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					                                    iPad iOS 5 Review
iPad iOS 5 Review - ipad split keyboard Cydia, Split keyboard cydia, ipad ios 5, split thumb
keyboard ipad cydia, flash player safari ipad cydia ios5 . Apple will be revealing very
interesting features with iOS 5 and some of them are only specific iPad. Right now I'm on my
iPad with iOS 5 and I love it, even if it meant only for developers. For a developer version, I
must say it is the most stable version is released for dev ever iPad. Here is the review of the
iPad and iOS 5:

Divide Thumb Keyboard - iPad iOS 5 Review

Previously, it was not possible to give the thumbs on the iPad, but now with the introduction
of split-thumb keyboard, you will be able to acquire a much better typing experience, if your
iPhone on the move . It allows you to leave the location of the keyboard to move up and
down, you find the right place for you to keep and pass on the iPad.

AirPlay wireless mirror - iPad iOS 5 Review

This powerful Apple A5 processor on the iPad 2 is good enough for the iPad wireless display
on the large monitor / HDMI port which is connected with Apple TV. It also means its still
not able to use with your Windows or Mac.

Tabbed Browsing - iPad iOS 5 Review

Previously, he had to rely on third parties such alternatives as Mobile Safari browser Google
Chrome Web browser atomic or iPad, but now you are able to take advantage of this feature
in mobile Safari itself. So yes, you can easily move to a position between tabs much easier
than before.

Private Browsing - iPad iOS 5 Review

Previously, private surfing the iPad available via Cydia hack, but now it is integrated into the
operating system.

Wireless Sync iTunes - iPad iOS 5 Review

Another highly anticipated feature that was introduced in IOS 5, Wii-Fi Sync. With this
feature you can use the iPad on without being connected to the computer.

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