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We the people of America in order to form more perfect society


									                 PROCLAMATION OF LIBERTY

We the people of America, in order to free ourselves from the tyranny of capital, and
thereby form a more perfect society and foster the concepts of freedom and brotherhood,
hereby proclaim the New American Nation, founded on the principles of liberty and
fraternity. We state our intention to bring about the New American Revolution to bring
about this new society.

First we present the following charges against capital:

Employers expect us to be loyal to the “organization.” But is their concept of loyalty a
“two-way street?” In other words, do they return the loyalty we’ve extended to them in
kind? To the contrary! After we have sacrificed personal and family time in response to
their expectations, they are quick to blame us for “unsatisfactory results.” They accuse us
of not working hard enough or, even worse, “terminate” us to “adjust costs.” Rather than
look upon their employees as assets, they look upon us as “costs.” This is the product of
modern capitalism. When young and healthy, capitalism had in turn a healthy appetite
for labor to exploit as the primary source of profit. Now that capitalism is elderly and
decrepit, it still needs labor to exploit but has gotten picky.

These days, in determining where to place a facility, capital plays municipalities against
other municipalities and states against states in search of “subsidies.” In this case, a
“subsidy” means capital gets away with paying less than its fair share to support the
public aspects of society. The people are left to pick up the burden.

The productive capacity of our country is steadily being dismantled and transferred to
other countries. For example, there is no longer any economic establishment in the
United States that manufactures ready-to-wear men’s and boys’ shirts. Why is this?
Why does American capital prefer to re-allocate itself to other nations? Why would
American capital rather build up the productive capacity of other nations, while
dissipating that of the United States? Because when it comes to a choice between doing
what is right for our nation and going where it can derive the largest return, capital
chooses to do what is wrong for our nation and go after the bigger gain.

The damage resulting from the dismantling of our nation’s productive capacity should be
clear to all. A nation whose government permits (even facilitates) jobs to be transferred
to other nations, without providing alternate equivalent employment for the displaced
employees, is not serving the people. In our nation, when it comes to a choice between
serving the people or serving capital, our government consistently chooses capital over
people. It matters little which political party is in control, or who the President is, or
whether those in control are liberals, moderates, or conservatives. When the real master
is capital, serving capital becomes the primary role of government.

A nation that cannot stand on its own is at the mercy of other nations. Being unable to
manufacture shirts in our country may not put us in harm’s way, but is it the best thing
for our national defense to rely on imported parts for the manufacture and repair of
materiel including jet fighter planes?

Relying on imported goods often places us, and sometimes our pets, in physical danger.
Toys with lead-based paint and poisoned dog food are just two of the products that have
recently been imported into our country. As of this writing, dangerous toys, made in
China, are still showing up on store shelves.

The proponents of capital gloss over the un-democratic nature of this process. Is there
anything more hypocritical than to charge other countries with un-democratic practices
while allowing capital to transfer productive functions overseas? Considering again the
transfer of productive capacity from the U.S. to other countries: Was any of this the result
of a referendum in which the American people decided that it was in our interest that we
no longer produce shirts (to follow that example) in this country, but instead transfer that
activity to other countries? The list of industries in which our productive capacity is
being transferred is lengthy indeed. We state with confidence that if such decisions were
indeed put up for referendum, none would be approved! The fact that capital is the only
deciding factor in decisions important to the strength of our country and the prosperity of
its citizens means we no longer have a democratic society, but instead have a society
where capital reigns like a monarch.

Theft. The foundation of modern capitalism is theft. A significant portion of the
proceeds of what working people produce is siphoned off in the form of profits and
obscenely high executive pay. Capital relentlessly pushes to lower the standard of living
of working people, the great majority of the population, to the absolute minimum. It has
virtually destroyed the labor movement; even where there is a collective bargaining
agreement, capital has forced cuts in pay scales.

Capital has virtually eliminated the well-paying semi-skilled blue-collar job from our
nation’s economy. When it first started doing that, it touted the rise of the well-paying
“information technology” job as a field to go into. But like the semi-skilled jobs before
them, those are the next sector capital has been eliminating from our economy, by way of
transferring these functions to other countries; India, for example.

