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NAPLAN Homework and Student Learning by jolinmilioncherie


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24 April 2012

Dear Families and Friends of St William’s
                                                                  Last week our year 3, 5 and 7 students participated in a
Welcome to the new term. I hope the recent holiday break          practice NAPLAN test. The students were presented with
renewed and refreshed you all for the weeks ahead. I have         one of last year’s test papers and completed it in the same
heard many positive responses in support of the longer            conditions as they will during the May tests. The students will
holiday and the sense of renewal that many gained from a          participate in two more practice test days in the coming
more significant break.                                           weeks. We find these practice days help streamline our
                                                                  processes on the NAPLAN test days and reduce student
Part of the busyness in schools at the end of last term           anxiety about what will happen during these days.
revolved around the retelling the events surrounding Holy
Week and the Easter story. With Anzac day commemorations          A reminder that the NAPLAN test dates are Tuesday 15 May,
close to Easter the messages of both observances is               Wednesday 16 May and Thursday 17 May. The tests are in
significant. Through the Easter ceremonies and the rituals of     reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar
Anzac day we recall familiar and powerful stories as we           and punctuation) and numeracy. Testing will take place in the
remember and give thanks.                                         morning sessions on these days commencing at 9am.

As a nation, we talk of the Anzac ‘spirit’ as a quality that      Homework and Student Learning
defines us as Australians. As Christians, we recognise the
resurrection of Jesus as the foundation of our faith and life.    Our St William’s Homework Statement was developed in
Both Anzac day and Easter are pivotal events in our sense of      recent years through a consultation process with teachers
who we are and whom we claim to be. Jesus words to the            and parents and after consideration of current research on
disciples after his resurrection were ‘Peace be with you!’ The    the topic. Our homework statement sets out suggestions
message of Anzac day is also one of living in peace.              about the purpose and types of homework set, the
                                                                  approximate time allocations that students should spend on
Let us live in peace, collaboration and support of one            homework and the roles of the teacher, parents and the
another.                                                          student themselves. Our St William’s Homework Statement
                                                                  is outlined in our school handbook each year. St William's
Thank you for your ongoing support of our school,
                                                                  Homework Statement p. 23

                                                                  Research shows that the positive effects of homework on
                                                                  student learning increase in the upper years of primary
                                                                  school and more so again in secondary school. The
                                                                  development of positive homework habits therefore are an
Anthony Lucey                                                     important aspect of the partnership between school and
Principal                                                         home. Homework is an opportunity to consolidate student
learning and share the school curriculum with parents…but             sacraments  of    first  Holy
homework is set for students to complete, not mum and dad!            Communion and Confirmation.

Parents can indeed help in a number of ways. They can                 Catholics coming together to
provide a quiet space for students to work, help students with        celebrate the sacraments are
time management skills, set a good example by reading and             acting out the most visible
writing at the same time and generally being positive about           expression of people of faith, and
tasks and time limits. However, avoid taking over the task. By        in doing so they touch the most
allowing your child to take responsibility for their own              sacred dimensions of their lives.
homework, you are giving them the chance to develop skills            Sacraments are significant moments of our being together in
and aptitudes such as independence, responsibility,                   a believing community that give us the chance to appreciate
self-reliance, problem-solving and persistence. It is these           that we are a people who have been touched by God and
skills that will set students up for future success as much as        who have come to appreciate that special gift. The
(some research suggests more so) then getting all their               sacrament of Eucharist is seen as the heart of Catholic faith
homework correct in any given week.                                   and life. Whilst the sacrament of Confirmation is a sacrament
                                                                      designed to strengthen people in their Christian faith.
ICAS Test Information
                                                                      Please keep our students in your prayers as they begin the
The University of New South Wales facilitates the                     next stage of their spiritual journeys.
International Competitions and Assessments for Schools
                                                                       We have a gentle and gracious God who is passionately in
(ICAS) each year for students. These tests are designed to
                                                                                            love with us.
be demanding and are suited to students looking for further
challenges in a particular area of strength or giftedness.
                                                                      RE in focus - 5D
Students from Years 3 to 7 may to participate in any of the
ICAS tests and teaching staff will supervise your child’s             The students in 5D have been learning about many things in
participation during school hours on campus. Families will            Religion. Last term they looked at church community: words
need to fund the cost for participation in each of these tests        and actions. Part of their study included looking at ways
themselves. Please note the competition dates and cost of             Jesus prayed, in quiet places and with others. It also
entry for each test in the table below.                               included looking at the bible, looking for examples of where
                                                                      Jesus prayed and the ways He prayed eg Mark 1:35, Mark
                                                                      14:22 and many other scripture passages. They explored
           Subject         Cost      Competition Date
                                                                      “love must be completely sincere’ Romans 12:9 and the
                                                                      personal implications that has for each of the students of 5D.
           Science         $7.70     Wednesday 6 June
                                                                      An interesting exercise for 5D was to look at the “Our Father”
                                                                      prayer in text language. So ‘our father in heaven’ became
           Spelling        $11.00    Tuesday 19 June
                                                                      ‘dad @ hvn’ and ‘hallowed be thy name’ became ‘u r spshl’.
           Writing         $16.50    Tuesday 18 June                  This was a way of unpacking the words and sentiments of
                                                                      this prayer. Lent and Ash Wednesday were other topics
           English         $7.70     Tuesday 31 July                  examined.

