company/OPUBCO Communications Group
      Cypress Springs Alzheimer’s and Memory Support Residence
                           Chesapeake Energy
                              McAfee & Taft
                              Integris Health

                                                                      May 7th // Lawton, OK @ Elmer Thomas Park
      For more information on sponsorships and ticket
      sales, contact Kacee Van Horn at 405.319.0780 or                Register online at www.swokwalk.com
                  kacee.vanhorn@alz.org.                              or call 405.319.0780 today

                                                                                  Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter          [5]
Key To Brain Health and Wellness:                                               to improve in the four areas listed
                                                                                below, you can take a giant step

"a commitment to yourself"                                                      toward preserving and possibly im-
                                                                                proving the most important organ
                                                                                in your body…your brain.

                                     Dr. Stephen Gemmell is the Director        Exercise your mind – Engage in a
                                     of The Memory Center at Washington         variety of hobbies and activities that
                                     Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville,   stimulate your brain. Also, challenge
                                     Arkansas. He also serves as a member of    yourself to not only participate in
                                     the Medical-Scientific Advisory Com-       things you’re good at, but also take
                                     mittee for the Alzheimer’s Association.    on new challenges. Perhaps you can
                                                                                learn an instrument or take a class
                                     For more information regarding The         at a local college.
                                     Memory Center or to schedule an ap-
                                     pointment call 479.463.4444                Move your body – Research has
                                                                                shown that cardiovascular exer-
                                                                                cise at least three days a week for
                                                                                30 minutes can improve cognitive
As most people enter into their 50s  very similar complaints about their        function and general alertness. Find
and beyond, forgetfulness or “senior memory and thinking as they age.           activities and hobbies that get your
moments” begin to emerge on a             Coupled with the changes that         heart pumping. Remember, what’s
more consistent basis. People find   occur inside the normal aging              good for your heart is also good for
reassurance in friends and relatives brain, researchers are finding that        your brain.
that report the same frustrating     our lifestyles are also contributing
occurrences. Comments such as “I     significantly to increased forget-         Feed your mind – Eating dark
walked into the kitchen and could    fulness. After retirement, it is not       skinned fruits and vegetables tend
not remember why I was there”        uncommon for people to signifi-            to have the highest levels of natu-
or “sometimes I can’t think of the   cantly decrease their cognitive and        rally occurring antioxidants, which
word or name I want to say” are      physical activity level. We tend to        can be good for your brain. Also,
common complaints expressed by       spend more time watching televi-           cold water fish contain beneficial

                 ]                                   ]
people that                                                 sion and less       omega-3 fatty acids, which have
I see in my                                                 time stimulat-      been shown to be cognitively ben-
practice on a         "After about the age                  ing our minds       eficial.
daily basis.           of 30, our brain cells               and moving
                                                                                Decrease your stress –Stress can
    Age Asso-                                               our bodies.
ciated Cogni-            begin to shrink."                  Research has        impair cell communication in
tive Decline                                                supported that      the learning and memory centers
(AACD) is a                                                 this less active    of the brain. Learning relaxation
term used to describe the structural lifestyle likely serves to accelerate      techniques and treating the cause
and functional changes that occur    the process of the aging brain.            of stress, anxiety and depression is
in a normal aging brain. After about     There has been a considerable          important for a healthy brain.
the age of 30, our brain cells begin amount of exciting research in the
to shrink. By the age of 60, our     field of brain health and wellness         Thank you Dr. Gemmell for your
brain weight begins to decrease at a over the past 15 years. For example,       leadership on the Medical-Scientific Ad-
rate of approximately 2 percent per we now know that it is possible             visory Committee.Your work is instru-
decade. These changes tend to im-    to grow new brain cells and likely         mental to our future vision of creating
pact certain areas more than others, slow the process of AACD. By               'a world without Alzheimer's'.
which is why most people report      making a commitment to yourself