Then there is the pay cut in disguise. That’s when the costs of the necessities of life are
increased more than pay. The recent housing “bubble” is only one such example. Others
include increases what we have to pay for health coverage that, on a percentage basis, far
exceed any pay increases the average employee receives. As any working person knows
all too well, there are countless other examples. When living costs increase at a higher
rate than our pay, the result is a decrease in our “real pay.” Capital’s thirst for higher and
higher returns is relentless, and is satisfied at the expense of the people.

The Inclination to War. Capital’s propensity to push nations into war is obvious to all.
This is a monstrosity. We are all, on this planet, brothers and sisters. To be pushed into
killing and subjugating other peoples to satisfy capital’s relentless lust for markets and
resources is truly an abomination.

Dangerous products. Capital’s disregard of life and health is obvious to all. The result
of capital’s lust for profit is a disgraceful list of out-and-out crimes: Poisoned milk that
killed and sickened scores of children and adults; poisoned baby formula that killed and
sickened thousands of infants; unsafe peanut products that are shipped despite testing
positive for deadly pathogens, killing and sickening those who consume them; unsafe
toys that kill and sicken our children; unsafe motor vehicles that kill and maim thousands
every year; lack of proper attention to safety in the design and production of cribs,
resulting in the deaths of scores of infants; poisoned pet food that kill our beloved animal

Commoditization of everything it can exploit for profit. Among these are:
  Natural resources
  Health care
  Post-secondary education
  The very necessities of life: food and shelter
Capital wants to turn every aspect of society into a “profit center,” a source of profit,
including the things that should be basic human rights. In the kind of upside-down
society capital promotes, even permission to pollute our air is a commodity, the “rights”
to which companies that operate pollution-producing facilities buy and sell on the open

Capital fosters distorted and unhealthy relationships between people. We are all brothers
and sisters, but capital forces us into situations where this principle is tramped on. In a
society based on the principles of brotherhood/sisterhood, a gain for one is a gain for all,
and an injustice against one is an injustice against everyone. But capital promotes the
concept that one can gain only at the expense of another.
These are but a few examples of the oppositions capital promotes:

Capital against Labor/Employer against Employee.
Landlord against Tenant.
Seller against Buyer.
Town against Town/State against State (attracting business)
Employee/Job-Seeker against Fellow Employee/Job-Seeker.
Sibling against Sibling (inheritance)
One Parent against the Other (divorce court)
Nation against Nation.
Nation against Nation conflict has been getting more acute. That capital has led our
country’s role toward that of an increasingly bad world neighbor is clear to all who see.
This has led to a diminished level of security for the American people. By supporting,
even helping create, monstrous regimes in other countries, and fighting wars for markets
and resources, our nation has been bringing the wrath of good people throughout the
world upon our head. And when one considers some of the “allies” the United States
currently has, the expression “With friends like that, who needs enemies” is appropriate.
Between creating enemies out of other nations and sending its youth to war, capital
continues to place the entire nation in harm’s way.

And to capital’s great shame, it has fostered enmity between people of differing
characteristics, such as race, as a labor market strategy to forestall organization and
depress wages.

Capitalism is not even a self-sustaining economic system any longer, but rather needs
transfusions in the form of taxpayer bailouts to stay alive. This is no less than theft.
More ironic this could not be- to soak the very people that capital has most exploited.
Most recently, the “need” for this has resulted from the “innovative” and “creative”
financing methods the banking/mortgage industry developed to get people into houses in
the face of a juiced-up housing market.

Those who benefit from capital would have us believe that “the system is broken, and
needs to be fixed.” To the contrary, we are seeing how “the system” ‘works,’ and will
continue to function. Actually, its continuation brings increasingly more pain as our
nation’s productive capacity continues to be dismantled and the parasitic sectors of our
economy continue to grow.

We are seeing the effect of capital’s constant determination to reduce the cost of labor to
where working people can barely survive. Wages have been cut drastically in many
sectors of the economy, regardless of the existence or not of labor unions. The point has
been reached where the war between capital and labor is over. With few exceptions,
capital has won, having effectively put down the efforts of working people to improve
their condition by organizing to resist capital’s relentless push to pay as little as possible.

It is difficult to think of monarchy as a force of progress. Yet, once upon a time it was,
transforming human society from a dark existence ruled by warlords to one of relative
stability and reason. Its continuation, however, became a hindrance on the further
development of society, eventually replacing the chains of warlord repression with those
of monarchical repression. Our forefathers were dedicated and brave enough to cast off
the chains of monarchy and embark on a course where the initiative of men of means,
both intellectual and financial, counted for more than heritage. Ambition was to win over
birth-right in a society where capital was the engine of progress.

