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          高雄市立正興國中 99 學年度第 1 次模擬考 三年級英語科 試題
1. The price of the dress is too             . I don’t have enough money to buy it.
    (A)high (B) low (C)expensive (D)cheap
2. It’s not good for our health to               late often.
    (A)leave alone (B) cool down (C) stay up (D)break down
3. A: Did you               that Mary wore a new skirt? B: Really? It must look good on her.
    (A) reduce (B) notice (C) avoid (D) support
4. A: Why did you go to school late? B: Because I had a                     headache this morning.
    (A) comfortable (B) whole (C) successful (D) serious
5. My English dictionary was lost. Can you                   me yours?
    (A) lend (B) borrow (C) agree (D) order
6. There is a famous               at this night market. The steak there is very delicious.
    (A) vendor (B) stand (C) clerk (D) dessert
7. Yesterday afternoon, I saw Mary                  at home.
    (A)to study hard (B) studying hardly (C) study hard (D) is studying hard
8. A: These days the weather is getting                  .
    B: That’s true, so I often have three bottles of cold drinks a day.
    (A) cold (B) coldly (C) more hot (D) hotter
9. Tomorrow there                an important basketball game in the gym.
    (A) will be (B) will have (C) is going to have (D) are going to be
10. 10. A: Father’s Day is coming. I have bought a pair of shoes as a gift.
    B: That sounds good. How much does it                     ?
    (A) spend (B) take (C) cost (D) spent
11. John sings as             as Michael Jackson. He is a                singer.
    (A) better; good (B) well; good (C) good; good (D) well; well
12. My mother had me                care of my younger brother.
    (A) took (B) to take (C) taking (D) take
13. Tina and Mary like different pets. One likes cats, and             likes dogs.
    (A) some (B) the others (C) other (D) the other
14. Lisa           his father to wash the car.
    (A) want (B) helped (C) made (D) saw
15. Cindy not only dances beautifully but also                .
    (A) sings well (B) a good student (C) do well on the test (D) happily
16. Eric raised his children            selling cars.
    (A) in (B) of (C) by (D)with

John: My parents will take me to the zoo to see the pandas tomorrow. Do you want to join us?
Peter: No, thanks. Last month I just went there. The pandas are          17       than all the other animals in
       the zoo, but I don’t want to spend too much time      18     in line.
John: That’s bad. Do you like other animals in the zoo?
Peter: Yes, I do. I like the monkeys because sometimes they are            19      us. They love to copy our
       actions, so don’t do any stupid actions to them. They are more interesting than all the other animals.
       Besides, I like kangaroos, too. Because they are         20        in the zoo. I want to be as tall as
John: I will go to see them tomorrow, not just the pandas.
17 (A) cute               (B)much cuter      (C) much more cuter (D)friendly
18 (A)to wait             (B) waiting        (C) wait              (D)is waiting
19 (A) as smartly as (B)as stupid as         (C)as loudly as       (D) as smart as
20 (A)the taller          (B) tallest        (C)the tallest        (D) taller

                                             ※背面有題※                                              第 三英文 1 頁
(Ted and Sam are at Tina and Mary’s birthday party.)
Ted: This is a great birthday party. I want to get a cup of coffee. Would you like       21      ?
Sam: No, thanks. But I want some candies and cookies.
Ted:    22       of the food here is delicious.
Sam: That’s right. Look! Tina’s twin sister is over there.
Ted: Wow!         23      of them look the same.
Sam: I agree, and they also want to be businesswomen in the future.
21 (A) one       (B)ones         (C) it       (D) them
22 (A) Many (B) Several          (C)All       (D)One
23 (A)Two        (B)One          (C) All      (D)Both

Susan: What sports can you do?
Janet: Well, I can play tennis, I can do a little karate and I can go windsurfing in the summer.
Susan: You're very fit! I can't do many sports.
Janet: Listen, I have an idea. Why don't you come to karate class with me?
Susan: No, I can't do karate...
Janet: ... but you can learn! Karate is a great sport. How about coming with me on Saturday?
Susan: Well, ... OK. By the way, what other hobbies do you have? Do you like cooking, or baking?
Janet: No, I can't cook. I'm a horrible cook!
Susan: Oh, I love cooking. How about cooking lunch after the karate class?
Janet: That's a great idea!
Susan: OK, karate and lunch on Saturday. It's a deal!
    karate 空手道 windsurfing 風浪板
24. Which can Janet NOT do well?
   (A)Karate. (B)Windsurfing. (C) Cooking. (D) Playing tennis.
25. What are they going to do on Saturday?
   (A) Study English. (B) Surf the Internet. (C) Go to karate and then have lunch.
   (D) Go shopping all day long.

