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                                  MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA

                                STANDARD INSPECTION FORM

                     General Information pertaining to:-

                        1.      College and Teaching Hospital

                        2.      Courses of Study leading to :-

                                M.B.B.S. Examinations

Name of Institution :     Saveetha Medical College
Place and Address : Saveetha Nagar, Thandalam,
                         Kancheepuram District – 602 105.

DEAN :          Dr. T.Gunasagaran
Tel. No.        Off. 044 – 26811299; 044 – 26811171; 09282500699
                Fax. 044 - 26811173

email : principal.smc@saveetha.com; info@saveetha.com

Name of Affiliating University: SAVEETHA UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI – 600 077.

Date:                                                            Signature of Dean/Principal


       This form shall be precisely filled in by the Institution and handed over by the
Dean/Principal, duly verified and signed to the conveyor of the team of Inspectors, who
shall then examine the entries and send it with his observations to the Secretary, Medical
Council of India. As far as possible, all information should be contained in the form and
separate enclosures avoided. The entries should be as required under the MCI regulations
and norms. In case the college does not have the prescribed documents with them the
same may be obtained from the MCI office by making necessary payment.


                                    GENERAL INFORMATION

a)        (i) Year of Foundation                        :        2007

          (ii) Year of Permission by MCI                :        23.06.2008 (Vide Annexure I)

         Letter of Intent by Govt. of India F.No.U.12012/497/2007-ME(P-II) dated 19th
         June 2008.

         Letter of Permission by Govt. of India No.U.12012/497/2007-ME(P-II) dated
         23rd June 2008.

      b. Management – (Govt. / Semi Govt. / Univ. / Local Body / Private Trust / Society)

c)       (i)   Annual Admission                         : 150 (One hundred and Fifty)

         (ii) In case of renewal of permission of the medical college permitted u/s 10 A of
               the Indian Medical Council Act, please give a list containing the names of
               students, category wise, admitted during the preceding academic year. List
               Enclosed – Vide Annexure II

d) Year to year increase (if any)                                :      ---

         (Year and number of student admission permitted by MCI to be specified and
         copies of MCI approval to be attached.)

e) Year of recognition by MCI:                          :        NA

         (i) Under-graduate:                            :        --

         (ii) Postgraduate                              :        ---

                Last inspection with date               :        15th & 16th March 2011

                               Degree/Diploma                                         a not
     S. No.      Course          Permitted by                                    permitted/ not
                                                            recognized by MCI
                                    MCI                                           recognized by

          (iii) Qualifications not yet recognized       :        MBBS

Annual Budget ;

(a)      Pay and Allowances : Rs. 1354 Lakhs
(b)      (Pay scales and allowances of various categories of staff i.e. teaching, technical &
         administrative Staff) –(Please attach separate sheet).Vide Annexure – III


 (b)      Contingency :           (i)      recurring : Rs. 750 Lakhs

                                  (ii)     Non-recurring : Rs. 609 Lakhs

 Administrative set up for looking after :

 (a)      Admission :- Enclosed – Vide Annexure - IV
          (Please attach a copy of the current prospectus of the college/university/Govt.)

 b)       Particulars of Dean:

          Educational Qualifications:

                                                                                              Name of the
                                                                            n No. of UG
Qualification           College               University         Year                        State Medical
                                                                             & PG with
      MBBS        Madras Medical             University of
                  College                      Madras            1970         22078          Tamilnadu
                                                                            25.01.1972     Medical Council

  MD/MS           Madras Medical             University of                    22078
                  College                      Madras            1975       20.04.2007       Tamilnadu
  (General                                                                                 Medical Council

 DM/MCh           Cancer Institute,          University of       1989
                  Adyar                        Madras

 Details of Experience:
  Designation        Department              Name of            From            To              Total
                                            Institution       DD/MM/Y        DD/MM/Y         Experience
                                                                  Y             Y            in years &
    Tutor /             General          Madras Medical       April, 1972    March, 1975       4 Years
  Demonstrator          Surgery          College
                                         Madras Medical       20.12.1977      31.12.1978
      Assistant         General          Kilpauk Medical      20.02.1985      16.09.1985      7 Years
      Professor         Surgery          College                                             6 Months
                                         Stanley Medical      17.09.1985      31.03.1987
                                         Chengalpet           31.03.1989      18.10.1990
                                         Medical College
                                         Kilpauk Medical      19.10.1990      15.08.1994


   Associate          General    Kilpauk Medical           16.08.1994   30.07.1996     4 Years
   Professor          Surgery    College
 Professor &          General    Madras Medical            04.07.1996   06.12.2003
    HOD               Surgery    College

    Dean /                       Office of Director
   Secretary                     of Medical                06.12.2003   01.07.2005
   Selection                     Education,
  Committee                      Chennai

        Dean                     Theni Medical             04.07.2005   16.10.2005
                                 College, Theni

                                 Kanyakumari               23.10.2005   28.02.2007
        Dean                     Govt. Medical
                                 College                                              15 Years
                                                                                      6 Months
                                 Meenakshi                 26.02.2007   10.09.2007
 Professor &
                                 Medical College
                                 & Research

    Vice-                        Medical College
  Chancellor                     & Research                11.09.2007   10.03.2011

        Dean                     Saveetha Medical          19.03.2011   Till Date

(c)       Accommodation: -

(i)       Principal/Dean’s office size                :   36 Sq mt
(ii)      Staff room size                             :   101 Sq mt
(iii)     College Council room size                   :   94 Sq mt
(iv)      Office Superintendent room –size            :   30 Sq mt
(v)       Office Space Size                           :   150 Sq mt
(vii)     Intercom & Public address
          system in the college                       : Present/ Absent
(vii)     Record room size                            : 100 Sq mt



(a) Pre- requisites for admission        : 10 + 2 or Equivalent Examination as per
                                           MCI Requirements & Adopted by
                                           Saveetha University, Chennai.

       Any Candidate who is a Citizen of India and should have completed 17 years
of age on or before 31 st December 2009.

(b)   Method of selection                :

      (i)     Strictly on the basis of performance at the qualifying public examination.


      (ii)    Competitive entrance examination: Common Entrance Test
                                                Conducted on All India Basis by
                                                Saveetha University, Chennai.

      (iii)   Minimum percentage of marks for admission to MBBS course.

              (i)    Open Merit : 50 %

              (ii)   Reserved categories: NIL

(c)   (i)     No. of actual working days :
                                        College : 240 Days

                                         Hospital: ROUND THE YEAR
      (ii)    Daily working hours :
                                         College : 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM with
                                                   1 Hour LUNCH Break

                                         Hospital: ROUND THE CLOCK

(b)   Year of introduction of the new curriculum (of 1997): Academic Year 2008 – 2009.



 (if it differs from Council recommendations, bring that out clearly)

                          Number of Subjects                               Duration of Study

First M.B.B.S.           1. ANATOMY
                         2. PHYSIOLOGY                                    TWO SEMESTERS
                         3. BIOCHEMISTRY                                   ( 1 st and 2nd )

Second M.B.B.S.          1.   PHARMACOLOGY
                         2.   PATHOLOGY                                 THREE SEMESTERS
                         3.   MICROBIOLOGY                               ( 3 rd, 4 th and 5th )
                         4.   FORENSIC MEDICINE

 Final M.B.B.S.

 Part – I                1. E.N.T                                         FOUR SEMESTERS
                         2. OPHTHALMOLOGY                                   (4th, 5th, 6 th & 7th )
                         3. COMMUNITY MEDICINE                           SEVEN SEMESTERS
                                                                          (1st to 7th Semesters)

 Part – II               1.   GENERAL MEDICINE                            SEVEN SEMESTERS
                         2.   GENERAL SURGERY                             (3rd to 9th Semesters)
                         3.   OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY
                         4.   PAEDIATRICS

                                                           Practical      Theory           Total

 Attendance (Minimum
 Attendance percentage for                                 80%            80%              80%
 appearing at the Univ.
 examination :-

 Percentage of marks for Internal                 20% of Total Marks in each subject
 Assessment included in the total                 as per MCI regulations adopted by
 marks of Univ. examination               :       Saveetha University, Chennai.



