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									                               UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI
                                          Curriculum Vitae

1.     Date:                   August, 2006


2.     Name:                   Susan F. Gold

3.     Home Phone:             Private                          Cell: (305) 801-3292

4.     Office Phone:           (305) 243-6624                   Fax:   (305) 243-3410

5.     Address:                Private

6.     Current Academic Rank: Associate Professor
       6a. Current Track of Appointment – Adjunct Track

7.     Primary Department:               Pediatrics

8.     Secondary or Joint Appointments:                   School of Education

9.     Citizenship:                      U.S. Citizen

10.    Visa Type:                        N/A


11.    Institutional:

       1986-1988        Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship,
                        Mailman Center for Child Development, Miami, FL.

       1986             Ed.D. Early Childhood Education,
                        University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL.

       1973             M.Ed. Early Childhood Education,
                        University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL.

       1966             B.A.E., Magna Cum Laude, University of Florida,
                        Gainesville, Florida. Member Phi Kappa Phi
                        Honor Society.

12.    Non-Institutional:                High Scope Foundation Training of Teacher Trainers                                        1
13.    Certification, licensure:    Teacher Certification - Elementary Education;
                                    Early Childhood Education, and Pre - Kindergarten
                                    Handicapped Endorsement State of Florida;
                                    Department of Education July 1, 2001-June 30, 2006


14.    Academic:

       2001-present          Associate Professor, Mailman Center for Child
                             Development, University of Miami, Department of Pediatrics

       1988-2001             Assistant Professor, Mailman Center for Child
                             Development, University of Miami, Department of Pediatrics

       1988                  Visiting Lecturer, University of Miami, TAL 620,
                             Reading in the Elementary School, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

       1988                  Visiting Lecturer, University of Miami, TAL 550,
                             Beginning Reading Instruction, St. Croix, V. I. and Cayman Islands

       Winter 1985           Adjunct Professor, Florida International University
       Fall 1984             CAP 3101-Computers and Teachers

       Winter 1985           Instructor, Miami Dade Community College. HRS 20-hour course
                             for Daycare Workers, Course included Child Growth &
                             Development, Child Abuse, Curriculum and State and
                             Local Regulations.

       1981 - 1983           Graduate Assistant, University of Miami, supervision and
                             counseling with students

       Summer 1981           Visiting Lecturer, for Miami-Dade Community College at the
                             Redlands Christian Migrant Association. Taught Language Arts

       Summer 1980           Visiting Lecturer; University of Miami. EED 322,
                             Philosophy and Trends in Early Childhood Education

       Fall 1979             Visiting Lecturer; University of Miami. Taught EED 321,
                             Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

       Summer 1978        Visiting Lecturer; University of Miami. Taught EED 322,
                          Philosophy and Trends in Early Childhood Education
15.    Hospital Appointments N/A                                2
16.      Non-Academic:

         Summer 1985           Computer Teacher, Educational Guidance Services, a school for
                               students with learning disabilities

         Fall 1984             Teacher, The Parent Center, Miami-Dade Community College,
                               "Mommy and Me" program for mothers and toddlers

         Winter 1984           Teacher, Temple Beth-Am. "Mommy and Me" program

         1983                  Conducted 3 Teacher Education workshops covering early
                               childhood curriculum, planning and materials, including:
                               language arts, cooking, affective education, science, math,
                               reading readiness, and computers.

         1976 - 1979           C.D.A. Trainer of Head Start Teachers for the University of
                               Miami. My job included observing the teachers at their centers,
                               writing observations, and counseling them after each observation.

         1973-1976             Teacher/Director of the first Parent-Cooperative Pre-School,
                               Dade County.

         1966 - 1970           First Grade teacher in the public schools, Durham, North Carolina
                               and Miami, Florida.

17.      Military:             None


      18. Books and monographs published:

         Frankel, E.B. & Gold, S. (in press). Early intervention: Principles and practices in
            Brown, I., & Percy, M. (Eds.). Intellectual and developmental disabilities.
            Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Inc.

         Gold, S.F. (2002). The Enterprise Zone-Preschool Inclusion Project: A Training and
               Resource Manual for Inclusion in Childcare. ED 471 952 EC 309 364 (ERIC
               Book 1 - Curriculum
               Book 2 – Technical Assistance
               Book 3 – Mentoring Component
               Book 4 – Findings and Recommendations

         Greenfield, D.B., & Gold, S.F., (1992). Screening head start children on a large multi-                                   3
                 ethnic urban population in New Direction in Child and Family Research:
                 Shaping Head Start in the 90's. (Eds. F.L. Parker, R. Robinson, S. Randolph,
                 & A. Baker), ACYF, Washington, D.C. Panel # 113, p. 175-177.

   19. Juried or refereed journal articles and exhibitions:

       1. Kaplan, J. & Gold, S. (2006). Second generation inclusion: Including young children
             with special N.E.E.D.s in early childhood programs. Children Our Concern,
             29(1), 14-16.

