5th Grade Curriculum Guide in Social Studies by LindlAndrewCarcido


									Curriculum Guide in Social Studies
Fifth Grade
Subject Description:
Course Code: BSOC05
            Summer                                                                Fall                                                Winter                                                Spring                            Remarks
    Lecture          Lab                                     Lecture                          Lab                    Lecture                         Lab                    Lecture                           Lab             Requirement
I. The Early Filipinos        a. Interactive Lesson,   II. The Spanish               a. Interactive Lesson,   III. The Americans and        a. Interactive Lesson,   IV. Life in Modern Times        a. Interactive Lesson,
                              Video Presentation       Colonization of the           Video Presentation       Japanese Regimes              Video Presentation                                       Video Presentation
a. The Origin of the                                   Philippines                                                                                                   a. Life in the Third Republic
Philippines and the                                                                                           a. The American Regime
Filipino Race                                          a. The Philippines : A Road                                                                                   - Branches of the
                                                       to Discovery                                           - Aguinaldo’s Return                                   Government
- How the Philippines was
Formed                                                 - Ferdinand Magellan: The                              - The American Period of                               - Problems of the Third
                                                       Explorer of the Workd                                  Colonization                                           Republic
- The Origin of the
Filipinos                                              - Spain’s Motives of                                   - The American Colonial                                - The Presidents of the
                                                       Colonization                                           Government                                             Third Philippine Republic
- Life in Prehistoric e
Period                                                 b. Changes in the Filipino                             b. Philippine Society Under                            -The Society in the Republic
                                                       Settlement                                             the American Rule
- Development of the                                                                                                                                                 - Filipino Culture During the
Livelihood of the Early                                - The Policy of Forced                                 - Population Growth                                    third Republic
Filipinos                                              Transfer of Residence
                                                                                                              - Health and Sanitation                                b. The Philippines Under
- Trading with other                                   - Economic Policies                                                                                           The Martial Law
Countries in Asia                                                                                             - Education
                                                       c. Spanish Influences in                                                                                      - Towards the Declaration
b. Social Conditions of the                            Philippines Culture                                    - Changes in Religion                                  of Martial Law
Early Filipinos
                                                       - Changes in Society                                   - Status of Women                                      - New Society Under The
- Shelters of the Early                                                                                                                                              Martial Law
Filipinos                                              d. The Government Under                                - Lifestyle
                                                       Spain                                                                                                         c. The Fourth Republic
- Religious Beliefs of the                                                                                    - Architecture
Early Filipinos                                                                                                                                                      - The New Republic
                          - Spanish Colonial
c. The System of          Government                  c. Economic Changes          d. The Peaceful Revolution
Government of the Early                               Introduced by the            in EDSA
Filipinos                 - Local Government          Americans
                                                                                   - The Snap Election
- The Barangay System     - Provincial Government     - Transportation and
                                                      Communication                e. The Philippines After the
- The Sultanate           e. Filipinos’ Reaction to                                EDSA Revolution
                          the Colonial Rule           - Land Policy
                                                                                   - Different Administrations
                          - The Filipinos Revolts     - Free Trade                 after the Revolution

                          - The Katipunan             d. The Commonwealth

                                                      - The Road to Freedom

                                                      - The 1935 Constitution

                                                      - The Commonwealth

                                                      - The Government System
                                                      and Framework

                                                      - Government Programs

                                                      - Constitutional

                                                      e. The Philippines under
                                                      the Japanese

                                                      - The Philippines During
                                                      the war

                                                      - Japanese System of

                                                      - Japanese Economic

                                                      - Economic Activities of
                                                      the People During the war

                                                      - Social Conditions During
                                                      the Japanese Period

                                                      - Educational Policies
- Program of Propaganda

- Guerilla Movement

- Some Noted Filipinos
During the Japanese

- Philippine Freedom

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