(a)   Composition :          DEAN – Chair Person
                             All Heads of the Departments & Professors - Members

(b)   Functions      :       Acts as an advisory board on academic and administrative
                             Issues. Concerned with the discipline of the college
                             Designs, curricular and extra curricular activities promotes
                             social, cultural & character - building activities.

No. of Sessions per year: will be conducted 10 times a Year and
                           also as and when necessary.

BUILDING:                    Lay Out: Annexure V

(A)   Layout & floor area:                       COLLEGE                 HOSPITAL

                                                 22,384 Sq mt            23,654 Sq mt

      (i)    Cost of construction for the Year 2011 : Rs.250 Lakhs       Rs.2500 Lakhs

      (ii)   Cost of Equipment and Furniture : Rs.250 Lakhs              Rs.800 Lakhs
                 (for the year 2011)

(B)   Location of Departments :

      (a)    Pre-clinical: Ground Floor & First Floor of the College Building

      (b)    Para-clinical: Second & Third floor of the College Building

      (c)    Clinical: Hospital Building

(d)   No. of Lecture theatres                    College          Hospital
             Number                :             04+1             01

             Type                  :             Gallery Type

             Gallery               :             Gallery Type

             Level                 :             Ground, Second and Fourth Level


                Seating Capacity      :                180 – 4 Nos, 360-1 No
(e)      Type of Audiovisual aids     :        1. Smart Board
          (each lecture theatre)
                                               2. LCD Projector
                                               3. Computer
                                               4. DVD Player
                                               5. OHP
                                               6. Sound System & Cordless Mike
                                               7. Screen
(f)      Auditorium                   :        Available
         (Accommodation)                       1000 Seating Capacity

(g)      Examination Hall             :        01 with 375 Seating Capacity
         (Sitting Capacity)

(h)      Common room for              -                Size
         (a)    Boys                                   100 Sq mt
         (b)    Girls                                  100 Sq mt
      Facilities of attached toilets :-        Available      Present or not

(i)      Central Laboratories         : Located in the Hospital in O.P. Block
                                      Bio-Chemistry             Pathology      Microbiology
         (1)    Staff                 :
                Asst.Prof.                    1                     1               1
                Senior Tech.                  1                     1               1
                Lab Attendant                 11                    8               4
         (2)    Equipment             :
                Semi Auto Analyzer 2                   Microscope       5      Centrifuge     1
                Centrifuge                1            Cell Counter     1      Water bath     1
                Water bath                1            Coagulation meter 1      Incubator 1
                Refrigerator              1            Hemoglobinometer 3      VDRL rotator 1
                Na/K Analyzer             1            ESR Stands 10            Refrigerator 1
                Auto pipettes             6            ESR Tubes 100            Elisa Reader/
                                                                                Washer 1


             Hot Air Oven           2               Refrigerator   1        Microscopes 3
               Ultrasonic Cleaner       1       Fluroscent Microscope 1      Hot Air Oven 1
                                                                            Autoclave   3
                                                                         BOD Incubator 2
                                                                        Laminar Air Flow 1
     (3)     Management of Central &                Different Sections are under the
             Experimental Laboratories              control    of   respective    Heads      of

     ANIMAL HOUSE         :

     Accommodation :                        No. of rooms with size : 135 Sq mt
     1. Mice Unit                                   1 (10 x 10) Sq ft

     2. Rabbit Unit                                 1 (10 x 10) Sq ft

     3. Guinea Pig Unit                             1 (10 x 10) Sq ft

     4. Operation Theatre                           1 (10 x 10) Sq ft

     5. Store (Grains)                              1 (10 x 10) Sq ft

     6. Staff Room with Toilet                      1 (10 x 10) Sq ft


1.   Veterinary Officer   :      Dr. Jayachandran Dare
2.   Animal Attendants :         1. Jagadish
                                 2. Ramasamy
3.   Technician for Animal
     Operation Room       :      1. Sreeraman
                                 2. Subramanian
                                 3. Sivabalan

4.   Sweepers             :      1. Munusamy
                                 2. Jayachandra
1.   No. of animals kept and bred           : Animal House has been registered under
                                             With CPCSEA.


                                            Mice (Swiss)         : 80   Sheep         :2
                                            Rats (Wistar) : 60          Guineapigs     :3
                                            Rabbits         :6

2.    Facilities for experimental work : Available


(a)   Layout and floor area       :        2400 Sq mt

(b)   Reading Rooms               :

      (i)    No.:-
             (a)   for U.G.       :        Two
                                           One will accommodate 150 students
                                           One will accommodate 150 students

             (b)      for P.G.    :        NA

             (c)      for Staff   :        One (will accommodate 50 staff members)

      (ii)   In each accommodation :
                                           UG          :     150

                                           Staff :           50

(c)   Working hours               :        1. 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM

                                           2. Longer Hours before Examinations

                                           3. On Sundays & Holidays 8 AM – 2 PM

(d)   No. of shifts               :        Two Shifts

(e)   No. of Books           :
      (i)    Text            :    9618
      (ii)   Reference       :    1978
             TOTAL           :    11, 596

(f)   No. of Journals
      Subscribed annually         :
      (i)    Indian                   70   (ii)        Foreign            30


(g)       No. of Journals actually
          received annually            :
          (i)    Indian                70      (ii)        Foreign             30

(h)       No. of Journals with back Numbers :
          (i)    Indian             ---- (ii)              Foreign      ----

(i)       No. of books purchased
          during the last 3 years      :                   -

                               Ist Year        IInd Year         IIIrd Year    IV Year

Central Library                3887            2027              3492          1978

(J)       Staff with qualifications:

                                               Names                           Qualifications


         Librarian                    : 1.K.R.Jayachandran                    BA,BLISc,PGDiploma

         Dy. Librarian                : 1. Vijay M.P                          B.Sc, M.LIS
                                           2. Parasuvanathan                   B.Sc (LISc)

         Documentalist                : 1. Suresh Kumar                       BBA, MLIS, MPhil
                                           2. Karpagam                         MLIS

         Cataloguer                   : 1. Kishore Kumar                      BLIS

         Library Assistants           : 1. Bharathi
                                           2. Kumaresan
                                           3. Santosh Kumar
                                           4. Vinod


         Daftaries                    : 1. Parthiban
                                           2. Samuel

         Peons                        : 1. Shankar
                                           2. Mohan Raj

         Any other                    :       ---------

(K)       System of Cataloguing        :       D.D.C (Dewey Decimal Classification)

(L)       Details of facilities available
          like Medlar, Internet, T.V., V.C.R.,            40 Nodes with Medlar & Internet, T.V, DVD,
          Xerox & Microfilm reading.                      XEROX are available.

          Whether these areas are air-conditioned?        :     Yes.

(M)       MEDICAL EDUCATION UNIT :             35 Sq mt

(a)       Staff :                                               Number

             Hon. Director       : Dr.T.Gunasagaran, Dean
             Hon. Coordinator    : Dr. M.Madhavan, Associate Professor of Pathology
             Hon. Faculty : 1. Prof. Mythili Bhaskar: Member

                                 2. Prof. Srinivasan: Member

                                 3. Prof. Renu Mathew: Member

                                 4. Dr. Kalyani, Professor: Member

                                 5. Dr. Surapaneni Krishna Mohan, Assistant Professor: Member

             Supportive Staff                 : Assigned by M.R.D as and when required.

             Stenographer                     : Available

             Computer Operator                : Available

             Technicians in Audio-Visuals aids : Available

             Photographer& Artist. : Available


(b)       Equipment available :           1)   OHP – 1 No
                                          2)   Board – 1 No
                                          3)   Computer with DVD writer – 1 No
                                          4)   Printer – 1 No
                                          5)   Colour TV – 1 No
                                          6)   CD / DVD Player – 1 No
                                          7)   Course Content for Teacher’s Training Programme.