       2. Craig, S., Haggart, A., Gold, S., & Hull, K. (2000). Expanding the circle of inclusion:
              The childcare director’s role. Young Exceptional Children, Natural Environments
              and Inclusion, Monograph Series No.2, DEC, 27-36.

       3. Gold, S.F. (2000). Including young children with special needs in early childhood
              programs: Where is Florida headed? Children Our Concern, 24(2), 23-30.

       4. Gold, S.F., Liepack, S., Scott M., & Benjamin-Wise, S., (1999) Creating inclusive
              classrooms: A report from the field. Young Exceptional Children, 2(2), 2-8.

       5. Gold, S.F., Liepack, S., Scott, M., & Benjamin-Wise, S., (1998). If you offer inclusion
              training, they will come! Children Our Concern, 22(2), 24-26.

       6. Greenfield, D.B., Wasserstein, S., Gold, S. F. & Jorden, B. (1997). The adaptive social
              behavior inventory: Evaluation with high risk preschoolers. Journal of
              Psychoeducational Evaluation, 15(4), 322-333.

       7. Scott, M. S., Perou, R., Urbano, R., Hogan, A., & Gold, S.F. (1992). The Identification
               of Giftedness: A Comparison of White, Hispanic and Black Families. Gifted
               Child Quarterly, Vol. 36(3) 131-139.

       8. Scott, M. S., Greenfield, D. B., Partridge, M. F., & Gold, S. F. (1991). Group
               differences and individual classification accuracy associated with letter/word
               oddity problems. American Journal of Mental Retardation, 95(4), 404-416.

       9. Abbott, C.F. & Gold, S. F. (1991). Conferring with parents when you're concerned
              that their child needs special services. Young Children, 46(4), 10-14.

       10. Gold, S. F. & Abbott, C. F. (1989). When to refer: A dilemma for preschool teachers.
                      Dimensions, 17(2), 8-11.

       11. Lesser, M. & Gold, S. F. (1988). Cooperative preschools: Not just for children.
              Dimensions, 16(3), 11-13.

       12. Gold, S. F. (1987). Predicting reading achievement using an individual reading                                   4
                        readiness inventory. Child Study Journal, 17(2), 97-103.

      20. Other works and publications:
          1. Gold, S. F. (September, 2004). A call to action: Why your vote in November is
                important for Florida’s Children. South Florida Association of Young Children

         2. Gold, S. F. (2004). All children deserve the opportunity to succeed in Pre-K. Florida’s
                Child. (Winter), 32.

         3. Gold, S.F.; Murray, B. and Chery, M. (2002). Some Thoughts About Mentoring from
                an Outsider. Mentor M.I.N.D. Newsletter of the Florida Family Child Care Home

         4. Gold, S. F. (2000). Inclusion of young children with special needs in early childhood
                programs. Fundamentally for Families.

         5. Gold, S. F. (1999). Ask the experts. Major Benefits of Day Care for Children.

         6. Gold, S. F. (1999).      Ask the experts. Children with Disabilities in Head Start.

         7. Gold, S. F. (1999). Ask the experts. Preschool Curriculum.

         8. Gold, S. F. (1999). Ask the experts. Preschool children with Disabilities.

         9. Gold, S. F. (May,1999). We asked nine experts for basic parenting tips. Miami Herald.

         10. Gold, S. F. (1988). Helping children resolve their conflicts. Gator Tales, 10(1), 4.

         11. Gold, S. F. (1987). The pros and cons of early reading. Gator Tales, 9(2), 2.

         12. Gold, S. F. (1987). Toys. Baby Times, 3(24),47.

         13. Gold, S. F. (1986). Preschool screening. Gator Tales, 9(1), 2.

         14. Gold, S. F. (1986). National sharing. Cooperatively Speaking, 16(3), 3.

21.      Other works accepted for publication:

V. PROFESSIONAL                                     5
   21. Funded Research Performed:

                                    Current Grants and Awards

P.I. - Community Action Agency - Services to Miami-Dade County Head Start (On-Going)

                 * Over $3 Million in contracts since 1988.   * 2005-06 $380,000

Services to Head Start children, families and staff include psycho-educational evaluations,
consultations with family and staff, attending Individual Learning Plan (ILP) meetings, and
intervention with children with special needs. Supervise 20 people including students,
professionals and staff; coordinate all bills and reports; arrange staff training.

P.I. – C-QuELL Evaluation

                    2005-2006 - $90,000 (17 months)

Evaluate the early literacy project awarded to the Broward County School Readiness Coalition
through the Early Learning Opportunities Act.

P.I. – Early Discovery Service Partnership

      2006 - $198,298

Establish a planning process and pilot project to serve children ages birth – five with special
needs who do not qualify for Part C or Part B services. Services are provided in child care
centers or other natural environments.

Co P.I. (with Connie Morrow) – Families First – Children’s Trust

                    2004-2007 - $1,198,714

Establish a network of parenting activities in various locations in Miami-Dade County.