                                                                      This term 5D are finding out about the sacraments of
           Mathematics     $7.70     Tuesday 14 August
                                                                      initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

If you wish your child to compete in any of the tests outlined
above, please complete a permission form (available from
the school office) and return with the exact money or a
cheque payable to St William’s School as soon as possible.
For further information please visit the EAA website:

Yours in Catholic Education
Marissa Clark
Assistant Principal

Term 2 has commenced and already the diary is “chockers”.
Discos, assemblies, photo day, sports, the list goes on. But
for many students in our school they are coming up to a very
special time in their religious life – they will be celebrating the
5D Class Vision                                                   Grandfather of Ronan (3D) and Zara (1R) Krueger
                                                                  Grandfather of Riley (4R), Rhett (2R), Grace (1D) and Abbie
            Year 5 students are extraordinary.                    (1W) Summers
           We are aware and respectful of others.                 Sister of Mrs Kath Holston (PD teacher)
               We are ready for a challenge.
                    We follow the rules.                          We extend our sympathy to…
            We are intelligent and interesting.
           5D is very special, energetic and fun.                 Mrs Sam Weston (2F teacher) and family on the sad loss of
                                                                  her father-in-law.
You Can Do It
                                                                  I wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.
St William’s social-emotional learning and teaching program       He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I
is called ‘You can do it!’ It is a home-school program. Each      will not be shaken.
term we focus on a particular foundation:                         Psalm 62:5-6

       Term 1 – Getting along –‘Gabby Get Along’                  Reflection
       Term 2 – Confidence – ‘Connie Confidence’
             Term 3 – Resilience –‘Resilience’                    “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but
         Term 4 – ‘Persistence -Pete Persistence’                 sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
  Organisation – ‘Oscar Organisation’, is a yearlong focus        ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Each foundation has ‘habits of mind’:                             Go gently in God’s hand
                                                                  Kim Fehervary
                       Getting Along                              Assistant Principal – Religious Education
                    Social responsibility
                   Being tolerant of others
                    Playing by the rules
                        Thinking first
                     Being independent                            New Borrowing Limits
                        Taking risks
                                                                  The Year 2 students who have been regular in borrowing and
                      Accepting myself
                                                                  returning books may now begin borrowing 2 books at a time.
                        Resilience                                The students in Year 5 who have been regular in borrowing
                  Controlling my behaviour                        and returning may now begin borrowing 3 books at a time.
                      Calming myself
                      Moving forward                              Years 2 – 7 Library Focus
                        Persistence                               Students have been enjoying listening to stories written and
                        Working tough                             illustrated by Australian author Graeme Base. These are The
                         Giving effort                            Legend of the Golden Snail and The Jewel of Karnak. Other
                          I can do it                             books by this author are Animalia, The Eleventh Hour, Jungle
                                                                  Drums and Waterhole.
                      Planning my time
                                                                  Prep – Year 1
                        Setting goals

