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How_to_Blog__Is_it_for_Fame_or_Fortune_ by muoAfokm


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How to Blog: Is it for Fame or Fortune?

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Blogging as we all know has become an outlet allowing most people to express, unwind and unleash the things
that goes around in a persons mind for everyone to see.

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Blogging as we all know has become an outlet allowing most people to express, unwind and unleash the things
that goes around in a persons mind for everyone to see. While not most people would appreciate it, this form
of activity makes a person expand his knowledge and entertain new insights coming from current events,
personal interaction and actual experiences. Most people of today will not waste their time reading what
person blogs or writes but for sure many would be surprised at how informative such composed blogs contain and
how people can be able to express their grief or joy from everyday endeavors...As I have said before, blogging
is a therapeutic form of rehabilitation. It allows a sigh of relief in most cases, allowing people to
get aof their shoulders. Blogging has been limited to people who are Internet exposed people, most of which
are the yuppies of tomorrow. Some professionals, particularly in the great areas of the United States and
Europe have taken this up and most of them have two things on their mind: for personal distinction (fame) or
as another source of income (fortune)...Many have claimed that people are earning millions by the day from
blogging alone. Some are just in it to gain the exposure they are longing for, something that they fail
achieve in the competitive world of today, particularly in journalism and article writing tasks. It
is not distinguish which blogs or compositions are authentic and the purpose of which is to spread
hard to
information and become sources for future people who blog. It is the content, hence why people say “Content is
King”. If it is just money for the sake of placing keywords in a particular article, then writers and
may as well be given a negative attention towards people who search the web for quality written content or
blogs. This is a rarity today, the reason being, all they want is to attract people to visit their
sites their page ranks as analyzed by Google which will raise the stakes for possible pay per click
raise and
advertisements. This gives article and content writing a bad name. It deprives the people who really pour out
their heart and minds towards sharing towards people what their opinions really are. Blogging should not be
treated solely for making money, it should be about a person’s viewpoint, something that is surely different
from that of others...For fame itself, people who love to read what a person writes is more than enough
to due recognition to the author. Quality should never be sacrificed for keyword density as they say. It
is easy to spot a poorly written article. Repetitiveness of words, and totally out of sync compositions
are immediate noticeable marks. So the next time you see such things, expect the blog or composition to be
full of non-sense and just go back to the previous page and look for that quality written composition that
worth the time reading. Besides, everyone values their time, hence make good use of it and spot the low
quality content right away.

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