; Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC, Offers Full Build And Design Service In Washington DC Area
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Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC, Offers Full Build And Design Service In Washington DC Area


The Washington DC interior design professionals at Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC, offer a full build and design service that helps people bring the vision they have for their space to life. The team provides the information and advice that will help clients achieve their goals while maintaining the budget they have established for their project.

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									Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC, Offers Full Build And Design Service In
Washington DC Area

Washington, DC, 19-JUN-2012 - The Washington DC interior design firm of
Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC is pleased to offer full build and design
services to members of the Washington, DC area. The team has been
recognized for their success in providing individuals with the service
they need to achieve the look and feel they want in their home or space.

During the first meeting with clients the designer will discuss the
vision for your space, your budget and the extent of renovations that may
be required to complete the project. The designer will create plans that
incorporate your vision and include estimates and details about any
custom cabinetry, countertops, built-ins, and other pieces that will be
required to complete the design.

After selecting a final design, the designer manages the project and
coordinates all work so that you do not have to worry about completion or
receipt of important pieces. The designer will also provide owners with
information and advice on the most effective ways to achieve their goals
for their space within the budget they have established. Fabulous
Interior Designs, LLC has developed a reputation in the Washington, DC
area for being proactive, reliable, and maintaining integrity and
courtesy with their clients.

Throughout the building process owners are kept abreast of any deviations
or changes that must be made to accommodate the new space. In addition,
the designer will make recommendations for versatile and effective uses
of space to create greater flow and give the room the feel that is
desired. In some cases, the designer may make recommendations for custom
built-ins that have multiple uses and functions for small areas.

To get more information about the build and Washington DC interior design
services offered to members of the community visit
http://www.FabulousInteriorDesigns.com today. Individuals and members of
the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
contact information below.

Fabulous Interior Designs, LLC

Telephone: 301.852.8292

Email: vdevine@FabulousInteriorDesigns.com

Website: http://www.FabulousInteriorDesigns.com

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