P.I. – Legislative Advocacy Training Initiative (LATI)
                    Jan. 2006-June 2006 - $10,000

This project is establishing a Legislative Advocacy training curriculum for UM/JMH Pediatric
Residents and Faculty, as well as their counterparts at other Florida Pediatric Residency Training
programs consisting of five 1-hour conference calls.

P.I. - YWCA Success by Six Evaluation

                 *2003-2006 - $90,000                                   6
Supervise staff to conduct research on 90 children ages six weeks to five years of age enrolled in
the Gerry Sweet Childcare Center to determine the effects of the enhancement projects.

P.I. – Creating Communities

                    2004 -2006 - $60,000

Conduct research on 4 additional YWCA childcare centers beginning enhancement projects.

                                   Previous Grants and Awards

                        2005-2006 - $40,000

Conduct literacy, math and language assessments on 500 children attending childcare centers for
the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe.

P.I. - Evaluation of the Natural Environment Educational Development (N.E.E.D.) Project

                    2004-05 - $37,100

Evaluate the services that 7 Special Instruction Consultants provide to 70 subsidized childcare
centers in Miami-Dade County.

P.I. - Gold Quality Comes with Pride – Alliance for Human Services

                 * 2001-2004 - $198,000

Work with family childcare providers in preparation for Gold Seal accreditation.

P.I. - Building Babies’ Brains – Train the Trainer (B3T3) – Alliance for Human Services

                 * 2001-2004 - $225,000

Supervise staff to work with Community Agencies to train supervisors to use our B3 Curriculum

P.I. - Windows of Opportunity Early Learning Center – YWCA of Greater Miami

                 * 2001-2004 - $90,000

Supervise staff to conduct research on 44 children ages six weeks to three years of age and their
parents enrolled in this new childcare center.

P.I. - Observer Training for Family Childcare Providers – Dade Community Foundation                                  7
                 * 2003 - $7,000

This grant allowed us to train 30 family childcare providers to become observers for the National
Association of Family Childcare Homes.

P.I. - Finding and Keeping Family Child Care Providers – Dade Community Foundation

                 *2001-2003 - $45,000

Supervised staff to recruit and develop new family childcare providers in neighborhoods where
the need for infant/toddler care is greatest.

P.I. - B3T3- Supplemental – Dade Community Foundation

                 * 2001-2003 - $10,000

Supplies and materials for the trainers enrolled in our B3T3 project were purchased.

P.I. – Model Demonstration Project for Young Children with Disabilities – Grant Number
HO24B70071 - Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs
Enterprise Zones-Preschool Inclusion Project

                       1997-2002 - $588,001.

This project was designed to expand, implement, evaluate, and disseminate a model inclusionary
program that would increase quality childcare services for all children. Four notebooks
describing the process and outcomes were produced.

P.I. - B3 - Building Babies Brains – Health Foundation of South Florida

                       1998-2002 - $300,000

This project enhanced and expanded quality childcare by developing ten training modules for
parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers.

P.I. - Building Babies Brains en Espanol et Creole – Alliance for Human Services

                       2000-2001 -     $70,389.54

This project expanded Building Babies Brains by allowing us to translate the curriculum into
Spanish and Creole and present the training in the first language of many participants.

P.I. - Family Child Care Component of the B3 Project – Dade Community Foundation’s
Children’s Early Start Initiative                                   8
                     1999-2001 - $22,500

This project allowed us to deliver the B3 curriculum to family childcare providers.

P.I. - Project of National Significance - Grant Number 90DN0015 - Administration on
Developmental Disabilities - The Preschool Inclusion Project (PIP)

                     1995-98 - $400,735

We developed and delivered 10 modules of training on inclusion of young children in
neighborhood childcare centers to early care and education providers.

P.I. - Family Child Care Orientation Project – Dade Community Foundation
                   1998 - 99 - $9,000

P.I. - Redlands Christian Migrant Association - Mental Health Services
                  1996 – 1999 - $2,300

P.I. - Hearing and Speech Center of Miami - Mental Health Services

                     1997 - 2000 - $35,000

23.    Editorial responsibilities:   None

24.   Professional and Honorary Organizations:

       Executive Committee of the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Advisory Council - 2003-present

       South Florida Association for the Education of Young Children – Board of Directors -
       since 2004

       United Way – Center for Excellence in Early Education – Chair, Research and Evaluation
       Task Force – 2002- present

       Florida Association of Infant Mental Health – Board of Directors 2002 - 2004
              Chair – Nominating Committee

       Comprehensive System of Personnel Development – for special educators -2001 –

       Florida Children’s Forum – Board of Directors - 2000-Present

       Study Commission on Children with Developmental Disabilities – 2000

       State Coordinating Council for School Readiness Programs – July 1999 - 2001                                  9
                 15 members elected to give advice to the Partnership for School Readiness Board

       State Coordinating Council for Early Childhood Services - Appointed by the Governor
       of the State of Florida, 1995 to 1999
                State Coordination Among Public/Private Agencies Committee
                Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