John: I just don't know what to do. She's so beautiful, but I don't know what to say...
Alan: It can't be all that bad. She's just a person like you or me...
John: What should I do? Should I ask her on a date?
Alan: Why don't you go a little more slowly? Just sit down next to her in the cafeteria, or in class.
      Then say “Hi, how are you? My name is John.” You know, the simple things.
John: That's easy for you to say.
Alan: Would you like me to speak to her first?
John: No, you are too dangerous!
Alan: What? Dangerous? What are you talking about?
John: Oh, come on. You know all the girls are crazy about you.
Alan: Please ... you're joking!
      cafeteria 自助餐廳

26. What does John’s friend suggest?                suggest    建議
   (A)Asking her out on a date. (B)Sitting down next to her and making conversation.
   (C)Asking her to marry him.    (D)Asking her telephone number.
27. What is John afraid of?
   (A)Going out on a date with a girl. (B)An upcoming test.
   (C)Introducing himself to a girl.     (D) Having dinner with his teacher.        introduce 介紹

                                              ※請接下一張※                                             第 三英文 2 頁
28. Why does John NOT want Alan to speak to her?
   (A) Because Alan is careless. (B) Because the girls are crazy about him.
   (C) Because he's joking.      (D)Because she is so dangerous.

      Gail and her sister Kim walk by a grocery store. Gail sees a sign in the window. She stops to read
the sign. She smiles and writes down the phone number she sees on the sign. Then Gail and Kim walk
home.                                                                 grocery store 雜貨店

 29. Gail and Kim stop in front of the grocery store to
    (A) buy some apples. (B) look for Kim’s bike. (C) count their money. (D)read a sign.
 30. The sign shows that
    (A) the bike is new. (B) the bike needs repairs. (C) the bike is for sale. (D) the bike has a screen.

       Frida Kahlo was a well-known Mexican artist. Although she had many friends
 and was very famous, she did not have an easy life.
        When Kahlo was a young child, she was very sick for almost a year. Then as a
 teenager she was seriously injured in a traffic accident. The accident left her in pain
 for the rest of her life.
        Kahlo had hoped to become a doctor. She could not do this because of her
 poor health, so she practiced painting.        She often painted pictures of herself
 wearing colorful Indian costumes and jewelry. She used her art to help her overcome her pain.
        Sadly Kahlo died in 1954 at a young age. Her paintings remind people of her bravery and talent.
costume 服裝 overcome 克服 remind 提醒 bravery 勇敢
31. From this reading, we know that Kahlo
   (A) could make people laugh.         (B) was the daughter of a famous artist.
   (C) never gave up.                  (D) had a lot of art training.
32. In line 5, the word injured means
   (A) driving (B) hurt (C) born (D) simple

        Ivan came home from school during a storm. He turned on the
light switch in the kitchen, but nothing happened. He turned on the
radio, but it did not work. Ivan realized the electricity was off. He
knew it would be darker outside in an hour.
         Ivan knew what to do. He found some candles in the kitchen
drawer and put them into candlesticks. He got some matches to light
the candles. He also found two flashlights in the garage and checked
to make sure they worked. One of the flashlights needed new batteries,
so he replaced them. He was ready.

                                             ※背面有題※                                          第 三英文 3 頁
        Ivan lit the candles. As the rain stopped, music came from the radio. Ivan smiled and blew out the

storm 暴風雨 switch 開關 electricity電力 drawer抽屜 candlestick燭台 match火柴 garage 車庫 replace替換

33. What is this story mostly about?
   (A) A boy cannot see in the dark, so he lights some candles.
   (B) A boy prepares for the darkness after he discovers the electricity isn’t working.
   (C) A boy finds some flashlights, but one of them needs new batteries.
   (D) A boy can’t turn on the lights or the radio when he gets home from school.
34. Why does Ivan smile at the end of the story?
   (A) Someone on the radio tells a funny joke. (B)He is nervous and afraid of the dark.
   (C)He is glad the electricity is on again.       (D)He wants it to rain more.

