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Business in Japan
Launch of Bond Vantage
Adapt Interface
v11 ATS
Baxter Storey
Adapt Healthcare
Mongol Rally
Ocean Media

At one with the world.
Of course it’s
who you know.

It’s how you manage that knowledge that counts
From international executive search firms with global assignment challenges, to niche
consultancies with specialist requirements, Bond Vantage brings technological advancements,
including multi-lingual and web integration capabilities, which redefine top-level executive
search. With comprehensive functionality to assist dynamic performance and reporting
at all levels, Vantage streamlines the processes, improves efficiency and delivers
measurable financial benefits.

World leaders in Human Capital Management software for more than 30 years;
Bond has developed the Vantage solution to empower the critical personal touch.

Software technology to revolutionise your business.
Bond International Software
Call +44 (0) 1903 707070 email Visit
International Software. People. Business. Places.

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                                                                Above the Clouds             Vive la Différence!

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                                                                Expectations are high        Payback Time

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                                                                Cool Logic                   A Healthy Option

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                                                                Basic Instinct               Harsh Terrain, Easy Listening

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Strictly Education
                                                                Peak Performance
          02       INTRODUCTION

 CEO Comment
 In the 2009 issue of One, we have focused on business performance and solutions.
 We have talked to Bond people around the world – our customers, partners and
 employees – and listened to their inspirational stories in this difficult global marketplace.
 Despite widespread economic gloom, forward looking organisations are positive and
 determined and, with help from Bond International Software, they are upgrading their
 systems, learning new applications and maximising efficiencies across their businesses.
 Within Bond, we are focusing on delivering          specialist software for executive search firms,
 our human capital supply chain software and         Bond Vantage, which has been developed
 solutions on a global basis. One will explain       and refined to reflect the precise needs of
 how our investment in research and                  this demanding sector, will swiftly follow with
 development strategies continues to                 a global roll-out. We have also opened a new
 strengthen the core of our business with a          office in Japan to complement our presence in
 new user interface for our market leading           Hong Kong and further improve our customer
 staffing software, Adapt. Bond Talent will be       service throughout the Asia Pacific region.
                                                                                                        Steve Russell CEO
 launched in the US later this Autumn and our                                                           Bond International Software

 We hope you enjoy this issue of One, your feedback is always welcome.

 Above the clouds
“	 usinesses	need	to	prepare	for	the	inevitable	talent	
 B                                                                                                      perspective, the best positioned enterprises
                                                                                                        already have a well-oiled and automated
 dash	that	will	be	sparked	off	by	global	economic	                                                      workforce planning, hiring and on-boarding
                                                                                                        capability that connects in real-time to
 recovery”	says	CEO	Steve	Russell.	“Adhering	to	old		                                                   their talent suppliers, who are also fully
 methods	of	recruitment	won’t	capture	the	brightest	                                                    automated and integrated.

 and	the	best.	Poke	your	head	above	the	clouds	to	                                                     “Automation is the key to
                                                                                                        improving ROI. Less than half the
 see	how	new	technology	is	changing	the	way		                                                           FTSE 100 companies currently
 HCM	works	forever.”                                                                                    have a proper applicant tracking
                                                                                                        system in house and they’re

             trategic organisations are              necessary technology in place and enabling         missing a trick. It’s common sense
             positioning themselves to ‘flip the     their recruiting functions to scale up             to look at your own talent pool
             switch’ and turn on their recruiting    through automation. It is those companies          before you search outside.”
             machine at the first opportunity.       that are able to hire the best talent during
                                                                                                        A recent study conducted by McKinsey Co.,
 Once the global economy begins to turn-             the economic recovery that will be best
                                                                                                        reveals that the most important corporate
 around, firms that mobilise their rehiring and      positioned to accelerate their growth.
                                                                                                        resource over the next 20 years will be
 recruiting function quickly with new and more
                                                    “Imaginative hiring practices                       talent. It is also the resource in shortest
 efficient technology, whether it be via staffing
                                                     combined with new technologies                     supply. Many companies are unaware
 specialists, executive search organisations
                                                     will target tomorrow’s talent.”                    they are even in a talent war, but as the
 or their own in-house talent management
                                                                                                        workforce demographics change large
 team, will be the most successful in getting        Recruitment management systems can be
                                                                                                        companies will need to find new ways to
 the top talent. Organisations that simply           implemented at increasingly modest costs,
                                                                                                        keep their younger managers engaged
 rely on ramping up their old recruiting             and an auditable system with CV matching
                                                                                                        with decision making to avoid a gap
 technology are unlikely to win the race.            criteria, a searchable database, and data
                                                                                                        when the current management from the
 Leading businesses are already putting the          protection, is the minimum requirement for
                                                                                                        ‘baby boomer generation’ retire. Rules of
                                                     businesses, large and small. From a technology

 At one with the world

                                                                                                                                            above the clouds

 Cloud cover
 “The impact of Web 3.0, or ‘cloud computing’                                                                  Tim Richards
                                                                                                                 MD, Europe
 will have a major impact on HR. Or will it?”                                                               Bond International
 observes Tim Richards, Managing Director – Europe.

                   ill the trend for dispensing   the advent of SaaS* and PaaS* with great          deliver a greater flexibility in the provision
                   with installing and running    optimism. However this may only solve part        of departmental (especially HR, and
                  certain software programmes     of the conundrum. With open technologies          potentially payroll) software applications.
                 and using the Internet           the Web 3.0 world will deliver HR applications    The software developers that excel will
 instead deliver the radical changes for          that can make a significant difference.           always be those that offer solutions to best
 HR that suppliers of web-based solutions         But the fact is that people and salary data       suit the customer – fully installed on their
 believe? It will certainly have a major          still needs to be accessible, stored and          own servers, or hosted ‘in the cloud’.
 impact because companies would like to           backed up. Many organisations have strict
                                                                                                    *Web 2.0 has been defined as a ‘Software as a Service’
 have a low cost of ownership and a system        guidelines on data security and privacy, so
                                                                                                    (SaaS) phase of the Internet. Applications such as social
 that’s flexible and easy to use. It may          there is likely to be a strong resistance to
                                                                                                    networking sites, hosted by other parties, are available to
 also replace big, under-utilised systems in      divulging personal information.
                                                                                                    customers via their web browser
 favour of individual, platform independent
                                                  Software providers, like Bond, will be
 applications that HR can buy as required.                                                          *Web 3.0 is the next stage – ‘Platform as a Service’
                                                  creating applications that can be purchased
 But that’s just part of the picture.                                                               (PaaS) whereby organisations have greater scope to
                                                  easily over the web and ‘plugged in’ as
                                                                                                    develop entire applications specified to meet their needs
 HR and Payroll teams seldom use all parts        required but not all organisations will be
                                                                                                    – accessing these via the ‘cloud’ (Internet) without the
 of the systems they purchase and when this       comfortable with this. However, just as
                                                                                                    need to install or manage the software themselves.
 is combined with the often daunting prospect     Web 2.0 was driven by the pull of social
 of the IT requirements to run such systems,      networking sites, perhaps Web 3.0 will            Thanks to
 many HR directors will have looked upon          be pulled along by companies looking to

 engagement also need to acknowledge              leaders or management. China will be              criteria to filter messages, Linkedin can be
 that although compensation, benefits and         facing a requirement for 75,000 business          good for head-hunting. All of these give
 recognition are the top three reasons for        leaders in the next 10 years and the current      businesses globally the opportunity to
 joining an organisation, developing job          stock of capable individuals is only around       explore new ways to recruit and drive down
 characteristics, corporate values and quality    5,000. Local candidates are well educated         costs. In emerging job markets such as the
 of life are ranking higher than ever.            and capable of performing specific jobs, but      Asia Pacific region these technologies are
                                                  independent thinking mid-level managers           proving effective ways to communicate with
“Automation and integration
                                                  are hard to find. This culturally ‘foreign’       younger people and are used extensively
 is critical to the success of the
                                                  concept needs to be addressed by Asian            by leading job sites and staffing agencies.
 HR and recruitment industries
                                                  Pacific businesses with ambitions to
 and Bond International Software’s                                                                 “Top talent will be won by those
                                                  compete on the global stage. The recruitment
 research and development strategy                                                                  firms that are prepared to move
                                                  of candidates from a shrinking talent pool
 is moving swiftly to help all of our                                                               quickly and have a proper applicant
                                                  will become increasingly competitive,
 clients keep their heads above                                                                     tracking system. Growth and
                                                  especially for multi-national companies
 the clouds and flourish in a                                                                       revenue will be maximised by how
                                                  who wish to run autonomously and recruit
 difficult market.”                                                                                 quickly firms are able to hire and
                                                  capable local managers who understand
                                                                                                    onboard human capital.“
 As the workforce becomes increasingly            local business culture and contribute
 global and advances in communication             effectively to business growth and                Building on the success of our Bond Adapt
 technology reach out to the farthest             performance from the outset.                      v11 for global staffing and contract firms,
 corners, significant problems will be                                                              Bond is extending the global reach of our
                                                  Embracing technologies such as SMS which
 revealed, especially in the Asia Pacific                                                           Bond Talent v11 solution with ATS & VMS
                                                  enables candidates to receive alerts directly
 region which is coping with enormous                                                               capabilities in the US during the third quarter
                                                  on their mobile phones and then apply via
 growth. Again, according to McKinsey’s                                                             of 2009. This follows the success of this
                                                  mobile-enabled websites are excellent for
 research there will be a shortfall of 500,000                                                      corporate solution in the UK and the UAE
                                                  people who are not office based, Twitter
 qualified engineers in India by 2010. Even                                                         across a wide range of industry sectors.
                                                  reaches another group who select their own
 more concerning is the lack of qualified
          04     RETROSPECTIVE

                                                                                                                       Saving and winning in 2009

                                                        Integrated human capital management solutions from
                                                        Bond are reaching out into new applications and new
                                                        markets. The Company’s continuous investment into flexible,
                                                        capable and far-reaching technology supports wide ranging
                                                        functionality to deliver process improvements. More leading
                                                        organisations than ever before are choosing to partner
                                                        with Bond International Software as economic challenges
                                                        are turned into opportunities. The pace quickens.
                                                        Expectations are high.

Leading RPO provider, Alexander Mann Solutions          UK Government-backed employment agency,               Solace Women’s Aid, a charity dedicated to ending
(AMS), has chosen Bond Adapt to help manage             Remploy, has signed a new contract for a              domestic violence against women and children,
its activity across three of its most notable clients   ‘Cloud-based’ Software as a Service (SaaS)            purchased a combined solution from Bond TeamSpirit
– Vodafone, Zurich Insurance and Siemens (UK            deployed recruitment system with Bond. Adapt          and Bond Payroll Services in February 2009.
and Germany) – and in so doing, will manage in          will be used by Remploy to start deployment
                                                                                                              London based Solace Women’s Aid opted for a
excess of 7,000 candidates per year. The software       of the Government’s Department for Work and
                                                                                                              combined in-house HR software solution from
will provide online portal access for AMS’ clients,     Pensions ‘Flexible New Deal’ programme. During
                                                                                                              Bond TeamSpirit and a fully managed payroll
candidates, suppliers and consultants, therefore        the contract period it is expected to be used by
                                                                                                              service from Bond Payroll Services where they
allowing a fully visible and end-to-end recruitment     more than 300 Remploy and Job Centre Plus staff
                                                                                                              dial in using terminal services.
process within one system.                              and subcontractors, and is expected to allow the
                                                        placement of more than 25,000 ‘customers’ within      Despite implementation just a few months ago,
As AMS provide RPO services they are entirely
                                                        South Derbyshire and Yorkshire with disabilities      Solace Women’s Aid has already recognised some
technology-neutral and separately deploy the most
                                                        and complex barriers to work.                         huge benefits in their HR and payroll processes.
appropriate technology for each particular client’s
                                                                                                              TeamSpirit HR gives Solace the ability to record
needs, rather than using one platform across            As an SaaS deployed model, pricing is based upon
                                                                                                              and monitor absence – something they never had
the entire client base. Bond Adapt was chosen           the number of users of the system on a month
                                                                                                              before. In addition, Solace Women’s Aid are now
for these three clients because they all needed         by month basis and Remploy has the complete
                                                                                                              able to hold detailed training records in one central
more automated and reliable online recruitment          flexibility to adjust this on an ‘as needed’ basis.
                                                                                                              location and their payroll now runs much more
technology that would integrate efficiently with
                                                        “Cloud-computing is a safe, secure and highly         smoothly thanks to the service provided by Bond
their own internal processes. AMS will be looking
                                                        cost-effective way for Government to deploy           Payroll Services.
to roll out Adapt across other suitable accounts
                                                        projects of this scale and complexity” says Tim
because the software’s flexibility means that it can
                                                        Richards, Managing Director of Bond’s European
be tailored specifically to suit the particular needs
                                                        operation. “Bond Adapt is functionally-rich and
and processes of individual clients, ensuring
                                                        highly adaptable. We believe we are well ahead of
improved client satisfaction.
                                                        the rest of our market in being able to deliver the
                                                        same peerless functionality within an organisation,
                                                        or in the cloud.”

