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									           ACCIDENT                                  ACCIDENT                        WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE
           CHECKLIST                                 CHECKLIST                        IN A CAR ACCIDENT

[] Obtain contact information of the      [] Obtain contact Information from
at fault party:                           Witnesses:

Name____________________                  Name                 Phone
_________________________                 []Obtain Information of Officer(s):

[] Obtain vehicle information of the at   Name ______________________
fault party                               Agency _____________________

Make                                      []Call Insurance Company
_________________________                 Name of Adjuster ______________
Model____________________                 Phone #_____________________
Color_____________________                Claim #_____________________
                                                                                               Stephen A. Burroughs
License plate                             []Take Photographs                                      (865)525-3773
#_____________________                    All vehicles involved                     
[] Obtain Insurance Information of        Injuries to people involved
the at fault party:                       [] Contact Stephen A. Burroughs
Company                                          (865)525-3773
                                                                                No one expects to be in a car accident,
Name____________________                                                        but many accidents happen every day.
Policy                                                                          Statistics show that nearly all of us will
                                          Notes:_______________________         be in a car accident at some time.
Number___________________                                                       Knowing what to do when an accident
                                                                                happens is important. It can make all
                                          ___________________________           the difference if you, your family or
                                          ___________________________           friends are hurt and need help.
Get Medical Help Call 911 if anyone is                 Take pictures. “A picture is worth a                    File Necessary State Accident
hurt. Medical care within the first hour after an      thousand words.” Today most of us have a                Reports In most states, if anyone is injured or
injury is critical, so do not hesitate to allow an     camera built into our cell phones. If you can, and      there is significant property damage to the vehicles
                                                       it is safe, take pictures of the vehicles before they   you must file a State Accident Report. The form,
ambulance to take you to the local ER, if needed.
                                                       are moved. Pictures of the damage and position          with directions, can be obtained from the police
If your symptoms develop after you leave the           of the vehicles can be very important. They can         department.
scene, get yourself to an emergency room as soon       prove how the accident happened and document
as possible and report all of your symptoms to         the force of the collision. This can be helpful         Do Not Discuss Fault Do not blame the
the treating doctor. Delays in getting treatment       evidence if the accident caused any injuries. If        other driver even if they were clearly at fault. It
                                                       you are not able to take pictures, ask one of your      may just start an argument. But, if the other driver
can not only put your health at risk, but can also                                                             admits it was their fault, make a mental note of it.
make it harder to get fairly compensated for your      passengers who is alright, or a witness, to do it
                                                       for you. After you get emergency care and are           When you get home, jot down precisely what you
injuries, when you later make a claim.                                                                         remember them saying. Even if you feel you may
                                                       home, remember to take pictures of your injuries
                                                                                                               have been partially at fault, do not say anything
Notify the Police In most states this is               – any cuts, bruises or bandages, and any casts or
                                                       crutches. It is particularly important to take a        that admits your feeling. "Fault" is often a complex
required by law before you can leave the scene if                                                              determination based on the facts and complicated
                                                       picture of any seat belt bruise on the front of your
anyone is injured, or there is any significant                                                                 laws. Leave that issue for your attorney to sort out.
                                                       shoulders and chest. This bruise may not develop
property damage. It’s a mistake to just exchange       right away. Taking a picture of it can keep the         Protect Your Rights To protect your rights
names and phone numbers with the other driver          other side from claiming that you were not              you must act quickly after a motor vehicle
and leave the scene. Call the police. Be sure to get   wearing a seat belt.                                    accident. Deciding fault can be complicated.
the name of the officer at the scene and write it      Call Your Insurance Agent All                           Insurance coverage, and how you will get your
down.                                                  insurance policies require you to notify your           medical bills paid, can be very confusing and
                                                       insurance company. This must be done shortly            frustrating. Insurance adjustors may call and ask
Get contact information from the                                                                               you to give them a tape recorded statement. You
                                                       after the accident. Unnecessary delay in telling
other driver or drivers. Write down                    your insurance company about the crash can              should never do this without first consulting with a
their name, address and phone number. Make a           result in a denial of your claim.                       lawyer. You may have many questions about your
                                                                                                               rights, and your obligations to insurance
note of the color, make and model of the other         Identify Witnesses Get the names and                    representatives. You may have questions whether
vehicles, and the license plates if you can. The       contact information of anyone who saw the               the insurance companies are treating you fairly.
police officer can help you get all this               accident. If you can, do this quickly. Often,           Don’t jeopardize your rights. CALL AN
information, and will often have a form for you to     people who saw the collision will stop for a short      EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY who specializes in
exchange with the other driver(s) involved. Do         time, but leave before the police arrive. Other         accident and injury claims for advice and answers
not be afraid to ask such information, or for the      motorists, passengers or pedestrians can be             to your questions.
                                                       critical witnesses. Get their name and phone

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