Diversity in education

Assessment tasks
Diversity e-portfolio
Your assessment is a collection of tasks that will be presented throughout the unit. Each
year level from pre-primary to Year Six at Jayhill Heights Primary School will be
completing homework, assignments and classroom activities as they learn more about
diversity. The staff has a few tasks to do too! Your assessment will encompass all of
these tasks into one diversity e-portfolio. Your e-portfolio will consist of eight tasks all
together. When all eight tasks have been completed you can submit your e-portfolio to
your facilitator. Good luck!

                             Task                                  Task Screen
Pre-        Classroom Activity: Research the           Task 2
Primary     top six languages spoken in Australia
                                                       Screen 3
            and create a ‘Hello’ chart. List the
            languages and write how to say hello
            in each of those languages. Include
            Auslan and the local Indigenous tribe
            greeting in addition to the six

Year One    Classroom Activity: Create a poster        Task 6
            promoting Harmony Week and the
                                                       Screen 5
            activities that will take place in the
            school for that week. This might
            include a special lunch, a competition,
            a special assembly, guest speakers or
            a performance.

Year Two    Classroom Activity: List five              Task 7
            questions you would like to ask
                                                       Screen 6
            someone who has recently migrated
            to Australia. Start your questions with:
            Why? How? When? Where? Who?

Year        Assignment: Research what the top          Task 8
Three       ten countries of origin for migrants to
                                                       Screen 6
            Australia are. Mark on the map from
            1–10. Then interview six of your
            classmates and indicate on the map
            where in the world their ancestors
            lived before coming to the state you
            live in. Use their names on the map.

                                Diversity in education

Year        Homework: Put cotton wool in your          Task 3
Four        ears for half and hour and go about
                                                       Screen 3
            your activities at home. Write a short
            report on your experience of hearing
            impairment covering your initial
            thoughts about the activity, the things
            you did in the half hour, your feelings
            during the activity, what obstacles or
            frustrations you faced while simulating
            hearing impairment and alternative
            communication methods you used.

Year Five   Classroom Activity: Create a               Task 1
            ‘Diversity Policy’ for the classroom.
                                                       Screen 2
            The policy will include a set of rules
            on personal conduct for staff and
            students. Include four rules on Equity,
            Responsibility, Respect and

Year Six    Homework: Read through the UN              Task 5
            Convention of Human Rights and fill in
                                                       Screen 4
            the worksheet summarising the
            convention in the fifteen points listed
            on the worksheet.

Staff       Workplace Task: There is a new             Task 4
Room        teacher starting in the school next
                                                       Screen 4
            term (to replace Miss Taylor who is
            going on maternity leave) and she has
            her staff induction booked for next
            week. You are to help Miss Tapsell
            update the induction booklet for new
            staff. You are to write information on
            the legislation, policies and guidelines
            that govern Australian schools relating
            to personal conduct and workplace
            diversity. To do this you need to list
            relevant National Legislation (Acts),
            and give an outline of the Equal
            Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy
            for your state. You also need to make
            a statement on how Jayhill Heights
            views diversity in the school.


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