At one with the world

Bond Vantage utilises the inherent power of Bond
International Software to deliver a specialist solution
for executive search firms.

Bond’s innovations actively redefine                      providers, Bond Vantage brings outstanding             assists dynamic performance and reporting
top-level search capabilities to encompass                capabilities to revolutionise business                 at all levels, meeting executive search firms’
scalable solutions that manage the executive              practices. The comprehensive functionality             strategic and commercial needs.
search processes effectively on a global stage.           of our recruitment and placement software

A new force in this niche sector of the
recruitment industry and bringing technical
advancements that forge ahead of other

Bond eEmpACT has entered a strategic alliance             Brighton Blues, the English rugby team from            As team building exercises go, you can’t beat
with The Tax Credit Processing Center (TaxBreak).         Sussex sponsored by Bond, finished an amazing          something that takes people outside their day-to-day
This partnership empowers joint customers of              season with probably the greatest day in the Club’s    job, puts them beyond their comfort zone and
eEmpACT and TaxBreak with greater ability to              140 year history. After a hard fought semi-final       then adds in some great hospitality.
identify potential tax credits for job placements.        victory they faced Liskeard & Looe from Cornwall
                                                                                                                 So Bond’s five UK offices decided that a good old
It is crucial that eEmpACT clients in the staffing        in the final of the EDF National Vase Trophy at
                                                                                                                 fashioned Sports Day would sort the men from
services arena are aware of tax credits as they           Twickenham in London.
                                                                                                                 the boys (and girls)! A variety of fun races were
relate to individuals prior to filling job orders. This
                                                          Well over 2,000 vocal Blues supporters made the trip   planned by the social committee involving sacks,
ensures staffing companies do not spend more
                                                          to rugby’s international showground to cheer their     spoons, caterpillar tracks and fancy dress. These
tax dollars than necessary.
                                                          team on and ensure they maintained their unbeaten      were hotly contested between the teams which
Wayne Williamson, owner of Willstaff Worldwide,           record this season. The Blues did not disappoint. In   mixed together staff from all five office locations.
client of both TaxBreak and eEmpACT comments:             a thrilling end-to-end game, Brighton were crowned     The event culminated in a tug-of-war which, it was
“They are efficient and good at what they do. They        National Champions with an exhilarating 32 - 20 win.   observed, some participants took rather seriously.
went back and found $8m worth of past tax breaks
                                                                                                                 There have been suggestions that this should
for which we were eligible and did not know about.”
                                                                                                                 become an annual event and involve key client
Brad Hughes, President of The Hughes Agency,                                                                     user groups. But Client Services Director, Paul
and another client of both TaxBreak and eEmpACT                                                                  McCarthy, is keen to point out that, at the
adds: “When we went with TaxBreak, they                                                                          moment, this is just a rumour!
did an audit and found an additional $127,000
that another company missed. The integration
between TaxBreak and eEmpACT made the
process virtually painless.”
        06    BUSINESS STORY

                               Cool Logic
                               The Nordic countries are renowned for beautiful minimalist
                               design and a powerful affinity with nature. They are also
                               pioneering IT and communications industries, have a strong
                               consensus work ethic and believe in excellent welfare.

                                TO CREATE EACH YEAR’S VERSION OF ICEHOTEL.


At one with the world
                                                                                                                                          cool logic

                                                                    Johan Skarborg CEO
                                                                    Keeping things cool

                                                “We wanted to offer the very best service”       The largest employer of
                                                explains Johan Skarborg, the driving force       students in the Nordic region
                                                behind the Company’s ambitions and its           Academic Work is proud to be the largest
                                                expansion programme. “This is still our          employer for students in Scandinavia.
                                                fundamental aim. We are a private company.       The business’ long experience, specialist
                                                We are not governed by the vagaries of the       knowledge of the target group and
                                                stock market, nor the constraints of share-      extensive CV database, enable them to
                                                holders, so we can take our time. I have         match companies’ requirements with
                                                high expectations for this business but it       young, ambitious and competent personnel.
                                                will progress on a logical and solid footing     “In Europe our business model is quite
                                                ensuring that we maintain our levels of          unique and Academic Work’s employees
                                                customer satisfaction and profitability.”        strongly represent the core values of
                                                                                                 the Company. We respond quickly, are
                                                International expansion
                                                                                                 committed to the task in hand and are
                                                During the past two years, Academic Work
                                                                                                 constantly aiming to improve.”
                                                has been developing abroad and opened an
                                                office in Norway at the beginning of 2007.       But what are employers looking for in
                                                Since then it has continued global expansion     today’s workplace? Are there any special
                                                by establishing the business in Finland,         skills that graduates should be using to
                                                Denmark and Germany. “This international         enhance their CVs? “Of course employers
                                                presence allows us to be even more flexible      expect a good basic education, but these
                                                in our temping and recruitment solutions,        days a purely academic experience is not

                                                and to offer a broader range of candidates       really enough. We see that employers
            ond International Software is
                                                across the nations. Our vision is to be the      appreciate a variety of skills and look for a
            deploying Adapt throughout
                                                largest student temping and recruitment          well-rounded individual that has travelled
            Academic Work’s offices across
                                                agency in the world and our journey              and mixed with different cultures. They
            the Nordic region. One spoke to
                                                towards that goal has only just begun.”          want to see open minds and the ability to
Johan Skarborg, CEO of this niche staffing
                                                                                                 think and act independently.”
specialist that focuses on students and         How is it that Academic Works has pursued
young professionals, and asked him about        this growth strategy when all around staffing    About Academic Work
his plans for the business and the managers     businesses have suffered from the recession      To conclude One asked Johan about what
of tomorrow.                                    and looked to cut costs rather than invest?      he believes differentiates Academic Work
                                                                                                 from the mainstream recruitment agencies.
How it all started                              “In this time of economic slowdown we
                                                                                                 “We are the experts. We are the only
Ten years ago three students had a brilliant    believe it gives Academic Work the perfect
                                                                                                 temporary staffing agency that solely helps
idea that would make it easier for students     opportunity to make changes because we
                                                                                                 companies reach university students and
to get work experience during their studies     have the time to do them properly. This
                                                                                                 young professionals for recruitment and
and help them get their first real jobs after   is why we decided that we needed to
                                                                                                 short time assignments, as well as full time
graduation. Academic Work, a staffing           streamline our systems and processes to
                                                                                                 employment. Our focus is to be the best:
agency that focuses solely on young             cope with the expansion of our business
                                                                                                 the best partner for businesses, and the
professionals was born. This staffing           and improve our efficiency. We have
                                                                                                 one with the best connections for young
specialist uses its extensive database to       brought in Bond Adapt because optimum
match the right students with assignments       efficiency is crucial to remaining competitive
based on information about the student’s        and offering our clients they very best value.
                                                                                                 Academic Work currently has offices in
education, previous work experience and         It also leads to higher standards through the
                                                                                                 Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and
their aims and goals for future employment.     business which improves the experience for
The Company experienced rapid growth            clients and candidates. For us, we see the
and before long offices were established        flexibility and language capabilities of Adapt
in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and               as integral components in our future growth
Linköping in Sweden.                            and profitability.”

        08    TECHNOLOGY
                           Adapt v11 new interface


                                                                               he latest phase sees the launch
                                                                               of a completely new, web
                                                                               browser-based user interface
                                                                               and One talked to the team at
                                                                     Bond about its instinctive feel which is set
                                                                     to change the way recruitment software
                                                                     looks, and is used, forever.

                                                                     Bond Adapt has long been regarded as
                                                                     a market leading, innovative recruitment
                                                                     software solution. The main reason for
                                                                     this success has always been the system’s
                                                                     inherent flexibility and ease of use. But in
                                                                     early 2000 the Company reached a cross-
                                                                     roads, it had set its sights on the enterprise
                                                                     level market but, despite being globally
                                                                     successful, found these opportunities
                                                                     required a significant product step change
                                                                     if it was to achieve this goal.

                                                                     Ever proactive, the Bond development
                                                                     team went out into the market and spoke
                                                                     to clients to find out what they wanted
                                                                     from a software solution in a ‘perfect
                                                                     world’. All client facing staff, from sales
                                                                     teams to account managers to training
                                                                     personnel, were gathered together
                                                                     to brainstorm ideas for the system’s
                                                                     development. These ideas formed a set
                                                                     of strategic goals which were passed over
                                                                     to the UK technical team to develop the
                                                                     system’s architecture and high level design.

                                                                     Toby Conibear, Bond’s Sales Director, European
                                                                     Operation, comments “It was exciting and
                                                                     challenging. We knew that it was important
                                                                     to retain the good parts of the system that
                                                                     had been developed over the last 30 years,
                                                                     but we also had to step away from that
                                                                     existing knowledge and mindset to allow us
                                                                     to think about how things should be done
                                                                     moving forward. Most of us underestimated
                                                                     how hard it would be. But it was certainly a
                                                                     process worth going through.”

At one with the world

Achieving next generation functionality                                                                                   From left to right:

Eight features were identified as key:                                                                                    Tim Richards
                                                                                                                          Managing Director, European Operation
web based, truly multi-lingual, database
                                                                                                                          Toby Conibear
independence, platform independence,                                                                                      Sales Director, European Operation

usability, flexibility, scalability and real-time                                                                         Daniel Richardson
                                                                                                                          Chief Technology Officer
interactive reporting. These elements
formed the cornerstones of the evolution
for the Adapt v11 system.
                                                    Officer, adds “This version of Adapt            of the system means that it’s really easy
Bond had listened to the market and now             has given our customers complete                to work with, so new users need very little
had a ‘road map’ for Adapt’s development.           independence. We can now talk to them           training and can start using the application
Next they had to find the best people and           about what ‘they’ want, rather than making      very quickly. This is of course a great
technologies from across the globe to               them conform to a rigid system. The             benefit in an industry that has a high
facilitate this intensive R&D programme.            business can get the functionality it wants,    turnover of staff. However the depth of
Whilst Bond had an impressive in-house              the IT people can get the good technical        functionality within the same user interface
team of developers and a strong network             product that they want. Everyone wins.”         also means that the advanced user has
of colleagues with other areas of expertise,                                                        even greater options and they love the
                                                    Adapt now also offers a comprehensive
they just did not have enough people to                                                             super-cool interactions.”
                                                    set of real time and interactive reporting
embark on a project of this scale – a build
                                                    functions. Toby Conibear explains this          Validation from the market
process that was estimated at forty
                                                    innovative functionality “The dash-boarding     Feedback from prospects has been incredibly
                                                    capabilities of the latest version of Adapt     positive, and many existing clients have
So Bond’s own technical team in the                 are fantastic. We can offer clients real        already up-graded whilst many more are
UK developed the system’s underlying                time reporting displayed in any way they        going through this process at the moment.
architecture and high level design. The             want, including maps, rev counters, graphs
                                                                                                    The new version of the system has been
next phase of the project was delivered             and so on. Any data, be it sales figures,
                                                                                                    endorsed through acceptance of the
in partnership with a carefully selected            targets, meetings or KPI’s etc, can now be
                                                                                                    software by a number of large, enterprise
outsourcing centre.                                 dynamically displayed. What’s more, the
                                                                                                    level companies. Since the first versions of
                                                    figures will be automatically updated as the
Delivering software as a service                                                                    v11 went live, global businesses including
                                                    information within the system changes.”
Four years on, and the first Adapt v11                                                              Manpower, Michael Page, Adecco and Hays
system was ready to go to market. Tim               A new look for the Adapt user interface         have all bought into the solution.
Richards, Bond’s Managing Director,                 The first versions of Adapt v11 fulfilled all
                                                                                                    Continual investment
European Operation, explains “Adapt                 the functionality requirements that Bond
                                                                                                    Currently Adapt v11 is being used by around
v11 is a superset of software, retaining            set out to achieve, but there was still
                                                                                                    300 customers. 5,000 deployments have
the best functionality of the proprietary           something missing. After much testing
                                                                                                    already been completed, and are being used
Adapt system but also incorporating many            and reviewing of the system it was agreed
                                                                                                    by consultants across the globe on a day-to-
groundbreaking enhancements. As well                that the look and usability of the software
                                                                                                    day basis. A further 30,000 global users are
as upgrading the system’s functionality,            needed further work. So Bond enlisted the
                                                                                                    at various stages of deployment.
we also wanted to find a better way of              help of Abacus Software (part of the Bond
delivering our technology to the end user.          group) who provided a team of web design        Bond is truly committed to the research
The Internet was the obvious solution, so           usability experts.                              and development of their software
we developed a browser-based system.”                                                               solutions, every year they reinvest around
                                                    The result is dramatic. “The new Adapt
                                                                                                    15% of the Group’s turnover back into
Tim Richards continues “We are very                 user interface is smart, modern, clean
                                                                                                    R&D. With a turnover figure of £30 million
proud of the latest Adapt system. Being             and very intuitive. It looks and feels like
                                                                                                    for the financial year 2007/8, that equates
a browser-based solution helps to make              a website, so the user immediately feels
                                                                                                    to a staggering investment of around
it infinitely more scalable – an important          confident exploring the pages as they have
                                                                                                    £4.5 million in the last year alone. This
benefit for clients large and small. What’s         a familiar feel to them” comments Tim
                                                                                                    continuing, and increasing programme
more, Adapt is now effectively ‘technology          Richards. “Customers today are a lot more
                                                                                                    of development underlines Bond’s
independent’, integrating perfectly with any        IT savvy, they expect software to work well
                                                                                                    commitment to stay at the cutting edge
operating system and any database, such             of course, be pleasant to use and overall be
                                                                                                    of the recruitment software market.
as Oracle, SQL, and so on. The system is            a positive experience.”
also capable of handling all global languages                                                       To see what the future of recruitment
                                                    Toby Conibear adds “Another benefit of the
and character sets, including Asian, which is                                                       software looks like, please visit
                                                    new Adapt interface is that it minimises
currently unique to our specialist products.”                                             
                                                    user training. Having worked with usability
Daniel Richardson, Bond’s Chief Technology          experts to design the look and navigation
         10       ASIA OFFICE
                                          tokyo rising

Bond International Software has opened a new office in
Tokyo which is pivotal to Bond’s expansion programme
across the Asia Pacific region and indicative of the group’s
commitment to build closer partnerships with clients and                                             Steve Russell CEO             Antonio deLiseo
provide the new multi-lingual system to recruitment and                                              Bond International Software   Manager Asia Pacific

executive firms in Japan.