       Florida Developmental Disabilities Council - Appointed by the Governor of the State of
       Florida, 1989 to present.
              * Chairperson - Public Policy and Advocacy Committee (1995-97)
              * Executive Committee (1995-97)
              * Chairperson - Prevention Task Force (1997 to 2000)
              * Leadership and Personnel Committee (1995 to present)
              * Child Care Training Project Advisory Team (1996-97)
              * Strategic Inclusion Plan – Advisory Team (1997 – present)
              * Cultural Competency Committee (2002)

       Map to Inclusive Child Care State Team – 1999 – 2003

       Professional Advisory Team for Department of Children and Families – Special Needs
       Training Module 2002

       District Interagency Coordinating Council on Early Childhood Services - appointed by
       the Dade County School Board, September, 1989 to 1999

       Superintendent's District Advisory Panel for Exceptional Student Education
       1991 – Present
              *Member – Inclusion Work Group; Educational Performance Committee

       Child Development Services Advisory Council, 1991 - present
              * Member - Program Committee
              * Chairperson - Awards Committee

       Health Advisory Committee – Miami-Dade County Head Start, 1989 - present
              * Member - Mental Health Sub-Committee
              * Member - Disabilities Sub-Committee

       Observation and Assessment of Young Children – State Workgroup – Appointed by the
       Chief of the Child Care Bureau – June, 1999 – June, 2001

       Quality Enhancement Initiative – Success by Six - Board of Directors

       Miami-Dade Coalition for School Readiness - Inclusion Advisory Grant Board

       National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) 1973-present                                  10
                 Southern Early Childhood Association. (SECA)
                 Early Childhood Association of Florida (ECAF)
                 South Florida Association for the Education of Young Children (SFAYC)

       Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
             Division for Early Childhood (DEC)

   25. Honors and Awards:
                 Appreciation Award for Dedication to Early Learning – From the Florida
                   Family Child Care Association - June, 2005

                       Appeared on PBT Television Broadcast – Issues – January, 2005 re: UPK

                       Award from the Family Child Care Providers Association of Miami Dade
                        – November, 2003.

                       Award from the Florida Family Child Care Home Association, Inc. -
                        Presented at the Tenth Annual Awards Banquet, June 29, 2002

                       Certificate of Appreciation – Provider Appreciation Day – Family Central,
                        Inc. May, 2002

                       Certificate of Appreciation - Developmental Disabilities Council, 2001

                       Champion for Children Award – June 6, 2000 – Presented at the Stand for
                        Children Luncheon – Miami-Dade County, Florida

                       Recognition Award for Service to State Coordinating Council for Early
                        Childhood Services – July, 1999

                       G. Joyce McCalla Award - In Recognition of Distinguished Contributions
                        to the Children of Miami-Dade County – June 23, 1999 – Presented at the
                        Thirteenth Annual Center Directors’ Recognition Luncheon

                       Finalist – Champions for Children Award – Early Childhood Program -
                        June 4, 1999 – Miami, FL.

                       Invited Guest – Take Me to Your Leader Luncheon – December, 1998 -
                        Orlando, FL.

                       Invited Guest – Research to Practice Summit on Inclusion in the Early
                        Years – July, 1998 Washington D.C. Sponsored by the Office of Special
                        Education Programs                                  11
                    Invited Guest – Senator Graham’s Summit on Child Care – June, 1998

                    Recognition Award from Miami-Dade County Public Schools – Division
                     of Early Childhood Programs - for the Inclusion Projects – February, 1998

                    Invited Guest – White House Conference on Child Care – October, 1997

                    Introduced Governor at the Kickoff Luncheon for the Help Them Thrive
                     Birth To Five Campaign – 1997

                    Certificate of Appreciation - Dade County Head Start - 1997

                    Award - Raggedy Ann & Andy’s Child Development Center 1997

                    Certificate of Appreciation - Dade Association of Child Care Programs,

                    18 Certificate of Appreciation - Healthy Start Coalition, 1994

                    Recognition Award for Support of Children and Families - Head Start
                     Youth and Family Development - August 29, 1990

                    Endorsed Teacher-Trainer for the High Scope Foundation - 1989

                    Who's Who in American Education - 1989

                    Validator for the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs - 1987

                    First Annual Phi Lambda Pi Award for Outstanding Married Female
                     Student - 1984

                    NAEYC Grant for Teacher Training – 1983

                    Omicron Delta Kappa - National Leadership Honor Society - 1983

                    Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges -

                    Graduate School Fellowship, University of Miami - 1983-1985

26.    Post-Doctoral Fellowships: Mailman Center for Child Development
             1986 – 1988

27.    Other Professional Activities: Selected Professional Presentations:                               12
       Promoting Inclusion: Making It Happen (with Bethany Sands & Jean ??). Presented at
       the Early Childhood of Florida Conference, Orlando, FL

       Promoting Inclusion in the Preschool: Make It Happen (with Bethany Sands and
       Jeanette Torres). Presented at the One Goal Summer Conference, Tampa, FL.

