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        How To Attract New
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How Web Video SEO is Coming of Age…QUICKLY!
 - 24 Hours of Video is Uploaded to YouTube (YT) EVERY MINUTE
   34,560 Hours PER DAY 12,614,400 Hours PER YEAR - 720

 - Since it’s launch in 2005, YouTube has become the 5th largest brand on the web

 - YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine!!!!!

 - May 2010 – YouTube exceeds 2 BILLION views a day

 - In September of 2010: 125.5M (40% of the US population) Americans watched
 10.3 BILLION videos on YT That is an average of about 3 videos per day

 - Average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube

                                                          * Source:
Lewis Southwick ~ Southwick Search Marketing
  - University of Missouri Grad …. My degree is in BIOLOGY!!!!!

  - Area Manager Southern Vision Centers - 1993

  - Marketing Director for Frames For America, Inc - 1996

  - Director of Business Development – Trippon Group of Companies - 2007

  - Private Search Consulting Since 2007

  - Southwick Search Marketing ~ 2009
You Can Dominate Your Market With Video Marketing

  - Video Marketing is in its INFANCY with most industries

  - 98% of searches on the web are for local businesses

     GENERALLY, Local search is quicker & easier to rank higher and faster

  - Videos engage the viewer more than any other medium can

  - People are 6X’s more likely to recall something they have learned VISUALLY
  compared to what they READ or HEARD

  - You can build a relationship FASTER and MORE STABLE than written copy
What I Am Going To Cover

  - Video Categories ~ Are All YouTube Videos The Same

  - Preparing To Become A Video Marketer

  - Know Your “Sidney”

  - The Most Important Step In Video SEO Starts By Doing This First

  - YouTube Secrets To Gain Top Ranking on Search Engines

  - What The Future Holds
Video Categories ~Are All YouTube Videos The Same

  - Promotional

   Video Sales Letters
   Call To Action
   Welcome, Thank You, Introduction

  - Tutorial

   Educating About A Subject ~ Documentary
   How To Do “X”

  ABC – Always Be Closing! Your marketing videos are
Video Production 101 – How To Get Started

  - Step 1 THINK
  What is the purpose of this video? Purpose? (company profile, product demo,
  testimonial, event marketing)

  - Step 2 EASY TO USE CAMERA!!!!!
  Stay in budget! Too Complicated = No Productivity!

  Story board your video. Script It. Teleprompter. Interview Questions & Answers.

  Sound Trumps Light!
Video Production 101 – How To Get Started

  Keep it Real!

  KISS – Outsource vs Do-It-Yourself

  - Step 7 TELL „EM ABOUT IT
   Social Media Campaigns. Aggregators. TubeMogul & Traffic Geyser

  - Step 8 Publish Often
  Be consistent. Newsworthy = Quick Ranking.
  *Use YouTube “Most Popular”- Yahoo Trending Now – Google News Top Stories
Video Production 101 – How To Get Started
Know Your “Sidney”

 Who is your target customer?
 Realistically define who your target customer.
 Define their needs and how your company can meet those needs.

 Rich Uncle Paul

 Know Your Demographics!
 What are your customers most commonly asked questions
 What are their fears, keeps them up at nights, makes them happy…and address
 them in your video script

 Benefit, Benefit, Benefit
 CLEAR Benefit stated as early in your video as possible
Important Note About Marketing
to “Sydney”
  Be sensitive to your industry
  Professional services vs. Retail
  Funeral Home vs. Comedy Club

  Be Sensitive To Your “Sydney”
  IRS Negotiation
  Collection Attorney
  Cosmetic Surgery

  Deliver What You Promise
  If you can’t deliver it, don’t offer it!
  Be careful not to sound too good to be true

  ALWAYS Operate Above The Board
  Slander & Liable Statements
The Most Important Step in Video SEO is ….
  Keyword Research is KING!
  Do you know your top 5 keyword phrases for your industry? You MUST find out
  what terms your customer are searching for to find your goods/services.
  Google Keyword Tool is free! No excuses for not doing keyword research.

  - Embed your video from YouTube …. It’s FREE bandwidth!
  - Create ONE YouTube Account Per Website/Department – Keyword in Name
  - Develop ONE video for your top keywords
  - Keyword should be file name uploaded to YouTube
  - Keyword should be the FIRST words in the title
  - Keyword should be the FIRST words in the description
  -Keyword should be the FIRST words in the Youtube video tags
  - Keyword should be in the page URL where your Youtube video lives on your site
  - Only one keyword inspired video per URL
  -Your URL should have more keyword rich content that your Youtube description
-Your URL should have more keyword rich content
 than your Youtube description
XML Video Sitemaps

 - Create a Video XML Sitemap so that search
 engines can find your video content
   Google search for “video xml sitemap

 - WordPress sites that contain video should have
 the XML Video Sitemap Plugin

 - Submit Your sitemap to Google Webmaster
Youtube Video Linking Strategies

  - Cross link your Youtube video URLS using keyword rich text links
Youtube SEO Strategies – Rank Higher Faster &
Stay On Top Of Your Competition
  - Know Your Character Length Limits
          Title: 27 Characters
          Tags: 120 Characters, 24 character limit to one tag
           Description: 1000 Characters

  Title: Attempt To Repeat Keyword Twice – DON’T KW SPAM

  Description: KW first words of the description. Include at least 2 links – 1st one
  ALWAYS to where that video lives on your site

  Tags: Aggregators vs Live Upload Tags – IMPORTANT “Writer Downer”

 List of Tags:

 china economy, china stock, china stock market, china market, chinese stock
 market, chinese stock exchange

 YouTube & Aggregators will reduce this list to:

 china economy stock market chinese exchange


 “china economy”, “china stock”, “china stock market”, “china market”, “chinse
 stock market”, “chinese stock exchange”
Link to Your Video On
                               Link Back To Your YouTube
                               Video With a New Window
                               Link To Lift the Views On
                               YouTube Video Length Best Practices

  Don’t Go Long!

  Readers have short attention spans.

  The best e-commerce videos are between 1-2 minutes.
  HOWEVER, industry specific videos may vary.

  IE: Mesothelioma: Asbestos Mesothelioma Symptoms may be longer than 2
  minutes and be a multi-part video series

  YouTube Limits your video to 10 minutes of 10G Videos Are Made To Be Seen

 Don‟t Hide the videos on your site!

 Videos hidden behind a text link have a .5 to 2 percent click-through rate.

 Those with a thumbnail link have a 6 to 14 percent click-through rate.

 Those embedded right on the page, have a 25 to 45 percent click-through rate.

 Production cost is the same no matter where you place the video.

 So get the most out of your video!
Develop a BackLink Strategy

  Create a System to Generate BackLinks

  - Create a signature for commenting on blogs, forums, etc that includes a link to
  your video
  -Comment on related videos and add a link to your video
  - Use videos in your email marketing, link to your page where your video lives
  - Social bookmarking, Content Syndication & Social Media Marketing
  - Comment on forums of .gov, .edu and .org sites
What The Future Holds For Video SEO Marketing
  Videos are 53 Times More Likely To Generate a First Page Google Ranking
  Than Traditional SEO Techniques
  The rise of smart phones will drastically increase video consumption.

  Video SEO will become more competitive – First Always Zwins!

  “Internet Ready” televisions will add to the amount of video watch

  Google Audio Indexing – YouTube video transcripts will soon be indexed

  Google continues to improve behavior data tracking to deliver relevant content

  Don‟t be late on the bandwagon for SEO video marketing
  Make these technologies lucrative for you. Brainstorm
  how you want to take advantage now and in the future.
The SEO How To‟s Of

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