TOKYO Rising
Getting closer
                                                    the ability to get feedback directly from our    This is the most flexible solution on
“The decision to open an office in Japan
                                                    customers about how the Adapt product            the market. Adapt is the only system
was customer-driven” says Bond’s Asia
                                                    is meeting their needs will allow us to          that allows the client to move between
Pacific Manager, Antonio deLiseo. “A
                                                    tailor our software solutions specifically for   solutions, with the same application.
number of our international clients are
                                                    Japanese clients.”
already using Bond recruitment and talent                                                            “We have seen a client who started out with
management systems in Japan, and our                Multi-lingual capabilities                       a fifteen user SaaS hosted solution, and then
dedicated team can now provide them with            Bond International Software has existing         moved it in-house once the user numbers
a greater level of support.                         installations with a number of clients in        had increased. The data and the application
                                                    Japan, including Hays, Michael Page, Robert      was transferred to a new server in their
“We are looking to provide an increased
                                                    Half International and Talent2 Japan. Most       office after about a year using the hosted
range of services, including technical
                                                    of the existing deployments are English          solution. This allowed them to delay the
back-up and training, and foster greater
                                                    based systems with limited support for the       investment in hardware till a later stage.”
communication with our clients. In the past
                                                    Japanese language. The new systems being
support was provided remotely, and mostly                                                            The need to provide a flexible ‘work from
                                                    deployed will allow clients to store data in
in English via our global network, but having                                                        anywhere’ solution is huge in Japan. With
                                                    Japanese or English and search across the
people on the ground in Japan now enables                                                            Bond, recruitment firms can now offer the
                                                    system using both languages.
us to respond to customer questions                                                                  full recruitment system to their remote
and requests in the same time-zone and              “As we see an increase in international          users without the need for expensive
Japanese language. We are ramping up                teams recruiting in Japan, clients will          remote desktop solutions. All that is
our support to the next level and envisage          need to find a way to promote effective          required is a java enabled browser - this
delivering measurable benefits as a result.”ult.”   communication in the consultants’ language       could be a traditional PC or a mobile device
                                                    of choice. There is a constant need to           like Blackberry. Consultants can complete
Increased connection
                                                    generate email and SMS correspondence            tasks whilst on the train, or from home, and
In Japan, businesses prefer to deal locally
                                                    with clients and Adapt allows the user to        this is critical for some of the high volume/
with Japanese. Many of Bond’s Japanese
                                                    select the correspondence language, as well      high demand recruitment sectors such as
customers see the new local presence in
                                                    as use a series of multi-lingual templates.”     healthcare and office support. Also, this
Tokyo as a sign of Bond’s firm commitment
                                                                                                     allows Bond users to readily offer an onsite
to the Japanese market.                             Web and mobile based solution
                                                                                                     solution to their clients without the need
                                                    “Many clients are looking towards web
“We have always had an excellent staffing                                                            to worry about connectivity for their staff.
                                                    based solutions to reduce the cost of
software solution for the Japanese market,                                                           Bond is seeing a growth in the ‘shop front
                                                    ownership of IT systems. The Adapt
but the previous situation may have                                                                  recruitment’ model, and the mobile nature
                                                    solution will allow us to offer both a
left some of our clients feeling that the                                                            of Adapt will allow clients to create new
                                                    Software as a Service (SaaS) solution as
relationship was at ‘arms length’ – this is                                                          offices and recruitment kiosks with ease.
                                                    well as a fully supported in-house system
something we were determined to address.
                                                    if the client has existing IT infrastructure”    “One of our recruitment clients saw huge
The increased presence in the market and
                                                    continues deLiseo.                               benefits by providing a registration and
                                                                                                     job search process at a recent graduate
                                                                                                     recruitment trade show. This saved a

At one with the world

A unique way of working

Japanese companies have a different              subtle ways and soft wording. Because we         customs as long as you show respect and
working atmosphere and often have a              are not accustomed to this kind of behaviour,    apply the normal good manners of your own
different way of working to European or          Westerners often completely miss the point.      culture, you will be appreciated.
American companies. Bond has prepared a          With close observation, it is possible to
                                                                                                  Friendliness. Disgruntled or unfriendly people
few tips which may be useful in helping to       develop a feeling for this.
                                                                                                  are not appreciated in Japanese companies.
understand their unique perspective and may
                                                 Flexibility. If you are requested to do a task   Although everyone has bad days and their
assist in strengthening working relations.
                                                 which is not strictly your job, remember         own problems, the Japanese try hard not to
Patience. Proposals, projects and suggestions    that this is normal in Japan. Consider it a      inflict their own unhappiness on others.
often take longer to be accepted, but remember   compliment that you have been asked to
                                                                                                  Honour. Honesty and responsibility
that when they are, you normally receive         take care of the matter – it means that you
                                                                                                  are respected in many cultures, but are
very good co-operation and back-up from          have been seen as capable and responsible
                                                                                                  especially prized in the Japanese culture
your colleagues.                                 since you have been selected. Even if it
                                                                                                  because they have a long tradition of strict
                                                 is a ’menial task‘ such as making coffee,
Diplomacy. In Europe and the USA, we                                                              moral and social codes.
                                                 remember the Japanese do not distinguish
have a way of being quite blunt. When
                                                 as much as Europeans between menial              Modesty. Modesty is a respected quality in
discussing a difficult matter in Japan, you
                                                 tasks and ’real work‘. A job well done is a      Japanese culture. In Europe and the USA we
should approach it carefully and allow
                                                 job well done.                                   often strive to be the best and stand out, to
the management an easy way out of the
                                                                                                  make our mark and be recognised. In Japan,
situation without losing face.                   Politeness. Japanese place a great deal
                                                                                                  successful people defer the recognition of
                                                 of importance on being polite. Don’t worry
Observation. The Japanese often signal                                                            their individual performance and cite the
                                                 about having to learn Japanese manners or
their approval or disapproval of things in                                                        group as the source.

large amount of time in data entry by the        a strong demand for advanced recruitment
                                                                                                  THE TEAM IN JAPAN
recruitment team, and introduced the Adapt       solutions. We have addressed the need for
                                                                                                                        The new Bond
Candidate Care Portal directly to candidates.    an experienced and professional local team
                                                                                                                        Japan management
The take up by the new candidates was            to deliver and support our solutions. They
                                                                                                                        team includes
fantastic. Everything was done with a laptop     are ready to provide firms in Japan with our
                                                                                                                        experienced Bond
and a wireless connection to the client’s        globally proven systems and solutions.
                                                                                                                        managers, such
existing Adapt system.”
                                                 “We look forward to expanding on the             as Antonio deLiseo, and Bruce Morrison,
Payroll and Financial Integration                service we have provided to our Japanese         CFO, as well as some highly experienced
Bond will offer integration to a number of       clients with the added value of on-the-ground    and professional new faces: Koichi ‘Kris’
payroll and financial systems in Japan. Most     expertise in both Japanese and English.”         Fukuda and Tsubasa Kurose (see picture).
of the large financial systems encountered
                                                 Japan remains one of the two largest             Fukuda, known as ‘Kris’ in the executive
in other markets are also used in Japan.
                                                 recruitment markets in the world – so it         search world, is a former Managing Partner
The strategy is to offer integration to
                                                 offers enormous opportunities for Bond.          of Heidrick & Struggles. He was hand-picked
these systems, as well as offer the new
                                                 Many of Bond’s global clients have a             and trained by Russell Reynolds from the
Adapt Financial suite of products including
                                                 presence in Japan and it is evident that         Presidency of Boston Scientific to become
payroll, invoicing and accounts receivable
                                                 the number of foreign recruitment firms in       one of the Best 200 Global Executive
modules. Customers can also link to Bond’s
                                                 Japan is increasing, along with the rise in      Recruiters. Prior to joining Bond, he ran a
e-timesheets solution which will simplify
                                                 the number of local firms.                       US based computer integration software
the whole payroll process.
                                                                                                  company out of the US as its COO. Fukuda
                                                 “The establishment of a formal presence
Strategic Growth in the                                                                           is the first Japanese MBA graduate from
                                                 in Tokyo is testament to our long-term
Asia Pacific Sector                                                                               Duke University.
                                                 commitment and growth plans for Japan”
The Tokyo office will offer local sales,
                                                 continues Russell. “As the second largest        Kurose has an unusual background
services and support to the Japanese
                                                 world economy, Japan is an important             combining venture capital and computer
recruitment and executive search
                                                 market for Bond and we have much to              software. Prior to joining Bond, he ran the
community and will complement Bond’s
                                                 offer in terms of our global capabilities        Japanese office of a US company as its
existing Asia-Pacific presence located in
                                                 and technological expertise. When this is        Japan President and headed the Tokyo
Sydney and Hong Kong.
                                                 combined with the strength of our local          office of a venture capital company
“The strategic importance of Japan as a          insight, we are confident we will provide our    focused on start-up businesses. He also
base for Bond’s continued expansion in           Japanese customers with the right solutions      holds a law degree.
Asia Pacific is clear” explains Steve Russell,   to maximise their business performance
Group CEO. “With the second largest              and profitability.”
market for recruitment and labour there is

e-Recruitment and Talent
Management software and services

Can you realise greater
benefits through effective
e-Recruitment in a downturn?
Bond Talent software is a powerful and versatile web based application specifically
designed to manage the complete recruitment lifecycle and significantly reduce
cost-per-hire. It improves business performance by streamlining processes and
aligning them with corporate goals.

When choosing a software and service provider consider Bond’s extensive
knowledge and experience in the recruitment sector. With over 35 years’
investment and focused effort, it’s no wonder that we are fast becoming one of
the leading recruitment technology suppliers chosen to transform the resourcing
function and improve productivity.