       Evaluation of the Natural Environment Education Development Program (with Jill
       Kaplan). Presented at the AMCHP Conference – Washington, D.C.

       The Value of Accreditation – Presented to the SFAYC Conference, Miami, FL

       Quality Early Care and Education – Presented to the pediatric residents, Miami, FL

       Child Growth and Development: Knowing When to Refer a Child for Further Evaluation
       – Presented at the Early Head Start Conference, Miami, FL

       Making your vote count: Advocacy for Young Children – Presented to School of
       Education Students, Miami, FL

       N.E.E.D. Evaluation – Presented to the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade and
       Monroe, Miami, FL

       Inclusion Works! – Presented at the Florida Family Child Care Conference, Clearwater
       Beach, FL

       Quality in Child Care- Presented at the Florida Family Child Care Conference,
       Clearwater Beach, FL

       Identifying Risk and Resiliency Factors in Young Children (with Ruby Natale and Nurit
       Sheinberg) – Research Perspectives Poster Presentation; Masters of Pediatrics
       Conference, Miami, FL

       Universal Pre-Kindergarten - Closing Remarks at the 4th annual Festival of Children
       Luncheon, South Florida Association of Young Children, Miami, FL                               13
       I Read, You Read-Making Books Come Alive with Young Children (with Pat Donovan) –
       Presented at the Head Start Pre-Service Conference, Miami, FL.

       Parenting Factors Associated With Resiliency in a Birth Through Five At-Risk
       Population (with Dr. Ruby Natale) – Poster Presentation at the National Head Start
       Research Conference Washington, D.C.

       Inclusive Childcare Environments – Presented at the Childcare Health Consultants
       Training – Miami, FL

       The Time of Their Lives Summer Program – Inclusion for ALL Children – Presented to
       C-One, Miami, FL

       Assessment and Intervention of Head Start Children with Disabilities – Presented to the
       Children’s Trust, Miami, FL

       Serving Children with Disabilities, Special Needs & Non-English Speaking Families,
       Presented at the UPK Conference II: The Next Steps, Orlando, FL

       A Window from Birth to Five: Identifying and Referring Children with Disabilities –
       Presented at the Florida Children’s Forum Conference, Orlando, FL

       Children under 5 -Television show produced by B.O.L.D. shown on WLRN.

       The Child Who Seems Different – Family Childcare Association, Miami, FL

       October Changes in Childcare Policy; Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We’re
       Going. Presented at the Florida Children’s Forum Conference, Orlando, FL

       Chaired Public Forum on issues related to persons with Developmental Disabilities – for
       candidates for Public Office                                14
       Inclusion Really Means…(with Roni Tables and J.B. Bramson) Presented at the South
       Florida Association for Young Children Conference, Miami, FL

       Focus on Inclusion (with Blynda Murray) Presented at the Early Childhood Association
       of Florida Conference, Orlando, FL

       An Inclusive Community for all Children and Young Adults (with Irene Butcher and Mark
       Gross) Presented at the Florida Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Ft.
       Lauderdale, FL

       Focus on Inclusion (with Pat Donovan) Presented at the Pre-Conference One Goal for
       Children Summer Conference – Tampa, FL

       The Enterprise Zone-Preschool Inclusion Project (with Tom Kennedy and Blynda
       Murray) Poster Presentation at the CSPD Institute, Clearwater, FL

       Developmental Screening and School Readiness – Presented to the Child Care Health
       Consortium – Miami, FL.

       Interview with Channel 4 – Does Mozart make you Smarter?

       Introduction to Inclusion – Presented to Future Teachers of America, Miami, FL.

       Introduction to Inclusion – Presented to the Quality Enhancement Initiative, Miami, FL.

       Train the Trainers – Workshop - Presented to Inclusion Specialists – Jacksonville, FL.

       Testimony on childcare issues before the Dade Delegation, Miami, FL.

       Developmental Milestones. Presented to the Guardian Ad Litem staff, Miami, FL.                                15
       What is needed to effectively change state systems? (with Linda Frederick & Peggy
       Hayden). Presented at the Children, Families and Inclusive Communities Conference.
       Chapel Hill, N.C.

       Inclusion Programs in Diverse Communities: Making it Work! (with Gloria Elder).
       Presented at the Chn, Families and Inclusive Communities Conference. Chapel Hill, NC.

       Intervention the Easy Way: Classroom Based Intervention. (with Linda Soden & Pam
       McSheehy) Presented at the Head Start Pre-Service Conference. Miami, FL.

       Prevention Strategies in Juvenile Court (with Judge Cindy Lederman). Presented at the
       Dependency Court Summit, Orlando, FL.

       Development of Mental Health in Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers (with Jeff Brosco,
       M.D.) Presented at the WLRN Series regarding mental health of children 0-5, Miami, FL.

       Issues and Trends in Inclusion: National and State Perspectives. Presented at the
       Medical Issues Conference, Miami, FL.