But just as with monarchy, capital has gradually turned from a progressive force into one
whose negative influence can no longer be denied by people of good intentions. As with
the system it replaced, it has eventually enveloped our world in chains of its own making.
Just as our courageous forefathers replaced monarchy with a better way, we now need to
replace capitalism with something better.

What will the Post-Capitalist society be like?
Truly democratic. We the people, as members of our communities, have the right to
control our destiny. We have the right to determine what happens in our communities,
which is to say, what happens in our lives. In the society we want and will make for
ourselves, we will gather together to make the decisions that affect us. We will not
accept a situation where major decisions are imposed on us by others.
We assert that our rights to determine our destiny extend beyond choosing between pre-
designated choices for offices. We assert our right to determinations that truly affect our
lives: the enterprises we undertake and maintain; the use of our lands; the allocation of
our resources. We reject the idea that an individual or organization has the right to
“own” a piece of the earth. We accept that a society has temporary guardianship of the
piece of earth that it occupies and has the responsibility for its proper use and safe-
keeping for its own and future generations.

Free from the tyranny of capital, we will shape our society in the way that suits us, the
people. That’s the beauty of a true democracy: Before the foundation is set, there is no
way of knowing the specific institutional forms our new society will have. Just as our
forefathers hashed this out at the birth of our nation, so will we, the people, hash out how
our new society will be constituted. While it will be a thrilling adventure, it will also take
hard work and intense focus.

Some things, however, are already known about our new society. The abolition of capital
will naturally involve the elimination of the parasitic sectors of capitalist society:

Banking/Finance. Banks as currently exist will exist no more. The only role for
“banking” in a logical society may be to coordinate transfers of goods and services
between our nation and the nations that haven’t yet progressed to the advanced level of
our future society. But interest charges, mortgages, overdraft fees, etc., will all be
relegated to history by a society free from the tyranny of capital.

Real Estate. The concept of land ownership is a hold-over from the days of land “lords,”
in other words, the nobility. A “lord” is someone who can control others just by virtue of
their land ownership; they can “lord it over” other people! Under capitalism, the landlord
still reigns in much the same fashion as under the monarchies. The idea of a person,
business, or other entity owning a piece of our earth already seems ludicrous to many
logically-thinking people. In a society free from the tyranny of capital, there will be no
place for any of this. What does this mean?
  Housing will be a right, not a commodity. The right to adequate and proper housing
will be a cornerstone of our new society.

Insurance. There will be no role for health insurance in our new society.
  Health care will be a right, not a commodity. The idea of only some of us having
access to health care will seem like a relic of the cave-man era in a society free from the
tyranny of capital. We are all brothers and sisters. Nothing gives one individual the right
to health care to the exclusion of other people. Nothing gives an individual the right to
“better” health care than another individual.

The Legal Industry. There will be no role for a legal industry in the new society.
Under capital, the concept of a set of laws providing a social foundation has evolved from
providing a basis of freedom and equity into a source of illogic, stagnation, and
“manufactured adversity.” And the legal industry has developed into one of the most
parasitic sectors of society. The immense profits this industry collects has distorted its
function from that of protecting people in need of help into that of bleeding them dry. It
has evolved from providing a true service into largely serving as a drain on the resources
of society.

Capital’s influence has pervaded even necessary sectors of our economy and distorted
their focus from providing necessary services to enriching its controlling practitioners at
the expense of the citizens:

The health care industry. This is a prime example of parasitical practices having
invaded a necessary function. The very notion of health care as an “industry” is an
indicator of the situation. And it is an industry that is taking in an ever increasing
proportion of our nation’s resources. Unnecessary exams, for example, provide a
significant source of revenue for the entities involved. CAT-scans devices, MRI
machines, and related big-ticket behemoths are kept in constant service during
increasingly large blocks of time, serving their owners as huge “profit centers.” It is no
surprise that health costs have risen at a much higher rate than costs in most other
Industries. There will be no room in the new society for practices geared towards
generating revenue instead of providing true health care.
The education industry. It has become very difficult for our young adults to achieve a
higher education. Just when society should be supporting their efforts, they are
mercilessly preyed upon. This industry is another example of an industry where costs
have been rising at a much higher rate than in most other industries. Students are charged
exorbitant sums for their books, materials, and tuition, even in state schools. Many
achieve their degrees at the cost of immense debt burdens. The new society will help our
young adults achieve their educational goals instead of preying upon them at a time when
they most need society’s support.