Last week you received a brochure outlining the foundations       This term we will be looking at illustrations and pictures in
of ‘confidence’. It will provide you with ideas for how you can   books. The art of picture books can make strong, lasting
                                                                  impressions upon children. Pictures represent elements of
further explore ‘confidence at home.
                                                                  the story – the characters, the setting and plot events. But
                                                                  pictures also evoke an emotional as well as a cognitive
Prayers Please...
                                                                  response. Children live in a world of multi-media imagery and
A number of members of our community are in need of our           more and more need to be able to read the meaning of those
prayers and thoughts. Please keep these families in your          images. What better way to learn about this than through the
hearts and minds:                                                 reading of picture book art?

Grandmother to Jack (4D), Sarah (4R) and Maggie (6F) Dale         Happy Reading
Baby Cousin to Emily Grinrod (Yr 6F)                              Belinda Lancashire & Kim Fehervary
Mother of Luke (6F) and Aidan (4F) Marsland                       Teacher Librarians
Mother of Annabelle (3R) and Harrison Hunt (7F)
                                                                    8 May 2012.

                                                                    The selection process for this event will be managed by the
Message from the Health and Physical                                PE staff of St William’s. Students will be timed during PE
Education Teacher                                                   classes at school and during cross country training each
                                                                    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 7:45am.
Welcome to the first sports newsletter for Term 2. My name is
Michelle Burgiel and I have undertaken the role of Health and       Students aged ONLY 10, 11, 12 and 13 are invited to trial for
Physical Education Teacher at St William’s. Thank you to            selection in this event. Younger students are not eligible to
everyone who has made me feel so welcome.                           compete under NW district rules. 10 year olds are expected
                                                                    to run a 2km course and 11, 12 and 13 year olds will run a
This term you may have noticed a few changes in regards to          3km course. The fastest three (3) students over the
dates for various sporting activities or to general                 respective distance (based on consistency of times in class
organisational roles. Please feel free to contact me in             and Kilometre Club) in each age group will be selected to
regards to areas of concern with sporting arrangements.             represent St William’s at Teralba Park on 8 May.

Thanks to those parents who send students to school in              Other cross country events this term
correct uniform for PE lessons. Correct sporting attire,
especially shoes really support healthy growth and                        St William’s House Cross Country at school oval –
development. Many children are wearing Dunlop Volleys                     Tuesday, 22 May 2012 ( various times throughout the
which research indicates do not support feet correctly and we             day)
are hearing complaints from some students (who are wearing                Zone 4 Cross Country – Wednesday, 6 June 2012 at
the volleys) about sore feet which may be related to incorrect            Teralba Park
footwear. Please see your local doctor or a podiatrist if your
child is experiencing pain in their feet during or after sporting   Netball
                                                                    Queensland Catholic Netball Cup – Monday, 21 May 2012:
                                                                    Girl’s Netball teams from Year 6 & 7 compete at an all day
                                                                    carnival at Downey Park in various divisions.
The following swimming results are an update from the last
edition of the Sports news.                                         North West District (NWD) Interschool Sport

      Summer Short                                                  NWD Interschool sport continues this Friday for Grade 6 and
                                                                    7’s competing in Netball, Soccer and Rugby League until 15
Congratulations to Summer who placed 3rd at the Regional            June 2012.
titles (representing North West District) and has now been
selected in the Queensland team and will compete in Sydney          Fran Massimino is coaching the soccer, David Isbester is
at the National titles.                                             coaching the League and Marie Louise Stolberg alongside
                                                                    Deborah Webb is coaching the netball teams.
Other results from recent carnivals:
                                                                    Zone 4 Gala Sport
        * Mackenzie Carsley
                                                                    Catholic School’s Zone 4 Gala Sport for Year 4 and 5
           Regional              100m Butterfly 9th
                                                                    students commences on the 11 May 2012 for 6 weeks. The
                                 200m Medley 1st
                                                                    children will be participating in Tee Ball (Year 4) and Netball
        * Mitch Eaton                                               (Year 5).

