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									                Standard & Poor’s join Goldman Sachs as Equity advisors to BCP
                      Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Société Genéralé
                          appointed as fund managers to BCP Bonds
                 BCP Asset Management Investment Conference - Capital Secure Investing in Volatile Times

                 At the recent Dublin & Cork conferences, BCP announced the appointment of S&P (Standard & Poorʼs)
                 as retained advisors to their Equity range of Capital Secure Bonds. S&P join Goldman Sachs and
Capital Economics on the BCP Advisory panel. BCP also announced their partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch
as asset managers to their new BCP Commodity Outperformance Bond. Also speaking to attendees were Fund Managers
from Société Genéralé and Lyxor Asset Management, who are asset managers to BCPʼs Absolute Return Bond.

This quarter sees BCPʼs strongest product line-up, with 5 Capital Secure Bonds for investors to choose from. BCPʼs
flagship product, the Split Deposit Growth Bond offers 6% Deposit Interest over 12 months, along with strong upside
potential on the Global Equity component. Their new BCP Commodity Outperfomance Bond provides an exceptional past
performance with full capital security over the 4 year term. The 5th version of the BCP Absolute Return Bond series offers
a compelling alternative to traditional long only equity investing. The final products are 2 deposit accounts offering 4.75%
and 5% per annum deposit interest respectively.
This suite of Capital Secure Bonds provides investors with a ready portfolio across different asset classes and is designed
to generate returns in any market cycle, whilst preserving capital at the same time. For further information, call BCP
on 01 6684688.

             Robert Quinn, Standard and Poorʼs,                  Matthew Blagg, Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch,
             Chief European Strategist. S&P join                      Asset Managers to the new BCP Commodity
          Goldman Sachs as Equity advisors to BCP                               Outperformance Bond

Matthew Blagg, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, John Calvert,       Trevor Cullen, BCP, Michael Bollard, Bollard Financial,
BCP, Antonio Belato, Director Bank of America Merrill Lynch,                      Colman Phelan, BCP
    Didier Imbert, Managing Director, Société Genéralé

 John OʼDriscoll, BCP, Greg Barrett, Greg Barrett Financial,   David Kindlon & Ney Kindlon, The Kindlon Insurance Group
    Larry OʼMahony, Larry OʼMahony Financial Services

38 | May 2012
           Trevor Cullen, Director, BCP               John Tobin, FBD, Colman Phelan, BCP, Tadhg McCarthy, JLT

 Paul Dennehy, Arachas, Colman Phelan, BCP,           Steve Garavan, FBD, Joan Garahy, Clearview Investments
Charles McCarthy, Charles McCarthy & Associates          and Pensions, Niall Maher, OʼBrien Finlay Insurance

 Owen Neary, Bank of Ireland, Jim Buckley, BCP,        PJ Shanahan, Shanahan Begadon, Colman Phelan, BCP,
        Darren Spring, Bank of Ireland                       Vincent OʼSullivan, OʼSullivan Investments

Robert Quinn, S&P, Didier Imbert, Société Genéralé,       John OʼDriscoll, BCP, Paul Moore, Navigation Wealth
     Trevor Cullen, BCP, Jean-Marie Laurent,
            Lyxor Asset Management

   Colman Phelan, BCP, John Lucey, Invesco,              Tony Goulding, Open Financial, John OʼDriscoll, BCP
             Trevor Cullen, BCP
                                                                                                      May 2012 | 39

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