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Release Date: May 29, 2012

WellinTech Introduces KingView: Easy-to-learn Easy-to-use Powerful SCADA Software

The latest version of KingView 6.53 and newer version 6.55 will be released recently. It is the SCADA product designed for
small and medium projects to control and monitor automatic equipment and processes. KingView is easy-to-learn and
easy-to-use, full featured, and low cost, which gives it great competitive advantages in the market. KingView now is used
widely in many industries, such as water/wastewater, power, coalmine, environmental protection, metallurgy and so on.


Torrance, CA—May 15, 2011 – KingView is a Windows based PC software that allows you to build data information
systems for monitoring and control. You can trigger outputs and events based on input data and can create graphic
simulation of system processes. KingView is being used in many applications like power systems, wastewater
management, building automation, coal mine systems, and environmental protection projects. KingView has an
optional web publishing capability which means you can access your control system securely from any place at any
time. KingView comes with one hour of free training which helps you get started quickly and easily.

WellinTech is a global leading software development company specializing in the Automation and Control industry.
We provide free sales and support from our office in Southern California. WellinTech is engaged in software
automation, independent R&D, marketing and services.

KingView comes in many tag configurations like 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and unlimited.
Full Editions include development and runtime licenses. Separate runtime and development editions are also
available and are ideal if you are making machines.

KingView supports hardware and software encryption. We have a large tutorial section on our website with tutorial
videos and PDF documents which explain how to create projects, make graphics, connect with PLC’s and I/O and
much more. Technical support is provided from our office in Southern California.

For further information call toll free at 1-310-257-8866 or visit our website at www.wellintech.com.

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