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Student Technology Fee Committee Proposal


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                            Student Technology Fee Committee
                Tommy Bauer
Requestor Name: _________________________________________________

UW Tacoma Affiliation:                   Student            Student Org             Staff             Faculty
                                      Associated Students UW Tacoma
If a student organization, which one: _________________________________________________

If staff/faculty, which department: __________________________________________________
Email:                                        692.4427
                                                                       Phone: ________________________

                                                   STFC Criteria

          Proposals submitted must be in compliance with all STFC Criteria listed below.

    •     Proposal must be technology-related and not in conflict with the STF Policy.
    •     Proposal must be completed correctly and submitted before the deadline date.
    •     Proposal must demonstrate a beneficial need for a majority of the students.
    •     Proposal must detail all the items/resources requested to be purchased.
    •     Proposal must demonstrate that the funding is not available through other administrative
    •     Submitter must ensure that there are not any other similar proposals in the works.
    •     Technology must sustain a use of approximately three years.
    •     Requestors must sign up for a 15 min. presentation with the Committee on one of the
          following days: April 3rd, 10th or 17th & answer follow up questions and/or concerns.

   By checking this box, I am confirming that I have read and understood the STFC Criteria as
outlined above.
          Tommy Bauer
          ____________________________________                              02.22.09
                Applicant Name Printed                                            Date

        NOTE: Incomplete requests or requests which do not fall under these guidelines shall be returned to the
        requestor to be completed and/or updated before consideration will be given.
Please provide the following information for the proposal for which you’re requesting STFC funds:
       Collaborative Group Study Space
Title: _________________________________________________________________________
            42" lcd screen, computer, medialink anti theft device, mount, chairs/table, structural

                           One Time Request                       Continuous Ongoing

Item Detail

    Item                          Qty Cost per item        Shipping Fee      Tax            Subtotal

    Sony bravia 42" 1080p LCD      1   $      999.99       $      0.00       $     88.00    $   1,088.00

    Dell Computer(mouse,keybd)     1   $      760.00       $   Included      $ Included     $       760.00

    Medialink extron anti theft    1   $      185.00       $   Included      $ Included     $       185.00

    60 X 24 work zone table        1   $      415.00       $   Included      $ Included     $       415.00

                                                                                     Total $    4,237.00

NOTE: Please be concise.

Background – The background will provide the context of the proposed project in detail. Explain
how this proposal will be used in conjunction with existing technology programs. If applicable, how
is this current technology inadequate at UWT?

Provide information on which department and who (by name) will be responsible for maintaining
equipment and any ongoing support needs.
    Since nearly every classroom curriculum on campus incorporates some type group work into its
    class, a study space where students can work together in a collaborative setting and prepare for
    presentations, work on group papers, complete chemistry homework, and a variety of other
    homework tasks would be extremely beneficial for students to use on a everyday basis. In this
    study space a proposed large TV hooked up to a computer allowing groups to work on projects in
    an accessible location would allow students to work better in groups. The merits for such a project
    are nearly endless, as it allows group work to be more efficient, productive, and visually appealing to
    the entire group.

Benefit to Students – Discuss how students will benefit from this proposal.

This might include how this proposal: will increase students’ marketability for future careers; meet
computing needs not currently met by existing resources; enhance students’ education, teaching and
research activities.
     A campus wide study conducted in the spring of 2008 by Brailsford & Dunlavey costing nearly
    $60,000 that was funded through 2007-2008 SAF had many findings. One major finding was that
    as the campus shifted from a commuter campus that only served juniors and senior undergraduate
    programs to a four year institution the campus failed to offer convenient & collaborative group
    study spaces to students. This project addresses the need outlined by the study done by Brailsford
    & Dunlavey and allows students to be more productive outside the classroom in doing their studies.

Access – Describe who will be using or will have access to the resources being proposed. If this is
not a general access resources (i.e. available to any registered student), discuss what restrictions will
be placed on resource use. Include hours of availability.

NOTE: The Committee strongly encourages proposals to include a mechanism to allow all student
Access is paramount to this project and is a driving force to this proposal being introduced. Since
this project will not be in the library it will not be restricted to an Academic Affairs budget that
looks to consolidate student access. Rather than being in an Academic building that is subject to an
administration that looks to cut costs by restricting hours of operation of its buildings this project
will be in a building that is controlled by students, used by students, and immune from increased
operational costs that could potentially hurt student access. As such, this project will be located in
the 1st floor of the Mattress factory less than 50ft from a classroom, parking lot, and student affairs
resources. Since students would have to login on to a computer to use this project only current
students with valid UWT ID'S and login passwords would be able to use it. Currently the library
uses a sign up sheet for its group study spaces so students can use its spaces for an hour at a time; a
similar system would be adopted for this project.

Timeline – Provide a timeline showing how the proposed project can be completed during the
requested support period. Describe when you would like to see this proposal initiated and
completed and why.
    Once funded this project should be available to use as soon as campus facilities is able to establish a
    work order and complete the needed structural modifications to the Mattress Factory. Since the
    medialink anti-theft device will require some structural improvements in order to function the
    timetable for this project could be a bit longer than simply purchasing parts. However, since this
    committee has made an effort to accept and judge over proposals earlier than last year this project
    once funded, should be completed over the Summer and made available to students by fall quarter.

    Ideally, because this is a project that once made available could be used by students the shorter the
    timetable for completion the better.

Resources/Budget – Discuss current available financial, personnel and space resources devoted to
the proposed technology and level of support. Describe how these resources will leverage this
proposal if funded.
    Since the mattress factory is a student space, resources can be moved around at the willingness of
    the students. The first floor offer many wide open areas for students to study and after careful
    review the current location proposed offers the necessary ports and outlets that would be needed
    for this project.
    In terms of financial resources needed the proposal would be a one time purchase and would be
    relatively sustainable and require little to no maintenance.

Endorsements – List all participating units and include the endorsements of the supporting deans,
vice presidents, chairs, faculty, students and staff.

The Committee supports efforts to provide partial funding or external support for projects. Please
describe any efforts in this area.
 Elise Nicholl, STFC Chair, ASUWT Senator
 Daniel Arroyo, STFC Chair, ASUWT Senator
 Randy Brown, Chair Student Campus Enhancement Committee, ASUWT Senator
 Chelsey Nesbitt, Chair Public Relations Committee, ASUWT Senator
 Melissa Audett, Chair Public Relations Committee, ASUWT Senator
 Elizabeth Fernandez, Chair Legislative Affairs Committee, ASUWT Senator
 Mitch Pomeroy, Chair Legislative Affairs Committee, ASUWT Senator
 Dr. Emily Ignacio, Associate Professor IAS
 Student Activities Board
 Chris Stanis, HOPE Network President

Department Head

Name: ___________________________________________

Email:                                                  Phone: _______________________

                             Student Technology Fee Committee Official Use Only

      Approved or Denied: _______________                                  Amount Approved: _______________

      Vote: _________ (For)                        __________ (Against)                        __________ (Abstentions)

      ____________________________                                         _______________________________
      STFC Co-Chair (Name Printed)                                             Signature          Date

      ____________________________                                         _______________________________
      STFC Co-Chair (Name Printed)                                             Signature          Date



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