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Product Manager:               Mattias Edlund - Microsoft Northern Europe
Countries concerned:           Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Product division:              Microsoft PC Games for Windows
Publication date:              2004-10-01

Name of product:
Microsoft Zoo Tycoon 2 for 32-bit Windows, English/Nordic, English
Int'l and Swedish versions

General information:
Zoo Tycoon 2, the newest addition to the massively popular and award-winning “Zoo
Tycoon” franchise, provides the ultimate zoo experience, and now allows players to step into
their zoo where they’ll be face-to-face with animals and guests in an all-new 3-D world.
Enhanced building options and more management choices allow players of all ages and skill
levels to be even more creative in building and managing habitats and zoo attractions so that
guests are happier and animals are more entertaining.

   Zoo Tycoon 2 is an entirely new game, not an expansion pack
   Zoo Tycoon 2 is the sequel to the very popular Zoo Tycoon franchise that has been a top
    selling game since its launch in October 2001
   Craft amazing wildlife habitats--from deserts to arctic tundras--to build the ultimate zoo.
   Experience your dream zoo first-hand in the all-new 3-D Zoo Guest mode.
   Take snapshots of your zoos and create a photo album of your best shots.

   Get closer to the action. Players can now step into their dream zoo via the all-new Zootopia
    functionality and enhanced 3-D graphics to experience it all first-hand. Walk around with
    guests and enjoy the zoo via Zoo Guest mode, or come face-to-face with animals while
    caring, feeding and improving their happiness in Zookeeper mode. Finally, take pictures of
    the animals in action and create a photo album to share online with friends using the Zoo
    Photo Safari.
   New ways to build. “Zoo Tycoon 2” features more than 300 building objects including
    exhibit materials, themed buildings, guest attractions and toys. Creating an exhibit is easier

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    than ever with the new Habitat Builder tool that allows players to build moats, waterfalls and
    more. The Biome Brush provides the final touches on a new exhibit, painting different
    landscapes instantly to create natural deserts, rainforests, arctic tundras and wetlands.
   Deeper gameplay. Random and Dynamic challenges in the Campaign and Freeform modes
    allow players even deeper, more interesting gameplay scenarios. Take on additional
    challenges, such as nursing an animal back to health through Random challenges presented to
    players during the course of zoo building, or accept Dynamic challenges which relate directly
    to the scenario or map the player is currently playing. How players design and build their
    zoos determines the type of animations their animals perform, while balancing the changing
    needs of both guests and animals is paramount to having the ultimate zoo.
   Downloadable content. Free downloadable content including more building objects and
    animals adds variety to creating the ultimate zoo, with ongoing updates all available at
More Information
For more information look on

   Qty 1 CD-ROM
   Manual Zoo Tycoon 2
   Card Installation Instructions
   Electronic License

   Multimedia PC with a 733-MHz or faster processor
   One of Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows
    XP operating systems
   128 MB of RAM
   900 MB of available hard-disk space
   8X CD-ROM drive
   32 MB GeForce 2 MX or better graphics card
   56.6Kbps modem or LAN; broadband to run a server for internet play (online/multiplayer)
Miscellaneous / Peripheral
 Sound card and speakers and/or headphones

Street Date Program
Microsoft Zoo Tycoon 2 may not be sold to end customers before the Launch date November 26th,

Estimated Channel Partner Availability – mid November
Estimated Street Date Availability – end November

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Product Details
Full Packaged Product – Nordic/English version
 License    Part         Product Name           Media      License     Pallet     Master-        Bar Code
 Offering   Number                                                     Quantity   pack
 License    Q29-00038    Zoo Tycoon 2 Win32     CD-ROM     1 license   2500       25             805529929326
                         DA/FI/NO/SV DVD
                         Case Nordic Only
                         CD Partial

Full Packaged Product – Swedish version
 License     Part         Product Name          Media      License     Pallet     Master-        Bar Code
 Offering    Number                                                    Quantity   pack
 License    Q29-00078    Zoo Tycoon 2 Win32     CD-ROM     1 license   2500       25             805529983717
                         Swedish DVD Case

Full Packaged Product – English version
 License     Part         Product Name          Media      License     Pallet     Master-        Bar Code
 Offering    Number                                                    Quantity   pack
 License    Q29-00030    Zoo Tycoon 2 Win32     CD-ROM     1 license   2500       25             805529929111
                         English Intl DVD
                         Case Not to Latam

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