                                                                                Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 6 ]
[Dear Helpline],
My spouse was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s six years
ago. His decline has taken a rapid turn downward and
my caregiver burn-out and accumulated fatigue have
skyrocketed. I take my wedding vows very seriously,
so even the thought of having to put him in a long-term
care facility creates a tremendous amount of guilt and
anxiety. Our children want him home with me as long
as possible, but I don’t know how much longer I can go
on. Help – what should I do? - caregiver

Dear Caregiver:                                                         Retirement Congratulations
It’s almost impossible to say the word, “caregiver”                          for Margaret Love
without saying “guilt” in the same sentence. Admitting          Margaret Love has been working with the ag-
“something’s gotta give” is a big step in facing the fact       ing population for 24 years, including with the
that change must happen.                                        Alzheimer’s Association for the past eight years
                                                                as the Assistant Programs Director and a care-
Think of it this way, long-term care facility staff work        giver counselor. Over her 24-year career, Love
their 8+ hour shift and then turn it over to the next           has worked directly with families with Alzheimer’s
shift. The family caregiver at home doesn’t get a break         disease and other chronic diseases. Thank you to
from the “36 Hour Day” the disease inevitably requires,         Margaret for all her love, dedication and commit-
and they run the risk of their own poor health, depres-         ment to creating 'a world without Alzheimer's'.
sion or premature death, putting both at risk. Your role
as caregiver does not end with long-term care place-
ment; it morphs into care manager and quality-time                                   austin’s camp
visits – from which you, your husband and children                                        building bridges
will benefit.                                                                               June 19-25, 2011
                                                                                       New Life Ranch, Colcord, OK
   TAKE CONTROL                                                                Respite camp for teens grades 7-12
   BY TAKING PART.                                                                 who have a loved one with
                                                                                Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

                                                                                              Camp Activities Include:
                                                                              • Support sessions led by Alzheimer’s
                                                                               Association staff; designed especially
                                                                                        for teen caregivers
                                                                               • Paintball, Swimming, Photography,
 Introducing Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch™                              Tennis, Canoeing, Archery, Horseback
 By 2050, 16 million Americans are expected to develop                        Riding, Arts & Crafts, Field Sports, and
 Alzheimer’s disease. Volunteering for clinical trials is one                                  more!
 of the most immediate ways you can make a difference.
 Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch will help you find the                     For more information & registration:
 right one; there’s no cost and it’s easy to use. Be a hero                   918.494.5429 or denyce.willis@alz.org
 and get started today.
                                                                                         Special Thanks:
                                                                               Bank of America, Hille Foundation,
                                                                             Spirit AeroSystems, Dean Ohley Family
                                                                            This program makes no distinctions on the grounds of race, color, sex, age, ancestry,
                alz.org/trialmatch | 800.272.3900                           national origin, religion, or disability; and a portion of the project costs are met by the
                                                                            U.S. Administration on Aging, and state and federal OAA funds from the Area Agency on
                                                                            Aging and Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Aging Services Division.