The Idle Rich. What properly-constituted society would allow this? In our new society,
no capable person of working age will be permitted to enjoy the fruits of society without
providing meaningful contributions to it, in the form of real work. A situation where an
individual, solely by means of inheritance, can avoid real work but live as a king, while a
hard-working janitor, for example, who provides a real service to society, finds it
necessary to struggle and sacrifice, will not be tolerated in our new society.

One thing certain about our new society is that, after the parasitic sectors of our economy
are dissolved our work-hours will be shorter due to the employees formerly of those
sectors working in productive sectors. A reduction of the workday is a remarkable
development that is long overdue, and apparently a hallmark of an advanced society. It’s
been some time since it was written that a person who does not have at least two thirds of
their day free to do whatever pleases them is a slave. A continuing increase in leisure
time will be the goal of a properly constituted society.

Truly free.
The idea of freedom has been a relative concept through history. People have thought of
freedom as the absence of oppression. For example, nationalistic people have thought of
freedom as consisting of the absence of tyranny exercised over their society by another
society. This concept helped foster the monarchical form of society, in which a strong
hereditary ruler marshaled a strong defense of national borders. After a while, this type
of society violated the principles of self-rule and its members, or “subjects,” developed
the idea of freedom as consisting of the absence of the tyranny of a hereditary ruler; these
people, or the forward-thinking members among them (our founding fathers, for
example), promoted the idea of representative government.

In much the same way, the new American revolutionary thinkers have come to define
freedom as the absence of the new tyranny: the tyranny of capital, which has come to
violate the principles of the society that promoted it.
Truly moral.
The golden rule is not limited to personal relations. It is a universal principle that applies,
or ought to apply, to all levels of society: the individual, the group, and the nation.

We accept, promote, and wish to restore the concept of an appropriate level of societal
discipline as a way of protecting the individual’s right to a safe and secure life. But this a
discipline we impose on ourselves, not one imposed by a power that does not represent

We wish to extend the morality that ought to prevail in interpersonal relations to relations
between nations. For brotherhood to truly prevail, it must exist on an international level.
We the people have no quarrel with our brothers around the world; it is only our so-called
representatives that fabricate this divisiveness and urge us toward hatred and enmity. But
this is contrary to our nature. We the people of the United States are by nature a friendly
and loving people who embrace our brothers and sisters around the world and have only
the best wishes for them, as we hope they have for us.

                         THE ROAD TO FREEDOM

The specific forms the new society will assume, and the policies that will prevail, are yet
to be determined, democratically. Much as people in the revolutionary movement of
1776 had different ideas about the new society they would help form, those of us already
in the new revolutionary movement have different opinions about how things should be
conducted in the new post-capital society. May the spirit of compromise that prevailed in
molding our nation’s Constitution prevail in the formation of our new post-capitalist

Some of our founding fathers encouraged subsequent revolutions to ensure that our
society be structured in a way that serves the people. Thomas Jefferson wrote “Every
generation needs a new revolution.” Yet more than two hundred years have passed since
our first American revolution. We believe Jefferson would be horrified to see what has
become of the nation he helped found. He would certainly be distraught to learn that his
prescription for our nation’s continued good health has not been carried out.

We will be accused of not loving our country.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

Our courageous forefathers were criticized for not ‘working within the system.’ The
monarchy preferred that they work with its appointed officials to resolve problems.
Today, the U.S. regime levels the same criticisms against us. It expects us to work with
either or both of the political parties of capital.
We are the people! We are not “extremists.” That is a label meant to detract from the
movement for freedom. The English monarchy branded our Revolutionary forefathers as
“extremists,” “lunatics,” and “hot-heads.” But most of the people saw through that
propaganda. Our brave forefathers did not waver in their successful efforts to rid our
society of the tyranny of monarchy and establish a freer society.

As the representatives not of capital but of the people of the United States, we hereby
proclaim the right of the people to live free from the tyranny of capital, and to establish a
new society founded on freedom, brotherhood, and the will of the people. And we
hereby pledge, by the authority of the people of the United States, to embark on the
course of action needed to bring this new society into existence.

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