       Projects of National Significance – The Preschool Inclusion Project, Presented at the
       Commissioner’s Forum, Washington, D.C.

       EZ’s/EC’s – The UAP Connection. (with K. Bradley). Presented at the ADD
       Commissioner’s Forum. Washington, D.C.

       Testimony on Quality in Early Care and Education Programs before the House
       Committee on Children and Families, Tallahassee, FL

       Inclusion: An Overview and Parent Perspectives (with S.M. Andrews). Presented at the
       Meeting the Needs of Infants & Young Children Conference. Tampa, FL.

       Preschool Inclusion Projects. Presented at the Providing Child Care for Children with
       Disabilities Conference. Tampa, FL.

       Strategic Plan for Inclusion of Children with Disabilities – Year 2. Presented at the One
       Goal Summer Conference. Tampa, FL.                                16
       Special Needs: Dial 10 10 Partnership (with Dolores Mendoza). Presented at the One
       Goal Summer Conference. Tampa. FL.

       Prevention and Early Intervention. Presented at the President’s Commission on Mental
       Retardation, Washington, D.C.

       Inclusion in Education: Model Programs. Presented at the Consortium of
       Developmental Disabilities Councils, Atlanta, Georgia.

       Including Children with Disabilities in Child Care. Presented at the Early Childhood
       Association of Florida Conference, Orlando, FL.

       Parents as First Teachers. Presented at the White House Initiative on Educational
       Excellence for Hispanic Americans, Miami, FL.

       Preschool Inclusion in Dade County. Presented at the Governor’s Children’s Summit,
       Orlando, FL.

       Making Inclusion Work in Early Head Start. Presented at the National Head Start
       Conference, Seattle, Washington.

       Inclusion – Here’s How It Works. Presented at the 10th Annual Director’s Conference of
       the Jewish Council of Early Childhood Educators. Pompano Beach, Florida.

       What Brain Research says about Quality in Early Care and Education. Presented at
       Senator Graham’s Summit on Children, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

       Strategic Plan for Inclusion of Children with Disabilities (with P. Donovan, D. Dowds,
       and L. A. Long). Presented at the 1998 Summer Conference “Putting Families and
       Children First”, Tampa, Florida.

       Including Family Child Care: Introduction to EZ-PIP (with M. Scott). Presented at the
       National Association for Family Child Care Conference, Orlando, Florida.                                17
       Developmental Delays in Infants/Toddlers-Using the IFSP. (with P. McSheehy and J.
       Vickers). Presented at the Miami-Dade Head Start Pre-service Training, Miami, FL.

       Including Children with Disabilities in Child Care: It Takes All of Us. What is you State
       Doing? (with D. Dowds). Presented at the National Association for Regulatory
       Administration. St. Petersburg, FL

       Inclusive Child Care Initiatives. Invited speaker at the Linking Child Care and Health
       Care Conference, St. Petersburg, Florida.

       Working Together to make Inclusion a Reality. Presented at the Florida Children’s
       Conference, St. Petersburg, Florida.

       Including Children with Special Needs-How to make Inclusion Work. (with Y. Borroto
       and D. Dowds). Presented at the Florida Association for Child Care Management
       (FACCM) Conference. West Palm Beach, FL.

       Verifying the Efficacy of Child Care Provider Inservice Training in Early Childhood
       Inclusion. (with B. McInerney, L. Dinnebeil, and S. Mulligan). Poster presentation at the
       DEC Early Childhood Conference, Chicago, IL.

       The Impact of Welfare Reform on Children With Disabilities. Presented to The
       Children’s Services Council, Miami, FL.

       Preschool Inclusion Project (with S. Benjamin-Wise). Presented at the Central
       Agency for Jewish Education Conference, Miami, FL.

       Child Care Issues (with S. Benjamin-Wise and V. Buysee). Presented at the
       Administration on Developmental Disabilities Annual Commissioner’s Forum,
       Washington, D.C.

       Maximizing Brain Power - Use It or Loose It. (With J. Brosco, MD). Miami, FL.

       Birth to two Research and its Importance to Early Care and Education. Presented at the
       UM/Canterbury Preschool Board of Directors Retreat, Miami, FL.                                18
       The Amazing Developing Brain. Presented at the Head Start Pre-service Conference.
       Miami, FL.

       The Development of the Young Child’s Brain. Keynote Speech presented at the Summer
       Training Institute for Prekindergarten Teachers, Marathon, FL.

       Seeing Children First: How Our Community is Making Inclusion Work. Presented at the
       Florida Children’s Forum Conference, Orlando, FL.

       Working Together for the Sake of Children. Presented at the National Association for the
       Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Anaheim, California.

       Making Inclusion Training Work: Translating Theory into Practice. Presented at the
       Division of Early Childhood Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.

       Normal and Abnormal Growth and Development. Presented to the Guardian Ad Litem
       Volunteers and Social Workers, Miami, FL.

       Update on the Preschool Inclusion Project. Presented to the Administration on
       Developmental Disabilities and the Child Care Bureau, Washington, D.C.

