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                                                                                  Journal of medical ethics, I982, 8, 217

News and Notes

First advice centre for                  after a hospital operation went badly
                                                                                      Moral choice and
medical accident                            AVMA's advice centre, at Auckland         medical crisis
victims                                  Road, London opened on September i.          symposium
                                         It will be run by the organisation's first
                                         director, Arnold Simanowitz, a London        The Fifteenth Symposium on
An organisation to help the victims of   solicitor. The centre will help those who    Philosophy and Medicine,MoralChoice
medical accidents has been set up        have suffered medical accidents to           and Medical Crisis, will be held in
following a grant from the Greater       assess what has happened to them. If         Greenville, North Carolina, on March
London Council.                          negligence is a possibility, it will put     I7-I9, I983. This programme is
  Called Action for the Victims of       victims in touch with solicitors, and        sponsored by the Humanities Section,
Medical Accidents (AVMA), it has         solicitors in touch with medical experts.    East Carolina University School of
grown from the transmission of Peter        'Mounting a negligence action is very     Medicine and the North Carolina
Ransley's award-winning play Minor       difficult', says Simanowitz. 'We are         Humanities Committee. Speakers will
Complications.                           extremely concerned that people with         include George Engel, Edmund
   The play, based on a real case,       good cases are dropping them, or             Pellegrino, Jay Katz, Robert Veatch,
portrays the enormous difficulties       sometimes not even starting them             and H Tristram Engelhardt Jr. For
encountered by a woman with two          because they feel they have no chance        further information, please contact
children when seeking compensation       against the system'.                         John Moskop or Loretta Kopelman,
                                                                                      Humanities Section, East Carolina
                                                                                      University School of Medicine,
                                                                                      Greenville, NC 27834. (919) 757-26i8.

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Thursday 17 March                        Tuesday 22 March                             Thursday 24 March
LMG SympOSiUm: THE DYING CHILD. 5.45     LMG SympOSiUm: ATFEMPTED SUICIDE:            LMG illustrated symposium: LEAD:
pm Guy's Hospital                        Have the Samaritans the answer? 5.45         When all else fails legislate. 5.45 pm
  Dr B G R Neville, Consultant           pm King's College Hospital                   The London Hospital
Paediatric Neurologist, Guy's Hospital     Dr Steven Greer, Reader in                    Dr B T Colvin, Senior Lecturer in
  Miss Margaret Atkin, Principal         Psychological Medicine, King's College       Haematology, The London Hospital
Social Worker, Social Service            Hospital                                     Medical College
Department, Great Ormond Street             Dr Chad Varah, Chairman of                  Professor P J Graham, Walker
Hospital                                 Befrienders International (The               Professor of Child Psychiatry and
   Dr T J R Bruce, Consultant in          Samaritans Worldwide)                       Consultant Psychiatrist, The Hospital
Psychological Medicine, St                  Dr N Kreitman, Director of the            for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street
Bartholomew's Hospital                   MRC Unit for Epidemiological Studies            Dr Robin Russell Jones, Deputy
  Mrs Joan Wills, formerly National      in Psychiatry, Royal Edinburgh               Chairman, CLEAR
Secretary of the Compassionate Friends   Hospital                                        Mr Douglas Harvey, Director
                                                                                      General, United Kingdom, Petroleum
                                                                                      Industry Association Limited
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                                  News and Notes

                                  J Med Ethics 1982 8: 217
                                  doi: 10.1136/jme.8.4.217

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