           Zone 4                50m Breaststroke 1st               Michelle Burgiel
                                 50m Backstroke 1st                 HPE Teacher
                                 100m Relay 2nd
                                                                    North West Netball
        * Jake Quinn
                                                                    Our North West Friday afternoon sport has finally begun. Our
           Regional              50m Breaststroke
                                                                    St William’s Junior and Senior A teams unfortunately had a
        * Rory Manley                                               bye this week. However our Junior and Senior B teams
                                                                    played Ferny Hills at the PCYC courts at Arana Hills. The
           Regional              50m Breaststroke
                                                                    girls played very well for their first game and were very
                                                                    excited to get the season underway. Our Senior B team tied
                                                                    with Ferny Hills on 9 all while our Junior B team had a
Cross Country
                                                                    convincing win of 9 nil.
North West District Cross Country at Teralba Park – Tuesday,
                                                                    This week’s game will be played at St William’s on our netball
courts against Samford. Parents and supporters are
welcome to come along and cheer our Year 6 and 7 netball
teams on. The games will begin at 1pm.
                                                               Tuckshop Days
Marie-Louise Stolberg
                                                               St William’s tuckshop is open every Monday, Thursday and
                                                               Friday for lunches/snacks at first and second breaks.

                                                               Price List
St William's Chess Coaching
                                                               Please use the current 2012 Tuckshop Price List not the
Thursday afternoon chess coaching is on again in Mr
                                                               2011 Price List.
Isbester's 7D classroom. New players are always welcome.

David Isbester                                                 Tried our Mini Quiche Yet?
Chess Coordinator
                                                               They are available at 1st and 2nd breaks at $1.30 each.

                                                               Volunteer Roster
Please remember to LABEL your child/children’s clothing,
including hats & new winter items. Remember to use               Thursday      26 Apr      Lisa Scomazzon
surnames as well!
                                                                 Friday        27 Apr      Clare Krueger
Years 1-7: Boys’ Navy Gabardine Shorts are only to be
worn with the Boys’ Check Shirt; Unisex Royal Knit OR Royal      Monday        30 Apr      Volunteers not required
Gaberdine Shorts are only to be worn with the Sports
Uniform. Unisex Royal Knit Shorts are usually available          Thursday      3 May       Shayne Lorac-Moon
anytime with us, but Royal Gabardine Shorts will need to be
ordered. See us for further information.                         Friday        4 May       Louise Johansen

If you are unsure of uniform requirements, please look at        Monday        7 May       No Tuckshop – Public Holiday
your St William’s Primary School Handbook 2012, pages 43
& 44. If you need further clarification or you cannot locate     Thursday      10          Anna Keefe
your handbook, please just ask! Remember, all items of                         May
clothing (including hats) must be clearly labelled.
                                                                 Friday        11 May      Kate Cowie (til 11am) & Lynette
During the cooler months, boys in years 1-7 can wear                                       Dempsey
Navy Gabardine Long Pants with the Formal Uniform (Check
Shirt). These navy long pants are NOT to be worn with the      A BIG thank you to our volunteers this term!
Sports Uniform. Available by order only.
                                                               Anna and Janet
Payment Options: We accept debit cards, visa &                 Tuckshop Convenors
mastercard (minimum transaction: $10), as well as cash &
cheques (payable to St William’s School).

Term 2, 2012 Opening Hours:
Tuesday mornings, 8.35am – 8.55am                                Term 2 - 2012
Wednesday afternoons, 2.45pm - 3.10pm
Thursday mornings, 8.35am – 8.55am                               Wednesday 25           ANZAC Day - Public Holiday
(If the above hours are not convenient for you, please feel
free       to       contact      us        via       email:      Thursday 26            9:45am Reconciliation 4F OR leave a message at         April
the school office)
                                                                                        2pm ANZAC Liturgy held in the Church -
Janet and Fran                                                                          Defence students to host
Uniform Shop Convenors
Friday 27 April   School Disco                                 Thursday 31 May    9am Mass – Yr 6 and Yr 7
                  Prep to Year 3, 4pm to 6pm and year 4-7,
                  6:30pm 8:30pm                                                   Class Captains shared lunch

Thursday 3 May    9:45am Reconciliation 4D                                        2pm Assembly – host 4D