                                                                           Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 7 ]
Little Rock central arkansas regional office
  Community Partners Implement Caregiver Lifeline Program
     The Alzheimer’s Association is proud to announce the               valuable information that will help our families provide
  adoption of their Caregiver Lifeline program by the Cen-              quality care to their loved ones with dementia while making
  ter on Aging Northeast, the East Arkansas Area Agency on              sure they care for their own well being."
  Aging, Five Rivers Medical Center, Harris Hospital Senior                 Families are the heart and soul of the health and long-
  Care, and St. Bernard’s Senior Health Clinic in Northeast             term care system for the more than 60,000 people in Arkan-
  Arkansas along with the South                                                                      sas who have Alzheimer’s disease.
  Arkansas Center on Aging, Su-                                                                      Seven out of ten individuals are
  perior Senior Care, Courtyard                                                                      taken care of in the home by their
  Health and Rehabilitation, and                                                                     loved ones who provide over 75
  South Arkansas Area Agency on                                                                      percent of their care.
  Aging in South Arkansas.                                                                               “The program is designed
      This Caregiver Lifeline                                                                        to educate family care providers
  program emphasizes the impor-                                                                      to build better relationships and
  tance of reducing caregiver stress,                                                                enhance the quality of life for
  understanding the diagnosis and                                                                    their loved one suffering from
  the disease, the importance of                                                                     Alzheimer’s disease,” said Tommy
  legal and financial planning, as                                                                   Glanton, Regional Director of the
  well as how to improve the care                                                                    Alzheimer’s Association. “With
  of the individual affected. One of                                                                 Alzheimer’s disease on the rise as
  the most important things about                                                                    our population continues to age,
                                         The Caregiver Lifeline program includes supportive advice
  the program is that it is designed     and resources for caregivers including the importance of  specialized education and support
  to connect caregivers with local       legal and financial planning.                             is more important than ever.”
  resources to improve the quality of                                                                  The Caregiver Kit includes the
  life for the person with Alzheimer’s and their family.                                           following major components: the
       "It was a wonderful opportunity to partner with the              Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Notebook, the Coach
  Alzheimer's Association,” said Rose Trosper, Family Care              Broyles Playbook for Alzheimer’s Caregivers, and informa-
  Specialist at the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging. “The            tion and enrollment in MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s As-
  Alzheimer's Association Caregiver Lifeline program contains sociation Safe Return®; a 24-hour nationwide emergency
                                                                        response service for individuals with Alzheimer’s or related
                                                                        dementia who wander or who have a medical emergency.
                                                                        All of this is made possible by a grant the Central Arkansas
                                                                        Regional Office of the Alzheimer’s Association has received
                                                                        from the Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation.

                                                                      For more information on enrollment in this program please contact
                                                                      one of our community partners or call Tiffany Phillips, Program
                                                                      Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association, at 501.265.0027.

                                                                                       Did you Know?
                                                                        An estimated 250,000 American children
                                                                        8 to 18 years old are providing care for
                                                                        a loved one with Alzheimer's or another
                                                                        form of dementia. Find out more about 2011
                                                                        Summer teen caregiver camp by calling

                                                                                            Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 8 ]
Fort Smith western arkansas regional office
  A Pie In The Face
  Never Felt So Good
      Crawford Healthcare and Rehabilitation located
  in Van Buren, Arkansas has been fundraising for Fort
  Smith’s June 4 Walk to End Alzheimer’s since January
  2011. Comprised of the facility’s employees, this pas-
  sionate team is well on its way to being a leader in local
  and unique fundraising.
      Crawford Healthcare and Rehabilitation’s Walk
  Team Captain, Peggy Peters, has rallied the team
  around fun and competitive fundraising initiatives in-
  cluding a cutest baby contest, chili cook-offs and more;        Maintenance employee, Tim Herring, received a pie in the face from
  raising close to $3000 since January 2011.                      Environmental Supervisor Peggy Peters to raise money for the June
       Peters says the “biggest money maker” was a fund-          4 Walk To End Alzheimer's.

  raising event called “A Pie in the Face”, where em-          “Ken Kilgore, the owner of Crawford Healthcare and
  ployees voted on which staff members would receive           Rehabilitation, will be matching the team’s fundraising
  a pie smashed in their face by placing money in each         efforts up to $2,500 this year,” said Peters.
  nominee’s voting box. The honor of delivering the pie            The team’s passion is rooted in personal and profes-
  was then auctioned off amongst employees. The event          sional experience with Alzheimer’s. Peters confronted
  raised $600.                                                 the disease at the early age of 17 when her grandmoth-
      “You have to realize it is going to take money to        er passed away from the disease; however, her aunt was
  find a cure,” said Peters. “Even if you can only give a      diagnosed only two years ago. Professionally, Crawford
  couple of dollars, it is two dollars closer to a cure. Ev-   employees face it every day in their work environment.
  ery little bit helps.”                                           “I see the effect Alzheimer’s disease has on residents
      Team members try to start a fundraising initia-          and their family members,” said Peters. “This is a ter-
  tive every two weeks, and a dunking booth is being           rible disease and we want to help.”
  planned to raise money in the future. Peters shared that
  one of the keys to their team’s success is incentivizing     For more information on how to get involved with a Walk To
  the fundraising opportunities by offering prizes such        End Alzheimer’s near you, visit www.alz.org/alzokar or call
  as paid days off or gift cards. Also, she highlighted the    1.800.272.3900.To donate to Crawford Healthcare’s fund-
  importance of connecting with current community              raising efforts, please contact Peggy Peters at 479.474.6885.
  leaders and events to pass out awareness materials and
  raise money.

