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									                            Florida Public Adjuster

The persons who want to be a pubic adjuster in Florida have to choose the type and different categories of
licence available. New policy and regulations have been introduce in Florida and has become tough to get
license after 2009.

Rules and Regulations for Florida Public Adjuster are, the person should prepare a file of insurance company
form which is to be insured. Secondly, the person has to negotiate on behalf of company for settlements of
claims and accounts. Lastly, the person should advertise, socialise and do the marketing for the company for
such claims.

The contractors who are helping the policy holder for their claim with an additional amount should be charged
under third degree felony mention by Florida law under section 626.8733.To obtain license is the surest means
of staying in agreement.

To obtain Florida public adjuster one should prepare 3-20 All-Line PA license to clear successfully the
Florida public adjuster exam. The exams conducted are very difficult and the one who are not prepared don’t
have the chance of success. If one is successful in clearing such exams can be eligible to acquire for the
following license are 3-20 All –Lines, 3-21 Motor Vehicle Physical damage or mechanical breakdown, 3-24
Worker’s compensation, 3-40 Health,3-44 Property and Casualty.

The state of Florida offer three types of All-line adjuster license, A-60 is applicable only to the employees of
company, 5-20 is an independent license which can be applicable to those who are not company employees, A3-
20 is applicable to property’s owner against insurance company, and its qualification of getting license is
different from the above mention two. The applicants should submits the documents in front of department of
financial services and submits their finger-prints can take part in the exams.5-20 which is an independent license
can be converted into 6-20 which is a company license.

The persons are already the employees of the company can apply for 6-20 licenses and track the same rules
prescribe for 5-20.Such Company’s offer on-job training which is an advantage for the new employees as they
are paid when they are being paid.Public Adjuster have to perform the duty of marketing and advertising,
maintaining the office. They are the one who are responsible for breeding the income for the company.

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