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Celebrity Love

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We are affected by the power of celebrity influence and the love of fame.

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There is no doubt that love for some celebrity exists within us all. This
isn’t the traditional definition of love but rather defined by an
excessive admiration for a famous person whom we will probably never
meet. The use of “love” is appropriate here as we who love celebrity tend
to exhibit signs of undue influence by those highly visible. Famous
people, the non-elected representatives of the human race, have always
held some influence over the masses. In the days before mass media,
television sets and computers fame was circulated orally, carried by the
gossipy nature of social beings. Today, we open our eyes and cannot avoid
these people. Of course, in a developed society entertainers are
necessary. We laugh and sometimes cry at a quality performance. Our
memories are seared with images, movies and songs which have touched us,
frightened us and stimulated us. They dramatize the political, the
romantic, the good and bad. We see in them the potential for perfection
of man or woman as an expression of utopian ideals of love and success.

    Yet, have we gone too far? How much influence should they have over
us? Our choice of clothes, jewelry and hairstyle, our languages and ideas
are often areas that we look toward celebrities to define. If you deny
this then you are exceptional; the rest of us are invariably, more
susceptible. Our culture has become saturated with celebrity influence.
We watch their every move including who they are with and what they do.
We absorb their politics and gobble up their quotes. We think about what
it may be like to be that beautiful, rich and powerful. Fame is an
aphrodisiac or so it seems to the unrecognized. Today we have TomKat(Tom
Cruise and Katie Holmes). Yesterday it was Bennifer(Ben Affleck and
Jennifer Lopez). Public Interest in these people is frighteningly
obsessive in nature. After all, their claim to fame is usually based on
pretense or non reality. They are the constant pretenders, illusionists
with screens as their canvas.

   The entertainment value of a celebrity stretches beyond the screen or
stage and they are wholly aware it. We are witness to carefully arranged
relationships, sudden sightings in sports arenas and controversial quotes
days before a new movie or show opens. They appear on your screen
suddenly seemingly not to promote themselves but rather attempting to
come across as natural, likable, smart and funny. Sometimes we get a
glimpse into what certain celebrities are really like. Unfortunately, it
is usually when they do something wrong. Drugs, infidelity and physical
assaults are a few areas where celebrities have slipped in their public
presentation. Mug shots and unflattering photos of famous people are the
currency of entertainment news outlets. Being a celebrity has its
drawback in this regard as they are monitored as closely as governmental
heads of the biggest nations on earth. Alas, the power of celebrity is
here with us to stay. Or is it? Can we teach our children who the
chancellor of Germany is before we explain the history of Madonna? If we
can’t, America will become a nation of uninformed celebrity worshippers
numb to the more important realities of the world.

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