(c)       Teaching & training material available : YES

(d)       No. of training courses conducted
          by Medical Education Unit        :

 Sl.No                 Date                            Topic                    Target Audience
   1             13/7/11 - 16/7/11    PBL Learning (Diarrhoea & Dysentry)      II MBBS Students
   2             17/8/11 – 19/8/11      Workshop on Medical Education           All New Faculty
      3                                Orientation of Examiners in clinical     Faculty, Clinical
                                                   examination                   Department
      4                                  Integrated Teaching on “Breast
                     24/09/11                                                 MBBS III yr students
      5              01/10/11          Integrated Teaching on “Cirrhosis”     MBBS I yr students
      6                               Integrated Teaching on “Bleeding in
                     20/10/11                                                 MBBS III yr students
                                                 First Trimester”
      7                                Integrated Teaching on “Nephrotic
                     29/10/11                                                 MBBS I yr students
      8              24/11/11        Integrated Teaching on “Pott’s Spine”    MBBS III yr students
      9                               Integrated Teaching on “Diarrhoeal
                     25/11/11                                                 MBBS II yr students
  10                                       Orientation Programme on
                     07/12/11                                                     I Yr Faculty
                                           “Conducting Group Study”
  11                 13/12/11          Integrated Traininge on “Epistaxis”    MBBS III yr students

          (i)        Categories of personnel trained :

                     a) Assistant Professor       : Yes
                     b) Demonstrators             : Yes

          (ii)       Number trained in each category :

                     a) Assistant Professor       : 17
                     b) Demonstrators             : 03

(n)       STATISTICAL UNIT :              32 Sq mt
              Yes /        No.
              Central Statistical Department is functioning in the hospital with MRD.
          Composition :


      Composition:                        DESIGNATION             NO.

      1. Staff                 See Registration, Medical
      2. Equipment             Records & Statistical Department
                               in Page No. 21
      3. Scope of Work
                                Centralized    outpatient   registration,    centralized
                                inpatient admission counter, ward census, assembling
                                and deficiency check of inpatient record. Diagnostic
                                and procedure coding as per WHO classification, (10th
                                revision)   computerized   indexing,   collection    and
                                compilation of statistics and helping undergraduates
                                and teachers in their study and research by supplying
                                records and statistics.    Supply of hospital forms,
                                rearrange presentation control. Scanning of all case
                                sheets, arranging for Medical care review monthly
                                meeting and Nursing Audit monthly meeting and
                                informing the Municipalities regarding detail of Births
                                and Deaths in Saveetha Medical College Hospital.


(a)   Staff :                             Name                    No.

               Photographer         :    C. Henry               One

               Artist               :    Joseph Gunaseelan      One

               Modeler              :    Suresh                  One

               Dark Room Assistant       :        Krishnan       One

               Audio-Visual Technician   :        Jagannathan          One

               Store Keeper Clerk        :        Ramanathan           One

               Attenders                 :        Viswam         One

(b)   Equipment                      :1. 35 mm SLR Digital Camera
      (in each section)               2. Video Camera
                                      3. LCD with Computer
                                      4. Over Head Projector
                                      5. Mike, Amplifier & Speakers
                                      7. Enlarger Unit
                                      8. Drawing Board & Other material for Artist
(c)   Type of Control – Central/Department :       Central / Departmental


(p)   HEALTH CENTRES - RURAL/URBAN                            R.H.C./P.H.C.            URBAN
                                                              -------------------      HEALTH
                                                              I        II       III    CENTRE

(a)   Name of the center               : RHC I                RHC II & III               UHC

(b)   Location of each center          : Kuthampakam          Chembara         Padur    Thirumazhisai

(c)   Population covered :              22,150                15,800           21,000      58,000
      by each center

(d)   Distance from college :           8 Kms                 7 Kms           10 Kms       7 Kms

(e)   Transport facilities for                          :
      1. (i) Students + Interns                         : College Bus

             (ii) Staff                                 : College Bus

             (iii) Supportive Staff                     : College Bus

      2. (i) Number of Vehicles                         : 6 Nos

             (ii) Capacity of each Vehicle              : 55 Seats

      3.         Control of Vehicles          :-

                 Departmental                 :         2

                 Central                      :         4

(f)   Staff of the Centers                    :         Available

(g)   Hostel facilities at the Rural Health Centers : Yes

(h)   Messing facilities available or not. Yes

(i)   Working arrangement/type of control of Health Centres:

      (i)        Total (Admn. & Financial) control with the Dean

      (ii)       Partial (only for training) control



(a)       Staff                                         No.
         Supdt                 :                       One

         Sr. Technician        :                       One

         Jr. Technician        :                       Five

         Carpenter             :                       Four

         Black smith           :                       Three

         Attendants            :                       Two

(b)       Facilities for work   : Available: Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Bio-medical Engineering
                                               Page 15


(a)       Layout        : Vide Annexure – VI
                        Accommodation provided for Boys & Girl students separately.

(b)       Distance from the college & Hospital          : 300 meters from college &
                                                          200 meters from the Hospital

(c)       Total No. of rooms & seats                    : 558 Rooms & 840 Seats

                                              Rooms                       Seats

Undergraduate           (i)     Boys          279                         420

                        (ii)    Girls         279                         420
Grand Tota

Postgraduate            (i)     Boys          NA                          NA

                        (ii)    Girls         NA                          NA

No. of students on the roll                             :       NA

Percentage of Students accommodated                     :       NA

(d)       Supervisory arrangement : Separate wardens for Boys & Girls Hostels
                                    have been appointed from the Teaching Faculty.

                                        Boys Hostel: Dr. Arun Kumar, Ast. Prof, Paediatrics


                                   Girls Hostel: Dr. Rathna, Professor, Anaesthesia

(e)   Messing & canteen arrangement : The Institution already has well laid out
      (Dining hall should have        dining hall with attached kitchen. The dining
      accommodation for 25% of the     hall can accommodate about 150 students at a
      occupants at a given time).     time. There is a well organized canteen facility.

(e)   Availability of visitors room,
      Reading room TV room and              YES, AVAILABLE
      indoor games                 :


(a)   Categories            : Teaching, Non – Teaching & Nursing Staff Quarters

(b)   Number                : Teaching Staff: 14 Double Bed Room Quarters &
                              16 Single Bed Room Quarters
                              Non-Teaching Staff: 36 Single Bed Room Quarters
                              Nursing Staff: 38 (Triple) Rooms
                                             to accommodate 114 Nursing Staff.

(c)   Staff Quarters Available:
              Category          Number
           Residents               115

           Teaching Staff              30

           Non Teaching                36

           Total                       66

           Nursing                     72


(a)   Playgrounds and games played                  : Available

(b)   Gymnasium facilities and arrangement : Available

(c)   Management                                    : College

(d)   Sports Officer/Physical instructor            : Appointed



           (a)      Compulsory/Optional              :         Not Applicable

           (b)      Duration of Training             :         Not Applicable

           (c)      Training set up                  :         Not Applicable

           (d)      Type of certificates             :         Not Applicable

                                       TEACHING HOSPITAL (MAIN & SUBSIDIARY)
           (a)      Type of Management          -    Govt./Autonomous/Local body/Private
                                                     Trust - University/Society

           (b)      Owner of the Hospital       -    SAVEETHA UNIVERSITY,
                                                     162, POONA MALLEE HIGH ROAD,
                                                     CHENNAI – 600 077.

           (c)      Hospital is in possession of -   SAVEETHA UNIVERSITY,
                                                     162, POONA MALLEE HIGH ROAD,
                                                     CHENNAI – 600 077.