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One world. One future. One solution.
Bond International Software
TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                                                            13
                      outside the rules

 Outside the Rules

 With agencies currently accepting job orders from many different external sources
 – including competitor agencies in some cases – the race is permanently on to be the
 agency that fills the position and therefore secures the fee. Bond’s applicant tracking
 system integration, the Job Order Intake Module, gives agencies an unfair advantage.                               Daniel Richardson
                                                                                                                    Chief Technology Officer – Bond
 Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer, explains:

 So what’s the problem?                           of staff waiting for these job orders to come   VMS of the organisation which sent out
 In the high volume temp recruitment world,       in and then re-keying them into a front         the job order.
 it isn’t unusual for a vacancy to come in        office system. In an era of direct input and
                                                                                                  Winning the game
 at 6.30am for a shift an hour later. The         integration, this represents a scandalous
                                                                                                  What sets Bond apart from competitor
 recruiter who can react to the vacancy the       waste of resource.
                                                                                                  software which can perform a similar
 quickest, and therefore begin the business
                                                  The solution that scores points                 task is that rather than hard code the
 of recruiting, is likely to be the winner.
                                                  Bond International Software has come            functionality into our software, we have
 This scenario depicts what is happening all      up with a solution for users of Adapt           designed an external rules engine. This
 the time in the increasingly active vendor       recruitment management software with            means that agencies can program in the
 management system (VMS) managed                  the Job Order Intake Module, which works        rules for whichever system is used by the
 service space. The problem many agencies         in two ways. Firstly, it sits waiting to        organisation looking for staff, therefore
 face is that their front office recruitment      receive emails with vacancy notifications       maximising their chances of filling the
 system cannot integrate with the applicant       and intelligently takes action based on         vacancies that are out there. The added
 tracking system (ATS) or VMS used by             their contents. Job specifications are          benefit – and it is a big one – is that the
 those sending out the job order. Notification    extracted and a job order is automatically      rules engine can also react to a change
 is often sent by email, or not sent at all and   created so the recruiter can start sourcing     of format or branding by organisations far
 valuable time is lost from vacancy details       candidates within minutes of the email          quicker than other software, reducing the
 having to be retyped and entered into the        landing. This alone will save valuable time     window of opportunity for any competitors.
 agency’s system before the recruiter can         but the software has a second strand to its
                                                                                                  There are predictions that over the course
 start sourcing candidates. Similarly, the        functionality which is where recruiters are
                                                                                                  of the next five years we will see a swing
 same problem is faced in reverse when            really able to score points over competitors.
                                                                                                  to agencies deriving the bulk of their
 the agency wants to submit a candidate
                                                  The module is designed to periodically          revenue from VMS tiered vendor
 for the vacancy.
                                                  log on to the VMS or ATS and intelligently      relationships as opposed to directly from
 Moreover, the sheer volume of job orders         navigate through it to find the vacancies.      corporates. Anyone who ignores this model
 coming in, coupled with the problems             When it does, it grabs all of the key           does so at their peril but up until now it
 sometimes experienced when receiving             details, such as start date, location and job   has been difficult for recruiters to take full
 the notification emails, makes it a difficult    description, parses it and populates the        advantage of the business opportunities
 process for the recruiter to manage. In          recruiter’s front office system with this       it offers. With Bond’s software module,
 some cases they could be working on a            information. From the start of the process      agencies have the job vacancy for the
 vacancy that has already been filled and         to populating the front office system is a      longest period of time, which is the key to
 the randomness of the process means              matter of seconds. The software is also         success. And because the recruiter never
 they have no way of knowing how many             designed to perform the function in reverse,    has to leave their front office system, they
 job orders they are missing out on. It isn’t     so candidates can be submitted and their        can focus on the core business of finding
 unusual to find an agency with a room full       details automatically entered into the ATS/     the right person at the right time.

         14       BUSINESS
                                       the globalisation of Talent

 Talent Spot

“The globalisation of talent and the development of recruitment technology to
 identify and capture outstanding candidates mean that more firms are choosing
 Bond’s on-line software systems to gain competitive advantage” says Philip Jones,
 Sales Manager for Bond Talent. One showcases some of the latest companies                                                    Philip Jones
                                                                                                                              Sales Manager –
 who have chosen to be powered by Bond International Software.                                                                Bond Talent

 Drake & Scull International                    receiving on average about 100 applicants         pre-existing recruitment processes to create
 Drake & Scull International PJSC (DSI), the    per day. The immediate advantage of Bond          a robust infrastructure which will provide
 UAE-based end-to-end service provider of       Talent will be that we will instantly automate    greater visibility and access to information.
 mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP)      our recruitment process to make opening
                                                                                                  Tesco is contacted by many thousands
 contracting, infrastructure, water and power   and filling a vacancy faster. But also, from
                                                                                                  of job applicants and it has reached such
 (IWP) and civil contracting services, has      receiving the very first online application,
                                                                                                  a size that it has become impossible
 signed a five-year contract to deploy Bond     we will be generating our own talent pool.
                                                                                                  for the head office recruitment team to
 Talent. The solution will provide an online    Any applicants that are not successful in
                                                                                                  manage efficiently. As Jane Smith, Head of
 web portal-based recruitment application       their original submission are then ‘kept on
                                                                                                  Resourcing (Commercial), explains, “The
 and applicant tracking system throughout       file’ for when a more appropriate position
                                                                                                  main advantage we predict from deploying
 DSI’s UAE operations.                          is available. This function on its own will
                                                                                                  Bond Talent will be delivering an improved
                                                reduce our dependency and spend on
 The 12,000 employee-strong DSI, whose                                                            candidate experience. Bond Talent will allow
                                                advertising vacancies.”
 recent projects have included the Shangri-La                                                     us to manage the thousands of applicants
 Abu Dhabi Hotel, the Park Place Tower          Tabari continues, “Bond was chosen                we receive through the website,
 and Marina Mansion in Dubai, will use          primarily because of their pedigree in the        and offer the Recruitment Team improved
 the system to automatically manage the         corporate and agency recruitment software         search facilities. We can then identify which
 internal processes of flagging, creating and   market, and also because of their global          job will suit each person best.”
 authorising vacancies.                         reach. It was this international experience
                                                                                                  Smith continues, “We will have the ability
                                                that gave us the confidence that we would
 Zeina Tabari, Chief Corporate Affairs                                                            to reduce the amount of time spent on
                                                be fully supported with our regionally specific
 Officer at DSI, comments, “Historically,                                                         administrative tasks whilst improving
                                                needs, such as the UAE working week.”
 we have wasted a substantial amount                                                              access to information – be that previous
 of time, resources and money managing          Tesco                                             applications in the talent pool or tracking
 a needlessly slow recruitment process.         Bond Talent will initially be deployed in         candidates throughout the recruitment
 Our paper-based practices were simply          Tesco’s UK head office operations where           process. We will also be able to assess
 unsustainable for the amount of recruiting     300 external hires and 400 internal moves         our time-per-hire, a metric we have not
 we were doing. At our highest, we were         are anticipated over the next year. Bond          previously been able to measure effectively.
 managing almost 2,000 vacancies and            Talent will be incorporated into Tesco’s          Overall Bond Talent will enable us to make

 At one with the world

Bond Talent blazes
into US market,                                                                                        Human Capital
Fall 2009                                                                                              Supply Chains
This Autumn Bond International Software            This powerful and versatile web-based               A new way to optimise your workforce
furthers its position as global market             application has been specifically developed
leader in the talent management software           for corporations who wish to streamline             Corporations have been building and
industry by launching into the US                  their in-house recruitment processes                optimising manufacturing supply chains for
marketplace. As the economy rebounds,              and save costs. It offers seamless online           over three decades. Companies like Dell
companies will all be competing for                interfaces to deliver sophisticated workflow        and Wal-Mart are famous for leveraging
the same top talent. Those firms that              and accessibility for all stakeholders              supply chain management techniques
understand human capital needs will                involved in the resourcing and HR                   and technologies to breakout from their
be ready for the post-recession ramp-              processes, with the added specialist feature        competitors and own their markets. It’s
up and ensure they are best placed to              of multi-lingual and character set capability.      time to refocus and apply the lessons
react quickly to market dynamics. HR                                                                   learned from optimising your product lines
                                                   For more information please visit
professionals, particularly those with a                                                               to optimising your workforce. Building a
global remit, will need Bond Talent.                                                                   just-in-time human capital supply chain is a
                                                                                                       big commitment, but one with the potential
                                                                                                       for big returns.

                                                                                                       Human Capital Supply Chains explains
                                                                                                       how corporations can get their arms around
                                                                                                       their human capital spend and estimate
far better recruitment decisions, for both         In 2008 CAFOD recruited for 97 vacancies.
                                                                                                       the value of implementing a human
internal and external appointments.”               Using the Bond Talent system the
                                                                                                       capital supply chain. As we learned in
                                                   organisation will be able to automate many
Smith adds, “We selected Bond in part                                                                  manufacturing, establishing and managing
                                                   of the processes, especially the transfer
because of the heritage of the company.                                                                a supply chain not only reduces costs in the
                                                   of information to and from job boards, and
The expertise they have in providing                                                                   short-term, but the long-term tuning of the
                                                   between internal HR systems. Based on
software to the recruitment industry allows                                                            supply chain can result in unprecedented
                                                   last year’s recruitment figures, it expects
them to fully understand our requirements                                                              growth and strategic competitive advantage.
                                                   to save up to 1,000 hours of administrative
at corporate level. Bond Talent is also
                                                   time over the whole year, leaving their             For those ready to face the challenge and
flexible enough to reliably meet our specific
                                                   Human Resources department more time                the opportunity, Human Capital Supply
needs, even if these change over time.”
                                                   to devote to CAFOD staff.                           Chains also provides the practical steps
CAFOD                                                                                                  of designing and implementing your own
                                                   Coomy Ogbewele also welcomes the fact
CAFOD will be using Bond Talent’s software                                                             human capital supply chain. The book is
                                                   that the new system will be compatible
system to support its recruitment drives.                                                              structured as a ‘how to’ handbook for
                                                   with what CAFOD already uses. “One
Coomy Ogbewele, HR Information Manager                                                                 implementing and managing the new
                                                   of Bond Talent’s key advantages was
said: “A large amount of our recruitment is                                                            processes, technologies and organisational
                                                   that we could integrate the recruitment
run through manual processes, which are                                                                roles that will be required.
                                                   software with our pre-existing HR software,
intrinsically time-consuming. We are spending
                                                   therefore creating a true end-to-end talent         You can WIN a copy of the new book:
as much as eleven hours setting up each
                                                   management process. We will now be                  Human Capital Supply Chains
vacancy and contacting candidates. Shortlisting
                                                   able to advertise a position, manage the
can then take another two to three hours as                                                            Bond has 25 copies to give away.
                                                   applications, create a shortlist, hire and
we sift through the thirty to forty applications                                                       Just email:
                                                   then process the successful candidate(s)
we would receive for each vacancy.”                                                                    and quote ‘Human Capital
                                                   directly on to our HR system, all without any
                                                                                                       Supply Chains’ Book in the
Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond            duplication of data entry.”
                                                                                                       ‘subject’ box and we’ll enter
International Software, comments, “CAFOD
                                                                                                       you into the free prize draw.
is a global organisation with very particular
                                                                                                       Closing date: November 30th 2009
needs and demands. Bond Talent’s                     CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas
flexibility makes it ideally placed to fit in        Development, working with communities in          Tim Giehll, CEO of Bond Talent’s US division and
                                                     over 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin
with CAFOD’s existing processes, as it can                                                             Bond eEmpACT, has co-authored this enlightening
                                                     America, supporting people to find their own
be deployed quickly, and it is a web-based           solutions to poverty. The agency works with       book with Sara Moss, CEO of The Code Works,
solution that will enable the organisation           all people regardless of race, gender, religion   Inc., a nationally recognised consulting firm.
to rapidly source additional and pre-vetted          or nationality.                         
talent should the need arise.”

        16       CUSTOMER STORY
                                                 a blue chip service

BaxterStorey is an independent contract caterer whose services range from
managing staff restaurants, cafés and deli bars, to offering fine dining, hospitality
services, private dining and partners’ luncheon rooms.

                                                  ”The TeamSpirit Report Writer is so easy to use that my
                                                   team is now able to handle report requests in-house.”

           ond TeamSpirit has been                40% per annum (the norm in the catering          would have had to have been created by
           working with the company since         and hospitality industry sector) – it is vital   the software provider themselves. “This
           2003, helping to establish a           that the system immediately reflects the         seemingly simple process would take a
           comprehensive HR and payroll           latest changes.”                                 couple of days from request to delivery.
management system which has created                                                                Using TeamSpirit, we can do it ourselves
significant savings in time and manpower.                                                          in a couple of minutes. The TeamSpirit
                                                  “The team here has a lot of starters and
                                                                                                   Report Writer is so easy to use that my
These savings are vital: BaxterStorey has         leavers to process,” says Bell. “And to do
                                                                                                   team is now able to handle report requests
been through a period of rapid expansion          that we require the correct information from
following a series of acquisitions – moving       our own people. BaxterStorey’s workforce
from 1,500 monthly paid staff to a staggering     covers a very broad spectrum, from senior        In the money
7,500 in the space of a couple of years. The      managers overseeing individual catering          BaxterStorey’s previous system could
ability to accurately track information across    and hospitality, to school dinner ladies. The    not calculate tax or National Insurance
the workforce in a streamlined HR operation       system has to suit them all.”                    contributions. With Bond TeamSpirit, Bell’s
has never been more important.                                                                     team can use the ‘re-run’ facility to run the
                                                  “Before TeamSpirit came on board, Excel
                                                                                                   payroll as many times as required for any
Spread out                                        spreadsheets would have to be printed
                                                                                                   number of employees, performing net to
BaxterStorey’s impressive roster of blue          and sent to Bell’s team by whoever was
                                                                                                   gross calculations as well as gross to net.
chip clients spans a range of business and        managing each of these work units to
industry sectors including finance, media,        update all staff movements on a given day.       Payroll alone accounts for around 40%
retail and automotive.                            But now, using the TeamSpirit system’s           of the cost that BaxterStorey bills clients
                                                  Web-based Manager Access module,                 and this makes accuracy essential.
But the sheer breadth of BaxterStorey’s
                                                  those same managers can remotely file            Such a requirement would be relatively
services presents perhaps the greatest
                                                  employees’ time sheets which contain             straightforward in most other businesses,
challenge when it comes to administrative
                                                  attendance/absence hours and any                 but in an organisation made up of hundreds
requirements. Payroll Manager, Cathy Bell
                                                  monetary adjustments. Over the course of a       of business units, some of which consist
explains why, “With up to 700 individual work
                                                  year, this sole basic change saves a week of     of just a couple of workers who may
units throughout the UK, a very user-friendly
                                                  five people’s time” comments Bell.               interchange with other units as the need
approach to systems is essential because
                                                                                                   arises, the calculations require a system
we are heavily reliant on our unit managers.      And that is not the only time saving. Using
                                                                                                   that is simple enough to use whilst having
The back-end system has to be straightforward.    the client’s previous payroll system, a
                                                                                                   enough flexibility to avoid errors.
With a high turnover of staff – roughly           report showing each employee’s address