   Crawford Walk Team                                                       Every 69 Seconds Someone
   Fundraising Tips                                                              Develops Alzheimer's.
   •   Chili cook-offs                                                                      Act NOW.
   •   Mexican and southern food dinners
   •   Selling holiday cookie “telegrams”                                            Sign up to Walk To End Alzheimer's
   •   Cutest baby photo contest                                                                             June 4, 2011
   •   $1 casual clothes day at work                                                  @ Ben Geren Park, Fort Smith, AR
   •   Dunking booth                                                                        More Info, Call: 479.783.2022

                                                                                   Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 9 ]
Bentonville northwest arkansas regional office
  2011 Cherish Every Moment Gala Review
  We would like to recognize and thank the 2011 Cherish Every Moment Gala sponsors. They help us make it
  possible to continue to provide services to families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.
  Silver Sponsors                                         Bronze Sponsors
          The Walker Foundation                                  Arvest Bank                The Office of Todd Whatley Elder Law
          Washington Regional                                    Heinz                      Pactiv
          Walmart Realty                                         Tyson

   The 2011 Cherish Every Moment Gala on March 5 in CITY. Front (left to        The 2011 Cherish Every Moment Gala celebrated all those who
   right): Julie Olsen, Sarah Van Vleck, Bill Bradley, David Means. Back:       have come before us in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.
   Patrick Hall, Karen Gray, Dave Williams

                                                                                            Did you Know?
                                                                            Although 44 percent of caregivers reported
                                                                            being employed full or part time, many
                                                                            caregivers of people with Alzheimer's and
                                                                            other dementias reported making major
                                                                            changes to their work schedules because
                                                                            of their caregiving responsibilities:
                                                                            61 percent of women and 70 percent of
                                                                            men said they had to go in late, leave early
                                                                            or take time off. - 2011 Facts and Figures
                                                                            Your company can help employees by joining the
      Northwest Walk To End Alzheimer's                                     Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance (AEDA). By
      @ Arvest Ballpark, Springdale, Arkansas                               joining the AEDA, you will be able to provide tools to
                                                                            educate your employees, their families and the commu-
      Sign Up To Walk: 479.273.5559                                         nity on the importance of early detection of Alzheimer’s
                                                                            and the warning signs. For more information call

                                                                                             Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 10 ]
Events Calendar 2011
 [ Tulsa office ]
 06.09.11 Education Conference - Tulsa Renaissance Hotel
 06.19.11 - 06.25.11 Austin’s Camp Building Bridges - New Life Ranch, Colcord, OK
 08.27.11 Walk To End Alzheimer’s - ORU Campus, Tulsa
 09.10.11 Latino Event: Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body - St. Xavier Catholic Church, Tulsa
 For More Info. Call 918.481.7741

 [ OKC office ]
 05.07.11 Southwest Oklahoma Walk to End Alzheimer’s - Elmer Thomas Park, Lawton, OK
 05.12.11 OKC Memory Gala - National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
 09.17.11 OKC Walk To End Alzheimer’s - AT&T Bricktown Ballpark Mickey Mantle Plaza
 11.09.11 OKC Education Conference
 For More Info. Call 405.319.0780