           (d)      Administrative set up       -

                    (i)    Particulars of Hospital/Hospitals         : 23, 654 Sq mt

Name of No. of    No. of   Name & Qualification    Full time/Part time
Hospital teaching special of Medical               --------------------- -------------------
          Beds    wards    Superintendent       Teaching Non-                 Tel. No.
                 Beds/paid                                  teaching         O. / R.         Fax No.
                                                   Full Time
Saveetha 700      12     Dr. S.Balakumar. MS ENT        28 Years              Off: 044-26811099
University                                                                    Res: 044-42664414
Hospital                                                                      Fax: 044-26811999
                           Asst.Prof – Madras Medical College                     - 5 Years

                                  Asso.Prof – Madras Medical College               - 4 Years
                                              Kilpauk Medical College

                        Professor – Kilpauk Medical College       -14 Years, 4 months
                        & HOD      –Madras Medical College
                                    - Tirunelveli Medical College
                                    - Chengelpet Medical College
            Medical Superintendent - Saveetha Medical College     - 04.10.2010- till date


(ii)     Medical Superintendent’s Office - Size : 36 Sq mt

(iii)    Principal/Dean’s Office in the Hospital – Size: 36 Sq mt

(iv)     Hospital Office space – Size: 50 Sq mt

(v)      Nursing Superintendent’s Office – Size: 15 Sq mt

(vi)     Waiting space for visitors - Size: 114 Sq mt

(vi)     Enquiry/office – Size: 50 Sq mt
                                         Page 18
(vii)    Reception area – Size: 1376 Sq mt

(viii)   Store rooms – No. & Size: 2 No’s : 40 Sq mt

(x)      Central Medical Record Section     - Size: 250 Sq mt

(ix)     Linen rooms – No. & Size: 2 No’s : 40 Sq mt

(x)      Hospital & Staff Committee Room – Size: 80 Sq mt

(f)      Indoor Facilities (in each ward)

         Is there
(i)      Nurses duty room available with each ward? :            Available
(ii)     Examination & Treatment Room                        :   Available
(iii)    Ward Pantry                                         :   Available
(iv)     Store Room for linen & equipment                    :   Available
(v)      Resident doctor’s duty room                         :   Available
(vi)     Student’s duty room                                 :   Available


(a)      Medicine & allied         No. of           No. of       Average bed
         Specialties               teaching         units        occupancy/day
                                   Beds                          (percentage of
                                                                 Teaching beds)

(i)      Gen. Medicine             150              Six                81%
(ii)     Paediatrics               90               Three              76%
(iii)    Tuberculosis &
         Respiratory Diseases      30               One                76%
(iv)     Dermatology,
         Venereology &             15               One                75%


(v)     Psychiatry                  15              One           70%

        Total                       300

(b)     Surgery & allied            No. of          No. of   Average bed
        Specialities                teaching        units    occupancy/day
                                    Beds                     (percentage of
                                                             Teaching beds)

(i)     Gen. Surgery               150              Six           80%
        Including Pediatric Surgery

(ii)    Orthopedics                 90              Three         79%

(iii)   Ophthalmology               30              One           75%

(iv)    Oto-rhino-laryngology       30              One           78%

        Total                       300

 (c)    Obstetrics & ANC            No. of          No. of   Average bed
        Gynecology                  teaching        units    occupancy/day
                                    Beds                     (percentage of
                                                             Teaching beds)
        Obstetrics                  60              Three          77%

        Gynaecology                 40              Three

GRAND TOTAL                         700                           80%

(last 3 yrs)                                        (I)           (II)                (III)

(a)     Pay of Staff & establishment      : Rs. 375 Lakhs    Rs. 410 Lakhs       Rs. 1354 Lakhs

(b)     Medicine & Stores                 : Rs. 90 Lakhs     Rs. 105     Lakhs   Rs. 172 Lakhs

(c)     Diet                              : Rs. 11 Lakhs     Rs. 12    Lakhs     Rs. 36 Lakhs

(d)     Non-recurring contingency         : Rs. 112 Lakhs    Rs. 240 Lakhs       Rs. 322 Lakhs


(attach a separate sheet if needed)
Outdoor – Average Daily patient Attendance – at present -

(a)   Old Patients : 672 (b) New Patients : 554         (c)   Total : 1226

Indoor -       (a)   Annual admissions : From Jan, 2011 – November, 2011 : 20718

               (b)   Average bed occupancy per day : 77%      (Average of 11 Months)
                     (Percentage of teaching beds)


(a)   In O.P.D.      :      Available

      OP division functions daily between 08.30 a.m. and 02.00 p.m. with
      Review and special OP of all medical and surgical units between
      02.00 -04.00 p.m. daily except Sundays.

(b)   In Indoor      :      Available


(a)   Central and/or Departments        : Central Medical Record Section is Operative.

      (i)      For in-patients          : Central

      (ii)     For O.P.D.               : Central

(b)   Staff                             :        Name                        No

      Medical Record Officer            :        Ms.Christina P.A.           One

      Statistician                      :        Ms. Jemila                  One

      Coding Clerk                      :        Ms. Sheeba                  One

      Record Clerk                      :        Ms. Benidicta               Four
                                                 Ms. Gowthami
                                                 Mr. Selvakumar
                                                 Mr. Karthik
                                                 Mr. Mahesh Kannan
                                                 Ms. Jayanthi
      Daftry                            :        Ms. Rekha

      Peons                             :        Ms. Kirubai Mariyal         One

                                             Ms. Nandhini


                                             Mr.Charles Mathew

                                             Mr.Selva Manigandan



      Stenographer                      :        Ms.S.Lalitha            One

(c)   System of Indexing                :

      Computerized                      : Computerized
                                          10th ICD as per WHO classification

      Manual                            :

(d)   Follow up service                 : Available


(a)   Whether working :                          Yes; Working Round the Clock

(b)   Accommodation for staff on duty :-

      (a)    Doctors       :    Duty Room Available

      (b)    Nurses        :    Duty Room Available

      (c)    Students      :    Room Provided

      (d)    Other paramedical staff:   Room Provided

(c)   No. of emergency beds in casualty          :     20

(d)   Working arrangement of casualty services

      (i) No. of casualty medical officers: Four – Three for three shifts and
                                         One as reliever to work in 8 hour rotation.

      (ii)   Consultants services       :Qualified Assistant Professors of Clinical
                                        Departments are available for In-house duty.

      Nature of services        : First Aid, Resuscitation, emergency surgical operations
                                  and diagnostic facilities are provided.
                                  Patients needing admissions are admitted.
                                  Medico – Legal cases are entered in Medico – Legal


                                        register and Police intimation are sent

      (iii)   Average daily attendance of patients : 52

(e)   Ressuscitation services facilites :-

      (i)     Oxygen supply         :        Central

      (ii)    Ventilation           :        Available; Airways Ambu bags & Endotracheal
                                                        tubes available

      (iii)   Defibrillator         :        Available

      (iv)    Fully equipped disaster trolleys: Crash-Carts available – 2 Nos

(f)   Facilities provided :-

      (i)     X-ray           : Mobile X – Ray Available

      (ii)    Operation theatre: Available for both Major and Minor Procedures.

      (iii)   Laboratory facilities:         Samples were collected and analyzed in the
                                             Central clinical lab which works round the clock.

(g)   Ambulance service Yes/No               :        YES

                              Number         :        02

(h)   Whether facilities for medico-         :        Available, done by
      legal examination exist or not?                 - Casualty Medical Officer
      If yes, whether separate staff is               - Assistant Professor, Forensic Medicine
      posted or not.

(i)   Posting of interns in casualty -                      Yes or No

      If yes, No. of days                    : Not Applicable at this stage.
                                               However MCI guidelines will be strictly followed.


                                    No.                     Specialty

(a)   Central                       One                     Bio-Chemistry,


(b)     Departmental                      Three                       Located in the departments of

(c)     Ward side Laboratory              One in each department in Medicine, Surgery,
                                          Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT, Paediatrics,
                                          Orthopaedics & Ophthalmology.