At one with the world
                                                                       Flow with
                                                                       your people

A key selling point    For example, explains Bell, a unit may
for BaxterStorey       find a kitchen porter off sick one morning.
was that TeamSpirit    They need a replacement who comes from
enabled the Company    another unit working for a different client.
to grow without        The porter who is ‘loaned’ to the depleted
having to constantly   operation must have his or her pay correctly
upgrade or purchase    deducted. “Cross-charging is performed
add-ons.               very simply now,” Bell continues. “By
                       simply keying the hours and the department
                       into the system, there’s a time saving and      TeamSpirit software is a modular yet fully integrated
                       errors are minimised.”                          HR and payroll solution, operating from a single database,
                                                                       that streamlines processes to maximise efficiency and
                       Bell continues, “The big advantage for us       generate tangible bottom line savings.
                       is that we don’t have to physically calculate
                       the removal of cost from one department to      Our people management solution is flexible, user-friendly
                       another – it’s all done automatically within    and fully proven. TeamSpirit has implemented over 500
                       the system.”                                    in-house and hosted systems in private and public sector
                                                                       organisations across the UK, with 100 to more than
                       Scalability                                     50,000 employees.
                       A key selling point for BaxterStorey was
                       that TeamSpirit enabled the Company to          Transform your HR and payroll forever
                       grow without having to constantly upgrade
                                                                       Fully supported by Bond’s industry leading research,
                       or purchase add-ons. “Beyond what we are
                                                                       development and helpdesk services.
                       using already, there is a whole host of other
                       tools available, so we have the scope to go     Call: +44 (0) 1903 707121
                       back and look at them should our needs          Email:
                       change,” explains Bell. “The TeamSpirit
                       system is robust enough to accommodate
                       an increase in employees or any growth
                       in number of units, or any change in
                       functionality we may need.”
                                                                       One company. One call. One decision.
                                                                       Bond International Software

        18       CUSTOMER SUPPORT
                                                   peak performance, peace of mind.

                                                               Peace of mind


Peak 10 is an industry leading data housing      This enables compliance with such              This capability and integrity provides Bond
facility with twelve enterprise class centres    Government legislation as Sarbanes-Oxley       with the experience, technology and vision
that allow disaster recovery sites to be         and HIPPA, which gives additional peace        to sustain the Company’s ambitious
easily set up and maintained. Their high         of mind to clients.                            growth strategy.
performance private network utilises eight
                                                 A fully redundant infrastructure that
fully lit OC3 connections that provide
                                                 is reliable, scalable and secure
reliable connectivity and speed. Additionally,
                                                 Peak 10 owns and operates more than
each data centre facility deploys between
                                                 100,000 square feet of data centre
three and five agnostic OC3 connections for
                                                 space that is fully supported by technical
maximum dependability and redundancy.
                                                 personnel 24/7. Each tier-one centre is
There are no bandwidth bottlenecks
                                                 engineered with multiple levels of security,
because Bond has dedicated bandwidth
                                                 uninterruptible power, redundant HVAC
allocated with bursts up to 100MB.
                                                 systems, fire suppression and round the
Independent auditors have evaluated and
                                                 clock monitoring and management.
certified Peak 10 as SAS type 2 compliant.

At one with the world
 PEOPLE                                                                                                                                                19
vive la différence!

    Vive la

    Bond’s US office have been pioneering
    their multi-lingual support integration
    from Adapt. The software provides the
    ideal solution for multi-site staffing offices
    in the US, Canada and Central America
    where French and Spanish speaking local
    users all access the same base system.

           ond International Software is the
           only staffing software provider
           that can offer clients multi-lingual
                                                   It’s French, but not as we know it!
           support. This powerful feature          The French that is spoken in Québec              spoke French that was comparable to the
now forms the cornerstone of industry              is very different from all the other             language spoken in the King’s court.
leading firms’ professionalism and efficiency      varieties of French that exist in the world.
                                                                                                    This phenomenon is due to two main factors.
with organisations such as Manpower,               Nevertheless, it is still French and not a
                                                                                                    First of all, the colonists who populated
Michael Page, Adecco and Hays taking full          dialect or a patois. It is not regional French
                                                                                                    New France came from different regions of
advantage of this capability.                      either, since this term only applies to a
                                                                                                    France, and each spoke his maternal patois.
                                                   variety of French spoken in a region of
Recent deployments have seen clients in                                                             On arrival they often found themselves
                                                   France. Québécois French is nothing else
Canada utilise the functionality to toggle                                                          with neighbours who spoke a different
                                                   than a national French. A French speaker
easily between English and French. This                                                             dialect, so the need for a common language
                                                   from outside of Québec may have some
option is a must for offices in Quebec                                                              was essential and naturally, the most
                                                   difficulties with the accent, or certain local
where they can change the language setting                                                          prestigious one was chosen, the King’s
                                                   expressions, but they quickly adapt.
within Adapt by the click of a button. All of                                                       French. Secondly, women played an
the text within Adapt is then displayed in         Why is Québécois French so different from        important role in the process by teaching
the language of the user.                          the variety spoken in France? History tells      this language to their children.
                                                   us that towards the end of the 17th century
In addition to accommodating many different                                                         After the British conquest of 1759, Québec
                                                   everyone in New France (which at one time
languages, Adapt also provides clients with                                                         found itself isolated from France. Many
                                                   stretched from Newfoundland, through the
full time-zone support.                                                                             travellers observed that Québécois French
                                                   Great Lakes, down the Mississippi to the
                                                                                                    was becoming archaic and being invaded by
                                                   Gulf of Mexico) spoke French. At that time in
                                                                                                    English words. In addition, since the French
                                                   France, local dialects were numerous and
                                                                                                    Revolution of 1789, France changed its norm
                                                   only one Frenchman in five could understand
                                                                                                    and the King’s French was replaced by
                                                   and speak French fluently. So the difference
                                                                                                    Bourgeois French as the most prestigious
                                                   between France and New France was
                                                                                                    variety. This change did not occur in Quebec
                                                   incredible. In 1698, a marine general on
                                                                                                    and Royal French continued its normal evolution.
                                                   official visit to Québec, wrote “The French
                                                   spoken here is perfect, and we can find no       Of course language continually evolves but,
                                                   trace of any provincial French in it.” He was    to this day, Québécois are very proud of the
                                                   surprised that everyone, even the peasants,      language they speak and its heritage.

          20          BUSINESS
                                                 pay back time

                             Pay back time

         ndré Roux was recently interviewed                    “Although DB Schenker looked at the cost                                Outsourcing the payroll
          by Payroll World magazine and was                    savings, we also looked at the service and                              function can have a
           asked what benefits his company                     professionalism that was on offer. Quantity,                            massive impact. Businesses
            expected to realise through                        reliability and confidentiality are vital to us”.                       need to ask the right
outsourcing its payroll. “When you’re in                                                                                               questions before embarking
                                                               “If you just choose on cost, you have not
a recession” he explained, “you have                                                                                Neil Lagden        on such a fundamental
                                                               grasped the full reason for outsourcing”             Head of Bond
two choices. Win more business or keep                                                                              Payroll Services   change. The Bond Payroll
                                                               explains Neil Lagden. “It needs to be
costs down. What the recession has done                                                                                                Services team chooses
                                                               a partnership and both sides need to
is make businesses look and see if the                                                                                                 some key points:
                                                               understand each other’s business.”
HR function can help keep the costs of
                                                                                                                    How will my business be looked after?
operation down and in so doing contribute                      “The real key to success is to make the
                                                                                                                    Some outsourcing companies will sign
to the business’ strong survival.”                             bureau offer as much like an internal payroll
                                                                                                                    up as many customers as possible, and
                                                               arm as possible. Bond offers access to
In the case of DB Schenker, the company                                                                             then simply offshore the service delivery
                                                               dedicated and qualified payroll and account
made a decision last year to move its payroll                                                                       to reduce overheads, leaving customers
                                                               managers who are there every day for our
to bureau provider Bond Payroll Services.                                                                           having their payroll processed by teams
                                                               clients. It’s not just about processing 10,000
This move has already saved the firm,                                                                               with whom they will have little or no direct
                                                               payslips or more, we encourage people to go
which employs around 1,000 people in the                                                                            contact. Before signing the contract it
                                                               back a step and think about why they are
UK, around £15,000.                                                                                                 is essential to ascertain exactly how the
                                                               looking at outsourcing. If it’s just a cost-saving
                                                                                                                    service delivery and account management
“These days you don’t want to duplicate your                   exercise it will work, but you have to understand
                                                                                                                    is structured, who your primary points of
HR and payroll systems – there’s no point two                  what costs you have around payroll, it’s not
                                                                                                                    contact will be, who is actually doing the
lots of staff doing the same job. The result of                necessarily all about headcount.”
                                                                                                                    work, and what your escalation points are,
this is that we’ve had to become much more
                                                               Trust, flexibility, security, easy access,           if necessary. Having good communication
professional. We have a good, tight audit
                                                               stability and consistency of service are all         channels to the right people is crucial
trail and high levels of customer satisfaction.
                                                               vital. But extensive experience and practical        to success.
But the best thing is that we are not solely
                                                               knowledge also play a key role. As André
responsible anymore. It used to be that if                                                                          What if my business changes?
                                                               Roux concludes “Payroll outsourcing is not
our computers crashed, then payroll crashed                                                                         Reducing your workforce, or increasing
                                                               a panacea, as a company we were clear about
too. But now it all goes out to Bond.”                                                                              headcount all have impact on the payroll
                                                               what we wanted and how Bond would
                                                                                                                    services provided. The crucial question is
André is by no means the only HR or payroll                    support us. We still have control at the
                                                                                                                    whether the contract is flexible enough
specialist to have come to this conclusion.                    moment, we still have to press the button,
                                                                                                                    to accommodate your current needs.
A trend emerged in 2008 and is continuing                      but in time I see us opting for full payroll
                                                                                                                    If a supplier is able to change the services
through 2009. Even bigger organisations                        integration. Companies need to realise that
                                                                                                                    they are currently providing, will you be
who previously felt that payroll bureaux                       although bureaux can relieve them of much
                                                                                                                    charged for it, especially if the functionality
could not cope with the size or complexity                     of the disciplines of payroll, there is still the
                                                                                                                    you need sits slightly beyond their standard
of their payroll have become advocates of                      onus on the employer to have clean and
                                                                                                                    packages? A good outsourcer will be able
the bureau route.                                              robust IT systems and processes in place.”
                                                                                                                    to flex with your business, and not
                                                                                                                    necessarily charge you for it.
 DB Schenker combines the units DB Schenker Rail and DB Schenker Logistics, which comprises rail,
 land transport, air and ocean freight and contract logistics/SCM. The Group employs over 91,000 staff
 spread across about 2,000 locations in about 130 countries. With turnover of over 19 billion Euros,
 DB Schenker is a leading company – both in Europe and worldwide.

At one with the world
                                                                          Easy money

What is Bond’s view on ‘accuracy’? Outsourcing relationships can
tarnish rapidly if the time theoretically saved by outsourcing is then
wasted on checking and amending the company’s work. Payroll
in particular is not a business process that can frequently have
mistakes or be delayed, and so it is essential that the outsourced
payroll company adheres to the same, or even higher, standards of
accuracy as your own. For example, is the outsourcer aiming to just
get the entire payroll through BACS on deadline, or are there further
levels of accuracy that they aspire to, and that you need? Indeed, a
good payroll agency will actually identify errors or misnomers in the
data provided and take an active part in resolving any problems.

How is my account team targeted internally? One of the
most frequent complaints of outsourcing is the lack of urgency
in responding to queries. This is often a reflection of how agency
account teams are targeted – if the team is concerned simply with
the volume of payroll being processed, which in itself encourages
errors for the sake of speed, then client engagement is rarely
focused on. However, a good outsourcing company will target its
payroll managers on retention and satisfaction of clients at all times.

