Justin Bieber in the digital age by dadamayo1


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									Justin Bieber in the digital age.
The new album from Justin Bieber, Believe, can not alone on the market. Indeed, the label
Mercury Music Blippar hired to mount an unprecedented campaign.

The campaign uses digital means. Fans can download an application, available free on Apple
Store or Android Market. This application will provide access to excerpts of music or video, and
picture editing system will allow the public to download directly on social networks pictures of
themselves along with Justin.

It will of course be possible to buy songs from the album on itunes from the application.

The service will be updated regularly, so that the initiative remains dynamic.

The young Canadian is part of the generation that use digital media. He uses social networks, as
evidenced by his followers: they are on facebook 44 million and 22 million on Twitter.

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