(a)     Total no. of investigations              Bio              Clinical        Micro           Any
        (Average daily)                          Chemistry        Pathology       Biology         other

(i)     O.P.D.                                     391                623          117

(ii)    In-patients                                207                340         138


(b)     Staff & Supervision in each Laboratory

                                    Bio-Chemistry                Pathology        Microbiology
(i)     Teaching Staff:

        Assistant Professor               01                          01                    01

(ii)    Non-teaching Staff:

        Senior Lab. Tech.                 01                          01                    01

        Lab. Attendant                    03                          08                    04

(c)     Equipment in each laboratory:

               Semi Auto Analyzer 2               Microscope      5          Centrifuge            1
                 Centrifuge           1           Cell Counter    1          Water bath           1
                 Water bath          1           Coagulation meter 1         Incubator             1
                 Refrigerator         1          Hemoglobinometer 3          VDRL rotator          1
                 Na/K Analyzer        1          ESR Stands 10               Refrigerator          2
                 Auto pipettes        6          ESR Tubes 100               Elisa Reader/ Washer 1
                 Hot Air Oven         2          Refrigerator          1     Microscopes           3
               Ultrasonic Cleaner     1        Fluroscent Microscope 1        Hot Air Oven         1
                                                                             Autoclave             3


                                                               BOD Incubator       2
                                                               Laminar Flow        1


(1)   Operation theatres -
      (a)   Number                  :
                                          Major :       10

                                          Minor :       02

      (b)   Arrangement & Distribution             :

            Major OTs:
      Gen. Surgery        – 4 No. (H-Block)
      ENT                 – 1 No. (H-Block)
      Orthopedics         – 1 No. (H-Block)
      Ophthalmology       - 1 No. (H-Block)
      Obs. & Gynaec.      – 2 Nos.(H-Block)
      Accident & Emergency – 1 No. (C-Block)

            Minor OTs

      General Surgery OPD           – 1 No. (C-Block)
      Accident & Emergency          – 1 No. (C-Block)

      (c)   Equipment :                   Central A/C with central pipeline Oxygen,
            (including Anesthesia         Nitrous oxide, air and suction facilities Hot
            equipment)                    and cold sterile water plant. High speed
                                          horizontal autoclave, endoscopes, C-arm,
                                          operating microscope, Boyle’s apparatus

      (d)   Facilities available in each O.T. unit      -

            (i)     Waiting room for patients           :    Available

            (ii)    Soiled Linen room                   :    Available

            (iii)   Sterilisation room                  :    Available

            (iv)    Nurses duty room                    :    Available

            (v)     Surgeons & Anaesthetists room - :

                       For Males                       :    Available

                       For Females                     :    Available


              (vi)     Assistants room                    :      Available

              (vii)    Observation gallery for students :        C.C.TV arrangement

              (viii)   Store room                         :      Available

              (ix)     Washing room for surgeons & Assistants:         Available

              (x)      Students washing up and dressing up room:       Available

(2)    Arrangement of Anesthesia

       (a)    Pre-anaesthetic care         : Cases Posted for Operation in various
                                             Wards are assessed by the anesthetist on
                                             the evening of the previous day.

       (b)    Nature of anesthesia used: General,
                                         Regional & I.V. Anaesthesia

       (c)    Recovery Room                : A separate post anesthetic recovery room in
                                           Theatre complex with necessary equipments
                                           under the supervision of a staff nurse.

Pre-operative ward (no. of beds)           :        10 Beds

Post-operative ward (no. of beds)          :        10 Beds

Resuscitation facilities and special equipment : Available
                      Ventilators, Central Oxygen & Suction, Cardiac Monitor, Boyle’s
                      Apparatus, Ambu bag, Laryngoscope, Pulse Oxymeter, Multi
                      Parameter Monitor, Defibrillator.

If any super specialty exists              : Surgical Oncology, Cardiology, Urology,
                                             Neuro Surgery Paediatric Surgeon Available
Give details
Intensive Care Area          No. of Beds            Specialized equipment’s in each;
ICU                          05            Maquet Ventilators: 2 (Adult) ; 1 (Paediatric)
ICCU                          05           Multi Para Monitor (L&T): 6 Nos
                                           Dual Monitors (L&T): 9 Nos Pulse Oximeters: 16 Nos
                                           Infusion Pump (Infusa): 2 Nos
                                           Defibrillator (Schiller): 2 Nos
                                                        ( L&T): 2Nos
PICU/NICU                    05            Nebulizers: 6 Nos ECG Machine: 1No
RICU                         05


Labour Room
      Clean with number of beds           :          One room with Two tables
      Septic with number of beds          :          One room with one table

(a)  Radio Diagnosis
     No. of rooms & their Size            : 05
  Room Size             Machine           Strength              Fixed              Mobile

      36 sq.m                 GE          300 mA                    Yes

      36 sq.m          Gen. Med.
                                          300 mA                    Yes

      36 sq.m          Gen. Med.
                                          500 mA                    Yes

      36 sq.m          Gen. Med.
                                          600 mA                    Yes

      36 sq. m          Siemens           500 mA                    Yes

      36 sq.m           Siemens           800 mA                    Yes

No. of Static X Ray Units          : 06          No. of Ultra Sound Units   : 03 (2 dopplers)

No. of Mobile X Ray Units          : 06          No. of CT Scan Units       : 01

(b)      Workload per day                            Nos. per day

         i.      Screening                           10

         ii.     Radiographs                      120

         iii.    Special Radiographs                 05
                 (for example, Barium and Dye

         iv.     Ultrasonographs                     50

         v.      C.T. Scans                          20

         vi.     Any other like mammographs etc Nil

(c)      Protective Measures

         Adequate per BARC specification : ADEQUATE; as per BARC Specifications



Organization set up

Staff   :
              (a)     Supervised by whom: Mr. David

              (b)     Qualification of pharmacist In charge: D.Pharmacy

              (c)     No. of other staff:   05 Pharmacists , 3 Clerks

              (d)     No. of prescription dispensed a day:

                                            (i)         Wards: Drugs are dispensed based on
                                                               indent prepared.

                                            (ii)        O.P.D:       1203


(a)     Exclusive or with substeriliation centers also :             Exclusive
(b)     Equipment scope and inservice arrangement                :
                             1. Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave: 01

                             2. Cylindrical High Pressure Autoclave: 01

                             3. Hot Air Oven: 02

                             4. Bowls Sterilizer: 01

                             5. Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer – 3m 8XL – 1 No
                             6. Ultrasonic Cleaner20L – 2 No
                             7. Instruments Sealer (Hawo) – 1 No
                             8. Gauze cutting machine - 2 No

(c)     Volume of work/day :                Dressing Bins:           100
                                                        Trays :      400
(d)     Arrangement for sterlisation of mattresses & blankets: Solar Drying


(e)   Staff available in CSSD :                         Name                  No

               Matron                         :        P.Maragatham          One

               Staff Nurses                   :        C.Anasuya             Two
                                                        P.Arockia Mary

               Technical Assistants           :        R.Senthil Kumar       Four

               Technicians                    :        Kalaivani             One

               Ward boys                      :        K.Punya Moorthy       Two
                                                        K. Muthu

               Sweepers                       :        Mahalakshmi           One

CENTRAL LAUNDRY                :

      (a)       Equipment :

                (i)    Mechanised -            Bulk washing machine, Hydro extractor,
                                               Flat & Roller Steam Press.
                (ii)   Manual -                YES

      (b)       Volume of work/day                      : 1640 pieces / day

      (c)       Staff available                         :
                Supervisor                              : Two

                Dhobi/Washermen/Women                   : Four

                Packers                                 : Two

      (a)       Type :         (i)    Electrical        : Yes

                               (ii)   L.P.G.            : Yes


                             (iii)   Coal/Wood       : Steam Cooking

        (b)   Nature of food supplied                : Regular – South Indian Type
                                                         I.O.D/1 Extra Diet/ Special
                                                         Diet for specific diseases

        (c)   Daily No. of meals                     : Around 410 x 3 times

        (d)   Percentage of patients provided with free diet : 70%

        (e)   Per capita expenses/day                :        Rupees 50 per Day

        (a)   Type of catering       : Self Service

        (b)   Whether subsidised : YES

        (c)   For staff only or for others also      : For Patients and Attendants
                                                         For Staff separately provided.
        (a)   No.            : MOU Signed (Vide Annexure – VII)

