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Parents of Child Actors - Register A Domain Name FAST!

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Parents of child actors should register their child's domain name early
in their career

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Your child has done the hard part, breaking into show business, and the
last thing on your mind as a parent is that somebody would try to use
your child's newfound fame to their advantage.

Your loss is their gain.

I recommend registering your child's domain name as soon as your child a)
works as a principal character in a TV show or film (has a credit on
screen) or b) signs with an agent or manager. The reason for doing this
as soon as possible is obvious: there are people out there who register
domains of newcomers at the earliest opportunity. If you think to
yourself "but my kid isn't famous yet" you are kidding yourself. There is
a segment of the population that will immediately notice a new girl or
boy on a TV show and immediately start posting their name around the
Internet for other people to see.

So what is a domain name and how do you register one?

A domain name is the "internet address" you use to find a particular web
site. The domain name for the web site you are on now is
"" A popular domain name for a search engine is
"" Most actors will register their domain name as
"" There are also domain names that end in .us,
.tv, .net, .org and hundreds more. Concentrate on the .com extension. Can
you register a domain name if you don't even have a web site? YES! In
fact, many parents will simply register their child's domain name and
"park" it - not use it, just so somebody else can't take it. They may or
may not ever make a web site, but they know that somebody else can't
pretend to be their child with the domain name either.

One of the best places to register a domain name is a place called Go
Daddy. It's a funny name but one of the best. is known as a
domain name registrar, a place to register domain names. Once you are at
their site, type your child's name (wthout spaces) into the "Start Your
Search Here" box and click on "Go." If the domain hasn't been taken yet,
click on Continue. You will be asked to buy a whole bunch of stuff you
really don't need so click on "No Thanks" to continue. You will then be
asked to buy even more things, so just click on Continue again. You may
have some things auto-selected for you like "Traffic Builder" - uncheck
it and click on Continue again.

Eventually you will get to a checkout page that will have you double-
check everything to make sure it is correct, as well as choose a payment
method. If there is anything else in your cart besides the domain name,
remove it! For 2 years it should only cost you about $18.40.

You can choose to pay by PayPal or   by Credit Card. Select which one and
then also put check marks into the   boxes saying you have read the
agreement and terms of service. (I   suggest actually reading them too,
although they are pretty standard)   - then click on Checkout Now.

The next section will require you to put in personal information.
IMPORTANT - this information will be public, and once it is out there,
people CAN bring it uyp again even if you change it. For the telephone
number I would suggest your agent or managers number, NOT your private
home phone number. Cell phone is also fine if you don't mind - but you
will probably get calls on it. For address, again put your agent or
manager's address, or a post office box if you have one. If you put your
real home address, remember this will be available for everybody to see.

Continue the checkout process. Once everything is done, that is it. Your
domain is now officially "parked" and will be on the Internet in 4-24
hours. When people call up the domain name in their web browser, they
will see godaddy's "parked" page. If you ever build a web site for your
child, or have someone build it for you, you will need to modify the
settings in the GoDaddy control panel. Your web designer / web host
should be able to help you with that.

Securing your child's domain name early means it won't be stolen later.
Use your own judgment for when you feel it is the right time. Remember,
if the .com is taken, you can try one of the other extensions, but even
today, nothing is as good as a .com.

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