How is my team structured? As the day-to-day management of                Release your business from the complexities of payroll
the payroll requires frequent two-way communication you will,             by outsourcing to Bond Payroll Services. Our teams are
over time, build up a close working relationship with the payroll         dedicated to ensuring your payroll is turned around
manager within your outsourced team. However, because of this             quickly and accurately every time, for everyone.
close relationship, frank discussions regarding performance or            Fully compliant with all legislation and disaster recovery
services need to be directed at a separate person responsible for         planning, your organisation can benefit from the latest
the business side of the relationship, not just the payroll operations.   payroll technology and be reassured by a team of
This payroll account manager must make sure that the payroll              experienced and qualified payroll professionals,
outsourcing relationship addresses all the needs of the                   whatever the size or sector of your business.
client business.

What experience do you have with payrolls of similar
                                                                          Outsourced payroll solutions that you,
complexity to my own? References are a key part of choosing               and your staff, can depend upon.
any supplier, whether outsourced or not and whatever the business         Call: +44 (0) 1903 707123
process. Multiple offices, varying points of contact within the           Email:
business and high proportions of remote workers can create
a particularly complex payroll procedure – one which requires
experience to manage. Seeking out payroll outsourcers who can
manage payrolls of varying sizes misses the bigger picture – it is the
complexity of the payrolls, and the company’s ability to tackle them,
that determines their suitability.
                                                                          One company. One call. One decision.
                                                                          Bond International Software

          22        TECHNOLOGY

 A Healthy Option
“ Healthcare is one of the few industries that has
  experienced consistent expansion throughout 2009,
  particularly the home care sector. Rapid growth and
  change will be a major challenge throughout 2010.”
 Fiona Leen, Managing Director, Bond International Software Australia.

 Understanding the special problems                   Paul Ellison owner of PeoplePlus                  spend a lot of time talking to candidates who
 Working in a home health environment presents        Recruitment in Australia, has been involved       are qualified but just not available - or feel
 unique challenges to both the healthcare             in the recruitment industry for a number          pressured to accept shifts. This impacts on
 professional (HCP) and the recruitment               of years. “We have worked with Bond in            morale and leads to issues in retention.
 consultant. The very nature of home based            the staffing area for a year now and loved
                                                                                                        Adapt now provides a graphical web based
 health services requires that an HCP be              the flexibility of their Adapt web solution.
                                                                                                        tool to allow HCPs to view their current
 independent and willing to travel, often many        Naturally, when we opened a new division
                                                                                                        shifts and to also update their availability.
 kilometers each day. Many recruiters have            specialising in healthcare we turned to Bond
                                                                                                        They can complete searches to see any
 found that the general increase in the number        for their healthcare system. We can make
                                                                                                        shifts at facilities or home care clients they
 of cases being managed, the spread of these          some of the tools available to our candidates
                                                                                                        have worked with lately. This ensures the
 patient locations, and the shortage of experienced   via a web browser. This allows us to focus
                                                                                                        HCP gets the opportunity to fill as many
 or qualified talent has challenged their ability     on the recruitment and hiring process to
                                                                                                        shifts as they are comfortable with, and also
 to provide the proper level of service to their      ensure the retention and satisfaction of our
                                                                                                        helps the agency maximise availability.
 clients in the demanding healthcare industry.        valuable healthcare professionals.
                                                                                                        Online Shift Confirmation and Timesheets
 This situation is expected to intensify as           Managing the flow of information
                                                                                                        Reducing errors and delays in processing pay,
 medically qualified baby boomers retire from         “Documentation requirements differ
                                                                                                        this tool is used by both candidates and clients
 the workforce, creating not only vacancies,          between traditional hospital-based roles
                                                                                                        to update shift status and provide a way of
 but also increasing the demand for healthcare        and home health services. This requires a
                                                                                                        processing pay for a large number of candidates
 services for the elderly. Add to that a shortage     system that has the flexibility to manage
                                                                                                        with minimal input from the recruiting team.
 of suitable candidates and rising competition        the different requirements by sector, state
                                                                                                        There is a suite of reports, including a missing
 for experienced personnel; finding, attracting,      and at times countries” adds Paul Ellison.
                                                                                                        timesheets report, and the ability to batch
 and retaining high quality HCPs has become           “Credentials and specific site based
                                                                                                        update these within the system.
 difficult, time consuming, and frustrating.          qualifications management, the monitoring
                                                      of feedback and even the need to provide          Broadcasting of Open Shifts Adapt can
 “My family has been involved in nursing for
                                                      data via a secure web portal are some of the      automatically update the recruiter’s branded
 generations, so I understand the challenges
                                                      challenges being met by Adapt.”                   website and major job boards, as well as
 facing the industry” explains Fiona Leen.
                                                                                                        broadcast open shifts to candidates via email
 “But there is one clear truism in healthcare         More Flexibility Providing more flexible
                                                                                                        and SMS. “Recently we added Twitter to our
 recruitment – better recruitment leads               work options should be a concern for all
                                                                                                        interface lists” says Fiona Leen. “This allows
 to better patient care. That factor often            recruiters. However many HCPs find their
                                                                                                        a recruiter to “tweet” a new or existing role
 escapes recruiters.                                  work load can vary dramatically and this can
                                                                                                        directly from within the Adapt environment.
                                                      lead to some seeking employment in other
 “We recently asked a number of health care                                                             We realise this may not be for everyone,
                                                      sectors. Without proper tools recruiters
 recruitment providers to identify some of the                                                          but it is a great way to engage specific
                                                      may end up relying on a small sub-set of
 issues they face. Over 50% indicated that                                                              groups of candidates and makes it very
                                                      candidates, and this can leave some shifts
 paper work and compliance topped the list                                                              easy to stay connected.”
                                                      unfilled and some candidates without work.
 and told us that retaining existing staff has a
                                                      Adapt provides tools that include managing        Act locally With Google Maps, Adapt
 greater impact on cost and quality of service
                                                      the availability profiles for the candidate, so   will identify suitable candidates for a shift
 to their clients.”
                                                      that only available candidates are contacted      graphically. This allows the recruiter to offer
                                                      for open shifts. Recruitment managers can         a role which minimises the amount of travel
                                                                                                        required by the HCP between shifts.

 At one with the world
                                                      a healthy option

“ As a niche provider in the healthcare sector,
  the Adapt solution will allow us to offer
  services to our clients and HCPs at a very
  low cost - something many of the larger
  players in our market can only dream about.”
 Paul Ellison, PeoplePlus Recruitment, Australia.

 Improving the recruitment experience               can dramatically reduce the time and effort            Ensuring the financials are
 Most candidates rely on personal referrals and     spent qualifying candidates.                           correct and timely
 online web sites to look for new jobs. Referrals                                                          Frustration with pay is a huge issue for many
                                                    “By using the Adapt reporting tools it is
 can help reduce the amount of turnover among                                                              HCPs, but the information required to get
                                                    possible to track the discipline and specialist
 first year candidates as these referred                                                                   the pay and invoices completed correctly
                                                    requirements of the business and forecast
 candidates have an ‘inbuilt’ support network                                                              varies greatly amongst clients. It is essential
                                                    areas of potential skills shortage. This information
 amongst their peers. Introducing a bonus                                                                  that the system can manage this, but also
                                                    can be used to structure a focused recruitment
 and referral tracking system is critical to help                                                          simplify the process. Adapt completes a large
                                                    marketing plan for key positions. One of our
 recruit new staff. This is a standard feature                                                             amount of this work automatically, so that
                                                    clients recently set up a branded Adapt web
 of the Adapt Healthcare system.                                                                           recruiters will save time and reduce errors.
                                                    recruitment kiosk at large healthcare tradeshow
 Recruiting on the web brings its own               in the UK. They were able to showcase                  Flexibility is crucial to good
 parameters. The quality and timeliness of web      disciplines and skills in high demand and target       business health
 advertisements is critical if candidates are to    suitable talent. The candidates were able to           “In such a rapidly changing market place,
 consider the opportunities posted on a website     register online immediately“ says Fiona Leen.          healthcare recruiters need to look for a
 seriously. Adapt allows for the immediate                                                                 software partner that can deliver a
                                                    Speed and accuracy The ‘Who Worked Here’
 update of jobs to recruiters’ own websites                                                                comprehensive and flexible solution to to
                                                    search in Adapt is a great way to build a
 as well as uploads to many job boards. This                                                               help manage all the facets of healthcare
                                                    relationship between the client and the HCP
 saves staff time as the job details are entered                                                           recruitment. The Adapt web-based system
                                                    as recruiters can direct people back to the
 only once. SMS has been used traditionally                                                                benefits from Bond’s continuous investment
                                                    same client where possible. This saves time
 but social networking tools like ‘Twitter’                                                                and support on a global scale, with the ability
                                                    in compliance management, as recruiters are
 now allow agencies to immediately update                                                                  to be configured for clients’ individual needs
                                                    able to select candidates that have client
 “interested” candidates at a lower cost.                                                                  wherever they are located. But don’t just
                                                    specific checks already completed and in
                                                                                                           take my word for it” concludes Fiona Leen.
 Adapt can help with the time taken to manage       place. This search can be made available
                                                                                                           As Ryan Taylor, Director of Operations for
 new applicants by providing pre-screening          to candidates via the Adapt Candidate Web
                                                                                                           CareerStaff Unlimited in the US says:
 tools online. Recruiters are interviewing a        Portal which allows them to see shifts at
                                                                                                           “Adapt Healthcare is a perfect fit for our
 large number of candidates who are not pre-        sites where they have recently worked.
                                                                                                           business as it enables us to place and track
 screened for positions and as a result spend       Clients can use the Adapt Client Web Portal
                                                                                                           candidates quickly and efficiently.
 a significant amount of time with unqualified      to review their current shifts and to book new
                                                                                                           The system is also capable of changing
 or disinterested candidates. Best practices in     shifts on line. Specific clients can also have
                                                                                                           to fit our business needs.”
 recruitment include reducing administrative        the option to initiate searches for HCPs
 duties for hiring managers so they can focus       from a pre-selected talent pool. The recruiter
 on their other duties. Interviewing a smaller      is then alerted of any new roles for their
 number of pre-screened, qualified candidates       clients, and they can confirm the booking.
 allows recruiters to focus on other critical       This represents a huge time saving.
 tasks. Tools such as online screening tests
 and registration processes

         24          PEOPLE
                                         harsh terrain, easy listening

              HARSH TERRAIN          Bond International Software may be a busy global business but that doesn’t
                                     stop people in the company from exploring the world way beyond the
                                     reaches of the recruitment industry. Getting in touch with nature at a personal
                                     level, or pursuing creative challenges in the competitive entertainment
                                     business – One talks to three young men about their recent adventures.

              Pushing the limits!

Adventure Racing                                                                                     Mongol Rally
Jason Smith – Sales Consultant.                                                                      Joshua Goring – Marketing Team.
Bond International Software Inc.,                                                                    Bond International Software Ltd.,
Richmond VA. USA                                                                                     Goring, West Sussex. UK
                                                   clothing, maps, food and hydration. We have
What made you want to start                        used canoes, kayaks, portage wheels, iodine       What is the Mongol Rally?
Adventure Racing?                                  (to clean undrinkable water), paddles, head       It is an annual overland car rally from
Adventure Racing offers an extreme mental          lamps, bike lamps, bike repair kit, first aid     different start points in Europe, like London,
and physical challenge, unequalled in other        kits, snake bite kits, emergency transmitters,    Milan and Madrid. The objective is to reach
sporting activities.                               cash (in case our path leads us by fast food!),   Ulaan Bataar the capital of Mongolia in a
                                                   river boards, fins, altimeter and more. In a      vehicle that costs less than £1,000 and is
How does the race work?
                                                   short race of 4-12 hours we have about            less than 1,000ccs. Each participant has to
Adventure Racing is a combination of two or
                                                   10-15lbs of gear. In a 24-48 hour race we         pledge a substantial donation to a charity for
more disciplines, including orienteering and
                                                   need 30-40lbs of equipment.                       Mongolian Orphans and whatever is left of
navigation, cross-country running, mountain
                                                                                                     the cars after the strenuous and hazardous
biking, paddling, climbing and related rope        How long does a race usually last? ‘Sprint’
                                                                                                     journey is donated to the local people.
skills. An expedition event can span ten days      races are typically 4-6 hours. Extreme
or more, while sprints can be completed in         international races like “Primal Quest” and       How long did the journey take?
a matter of hours. Typically there is no rest      “Eco Challenge” can be up to 10 days. The         We covered more than 8,000 miles in just
period during races, irrespective of length.       longest I have done is 30 hours, but I am         under 8 weeks. That may seem like a long
Competitors must choose if, or when, to rest.      planning a 48 hour race in Fall 2009.             time, but you need to remember that in some
                                                                                                     countries that we travelled over there are no
How long have you been participating in            What is the most challenging
                                                                                                     roads. You just look at the map and hope for
Adventure Racing?                                  part of the race?
                                                                                                     the best – we had all kinds of difficulties with
My first race was in Spring 2007.                  Definitely the mental aspect, it’s tough to
                                                                                                     terrain, car damage and punctures.
                                                   keep a unified team with a common goal
Where have you competed?
                                                   focused on each task after 20 plus hours of       What route did you take?
I have participated in the ‘Impossible
                                                   strenuous exercise.                               From London by Fiat Panda via: France,
Panther’ 4 hour race Spring 2007 Uwharrie
                                                                                                     Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland,
National Forest, near Troy, NC; ‘Gold Nugget’      How do you prepare for an
                                                                                                     Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia,
8 hour race’ Fall 2007 Uwharrie National Forest,   Adventure Race?
                                                                                                     Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and
near Troy, NC; ‘Odyssey One Day Adventure’         We prepare a regimented workout program
                                                                                                     Mongolia. Returning on the Trans-Siberian
24 hour race Fincastle, Va; ‘Untamed               about 6 months before the event and
                                                                                                     railway through Russia to Moscow, then
Virginia’ 30 hour race Richmond, Va.               typically devote about 15 hours a week
                                                                                                     flight back to London.
                                                   towards training.
What kit do you need for each race?
                                                                                                     Did you encounter any problems?
Each race varies depending on duration             For more information
                                                                                                     Of course – but we prepared for the worst.
and support provided by crew members.    
                                                                                                     Apart from the weather which was extreme
All require a mountain bike, appropriate

At one with the world

  Another day, another desert!

