Handbags For Women Who Hate Handbags by bfftst


									Culturally speaking in the United States, women are supposed to love the
idea of carrying around some sort of handbag for the majority of their
life. Not all women love the idea of a handbag. Some completely resist,
shoving everything under the sun in their numerous pockets and being
perfectly willing to leave a lot more at home than other women. Theres
nothing wrong with this. Some people find it surprising when their
girlfriend resists the idea, but men are often relieved at the money
saved in handbag expenses.

However, sometimes there is a need for a woman who really can not handle
the idea of carrying purse to move into the handbag territory simply
because of its necessity. Whether for work or for medical reasons or for
other reasons, their life simply can no longer fit into their pockets, no
matter how hard they try. Thus, it is time to embark on the mission of
buying a handbag for the woman who hates handbags.

First, its important to understand why it is that the handbag is such a
bitter idea. Most women and even men associate a handbag with traditional
female roles and obligations. A handbag is a symbol to many women, a
symbol that indicates that women are supposed to carry the bulk of the
crap. This can be a big turn off for many women. Who wants to be saddled
carrying everything around? Emotionally speaking, women who feel like
they are forced to carry the bulk of the crap are more resistant to
handbags than women who feel that they are in neutral ground when it
comes to crap carrying. Of course, there are other reasons as well.

Some women simply reject societys standard of what makes a woman
feminine. A woman can be feminine while wielding around a hammer and a
stun gun even if she doesnt look like Angelina Jolie. Femininity is a
state of mind more than a skill at accessorizing. However, for most of
our society, when we ask about the things women will do that men dont,
carrying a handbag is right up there on the list. This can be frustrating
for women who need to venture into the land of carrying more items than
their pockets will hold.

Just because you have to delve into the land of handbags doesnt mean that
you have to come walking away with some cute little strapped number that
is barely big enough to slip your keys and wallet into. The world of
handbags has grown in the last twenty years, offering to many new choices
that fit their personality and style much better than little strapped
numbers with sparkles on the side.

Saddle bags are the number one pick for women who hate handbags but need
one. Saddle bags are relatively large handbags and are a creative cross
between the traditional purse and the traditional leather backpack. These
handbags slip over the shoulder with the feel of a backpack and offer a
blended style. For a lot of women, even those who love the handbag, the
extra room afforded by this style is not only perfect, but the ease with
which it stays on the shoulder and the ease of which it can be flung like
a backpack makes it feel less intrusive to the woman who is handbag
When purchasing a handbag for a woman who hates handbags, shy away from
anything too traditional looking, too feminine, and too glitzy or
glamorous. Something functional, something comfortable, and something
that blends well with their pre-selected style is more likely to bring
about peace and willingness. A handbag shouldnt have to be a traumatic

Never force a handbag on a resistant woman. Youll resent the money you
spent and shell resent that you are trying to change her somehow. Rather,
allow her the freedom to decide ultimately for herself what she wants to
try and how she wants to make the transition.

Using a handbag is just as much about habit as anything else sometimes.
Some women dont necessarily harbor negative feelings, they just never got
into the habit of grabbing a handbag on their way out the door. This is
reasonable, and anyone who wants to or needs to can get into the habit
simply by leaving the bag where their keys are. You arent leaving the
house without your keys, thus you arent going to leave the house without
anything that you have assigned your keys to babysit for you.

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