                  Class Captains shared lunch
                                                               Friday 1 June      Zone 4 Gala Sports

                  2pm Assembly – host 3D                       Wednesday 6 June   Outrageous Clothes Day – gold coin
Monday 7 May      Labour Day – Public Holiday
                                                                                  Zone 4 Cross Country – Teralba Park
Tuesday 8 May     Nth West District Cross Country Carnival –
                  Teralba Park                                 Thursday 7 June    9:45am Reconciliation 5D

Wednesday 9       Mother’s Day Stall                                              Footsteps Dance Company commences
May                                                                               finishes

Friday 11 May     Zone 4 Gala Sports begins                    Friday 8 June      Zone 4 Gala Sports

Tuesday 15 May    NAPLAN testing                               Monday 11 June     Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – Public
Wednesday 16      NAPLAN testing
May                                                            Tuesday 12 June    Met North Regional Cross Country
                                                                                  Carnival – St Paul’s Bald Hills
                  9am Mother’s Day Liturgy – Prep and Yr 1
                                                               Wednesday 13       Zone 4 Cross Country
Thursday 17       NAPLAN testing                               June
                                                               Thursday 14 June   9:45am Reconciliation 4R
                  2pm Assembly – host 2R
                                                                                  2pm Assembly – YCDI – PD, 1F, 1W, 2D,
Friday 18 May     Zone 4 Gala Sports                                              3D, 3F, 4F, 6D

Sunday 20 May     Chess Tournament – Somerville House          Friday 15 June     North West District Winter Sports finishes

Monday 21 May     Qld Cup Netball Tournament                                      Zone 4 Gala Sports finishes

Tuesday 22 May    St William’s House Cross Country on School   Monday 18 June     Canberra Trip Yr 6 & 7 departs
                  Oval (times vary)
                                                               Friday 22 June     Canberra Trip Yr 6 & 7 returns
Wednesday 23      School Photographs
May                                                                               Free Dress Day – gold coin donation

Thursday 24       Chess Tournament – Brisbane Nth at                              9am Mass – Feast of St William – Prep to
May               Nundah State School                                             Yr 5

Friday 25 May     Zone 4 Gala Sports                                              11:30am ‘St William’s Got Talent’

Wednesday 30      Pizza & Poppa Day
                                                                                  2:55pm End of Term 2

                                                               Term 3 - 2012

                                                               Monday 9 July      8:30am Term 3 begins

                                                               Wednesday 15       RNA Brisbane Show (Ekka) – Public
                                                               August             Holiday

                                                               Wednesday 5        Yr 4 Camp departs
  Friday 7           Yr 4 Camp returns                                   1D     Niamh Johnstone          Harrison Carter
                                                                         1F     Braithyn Pecic           Ella Scomazzon
  Friday 21          2:55pm End of Term 3
  September                                                              1R     Jack Herwig              Brady Brigg

  Term 4 - 2012                                                          1W     Ty Crow                  Lily Carter

  Monday 8 October   8:30am Term 4 begins                                2D     Max Holmes Batten        Alexia Amano

  Tuesday 9          Extracurricular Photos (sport, music, choir,        2F     Isobel Byrne             Tufi Luafalealo
  October            chess etc.)

                                                                         2R     Dylan Nona               Heather Evans
  Thursday 25        Book Fair begins
                                                                         3D     Olivia Hutchins          Max Hinde

  Thursday 1         Book Fair finishes
                                                                         3F     Paige Carter             Jayden Van Ommeren

                                                                         3R     Sian Langford            Ben Mansfield
  Thursday 8         9am to 11am Orientation Day for new
  November           2013 students
                                                                         4D     Emilee Tong              Zaquan Ciobo

  Friday 7           12 noon End of Term 4 after Whole
  December           School Mass                                         4F     Tess Fowler              Liam Briigmann

                                                                         4R     Abby McCullagh           Jordan Bond

                                                                         5D     Giaan Smith              Braith Bates

Students Of The Week
                                                                         6D     Samanda O'Shana          Christiana Palella

                                                                         6F     Amy Cook                 Hayden Ware

                                                                         7D     Victoria Graham-Hickey   Joseph Romano

                                                                         7F     Isaac Knight             Patrick Byram

                                                                    Appointment of the new Metropolitan
Prep to Yr 7 – Assembly 19 April 2012                               Archbishop of Brisbane

Class Captains                                                                                    The Most Reverend Mark
                                                                                                  Benedict Coleridge, DD, until
We welcome the Term 2 Class captains who were presented                                           now Archbishop of Canberra and
with their badges at last week’s assembly.                                                        Goulburn.