       Building a Community Vision for Inclusion. Presented at a joint meeting of the
       Interagency Coordinating Council and the Prekindergarten Handicapped Interagency
       Council, Miami, FL.

       Collaboration in Dade County for Children with Special Needs (with S. Spaulding, G.
       Laskis, & E. Thompson). Presented at the Head Start Conference on Quality Services
       for Children with Disabilities, Tampa, FL.

       The ADA and Child Care. Panel Presentation as part of the Children’s Day Celebration.
       Tallahassee, FL.

       Yes, You Can Do It! Including Children with Special Needs in Family Child Care.
       Presented at the Seventh Annual Family Day Care Providers Conference. Miami, FL.

       The Child Who Seems Different: Meeting Special Needs. Presented to the participants of the
       Preschool Inclusion Project, Miami, FL.                                19
       Press Conference - Welfare Reform and Cash Assistance for Pregnant Women who are
       Medically Unable to Work - Tallahassee, FL.

       The Next Step for Inclusion in Florida (with J. Rogers). Presented at One Goal for
       Children Conference, Tampa, FL.

       Chair and Panel Member - Public Forum on Emerging Issues for the Florida
       Developmental Disabilities Council.

       Working Together to Provide a Florida Early Childhood Professional Training System
       (with N. Rogers, J. Ferro, & H. Roberts). Presented at the Florida Children’s Forum
       Annual Conference, Orlando FL.

       The PREP Program: Providing Resources and Education for Paraprofessionals.
       Presented at the National Head Start Conference. Washington, D. C.

       The Power of Prevention. Presented at the State ARC Conference. Tampa, FL.

       Paraprofessional Mentoring Program for Children with Special Needs. Presented at the
       One Goal: Conference "Putting Families and Children First". Tampa, FL.

       Keynote Speaker - Inclusion Works! TLC Child Care Conference, Miami, FL.

       Good News for Child Care Providers: Inclusion Becomes Reality. Presented at the
       DACCP Conference, Miami, FL.

       The American Disabilities Act, (ADA) and You. Presented at the Tenth Annual Early
       Childhood Education Conference: One Vision, May Paths. Miami, FL.

       Collaborating for Effective Programs for Children (with B. Key, O. Brown, & L.
       Hernandez). Presented at the 1993 Summer Conference. Tampa, FL.                               20
       Correlates of long-term positive outcomes in Head Start children (with D. Greenfield).
       Presented at the Second National Head Start Research Conference: Translating
       Research into Practice, Washington, DC.

       Identification of socially isolated Head Start children (with S. Wasserstein & D.
       Greenfield). Presented at the Second National Head Start Research Conference:
       Translating Research into Practice, Washington, DC.

       Educating the Black Child/The Early Childhood Perspective (with E. Thompson, M.
       Staples, & S. Fernandez). Presented at the Southeastern Regional Conference on
       Educating Black Children. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

       Head Start/Dade County Public Schools/Early Childhood Transition Demonstration
       Project (with C. Darling & O. Brown). Presented at the Early Experiences: Equity
       & Excellence Conference. Tampa, FL.

       Esteem Builders: A Collaborative Program to Enhance the Self- Esteem of Preschool
       Children (with Beatriz Jordan). Florida Head Start - DEC Conference, Palm Beach, FL.

       Implementing MITCH: Model of Interdisciplinary Training for Persons working with
       Infants and Toddlers who have Special Needs. ACEI Conference, San Diego, CA.

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       90's Conference, Washington, D.C.

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       A Collaborative Program to Enhance the Self-Esteem of Preschool Children. 1991                                 21
       Annual Conference of NAEYC. Denver, CO.

       Screening Head Start Children in a Large Multiethnic Urban Population in Order to
       Determine Special Needs (with D. Greenfield). Poster presented at the International
       Early Childhood Conference on Children with Special Needs. St. Louis, MO.

       Services to Children Ages Birth to Three (with Carol F. Abbott). Florida Mainstreaming
       Conference. Jacksonville, FL.

       Active Learning: Incredible-How Children Learn. The Children's Resource Center
       and Dade County Public Schools, Miami, FL.

        Focus on South Florida: Head Start: The 25th Anniversary - Television show produced
       by local public television WLRN.

       The Effects of Pre-natal Drug Exposure (with Gwen Wurm). Child Development
       Services, Miami, FL.

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       Conference, Miami Dade Community College, Miami, FL.

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       (with Carole F. Abbott). International Early Childhood Conference on Children with
       Special Needs, Albuquerque, NM.

       The High-Risk Child under Five - Television show produced by B.O.L.D. for WLRN.

       Identification of Giftedness: White, Hispanic and Black Families, Conference of the
       National Association of Gifted Children, Little Rock, AK.

       1989                                22
       MITCH: A Collaborative Effort to Develop Multi-disciplinary Training for
       Non-Degree Persons (with Carol F. Abbott S. Daley, & K. Collins). Florida
       Federation Council for Exceptional Children, St. Petersburg, FL.