        (b)   Capacity       : NA

        (c)   Type           : NA


                                     No. of posts sanctioned              No. in position

   Nursing Superintendent                 01                                     01

   Dy. Nursing Supdt.                     05                                     05

   Asstt. Nursing Supdt.                  12                                     12


     Nursing sisters                         45                                  45

     Staff Nurses                            309                                 309

     Lab. Technicians                        62                                  62

     Lab Attendants                          27                                  27

     Ward boys                               33                                  33

     Ward Attendant                          30                                  30

     Safaiwala/Swepers                       30                                  30

     Any other Category                      NIL                                 NIL

(a)       Residents :     Sanctioned No: 115
                          No. provided with quarters: 115

(b)       House Staff : Sanctioned No: 30
                          No. provided with quarters: 30

Nursing Staff (i)         Sisters : Sanctioned No.        45   No. provided with quarters: 20

                  (ii)    Staff Nurses : Sanctioned No. 309 No. provided with quarters:72

                  (iii)   Pupil Nurses : Sanctioned No: NIL No. of provided with quarters

Other Categories Staff:
Percentage of staff provided with quarters

                                20%………………………………. Teaching

                                30%………………………………..                     Non-teaching



                  Present/ Absent                 PRESENT

         Result of examination – given number and percentage of passes during proceeding years

                                       From June-2009 to Sept-2011

                                                   No of
                                 Month &                      No of Candidate         Pass
          Sl.No      Degree                     Candidates
                                  Year                            Passed           Percentage
            1       I MBBS      June-2009              147           115              78.23

            2       I MBBS      Sept-2009              35               25            71.43

            3       I MBBS      Mar-2010               10               9             90.00

            4       I MBBS      Sept-2010       150+1=151        101+1=102            67.55

            5       I MBBS      Mar-2011               49               31            63.27

            6       II MBBS     Mar-2011               135           106              78.52

            7       I MBBS      Sept-2011       150+8=158         98+7=105            66.46

            8       II MBBS     Sept-2011              31               18            58.06

         (c)      Final Professional        :   -NA-
                (a)    Part I
                (b)    Part II
         (a)      Period in each Department/discipline              :
         (b)      Period of posting in a Rural Health Centre/Primary
                  Health Centre/Urban Health Centre
         (c)      Method of assessment (Please attach a copy of the log
                  Book/assessment sheet)
         (d)      Whether MBBS degree is conferred only after successful
                  Completion of 12 months compulsory rotating internship. - Yes


OTHER INFORMATION               :
1.    Yearly research publications by the teaching staff       :
                                                   Ist Year     IInd Year    IIIrd Year
National journals (No.):                                NIL             09     16
International journals (No.):                           04              09     13
(during the last 3 years)
                                                   Ist Year    IInd Year     IIIrd Year
2.    National Seminars/Conferences
      conducted by the Institution in              01              04           05
      the last 3 years
3.    National Awards/recognition                  -               10            15
      received by the college Faculty :
Academic Functions

         o   Inauguration for New batch for 2011-12 academic year was started for I
             MBBS on 20th June, 2011.

         o   Parent Faculty meeting was conducted for I MBBS (2010-11) on 02nd April,
             2011 and II MBBS (2009-10) on 08th April, 2011

         o   A Student Internship Programme for Schools (SIPS) for school students was
             conducted on 04th – 06th May, 2011 about 50 students participated from
             various schools.

         o   Meet the Legend was organized by the College Padmashri.Dr.Mohan
             Kameswaran, M.S, DLO, FRCS (Edin), FICS, FAMS, D.Sc (Honoris-Causa) a
             leading ENT specialist delivered a speech on “Emerging Technologies”
             Attitude, Approach & Adaptation by Modern Medical Men

         o   Integrated Teaching Training was organized by Department of Paediatrics
             along with other Departments of Physiology, Biochemistry, Community
             Medicine & General Medicine on the topic Acute Diarrhea on 30th June,

         o   Integrated Teaching Training was organized by Department of General
             Surgery along with other Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology &
             Radiology on the topic Breast Diseases on 20 th September, 2011

         o Integrated Teaching Training was organized by Department of Obstetrics &
           Gynaecology along with other Departments of Biochemistry, Pathology &
           Radiology on the topic Vaginal Bleeding in 1st Trimester on 20th October,
MOU’s signed by the College


      MOU was signed between Saveetha University & Jackson State University to
      conduct a course on Masters in Public Health on 11 th October, 2011

Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, CME programmes and other programmes
conducted by the College

Bioethics workshop was organized by the Department of Education on 08th & 09th
December, 2010

Department of Pathology conducted IAPM Meet of TamilNadu & Pondicherry chapter on
09th October, 2010

Dept of Microbiology conducted a National conference on “Recent Trends in Re-emerging
Infections (a CME programme) on 09th April, 2011 on behalf of Academy of Clinical
Microbiologists and 97 persons attended 3 Guest lectures and 4 free papers and 14
posters were presented and certificates were issued.

Workshop on Medical Education Technology was conducted by the Medical Education
Unit from 17 th to 19th August 2011.

Dept of General Medicine conducted a CME on Diabetes and Heart on 22.11.2010 as a
part of World Diabetes day celebrations, Dr.Seshiah.V, M.D., D.Sc., delivered the
introductory speech & Dr.Shanmugasundaram.S, M.D., D.M., presented a CME on
Diabetes and Heart.

Dept. of General Medicine conducted a CME programme on Peptic Ulcer on 08th March,
2011 Padmashree Dr.M.Ahmed Ali, M.S., MNAMS, MCH(GE), D.Sc gave the inaugural
address & Dr.S.Thirunavukarasu presented a CME on Peptic Ulcer

Dept of Pharmacology conducted a National Level CME on “Bridging the gap between
Pharmacology Teaching and Clinical Practice” on 08 th July, 2011

Dept of Pharmacology conducted a CME on Pharmacovigilance on 30th August, 2011,
Prof.Kala Subramaniam, MD., presented the CME.

Cardio Renal Syndrome Basics – a special CME was conducted on 13.09.2011,
Prof.Padmanabhan.P, M.D., D.M., presented the CME.

Dept of General Surgery conducted a CME on Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection – A case
based discussion on 21.10.2011, Prof.Jayanthi.V., M.D., D.M., presented the CME.

Dept of Radiology conducted a CME on Imaging of Vascular Pathologies of Head & Neck
on 09.11.2010.

Dept of General Surgery conducted a CME on Upper GI Bleeding on 07.12.2010.

Dept of ENT conducted a CME on Dizziness – ENT Perspective and VEMP on 23.12.2010.

Dept of Pathology conducted a CME on Application of Immuno Histo Chemistry in
surgical practice on 20.01.2011.


Dept of Anaesthesiology conducted a CME on Anaesthsia management of Diabetic
patients, Pain management & Newer advances in Anaesthesia on 17.02.2011.

Dept of Community Medicine conducted a CME on Introduction to World Health Day
Theme – 2011, Mechanism of development of microbial resistance, Hospital acquired
infections & Hand Washing on 19.04.2011.

Dept of Ophthalmology conducted a CME on red eye on 17.05.2011.

Dept of Paediatrics conducted a CME on Status Epilepticus in Children on 28.06.2011.

Dept of General Medicine conducted a CME on Diabetes Update (Recent concepts in the
understanding of Type-2 DM, Recent advances in the management of Type-2 DM and How
to prevent Diabetes? on 16.08.2011

Papers / Posters presented by the Faculty Members

Dr.P.Saraswathi.P, Professor & HOD, Anatomy

Study of Projection Fibre in Hemiplegic Patients by Diffusion Tensor Imaging in 32nd
Annual conference of Indian Association of Bio-Medical Scientists – Centre for Nuclear
Medicine, Punjab University, Chandigarh

Dr.Jayakumar.S, Associate Professor, Microbiology

Prevalence of ESBL and AmpC Beta Lactamases in Gram Negative Isolates in Tertiary
Care Hospital – MICROCON-2010 – Kolkatta.