                                                                                           The Apostolic Administrator of
                                                                                           the Archdiocese, Bishop Geoffrey
                                                                                           Jarrett, has warmly welcomed the
                                                                                           announcement         of      the
                                                                                           appointment by His Holiness
                                                                                           Pope Benedict XVI of the Most
                                                                    Reverend Mark Coleridge as Metropolitan Archbishop of

                                                                    Archbishop Coleridge already is a distinguished leader in the
                                                                    Church in Australia, and his appointment to Brisbane will be
                                                                    of great significance for the Archdiocese and the Catholic
                                                                    Church and community in Queensland.

                                                                    As well as his experience as a priest for 38 years and a
                                                                    bishop for ten, Archbishop Coleridge is a theologian and
teacher especially qualified in the fields of Sacred Scripture      supports our efforts be a consistently active travelling
and the Church’s liturgical worship, in both of which he has        community.
taught extensively in Australia and overseas.
                                                                    Enrolments 2013 – Interviews Commenced
In the five years before appointment as a bishop he served in
the Vatican as an official in the Secretariat of State, receiving   The enrolment process has commenced for Prep 2013 and
the appointment of Chaplain to His Holiness.                        we are collecting names and application forms for the
                                                                    formation of next year’s Prep classes. Please ensure that this
The Archbishop has also served as Chairman of the
                                                                    information is passed on to any interested families and for
international editorial Committee responsible for the new
                                                                    those who are eligible for this year level.
English translation of the Roman Missal, which came into
use throughout the parishes of Australia last December. He
continues an international rôle as the Chairman of the
                                                                    Have Your Home or Work Contact Details
Commission for the preparation of the forthcoming new               Changed?
Lectionary of scripture readings for the Mass.
                                                                    Please advise the school office when you change phone
Born and educated in Victoria, and ordained as a priest in          numbers or your home address. It is most important that
Melbourne in 1974, Archbishop-elect Coleridge has led the           parents/carers are able to be contacted in the case of
Church in the Australian Capital and a wide area of country         emergencies.
NSW since 2006, giving him also experience in public
advocacy for human values and the common good with the              Adopt-A-Cop
federal government.
                                                                    At last week’s assembly we formally adopted our wonderful
The Archbishop-elect will be the first non-Queensland born          community police officer, Sergeant Kerrie Haines. Kerrie has
Archbishop appointed in almost 50 years, since former               been affiliated with our school for eight years and we look
Archbishop Patrick O’Donnell (1965-1973) who was born in            forward to a continued relationship. Senior Constable Dahl
Ireland.                                                            and Inspector Laing were also on hand to support Kerrie as
                                                                    she took an oath of adoption. Thank you Sergeant Haines for
The Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Jarrett of Lismore,             being our adopt-a-cop!
continues in office as arrangements are made to welcome
the Archbishop-elect and the plans are completed for
Archbishop Coleridge’s installation in St Stephen’s Cathedral.

An Installation Mass will be held in the Cathedral of St
Stephen on Friday, 11 May 2012.