       Cam rang her neighbor’s doorbell. Today she had agreed to baby-sit for the neighbor’s son Eduardo,
who was sick. Cam sat down across from Eduardo. The little boy looked very sad. “I want to go out to play,”
he said. Cam took out a bright red square of art paper. She folded it many times.
Soon she had made a little red ball. Cam tossed the ball to Eduardo. “What is it?”
Eduardo asked. “It’s called origami, or paper folding,” Cam said. “It’s a type of
art from Japan.” Next Cam took out a bright yellow square of paper. She folded
it again and again in different directions. Soon she had made a little yellow bird.
She also made a pink turtle, a blue flower, and a purple butterfly. The afternoon
passed quickly. Eduardo stayed in bed watching Cam. She taught him how to
fold an elephant and a ship. “I feel much better,” Eduardo said at the end of the

baby-sit 看顧 square正方形 fold摺疊 toss拋;丟

35. What is this story mostly about?
   (A)*How Cam makes Eduardo feel better (B) How Cam learns to fold paper
   (C) Why Eduardo likes to fold paper          (D) Why Eduardo likes to stay home
36. Which of these happened last?
   (A) Cam tossed a red ball to Eduardo.                (B)Cam rang the doorbell.
   (C) Cam taught Eduardo how to fold an elephant. (D) Cam sat down across from Eduardo
37. Which sentence from the reading shows that Eduardo enjoyed the time with Cam?
   (A) “The little boy looked very sad.”                 (B) “I feel much better.”
   (C) “Cam took out a bright red square of art paper.” (D) “Soon she had made a little yellow bird.”

Brad saw this notice on a school bulletin board:
                                 Brad had been playing the trumpet for two years. His uncle Bob, a musician,
                           had been teaching him. Uncle Bob was pleased with Brad’s progress and thought
                           he had talent. “Maybe I should try out for the band,” thought Brad. “I want to
                           join something. If I’m in the band, I can do something I like and watch the
                           football games, too.”
                                  On Wednesday Brad went to Room 324. Mr. Cole greeted him. “We
                           need another trumpet player,” he said. “Let me hear you play something.”
                                  Mr. Cole smiled when Brad finished playing. “Come back tomorrow for
                           your uniform and come to practice on Friday after school. The band will be
                           playing at next week’s football game.”

                                              ※請接下一張※                                           第 三英文 4 頁
       bulletin board佈告欄      trumpet 喇叭 progress 進步 greet 打招呼
38. Why will Brad need a uniform?
   (A) The band members wear uniforms when they perform.          (B) He plans to join the army.
   (C) Students in his school wear uniforms to class.              (D)He is joining the football team.
39. What is this story mostly about?                            perform表演 army陸軍
   (A) Brad is the best musician in his school. (B)Brad becomes a member of the band.
   (C)Brad doesn’t like to wear uniforms.        (D)Brad’s uncle teaches him to play the trumpet.
40. We can know that Brad ____________ from the story.
   (A) was not a good trumpet player         (B)took trumpet lessons at school
   (C)played in a band with his uncle Bob (D)played the trumpet well*

Dear Mom and Dad,
      Well I want to tell you about my first week of classes at the University. I get up at 6:00 every morning.
That is really early for me. I don't like to get up early you know. I usually eat breakfast in the school
cafeteria. The food here is pretty good.
      The campus here is really big. The first day I was lost but now I know where all the buildings are and I
know where my classrooms are. That's the most important. My dormitory is close so I walk to all my classes.
It's only about ten minutes.
       My roommate's name is Eric. He is from Los Angeles. We get along well. He is quiet and doesn't make
a lot of noise. Sometimes Eric and I have dinner together. We don't see each other often because our
schedules are really different.
      Mom I sure miss your cooking. Do you think you could send me some of your homemade chocolate
chip cookies? Well I have to go. Take care.
campus 校園 dormitory 宿舍 homemade 自製的 chip 脆片                                                              Love,
41. What problem did Jerry have the first day of school?
   (A) He did not like the food. (B) He had to write a lot of reports
   (C) He was lonely.             (D) He did not know the campus well.
42. Why DON’T Jerry and Eric see each other often?
    (A) They have classes at different hours.     (B) They live in different places.
    (C) Eric is very quiet.   (D) Jerry always studies in the library and is never in the dormitory.


43. People who apply for this job must be _________.
   (A) busy (B) experienced (C) hungry (D) polite
44. To apply for this job, a person should _________.
   (A) call on the telephone (B) go to the restaurant
   (C) write a letter to the owner (D) see a doctor
45. The ad does NOT offer jobs to people who
    want to work _________.                  ad 廣告
    (A) early mornings (B) afternoons
    (C) late evenings  (D) weekends
 arrange安排 neat乾淨的 dependable獨立的
 train訓練 apply求(職)

                                               ※試題結束※                                             第 三英文 5 頁
正興國中 99 學年度三年級英語科第 1 次模擬考解答單
41-45 DADBA

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