Dr.Binesh Lal.Y, Assistant Professor, Microbiology

Overview of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in a Tertiary Care Hospital – MICROCON-2010 –

Dr.Kannan.R, Assistant Professor, General Medicine

Retrospective Randomized Study of pattern of Fever in a New Tertiary Hospital in Chennai
suburban, APICON 2011, Ahmedabad – All India National conference

Profile study of Diabetes Mellitus in an emerging Tertiary Hospital in Chennai, APICON
2011, Ahmedabad – All India National conference

Dr.Thirunavukkarasu.J, Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Assessing the acceptance of problem based learning (PBL) methodologies by II year MBBS
students. (Poster) – National Conference on health Professionals education (NCHPE 2011)
- CMC, Vellore- Sep 2011


        Papers / Posters presented by the students

               1) Details of the papers (international conference presentations) presented by the medical students.

Sl.No    Name of the Student         Year        Name of the Conference                 Title of the Paper            International /
 1            A.V.JANANI           II MBBS        Antioxidant vitamins and        International Student Medical        International
                                                 enzymes status in patients         Congress in Kosice – 2010
                                                 with alcoholic liver disease.    (ISMCK – 2010), held between
                                                                                 21st – 24th June, 2010, at Kosice,
 2             Krishna R           II MBBS       Serum Copper, Oxidant –              23rd East Asian Medical          International
                                               Antioxidant Status in Patients    Student's Conference (EAMSC) -
                                                with Carcinoma of Prostate.        2010 held on January 14th -
                                                                                    19th, 2010 in Kualalmpur,
 3           R. Maithreyi          II MBBS     Erythrocyte Lipid peroxidation         23rd East Asian Medical          International
                  &                             and antioxidants in chronic       Student's Conference (EAMSC)
              A V Janani                       alcoholics with alcoholic liver     held on January 14th - 19th,
                                                          disease.                2010 in Kualalmpur, Malaysia.
 4             Shweta. A           II MBBS      Erasers of Men’s Health: An           23rd East Asian Medical          International
                   &                                 Indian Scenario.             Student's Conference (EAMSC)
            Rufus Ranjitsingh                                                      held on January 14th - 19th,
                 Edwin                                                            2010 in Kualalmpur, Malaysia.
 5           Anand K H             II MBBS     Antioxidant Vitamins status in     International Student Medical        International
                                                patients with Osteoarthritis.       Congress in Kosice – 2010
                                                                                  (ISMCK – 2010), held between
                                                                                 21st – 24th June, 2010, at Kosice,

           2) Details of the research papers published by the medical students in the International and National Indexed


Sl.No    Name of the Student        Year         Title of the Publication         Name of the Indexed           International /
                                                                                           Journal                 National
 1            A.V.JANANI          II MBBS       Antioxidant vitamins and          Journal of Clinical and        International
                                               enzymes status in patients       Diagnostic Research. 2010
                                               with alcoholic liver disease.    August; 4 (4): 2742 - 2747.
 2       Maithreyi R, Janani      II MBBS     Erythrocyte Lipid peroxidation          Asian Journal of           International
            AV, Krishna R,                     and antioxidants in chronic          Pharmaceutical and
           Shweta A, Rufus                    alcoholics with alcoholic liver   Clinical Research. 2010; 3
          Ranjitsingh Edwin.                             disease.                      (3): 183 – 185.
 3          R. Krishna, R.        II MBBS       Serum Copper, Oxidant –          International Journal of        International
        Maithreyi, A V Janani,                Antioxidant Status in Patients         Biotechnology and
           A. Shweta, Rufus                    with Carcinoma of Prostate.       Bioengineering Research.
          Ranjitsingh Edwin                                                       2010; 1 (2): 139 – 146.
 4        Sanchaya Selvaraj,      II MBBS     Evidence – based medicine – a       Biology and Medicine.          International
        Yeshwant Kumar NNT,                       new approach to teach            2010; Vol 2 (1): 1 – 5.
         Elakiya M, Prarthana                  medicine: a basic review for
         Saraswathi C, Balaji                          beginners.
            D, Nagamani P
 5             Krishna R          II MBBS      Research Bias: A Review for       Journal of Clinical and         International
                   &                               medical students.               Diagnostic Research.
              Maithreyi R                                                        Journal of Clinical and
                                                                                Diagnostic Research. 2010
                                                                                 April; 4 : 2320 – 2324.

        3) Details of the PRIZES / AWARDS won by the medical students in the International and National Indexed Journals
        Sl.No     Name of the          Year   Name of the Conference          Title of the Paper     International Award Won
                    Student                                                                            / National
          1       A.V.JANANI        II MBBS    International Student      Antioxidant vitamins and    International  IInd PRIZE
                                            Medical Congress in Kosice –      enzymes status in
                                             2010 (ISMCK – 2010), held     patients with alcoholic
                                              between 21st – 24th June,          liver disease.
                                             2010, at Kosice, Slovakia.


Papers published in the indexed and other journals by the staff members and

     Dr.Indumathi.S, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Anatomy)
     Assistant Professor,
     Department of Anatomy

        “Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research” October-2010, Vol-4, Issue No.5,
         3134 – 3143, titled, “Aortic Arch and Variations in its Branching Pattern"

     Dr.Latha.K, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Pharmacology), Assistant Professor,
     Dr.Tharini.C.B, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Pharmacology), Professor & HOD,
     Department of Pharmacology&Sheela.D, Student of M.Sc., Pharmacology

            “Recent Research in Science & Technology” Vol-2, Issue No.11 (2010), Pages
             8-10, titled, “A Single Blind In Vitro UV Spectrophotometry Quantitative
             Assay of Different Pharmaceutical Oral Preparation of 500mg Metformin"

     Dr.Renu Mathew, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Microbiology),
     Department of Microbiology

            “Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research” Vol-4, Issue No.6, Dec-2010,
             Pages 3565-3566, titled, “Intestinal Taeniasis"

     Dr.Timsi Jain, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Community Medicine)
     Assistant Professor,
     Department of Community Medicine

            “Journal of Clinical and Diagnostics Research” Vol-4, Issue No.6, Dec-2010,
             Pages 3480-3483, titled, “A Cross Sectional Study on the Coverage of
             Immunization in the Slums of Western Uttar Pradesh, India".

            “Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health” Vol-12, Issue No.4, Dec-
             2010, Pages 1-7, titled, “Status of Antenatal Care on Slums of Meerut City"

     Dr.Sivapriya.D.V, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Physiology),
     Assistant Professor,
     Department of Physiology

        “Life Sciences and Medicine Research (LSMR)” Vol 2010, LSMR-19, titled,
         “Evaluation of the Relationship Between Workload and Work Capacity in
         Petrochemical and Tannery Workers - a Pilot Study"

     Dr.C.R.V.Narasimhalu. M.B.B.S., M.D
     Assistant Professor,
     Department of Dermatology


   Journal of Indian Medical association Vol 108 No11 November 2010 titled “Blister
    Beetle dermatitis”

    Dr.Vijayalakshmi.S, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Anatomy)
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Anatomy

       "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research" Apr-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.2; Page
        No.287-290 (Indexed in Scopus), titled, “A Study on Dorsalis pedis Artery and
        its Clinical Correlations"

    Dr.Jayakumar.S, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Microbiology)
    Associate Professor,
    Department of Microbiology

       “Journal of Communicable Diseases” Dec-2010, Vol-42, Issue No.4, Page
        No.263-268, titled “Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
        Isolated from Clinical Samples''

       "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research" Apr-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.2; Page
        No.231-235 (Indexed in Scopus) titled “The In Vitro Efficacy Testing of Skin
        Disinfectants Against Nosocomial Pathogens".