On behalf of the Archdiocese of Brisbane and the province of
Queensland our new Archbishop can be assured of a warm
and happy welcome and a ready anticipation of his pastoral
leadership in the Church and wider community.                       Getting Involved Confidently with Your Child’s
                                                                    Sexual Education
ANZAC Day commemoration at Sid Loder Park
                                                                    An information night for parents, teachers and young adults
Thank you to the families who joined us for the ANZAC               seeking a better way for their relationships. Dr Gerard
celebrations this morning at Sid Loder Park in Mitchelton. It       O’Shea will be a guest of the St William’s Parish on 2 May
was great to have our school represented in the community           2012 at the Daley Centre. Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.
for this significant occasion.
                                                                    School Banking
Support the Learning
                                                                    Just a reminder to you all that School Banking is at St
Thank you to the many families who support the teaching             William's every Tuesday. The Commonwealth Bank is
and learning of our students by ensuring that their children        celebrating its centenary and with its ongoing commitment to
arrive to school at the correct time, in correct uniform and        teaching children good money management skills, the
ready to learn. Your support is so very welcome.                    Commonwealth Bank will be running a fun and exciting
                                                                    School Banking competition between 16 April and 30 June
Parking and Active Travel                                           2012. There will be some fantastic prizes up for grabs,
Thank you to the many families who support our efforts with
Active Travel by either using an Active travel mode or                    iPads for schools
choosing the Rolleston St. Park’n’ Stride option. This really             Funding for class excursions up to $1500 each
helps relieve the congestion on Dawson Parade and                         Movie tickets for students
Students will need to be banking at school to participate in       1. Do you cross on a zebra?
the competition. Deposits must be made at school, with a
minimum of 5 deposits during the competition period.                  A zebra crossing is white lines on the black road. If you
                                                                      cross on a zebra crossing, look out for traffic and make
If your child does not have a Youthsaver account, you can             sure drivers can see you before you cross. Don’t start
open one at any Commonwealth Bank branch, no forms to fill            to cross until the traffic has stopped for you. Walk –
in! Remember to take identification for you and your child            don’t run – and look out for traffic as you go.
(such as drivers license and birth certificate). If you are an
existing Commonwealth Bank customer with access to                 2. Will you travel to an island?
NetBank you can apply for your child's Youthsaver account
                                                                      Pedestrian refuge islands are a safe stopping point in
                                                                      the middle of the road. When you use a refuge island,
                                                                      you only need to cross half the road at a time. Before
Active Travel “Put your feet on the Street and                        you walk to or from a refuge island, STOP, LOOK,
Travel together”.                                                     LISTEN and THINK.

                                                                   3. Do you go for green?

                                                                      Traffic signals help make it safe to cross a road. Push
                                                                      the button and stay one metre from the kerb until the
                                                                      green man appears. Check that cars have stopped and
Congratulations on another fantastic Active Travel Thursday.
                                                                      then walk carefully across the ro.Do not start to cross if
The children are really enjoying it ! Keep it up. Anyone who
                                                                      the red man sign is on or flashing.
travels actively to school (walking; riding a bike; riding a
scooter ,using public transport; car- pooling to get to school)    4. Can you hear a whistle?
will receive a stamp in their Active School Travel Passport on
each Active School Travel Thursday. This is a great initiative        Supervised crossings have a Crossing Supervisor with
to relieve congestion around our school.                              a whistle who helps you cross. Stay one metre from
                                                                      the kerb until the Supervisor blows their whistle twice –
Crossing the road the ROADSTAR Way                                    breep breep. Cross between the red and white poles. If
                                                                      the Supervisor blows once for a long time –
Walking to school safely is not
                                                                      breeeeeeeeep – get off the crossing quickly because it
just about putting one foot in front
                                                                      is not safe to cross.
of the other … ROADSTAR has
these three great tips on how to
be a safe pedestrian.                                             An Extra Tip!

   1. Walk on the left side of the                                Get off your bike before crossing the road and wheel it
      footpath.                                                   across.
   2. Look at what is happening
      around you.                                                 BCC Active School Travel E-News April Issue
   3. Don’t play games on or near the road.
                                                                  The following was in the current issue of the BCC AST
Before ROADSTAR crosses the road, he will:                        E-News:

      STOP at least one metre from the kerb                       The winning school in the legacy Golden Boot competition is
      LOOK right and left and right again                                          St William’s School at Grovely
      LISTEN for the sound of close traffic                         with a massive 68% increase from their original baseline
      THINK – is it safe to cross?                                            figure of 10%. St Williams’s achieved
                                                                   an average of 84% of active travellers on their active travel
Crossing the road can be tricky. Always cross the road at a                              day across March.
safe crossing point. If you need help, cross with an adult.               St William’s started their AST journey in 2011.