                                                         easy listening
                                                                                                                   Beyond the typical radio hit stuff

                                                                        Wrestling with the Gorilla Press

  in every way possible, mechanical disasters
  and botched repairs to keep us going, bribery
                                                    The Gorilla Press                               use uncommon progressions, arrangements
                                                                                                    and techniques to engage listeners and
  and corruption, border and visa officialdom,      Chris Kang – Application Developer.             make them stretch their boundaries a little
  dodgy food, camping in the wilderness and         Bond International Software Inc.,               beyond your typical radio hit stuff.
  communication black holes – it was a piece        Richmond VA. USA
                                                                                                    Where is everyone in the band from?
  of cake!                                          What is the name of your band?                  I’m from Chicago, IL; Marc (bass/guitar/
  Do you have any particularly special              We’re called The Gorilla Press, which is a      vocals/tuba) is from Louisville, KY; Brian
  memories?                                         pro-wrestling move. We did not want to          (keyboard/bass/guitar/percussion/vocals) is
  Far too many to mention, it was a once in         pick a name that immediately forms an           from Philadelphia; Josh, our drummer,
  a lifetime journey. Awe inspiring scenery,        impression or pigeonholes us.                   is from Chicago.
  incredibly hospitable and friendly people,        When did you form the band?                     What other performers are
  communicating in sign language in crazy           Our current lineup got together around the      you inspired by?
  remote villages wherever we went, drinking        summer of 2008.                                 Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, and
  vodka, swimming in the dark, skies without
                                                    How did the band meet up?                       PJ Harvey float to the top of the list but the
  light pollution, the power of a few dollars and
                                                    As roommates in Chicago we started              band’s list of influences is pretty extensive.
  some cigarettes, and surviving against all
  kinds of difficult situations                     goofing around together on instruments          What is it like to perform live?
                                                    in friends’ apartments. We had a number         We pour a lot of energy into our live shows
  But best of all was that moment when we           of people join and leave over a couple of       we run and jump around on stage. Sometimes
  saw the lights of Ulaan Baatar twinkling on       years but our relationship as friends is more   we jump off stage and walk around in the
  the horizon. The car was held together by         important than our relationship as musicians.   crowd with our instruments. It’s fun to pick
  sheer willpower and the rear suspension           This takes some of the pressure off             someone out of the crowd, walk up to them,
  was a rubber floor mat, we literally rolled       “succeeding” as a serious band and makes        and start playing to them directly. They
  down hill into town and every hardship was        the whole process of writing and performing     usually don’t know quite how to react!
  worthwhile – we’d made it!                        a lot more natural and organic.
                                                                                                    What do you enjoy most
  For more information                              Do you play an instrument,                      about being in a band?                           or are you on vocals?                           It is like finding and talking to people who
                                                    I usually write, play guitar and sing lead.     share your native tongue, even though you
                                                    Although having a band full of music majors     all grew up in a foreign country speaking a
After 8,000 miles we had made it!                   means everyone plays a little of everything.    foreign language.
                                                    How would you describe the                      To get a copy of The Gorilla Press new CD
                                                    type of music you play?                         visit
                                                    Straightforward but obscure rock! We try to     or
                                                    keep the songs catchy and driving but like to
         26        BUSINESS
                                         stateside story

Stateside Story





                                                  “We’re already seeing a shift in the amount       On the legal front, the US Government
                                                  of ‘cash’ a staffing firm needs immediate         has recognised that the employer has a
                                                  access to as more and more businesses are         responsibility to ensure that people looking for
                                                  using temporary staff for quick ramp ups.         work are treated fairly. Scott has been working
                                                  The agency pays the staff – money supplied        with a group to influence legislation for the
                                                  to the client ‘interest free’ – and then waits    Day Labor Services Act in Illinois. This is
  Knowledge is power                              to be paid by the client. Essentially we          designed to improve professionalism all
  Scott Reedy                                     are providing another banking source. The         round and means that the client also has
  Source One Staffing Inc.                        biggest hurdle is where do we get the extra       a responsibility to ensure that the staffing
  Chicago, Illinois.                              cash flow from to deliver this increasingly       agency pays the wages and taxes. “Now the
                                                  essential service? Banks are understanding        Government can pursue the client, as well as
                                                  of receivables financing and can loan on the      the agency if abuses occur” states Scott. “It
When you ask Scott Reedy, owner                   basis of 80% of receivables, plus there are       will mean an end to unscrupulous individuals
of Source One Staffing in Chicago, a              funding organisations who will take over          providing lower end workers, often immigrants,
question, you’d better be ready for a             receivables dept for a percentage. However,       and failing in their duty to these people.”
straight answer.                                  staffing firms still need a strong cash flow to
                                                                                                    But how can staffing software help agencies
                                                  fund the extra 20%.
Staffing industry stalwart Scott attends                                                            meet these challenges effectively? “The support
every trade show and is a driving force           “Of course a big benefit of staffing firms is     we get from our eEmpACT system from Bond
behind eEmpACT’s User Group – so who              that they can send in a range of candidates       is key to effective management. It is organised
better to ask about the state of the industry     who can be used for short time periods and        and intuitive. I can bring anyone into my
in the US? “The current economic climate is       assessed for their suitability ‘on the job’.      business, from a high school graduate to
affecting the staffing industry in a variety of   This is a much cheaper option for firms           someone whose first language is not English,
ways that will spearhead radical change and       than using executive search which can take        and have them operating efficiently within a day.
alter the perception of the services staffing     time and requires a different commitment
                                                                                                    “The most important thing is that eEmpACT
professionals offer their clients” says Scott.    level. We are seeing a need for higher end
                                                                                                    improves the knowledge of our business
“As the economy loosens over the next five        positions, not just low-level roles. This is
                                                                                                    with irrefutable facts. It allows us to keep
years we need to be ready in two key areas:       another way that businesses are using
                                                                                                    track of single digit profits. My staff have
financial and legal.”                             the skills of the staffing firm to select and
                                                                                                    to realise that our pricing is critical. We’re
                                                  monitor candidates, rather than their own
                                                                                                    in business to provide a service, but we
                                                  HR resource. Not only are we taking over
                                                                                                    cannot remain in business without a profit.
                                                  their personnel issues, we are helping to
                                                                                                    I have had a great deal of success helping
                                                  minimise another cost centre.”
                                                                                                    other business owners understand where
                                                                                                    their profit comes from and what they need
                                                                                                    to ‘fund’ client accounts. In this industry
                                                                                                    a turnover of $1.25m may yield less than
                                                                                                    $20,000 – so margins are slim, and we
                                                                                                    need to adapt professionally and within our
                                                                                                    business culture to survive.”

At one with the world

                                                   BanyanBrown’s key technology partner,             Carie Parkin searched for software for a
                                                   Bond International Software (through              year before committing to Bond eEmpACT.
                                                   eEmpACT) provides the platform and                “When we got into eEmpACT it was a 180
                                                   management system that drives the Company’s       degree difference. Not only did the software
                                                   productivity. As Sarah says “This valuable        do what it claimed it would, but it did even
                                                   partnership has allowed us to succeed at a        more for us. We had many new functions
  Against the odds                                 higher level than I thought possible given        that we never had before, like importing
                                                   my exposure to other software products and        resumes, resume searches, unlimited skill
  Sarah Brown
                                                   services with past employers.”                    code options, being able to successfully
                                                                                                     assign more than one person to an order,
  Naples, Florida.                                 Through their work, the BanyanBrown
                                                                                                     having unlimited billing profiles and/or
                                                   team demonstrate a clear commitment.
                                                                                                     divisions. From my accounting perspective,
                                                   “Our unique relationships with the Florida
Sarah Brown has never shied                                                                          again, so many more options: direct deposit,
                                                   business community gives us advantages
away from a challenge and has                                                                        unlimited reports, and faster processing. In
                                                   that our competitors simply cannot offer”
consistently succeeded in life                                                                       fact it was amazing when I did my first year
                                                   she adds. “Our goals are to provide the
through sheer determination                                                                          end. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy
                                                   best person for the job, assist in our clients’
and a commitment to doing                                                                            it was compared to the time consuming
                                                   success, satisfy the needs of our candidates,
the right thing.                                                                                     method I had to use with my previous
                                                   and spread goodwill in the community. We
                                                                                                     program, my time was reduced by 75%.
The Florida native earned her BSBA in              provide accountability for all facets of our
                                                                                                     I am a huge advocate for this software.”
Finance and her MS in Decision and                 operation and our approach to each search is
Information Science from the University of         simple: we live in the lives of the people and    Molly Brown Temps tries to focus on quality
Florida before leaving for Hawaii. Unsure          the businesses we serve.”                         not quantity. “Many larger firms tend to
of her career direction, she decided to                                                              just send out ‘bodies’ to fill their orders. We
approach a globally renowned staffing and                                                            really strive to fit the temp to the employer.
executive search firm to gain some insight                                                           By having eEmpACT, I truly believe we have
into her options, but the firm hired her on the                                                      become even more successful because of
spot recognising her flair and capability. After                                                     the way the system allows you to do the
just two years with the organisation she was                                                         UltraMATCH. We did not have that before
asked to start up the first ‘executive search’                                                       and it meant our placement co-ordinators
division of the firm in Hawaii. This was an          Quality, not quantity                           had to rely on hard copies of resumes
immediate success and Sarah delivered                                                                and employee applications to fill the jobs.
                                                     Carie Parkin
outstanding results.                                                                                 UltraMATCH cuts that function right down
                                                     Molly Brown Temps.
                                                                                                     because all the information from those forms
Armed with this success, Sarah moved                 Seattle, Washington.
                                                                                                     is now right there in the database. We don’t
back to Naples, FL in 2006 and launched
                                                                                                     just fill an order to fill it. If we don’t have
BanyanBrown Solutions Inc. Her drive and
                                                   “Even in this tough economy                       a qualified candidate we either continue
motivation have enabled her business to
                                                   as businesses are having to lay                   looking, or let our client know.”
achieve significant profitability and growth
                                                   employees off they still have a lot
through the worst US economy in decades.
                                                   of work that needs to be done and
As a young woman in an ‘established’               that is where we come in” says Carie
business community she has done the                Parkin, Head of Operations at Molly
seemingly impossible and grown the                 Brown Temps.
business to a staff of six, moved to larger
                                                   “We have seen a lot of national companies
premises to accommodate expansion plans,
                                                   close numerous offices due to the economy
and achieved considerable profitability in
                                                   but we are still holding strong with both of
just the third year of operations. This is
                                                   our offices. A business can now call us for
even more significant when her peers’
                                                   short term needs and if the dollars run out
and competitors’ businesses have seen
                                                   they can cancel the temp. Recently we have
considerable contraction, many withdrawing
                                                   seen some positive things too, we’ve had
from the Florida market entirely.
                                                   some clients actually hire some of our recent
                                                   temps on perm. That is always a positive sign
                                                   that the economy is slowly coming back.”