    Dr.Kedari.G.S.R, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Biochemistry)
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Biochemistry

       “Indian Journal of Science & Technology", Sep-2010, Vol-3, Issue No.9, Page
        No.1014-1015 titled, “Estimation of thyroid hormone status and thyroid
        antibodies in type-1 diabetes mellitus”

       "Recent Research in Science & Technology" Dec-2010, Vol-2 Issue No.11; Page
        No.4-7 titled “Status of Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Lipid Profile in
        Gestational Diabetes Patients"

       "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research" Apr-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.2; Page
        No.254-256 (Indexed in Scopus) titled “Evaluation of the Thyroid Status,
        Oxidant Stress and Antioxidant Status in patients with Type-2 Diabetes

    Dr.Madhavan.M, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Pathology)
    Associate Professor,
    Department of Pathology

       Case Report publication in "Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences" Apr-Jun
        2011, Vol-18 Issue No.2; Page No.78-81 titled “A Rare case of a Subcutaneous
        Phaeomycotic Cyst with a Brief Review of Literature"


Dr.Sivapriya.D.V, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Physiology)
Assistant Professor and
Dr.Shyamala Thirumeni, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Physiology)
Professor & Head,
Department of Physiology

   "Recent Research in Science & Technology" 2011, Vol-3 Issue No.10; Page
    No.19-24 titled “Effects of Suryanamaskar on Cardio Vascular and Respiratory
    Parameters in School Students"

Dr.Srinivasa Raghavan.N, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Forensic Medicine)
Associate Professor,
Department of Forensic Medicine

   "Indian Journal in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology" Jul-Dec-2010, Vol-4 No.2;
    Page No.96-99 ISSN – 0973-9122 (print) ISSN – 0973 – 9130 (Electronic) titled
    “A multidimensional and retrospective analysis of female suicide deaths in

   "Journal of Medical Science and Research" 2010, Vol-1 No.2; Page No.69-70
    titled “Social Networking and Medical Professionalism"

Dr.Thirunavukkarasu.J, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Pharmacology)
Associate Professor,
Department of Pharmacology

   "Asian Journal of Experimental Biological Sciences" Jul -2011, Vol-2(3); Page
    No.487-492 titled “A Study on Effectiveness of Different Teaching Methodology
    in Pharmacology for Under Graduate Students"

Dr.Shivani Rao, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Community Medicine)
Assistant Professor,
Department of Community Medicine

   "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research" Aug-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.4; Page
    Nos.721-724 (Indexed in Scopus) titled “Influence of Associated Factors in the
    Prevalence of Asthma: A Community Based Study in Mysore”

Dr.Binesh Lal.Y, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Microbiology)
Assistant Professor,
Department of Microbiology

   "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research" Oct-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.5; Page
    Nos.961-963 (Indexed in Scopus) titled “Correlation of Quantitative Buffy Coat,
    Blood Smear and Antigen Detection in Diagnosing Malarial Infection"


      Dr.Anuradha.R, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Community Medicine)
      Assistant Professor,
      Department of Community Medicine

         "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research", Oct-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.5; Page
          Nos.957-960, (Indexed in Scopus & Copernicus) titled, “The Prevalence of
          Overweight and Obesity among Women in an Urban Slum of Chennai"

      Dr.Sathish Babu.C, M.B.B.S., M.D., (Pha rmacology)
      Assistant Professor,
      Department of Pharmacology

         “Recent Research in Science and Technology” 2011, Vol-3, Issue No.10, Page
          No.25-29 (indexed) titled “Virtual Experimental Pharmacology an Alternative or
          Not? – A Global Assessment by Pharmacology Faculties and MBBS Students”

      Dr.Surapaneni Krishna Mohan (Biochemistry)
      Assistant Professor,
      Department of Biochemistry

         "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research", Oct-2011, Vol-5 Issue No.5; Page
          Nos.1001-1007, (Indexed in Scopus) titled, Analysis of Multiple Myeloma by
          FTIR Spectroscopy Coupled with Statistical Analysis”

         “International Journal of Current Reviews and Research”, Issue 11, November-
          2011 (Indexed in Scopus)       titled “Simultaneous determination of blood
          substrates by FTIR Spectroscopy coupled with Linear Regression analysis”.

Prizes, Medals and Awards received by the faculty members and students in various
functions / competitions organized by the other colleges

      Dr.P.Saraswathi.P, Professor & HOD, Anatomy

          SESSION – 34th Annual conference of association of anatomists of Tamilnadu –
          October 2011.

          Annual conference of association of anatomists of Tamilnadu – October 2011.


         "FABMS FELLOWSHIP AWARD”:– 31st               Annual   conference   of   Indian
          Association of Bio-Medical Scientists-2010.


     Surapaneni Krishna Mohan, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

        Being awarded the “Certificate in Medical and Health Sciences Education”
         (CIMHSE) under the Lika Shing Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical and
         Health Sciences Education, Hong Kong University from January 25, 2010
         through April 30, 2011.

        Being awarded “Fellowship of CMCL-FAIMER Regional Institute” (A joint
         venture of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, India and Foundation for
         Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, USA) from
         January 2009 through January, 2011.

        Being awarded “Online Health Informatics Certification”         a course
         conducted by Bioinformatics Centre, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical
         Sciences, Sevagram, Maharashtra, India in collaboration with Mason Global
         Ltd, India from January o1, 2011 through July 30, 2011.

1. Dr. Saraswathi, Professor & HOD, Department of Anatomy has received Lifetime
Achievement Award among the women Research Workers for 2007 from Government of
Tamilnadu in 2009.

2. Dr. SURAPANENI KRISHNA MOHAN, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry received
the following awards / recognition during the academic year 2009 – 2010.
  1. Selected as “YOUNG SCIENTIST” and One among the 120 YOUNG SCIENTISTS
     (Out of 120 only 6 were Indians) who were selected from all over the world by
     International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) to deliver
     the presentations and to share their knowledge in “Young Scientist Program (YSP)”,
     21st IUBMB and 12th FAOBMB International Congress of Biochemistry and
     Molecular Biology held in Shanghai, China, between July 30 – August 2, 2009 and
     was awarded a Cash Prize of 800 USD.
  2. Recipient of “IFCC Fellowship – EUROMEDLAB 2009” at 18th IFCC – EFCC
     European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Congress of the
     Austrian Society of Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry, held on 7 th June –
     11th June, 2009 at Congress Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria.
  3. Recipient of “Young Investigator Award” at Hong Kong - Shangai International
     Liver Congress 2008 held on 12th -15th June 2008 at Hong Kong Convention
     Centre, Hong Kong.
  4. Recipient of “IFCC Fellowship” at 20th IFCC International Congress of Clinical
     Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine,35th Brazilian Congress of Clinical Analysis


      and 8th Brazilian Congress of Clinical Cytology, held on 27th September - 2nd
      October at Ceara’s Convention Center, Fortaleza/CE, Brazil.
Sports and Extra Curricular activities of the College

           Students participated in the “Chettinad Fusion 2011” – A south zone inter
            medical and dental cultural festival conducted by Chettinad Hospital and
            Research Institute from 21st – 23rd of April, 2011 and they have won 1st prize in
            Ek Minute, 2nd prize in Variety programme & 3 rd prize in Rangoli (Certificates).

           25 students participated in the sports meet organized by Kasturba Medical
            College, Manipal on 25 th to 29th April, 2011.

           Mr.Madan.G, of III MBBS secured 3 rd position in Tamil Movie script writing, a
            cash award and a Trophy for Best Script Writing during the International
            Sports & Cultural Carnival – Riviera ’11 conducted by VIT, Vellore.

           Students participated in the CHEMFEST-2011 a, Inter Collegiate Cultural
            programme conducted by Chengalpet Medical College from 06th - 08th
            September, 2011 and won the Overall Trophy.

4.    Any associated Institutions/Training courses              :        Yes              No.
5.    If yes,                                           No. of Admissions/Yrs.
      (i)       Dental
        (ii)  Nursing
        (iii) Pharmacy
        (iv)  Physiotherapy
        (v)   Lab Technician
        (vi)  Any other
        For the medical colleges which are running other courses as mentioned above
besides the undergraduate courses leading to MBBS, they will be required to have extra
staff, space, laboratories and equipment’s as per the norms laid down by the bodies
governing such courses.
6.    Total No. of PG students                          No. of students admitted
      Admitted yearwise (in previous                           ------------------------------
      3 years) (please attach separate               Ist Yr.        IInd Yr.         IIIrd Yr.
      statement)                          Dip./Degree           Dip./Degree Dip./Degree

Date of Inspection                                              Signature of


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