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The Amsterdam Court of Appeals has exclusive jurisdiction in first and
 final instance.48 Although cassation is possible, it is hardly
feasible since all parties must agree to it, while they all requested
the legally binding order in the first place. When the Dutch legislator
 introduced the WCAM for remedying the consequences of the internal
(DES) case, no due regard had been paid to transnational cases. The
Shell securities case and the later Vedior case illustrate the
extraterritorial effects of certain acts.The Shell case is the
first international or transnational mass damage case that has been
settled under the WCAM regime. Excluding the US shareholders, the
settlement was concluded for the benefit of the worldwide group of
Shell’s shareholders, who purchased their shares from 8 April 1999
through 18 March 2004 on many stock exchanges other than the NY SE.
One of the issues in a transnational case to be resolved was whether
the Court of Appeals had international jurisdiction to declare the
settlement binding. As the Shell securities case delivers the
authority to rely on whether the WCAM settlement could include
non-Dutch residents as well, this case is examined here.

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