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Elite StudyInTaiwan Application Materials by IGkNbE


									                                                           Email the application materials to Elite StudyInTaiwan at
                                    Elite StudyInTaiwan Application Materials
                   Complete this form and email to Elite StudyInTaiwan Program Office at
Identification Information
Name:(as appears on your passport) (Last/Surname)                              (First/Given)                              (Middle)

Gender: Male Female                          Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD)::                      Citizenship:
Contact Information
E-mail:                                        MSN/Y! IM:                              Cell:                       Tel:
 Prepare the following materials; scan and email them to Elite StudyInTaiwan Program Office at
 Please check the materials you send with this Application Materials form.
      Application Form
  The completed and signed StudyInTaiwan Application for Admission form (skip if using online application)
      Degree Documents
  The original graduation diplomas/certificates of undergraduate and graduate education received
  English or Chinese translated version of the diploma/certificate (if the original is not in English or Chinese)
  Official transcripts of academic records (undergraduate and graduate) from the university Registrar’s office
  English or Chinese translated version of the transcripts (if the original is not in English or Chinese)
      Language Proficiency
  Report of language proficiency test scores (e.g., TOEFL, EILTS, TOP, or equivalent)
      Personal Background
      Resume (including personal information, employment history, educational background, research activities, publications,
      extra-curricular activities, and references)
  Two letters of recommendation (mailed or emailed with institution email account to StudyInTaiwan Program Office)
  Autobiography (a self-introduction essay)
  Study plan (including motivation, education & career goals, research interests, course-taking plan, etc.)
  Photocopy of the passport (identification page)
      Financial Information
      Financial statement (A statement form/letter from the bank stating the total fund available in your bank account on a
      recent date or for a period of time. If using sponsor’s account, a letter of sponsorship must be provided.)
      Additional Materials
  Supplementary materials to strengthen your application (such as awards and recognition)
  Documents required by the Consortium university/program (e.g., a portfolio)

                                               The Application for Admission process explained!
       There are 7 stages to go through when you apply for a program of study through the StudyInTaiwan Program Office. As an
       applicant, you are required to submit an Application for Admission form (you may download this online at and other required and supporting documents as the list above. Your application
       materials will be sent to the universities for a program review. If you pass the review, you will receive a preliminary
       admission letter from the Consortium university. The preliminary admission letter is for you to certify your degree
       documents (diploma and transcripts of your last level of education, both original and English version) with designated
       Taiwan Embassy/Representative Office. After you certify your documents, send them (or scan/email) to the Consortium
       university to receive an official admittance letter stating that you are officially admitted. You will use the letter and the
       certified degree documents to apply for a VISA to come to Taiwan. Upon arrival to the Consortium university, you are
       required to submit the original copy of the degree documents to register as an international student.
       Stage                      Process                                                                       Status
 1     Application                Applicant submits Application for Admission form and documents                Applicant
 2     Review                     Consortium university reviews applicant documents
 3     Preliminary Admission StudyInTaiwan sends Preliminary Admission to successful applicant                  Pre-admitted
 4     Certification              Taiwan Embassy/Representative Office certifies degree documents
 5     Official Admittance        Consortium university issues Official Admittance Letter                       Admitted
 6     VISA                       Admitted student applies for VISA to enter Taiwan
 7     Registration               Students submits the original certified degree documents to register          Student

                                                      Elite StudyInTaiwan Program Office,
                                                 authorized by Ministry of Education, Taiwan
                                   Email:; Tel: +886-3-265-1291 (Office); Fax: +886-3-265-1297
                                              Address: 200, Chung Pei Rd., Chungli, Taoyuan 32023
                                                                  Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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