       Implementing MITCH: Model Interdisciplinary Training for Persons Working with
       High-Risk and Handicapped Infants/Toddlers (with Carol F. Abbott). International Early
       Childhood Conference on Children with Special Needs, Minneapolis, MN.

       Working Together: Communication Skills for Parents, Caregivers and Other
       Professionals, Early Childhood Conference, Miami Dade College, Miami, FL.

       Testimony before the Task Force on the Future of the Florida Family - Miami Public
       Hearing, Metro-Dade Center.

       Implementing MITCH: Model interdisciplinary training for non-degree persons
       working with high risk and handicapped infants/toddlers (with Carol F. Abbott & J.
       Kelly). Sharing Best Practices, Jupiter, FL.

       Performance of LD, Mild MR, and Normally Achieving Students on an Oddity Task
       (with Mary F. Partridge, Marcia S. Scott, & Daryl B. Greenfield). Gatlinburg
       Conference on Research and Theory in Mental Retardation and Developmental
       Disabilities, Gatlinburg, TN.

       A Plan to Investigate the Role of Parents in the Identification of Gifted Black, Hispanic
       and White Students (with Marcia S. Scott, Anne E. Hogan, Ruth Perou, & Richard
       Urbano). Symposia on Culturally Diverse Exceptional Children, CEC, Denver, CO.

       All children are special, but a special needs child requires special attention by all of us.
       Dade County Head Start Orientation Keynote Speech, Miami, FL.

       Realistic expectations of children - birth to five: How do you know when a child is in
       trouble? FDLRS/Gateway, Lake City, FL.

       Building effective discipline for young children. Total Learning Consultants, Miami, FL.

       1987                                  23
         Identifying children at risk: Determining the needs of exceptional children (with Carol
         F. Abbott). Miami Dade Community College, Miami, FL.


28.      Teaching Awards Received: N/A

      29. Teaching Specialization (courses taught): Early Childhood Education (TAL 591 -
          Cultural Diversity) Guest Lecturer
          TAL -610 – Curriculum Development in Early Childhood (Guest Lecturer)

         Other teaching activities
                Supervise graduate students in special education during their internship (2002 -

                 Answer email discussion questions for the Assistive Technology On-line Course

                 Prepare and deliver Friday Noon Conference Seminars for Graduate Students

30.      Thesis and Dissertation Advising:

         1. Pam Fischel - A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Behavioral Parent Training
                       versus Affective Parent Training for Mentally Retarded Children and their
                       Parents. Date Completed: October 31, 1990

         2. David Altschuler - A Comparison of Learning Disabled and Normally Achieving
                Grade School Students on a New Screening Task. Date Completed: May 31, 1991

         3. Helen Masin - Perceived Maternal Knowledge and Attitudes during Early
                 Intervention in Two Ethnic Groups. Date completed: June 5, 1992

         4. Jean Bernholtz - The Role of Inhibition in the Development of Cognitive Efficiency.
                 Date completed: February 26, 1993

         5. Angelika Claussen - Preschoolers' organization of behavior in interaction with their
                mothers: Comparison of an attachment setting with a toy clean-up situation.
                Date completed: April 16, 1993

         6. Nitza Vega-Lahr - Promoting Social Interaction between Young Children with and
                 without Hearing Impairments: Effects of Group-oriented Contingencies and
                 Task Interdependence. Date completed: August 7, 1995

          7. Majorie Lipton - The Effect of the Primary Caretaker's Distress on the Sexually                                   24
                 Abused Child. Date completed: November 16, 1995

        8. Marcello Castro – Screening Low-Income Preschoolers for Risk for Developing
              Emotional Disturbance. Date completed: March 24, 1998.

        9. Bonnie Jallard – Title I Teachers’ Perceptions of Pull-out and Pull-in Instructional
              Programs – Date completed: December 11, 2000.

       10. Tom Kennedy – Using Intellectual, Personality and Behavioral Variables to Reliably
           Predict Violent from Non-violent Juvenile Offenders – Completed – December, 2005


   31. University Committee and Administrative Responsibilities:

       Chair, Policy and Advocacy Committee - Mailman Center for Child Development

       Executive Committee - Mailman Center for Child Development

       Training Committee – Mailman Center for Child Development

       Early Childhood Special Education Advisory Board – School of Education

  32. Community Activities:

       Young Children with Special Needs and Disabilities Council

       Miami-Dade School Readiness Coalition – Star Rating System Task Force

       Candidate’s Connection – Florida Children’s Campaign

       Advocacy Efforts – Visits and letters to members of the:

                       Miami-Dade County Commission

                       Dade Delegation, Miami and Tallahassee, FL.

                       U. S. Senate and House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

                       Florida Senate and House of Representatives, Tallahassee, FL.

                       Interviewed by El Nuevo Herald – article about inclusion of children with
                        autism in school

                       Letter to the editor published in the Miami Herald, Oct. 26, 2005                                  25

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