 [ Little Rock office ]
 06.18.11 Little Rock Walk To End Alzheimer’s - Riverfest Amphitheatre
 08.25.11 Little Rock Education Conference - Clinton Presidential Center
 09.17.11 Jonesboro Walk To End Alzheimer's - Arkansas State University Campus
 10.21.11 Memento Gala: Honoring Dr. David Lipschitz - Peabody Hotel
 For More Info. Call 501.265.0027

 [ Fort Smith office ]
 05.13.11 New Office Open House/Ribbon Cutting - Fort Smith, AR
 06.04.11 Fort Smith Walk To End Alzheimer's - Ben Geren Park, Fort Smith, AR
 08.18.11 Education Conference
 12.31.11 Tinsel 'n Tails Gala
 For More Info. Call 479.783.2022                                           BE A LEADER IN YOUR
 [ Bentonville office ]
                                                                              START FUNDRAISING
 09.10.11 North West Arkansas Walk To End
                                                                              NOW FOR YOUR
          Alzheimer's - Arvest Ballpark, Springdale, AR                       WALK TEAM
 08.2011 Memory Maker Triathlon - Bella Vista, AR
 For More Info. Call 479.273.5559
                                                                 The Laureate Walk Team kicked off
                                                                 their fundraising efforts by selling
 [2011 Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum]                   exclusive Walk To End Alzheimer's
 05.15.11 - 05.17.11, Washington, D.C.                           Cookbooks. To purchase your copy
 For More Info. 405.319.0780 (OK) or 501.265.0027 (AR)           call Jill Peters at 918.502.5007 or
                                                                 email jkpeters@saintfrancis.com
 *Dates are subject to change. Visit www.alz.org/alzokar

                                                                Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter [ 11 ]
                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Association, Inc.
Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter
                                                                                                                    Permit No. 1125
                                                                                                                       Tulsa, OK

Task Force Takes On Alzheimer's In Arkansas
                               With more than 76,000 Arkan-         tive Dawn Creekmore of Bauxite rallied legislative leaders
                               sans currently suffering from        to support this measure. Rep. Creekmore and Sen. Barbara
                               Alzheimer’s, a number that will      Horn of Foreman led the effort by submitting the bill in the
                               increase to more than 100,000        2009 legislative session. They had a vision of a task force that
                               by 2020, the Alzheimer’s Asso-       would identify the state’s current resources while creating a
                               ciation is thrilled to applaud the   readiness plan for the overwhelming growth of Alzheimer’s
                               release of the Task Force on the     disease. Coach Broyles recognized the importance for “A
                               Effect of Alzheimer’s Disease        Game Plan” that would prepare the state for the fight against
                               in Arkansas Final Report. This       Alzheimer’s over the next two decades. The Alzheimer’s As-
                               report was produced by caregiv-      sociation eagerly worked alongside the authors and strongly
                               ers, public health officials, pa-    supported the bill.
                               tient advocates and community            During the following legislative session, the bill received
                               leaders to tackle the wide range     unanimous passage through both the House and Senate
of Alzheimer’s issues that Arkansas is facing.                      and, with Governor Mike Beebe’s signature, became Act 92
    On January 20 at the Arkansas State Capitol, the Al-            of 2009. The report is the result of the vision of our state’s
zheimer’s Association joined with five Arkansans, who are           leadership and the hours of hard work and dedication from
profiled in the report, to celebrate its release to the Arkansas    each and every member of the Task Force.
Legislature and the public. Regardless of their connection              “The Alzheimer’s Association commends the Task Force
to Alzheimer’s disease, these advocates all had an important        for their efforts and proudly stands behind this report,” said
story to share – stories of love, struggles and a desire for a      Mark Fried, President & CEO of the Alzheimer’s Associa-
better future for Arkansas.                                         tion, Oklahoma & Arkansas Chapter.
    In December of 2008, the journey of the Task Force on           Thank you to the Task Force's commitment to helping families who
the Effect of Alzheimer’s Disease in Arkansas began. Uni-           are affected by this disease.To view the Final Report, visit www.
versity of Arkansas legend Frank Broyles and Representa-            alz.org/alzokar

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