Grade 7 Social Studies Outline 2011-2012 by lwTsR5c


									Grade 7 Social Studies Outline 2011-2012
Miss J. Macklin
Room 215
County Central High School

Overview: Grade 7 Social Studies will give students the opportunity to learn about the
diversity of peoples involved in the origins of Canada, as well as the events that affected
the relationships among those peoples, ultimately shaping the agreement that eventually
founded Canada: Confederation.

Students will bring to every class:
 - Their text book, Our Canada: Origins, Peoples, Perspectives. Thomas and Nelson
 - Pen or Pencil
 - Binder/Notebook
 - Agenda
 - Assignment Handouts when required
* I will have random ‘Prep Checks’ to ensure students are regularly bringing required
materials. If a pattern emerges where a student is having difficultly with this, I will
contact home to see if together, (guardians, student and I), we may develop a plan for
better organization.

Course Content and Schedule:

Unit 1: Diverse Peoples
Chapter 1: Meet Three of Canada’s First Nations, (September).
Chapter 2: European Explorers, (October).
Chapter 3: Early European Colonies, (November).
Chapter 4: The Fur Trade, (November/December).
Unit 2: Towards Confederation
Chapter 5: War and British Conquest, (January).
Chapter 6: The United States Breaks Away, (February).
Chapter 7: The Great Migration and the Push for Democracy, (March).
Chapter 8: Confederation, (April).
Unit 3: After Confederation
Chapter 9: The Metis Rise Up, (April/May).
Chapter 10: Western Expansion and the National Policy, (May).
Chapter 11: Citizenship in an Evolving Society, (June).

Evaluation: Assessment will be based upon a variety of student work and performance
tasks. Formative assessment will be used on an ongoing basis through assignments given
for practice and learning, as well as within student/teacher conferencing. Summative
assessment will be used to evaluate the student’s knowledge of the content towards the
end of each chapter, as well as two major projects throughout the year.
Homework Policy: Homework will be due by the end of class on the assigned date. I
have allowed many avenues for students to stay current with their assignments.
Homework and due dates are written on the board (students are to write in their agendas),
and put on the school website. Students will be given class time to complete their work.
So long as they are using this time wisely, most students should be able to finish
assignments in class. Missed assignments will not be given a grade of 0, but will be
marked incomplete (INC) until assignment is handed in.
Special circumstances occur where sometimes a student requires more time to complete their
work, (extracurricular, issues at home, illness, etc.). As long as I see the student using their time
in class accordingly, extensions will be given with a note from home. I encourage students to see
me earlier than later in this regard, so that I may accommodate them better. It is expected
students will have to make up some time on their own, (lunch hours, after school, etc.).
Students who feel they need some extra help may come see me, and I will arrange a time they may
come in.

Classroom Expectations: Students are to come to class on time, and be prepared with
their materials, as well as having completed assigned readings and tasks. This class
involves a lot of discussion, reading out loud, and verbalizing ideas. I expect students to
show respect and consideration to the speaker by giving their full attention, and waiting
to speak until it is their turn. Because Social Studies 7 is so much about differing
perspectives, it is important that students feel they are in a safe and caring environment,
so that they may share their own point of view. Overall, students need to remember the
‘golden rule’, and do onto others as they would have done to themselves.

General Outcome 7.1 – Toward Confederation: students will demonstrate an
understanding and appreciation of the distinct roles of and the relationships among
Aboriginal, French and British peoples in forging the foundations of Canadian

General Outcome 7.2 – Following Confederation: Canadian Expansion: Students will
demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how political, demographic, economic
and social changes that have occurred since Confederation and have presented challenges
and opportunities for individuals and communities.

Current Events / Media Study – Chapter activities will examine local, provincial,
national and international affairs represented by the media. Students will be asked to
think critically about, and make comparisons between differing perspectives from around
the world, and within Canada.

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