         28       CUSTOMER STORY

Riding the wave
to online success
Abacus e-Media, a Bond International Software company, explains how
publishers Ocean Media are exploiting the potential of Webvision v3.

               cean Media’s Inside Housing           Steve Vickery, a director of Ocean Media:       colleagues, as the sole vehicle for compiling
               web site, designed by Abacus          “A key factor in the success of the project     content and then directing it to the print
               e-Media and based on the              was Abacus’ knowledge of the publishing         magazine, the web site or both.
               Company’s Webvision v3 digital        sector. Webvision v3 has been specifically
                                                                                                     Steve Vickery: “Our news journalists use
publishing solution, went live on time and           designed for our industry, but perhaps even
                                                                                                     Webvision all the time. They were extremely
on budget in July 2008. Since then traffic           more importantly, the hands-on, practical
                                                                                                     frustrated by the antiquated, prehistoric site
has increased from 20,000 unique visitors            publishing experience of their people has
                                                                                                     that we were running previously, so although
each month to more than 50,000, online               proved invaluable in helping our own staff to
                                                                                                     the introduction of Webvision has required
recruitment revenues have increased from 4%          make the significant cultural changes which
                                                                                                     dramatic changes in their working practices,
in 2007 to 20% just eight months after the           a major move to online, from a predominantly
                                                                                                     they have been very enthusiastic about its
launch, and the Company has achieved its             print environment, inevitably demands.”
                                                                                                     ease of use and overall flexibility.”
overall online financial targets, even in the face
                                                     Webvision v3 is used by Ocean Media’s
of the current severe economic downturn.
                                                     editorial staff and their production

At one with the world
  riding the wave to online success

Flexibility for recruitment advertising
The largest revenue stream for Inside
Housing is recruitment advertising. Even
though the old site carried all the jobs which
were listed in the magazine, there was very
little flexibility in terms of the offers that
could be made to advertisers. All this has
changed with the introduction of Webvision
v3 and its integration with Autonomy IDOL
enterprise search technology. “We now
have many more interesting and valuable
options to give to our advertisers. Autonomy
allows us to present job advertisements
contextually against relevant editorial
content and this is proving to be a major
selling point as it increases response
rates, particularly for some of the more
senior roles. Online recruitment revenues
have grown from 4% to 20%, and we are            Ocean Media is based in London’s business district at Canary Wharf.
confident that this is new advertising spend.
For the first time, we can now sell packages
                                                 Dispatch to help us create sector specific            Housing readers work a lot of their time
which bring together different sizes,
                                                 newsletters, that this is a much more                 in isolation, visiting tenants and being out
different positions and a ‘mix and match’
                                                 successful approach – rather than trying to           on site. There appears to be an appetite to
approach across print and online.”
                                                 create artificial communities on the site itself.”    talk online, ask questions and exchange
Increasing traffic and visitor numbers                                                                 information. We believe that by further
                                                 The introduction of User Generated Content
According to Steve Vickery, people come to                                                             developing the community aspects of Inside
                                                 – made possible by Webvision v3 – has been
sites such as Inside Housing for two main                                                              Housing for the social housing sector, we
                                                 another very successful innovation for the
reasons: news and jobs.                                                                                can help provide this type of environment
                                                 new Inside Housing site. “Webvision v3
                                                                                                       and in doing so, help people to do their jobs
The advent of Webvision v3, Jobs Marketplace     is very impressive in the way that it handles
                                                                                                       even better.”
(another Abacus e-Media product) and             user generated content and helps us to
Autonomy has significantly improved Inside       interact more with our readers. Our journalists       Bridal Buyer, another Ocean Media title,
Housing’s standing in the jobs marketplace.      have had to deal with the new cultural challenge      has also recently gone live based on
And in terms of its news content, some           of receiving a large volume of comments               Webvision v3. This site reuses the user
seven to ten stories are now posted each         on anything they may write about and being            interface framework page templates, which
day, compared with a weekly update of just       expected to enter into the discussion. However        have been customized for Ocean Media’s
a handful of items on the previous site.         this is working well and is undoubtedly               publishing business. The site features up
                                                 contributing significantly to the increase in         to the minute details of new collections
Ocean Media is also using Abacus’
                                                 the number of unique visitors from 22,000             and products, a global trade show and
e-marketing product, Dispatch, to design,
                                                 to more than 50,000 each month.”                      events calendar (including Ocean’s British
create and send daily newsletters to
                                                                                                       Bridal Exhibition and National Wedding
subscribers. These have proved to be very        Another advantage of the closer relationship
                                                                                                       Show), latest market news, expert industry
popular, and a number of sector specific         which Ocean Media has been able to build
                                                                                                       comment, special offer forums and news
newsletters – targeting those interested in      with its users is that ongoing design and
                                                                                                       alerts. Abacus e-Media’s Marketplace
finance, housing management, development         development – ‘the evolution’ – of the site,
                                                                                                       product is used to manage the company and
and HR – have also been launched.                can take place with active user participation
                                                                                                       brand information in the ‘Brands Directory’.
                                                 and input, rather than occurring in a vacuum
Steve Vickery: “Our original plan had been to
                                                 and simply hoping it will prove popular.              “We have developed a very successful
structure the site into a number of different
                                                                                                       working relationship with Abacus” says
communities for different audiences.             Looking ahead
                                                                                                       Vickery. “Their understanding of the
However our research indicated that this         Making changes to a printed magazine tends
                                                                                                       publishing sector is great for day-to day
was not what the majority of our users           to be expensive and slow to implement.
                                                                                                       matters, but also ensures that they are
wanted. They valued Inside Housing for           The online world is, of course, a completely
                                                                                                       very good at proactively suggesting new
offering them a breadth of subject matter        different matter. “We can take a much more
                                                                                                       or different ways that we can do something
and the opportunity to read about aspects        experimental approach given the flexibility
                                                                                                       to help us achieve our overall company
of their industry beyond their own particular    of the online environment. Our research
                                                                                                       strategy and targets.”
area of expertise. We have found, by using       indicates, for example, that many Inside

        30     CUSTOMER STORY
                                academy awards

                                                 Trust is the key
                                                 to successful
                                                 outsourcing in
                                                 London Academy

                                          AcademyBuilding relationships
                                                 Strictly Education, a Bond International
                                                 Software company, had been contracted
                                                 by the Academy sponsors to support them
                                                 with the TUPE* transfer of staff from the
                                                 pre-existing school to the Academy and
                                                 had liaised with the Dcfs* to agree funding
                                                 to support this process. During this period,
                                                 Sue Graham had the opportunity to build
                                                 a relationship with Strictly Education and
                                                 involved them in developing the staff
                                                 structure and producing job descriptions
                                                 and policies. She liked the fact that Strictly
                                                 Education could offer a full range of support
                                                 services, including payroll, property support
                                                 and IT. Having worked closely with them
                                                 during the establishment of the Academy
                                                 she had no qualms about calling upon them
                                                 for ongoing support.

                                                 Human Resources Support
                                                 Strictly Education’s role in providing HR
                                                 support involves them working directly with
                                                 Sue Graham, the Academy’s HR Managers,
                                                 and other Academy Staff. The focus of their
                                                 work has been to support the Academy
                                                 with achieving continuous improvement
                                                 and to maximise learning opportunities for
                                                 students through high quality HR support.

At one with the world

When St Michael and All Angels Academy opened in
September 2007, Executive Principal Sue Graham faced a
number of challenges, one of which was raising the levels
of attainment within the Academy. With her business
background, she immediately saw that one of the priorities
was to ensure the Academy had motivated staff with strong
management skills who were very focused on achieving the
required results. She believed the most effective route to                                           Ann Hullis, Corporate Director of Strictly Education
                                                                                                     with Sue Graham, Executive Principal of
achieve this was by working with outside expert Strictly Education.                                  St Michael & All Angels Academy

awar ds
According to Sue, “Working with Strictly           Academy benefits                                  “The third student outcome is in pupil
Education gives me access to a team of             “Working with Strictly Education has brought      motivation. We have historically had quite
thirteen HR professionals. I have a consultant     huge benefits to the Academy” says Sue.           severe challenges with students’ attitude. Now
who spends a day a week at the Academy,            “The productivity of the HR team has increased    that the teachers have the skills to motivate
and works closely with the Senior Leadership       through training and the extensive support        and inspire the students, problems in this
Team, supporting the development of their          of the helpdesk. The capacity and skills of       particular area have dramatically reduced.”
management skills. We also have access to          the leadership team have improved and staff
unlimited help whenever it’s needed through        relations are better than they have ever been.”
                                                                                                     The key aspect underpinning the success
their HR Helpdesk.”
                                                   Student outcomes                                  of the service delivery by Strictly Education
‘Critical Friend’                                  Three clear student outcomes have resulted        has been the relationship developed with
Strictly Education has fulfilled the role of a     from the joint approach the Academy has           Sue Graham, The Chair of Governors and
‘critical friend’ within the Academy. “I don’t     taken with Strictly Education:                    the Senior Leadership Team. Because the
always like what they have to say” she adds                                                          relationship is so strong right from the top,
                                                   “Firstly, attainment has dramatically
“but I know that the advice they give is both                                                        this confidence cascades down through the
                                                   improved. When the Academy started in
good and honest. I trust them explicitly and it                                                      Leadership Team and through them to the
                                                   2007 our attainment was 30% of pupils
gives me a forum to be totally honest about                                                          rest of the staff. The whole Academy now
                                                   attaining five A* – C grades at GCSE. Last
any concerns I have. I know that whatever I                                                          view Strictly Education as an extension of
                                                   year this had increased to 42%, and this
say is treated with the utmost confidentiality.”                                                     the Academy and find it perfectly normal to
                                                   year we are expecting 60%.
                                                                                                     have a Strictly Education consultant on site.
Practical help
                                                   “The second area is in Ofsted and HMI
As well as becoming deeply involved                                                                  Sue Graham believes Strictly Education has
                                                   inspections. Our latest report highlights
in giving guidance and advice, Strictly                                                              been a key factor in the strong progress
                                                   working with third parties, Strictly Education
Education offers the Academy grass roots                                                             towards continuous improvement within the
                                                   being a key one. It states:
practical help. For example, they have dealt                                                         Academy. “We would not have achieved
with disciplinary and grievance procedures,        ‘(The Executive Principal) has developed a        the results we have in the short timescale
reorganised the SEN* provision, and carried        number of productive external partnerships,       without them.”
out targeted work with under performers.           for example, with the local authority, the
They give help with the recruitment process        police, and private consultancies. Each of
                                                                                                     TUPE = Transfer of Undertakings Legislation
and support Sue Graham with regular staff          these partners is accountable for and clear       Dcfs = Department for Children, Schools & Families
reviews as well as many other day-to-day           about their part in helping to achieve the        SEN = Special Educational Needs
HR tasks.                                          Academy’s vision.’

         32     BUSINESS STORY
                                             one world

One world

Bond International Software: human capital management                                                         

software and solutions for organisations of all sizes.                                                        

Bond’s solutions enable businesses to              customers range from independent              OUTSOURCING
transform performance through the delivery         recruitment businesses with a staff of        Strictly Education provides outsourced
and implementation of technologies that            less than five, to global corporations with   payroll, HR and other supplementary
provide a suite of recruitment and talent          workforces of thousands, to specialist        services to the state education sector and
management applications including: workforce       executive search consultants serving niche    Payroll Services delivers reliable and secure
planning, talent acquisition, employee             industries. eEmpACT is the software           payroll services to organisations of all sizes
performance management, career development,        of choice for small to medium staffing        and industry types throughout the UK.
succession management, e-learning, and             businesses across the US and Canada.
                                                                                                 WEB SERVICES
compensation management. A cross-platform
                                                   HR & PAYROLL SOFTWARE                         Also in the UK Abacus develops web based
alignment delivers best-in-class functionality
                                                   TeamSpirit offers an integrated HR and        products and provides design, development
and streamlines processes for better business
                                                   payroll solution in the UK that streamlines   and consultancy services to the public
performance right across the board.
                                                   processes. This transforms businesses by      and media sectors. The specialist content
Bond’s solutions fall under the following          enabling HR professionals to concentrate      management software provides a core
business categories:                               on strategic support and contribute more      platform for publishing companies and local
                                                   effectively to growth and development.        government offices seeking to significantly
                                                   Independent HR and Pay solutions are also     develop their on-line properties.
Bond International Software is the world’s
                                                   fully supported. Customers include many
leading supplier of specialist recruitment
                                                   household names and charities, some of
software with our Adapt, Talent and Vantage
                                                   whom have been in partnership with the
solutions. These offer a sophisticated portfolio
                                                   group for more than twenty years.
of professional tools which manage the
entire placement cycle and internationally

                                                             Bond International Software. At one with the world

At one with the world
“I Need Stability From My
    Software Partner”

 eEmpACT v15 is the only 100% fully-
integrated front and back office system.
  No one else has it. Not VCG™. Not
   Bullhorn™. Not Tempworks™. They
arrange separate systems in an attempt
   to give you what our customers are
already using—complete front and back
 office with payroll, invoicing, accounts
      receivable, general ledger and
            accounts payable.

  Finally, all the elements of cash flow
  and profit analysis are in one place,
 from the most stable staffing software
          company in the world.

  Call eEmpACT today—and release

      The power of
     throughout your organization.

                                   For discerning CEOs,
                             there really is only one choice…

            World’s largest staffing software company.
Specialist staffing software
for leading recruitment
companies of all sizes

One solution. Today and tomorrow
From international consultancy firms with global deployment challenges, to start-up
agencies, Adapt specialist software from Bond is chosen by more leading companies
than any other. Wherever you’re heading Adapt has the platform independence, total
configurability and language capabilities to support business growth.

For more information on what Bond Adapt can offer your business, and for an insight into
the future of recruitment software call +44 (0) 1903 707070, email
or visit our website.

One company. One call. One decision.
Bond International Software