There Are 4 Kinds Of Pedestrian Crossings                           For more information about Active School Travel see the
                                                                         BBC website -

                                                                  From The Active Travel Team

                                                                  Important Changes to Bus Services Connecting
                                                                  to Ferny Grove Station

                                                                  From Tuesday 10 April, Queensland Rail is making minor
                                                                  timetable changes to train services operating from Ferny
                                                                  Grove station and along the Ferny Grove and Cleveland
lines.                                                              training many young musicians. Grades 2 and 3 met me in
                                                                    their classes last week and got to see the violin and the fun
To keep you connected to these services, TransLink will             coloured book that is used.
make minor timetable changes to connecting bus services:
                                                                       2. Violin
         396                                                        Individual and group lessons are held for Grades 4 to 7. The
         397                                                        students in grade 4 to 7 can also participate in the string
                                                                    program by either attending a group lesson or an individual
To ensure your timetables reflect these new train times,            lesson. Students attending an individual lesson can be
we’ve also updated the following bus timetables with the new        prepared for exams and get certified for the grade levels as
train times:                                                        they achieve them. All styles of music are covered, classical,
                                                                    folk and movie themes making it a fun experience to play the
                                                                    violin for all ages.
         224                                                        My long term goal is for St.William’s to have a string
                                                                    orchestra and be able to present at the school music
Although these changes are very minor, please make sure
                                                                    concerts, so please encourage your children to have a go at
you visit to check your new timetable as
                                                                    the violin for a term to see if they like it.
your service may arrive a few minutes earlier or later.
                                                                    Instruments are available for hire if you don’t own a violin but
                                                                    your child would like to try a term of lessons. Please phone
Communication Officer
                                                                    me on 0422 909 266 or email
TransLink Transit Authority
                                                                    to discuss lessons for your child.
School Rewards – Arana Hills Plaza 2012

St William’s School has registered to participate in the Arana
Hills Plaza School Rewards Program 2012.
                                                                      Next P&F Meeting: The next P&F meeting is on Monday, 14
                                                                      May 2012 at 6.30pm in the Library. Everyone welcome.
The school Rewards program will be run slightly differently
this year. Shoppers will be encouraged to register their spend
at the centre in an effort to generate points for their selected    P&F Meetings: The next meeting is on Monday 14 May
school.                                                             2012. The meetings of the P&F are held every second
                                                                    Monday of the month. Meetings commence at 6.30pm and
   1. For every $10 spent in one transaction shoppers will          are held in the Library.
      receive ‘10 School Rewards points’ voucher.
   2. Place your rewards voucher into the nominated                 Agenda Items: If you wish to have any item added to the
      school’s collection bin located in the main mall              agenda or ideas for any fundraising please contact us on
      area.                                                . Closure for agenda items is
                                                                    5pm on Friday 4th May 2012.
Please note: Cash register receipts will not be accepted
(Vouchers only).                                                    School Disco: The school disco is on Friday, 27 April 2012,
                                                                    at the Saint Mary Mackillop Centre (behind St William’s
All points generated will be displayed on the tally board in the    Church). The Junior Disco (Prep – yr3) is between 4pm-6pm.
main mall area and updated weekly.                                  Parents and carers must remain at the Centre for the
                                                                    duration of the disco. The Senior Disco (yr 4-7) is between
Violin and String Program                                           6.30-8.30pm. Parents and carers are to drop off and collect
                                                                    students from the Saint Mary Mackillop Centre. Entry is $3.
St William’s String Program and Violin lessons for Term 2,          The disco is only for St William’s students. If you would like
2012 will start from Thursday, 3 May with Caryn Eastman             to     volunteer   to   help    at    this   event    contact
B.Ed., Dip.T., DipMus.T., ATCL, LTCL, A.Mus.A., A.MusTCL.  .

Two courses are available for students:                             Entertainment Books: The P&F are selling Entertainment
                                                                    books. The books contain thousands of dollars of savings at
   1. Colourstrings
                                                                    cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues. They cost $65
This is for students from Prep to Grade 3. It is a fun program      of which the P&F keeps $13 to spend within the school.
for learning the violin using colours taught in small groups of     Contact if you would like one
2 to 4 children. It is based on the Kodaly method so it will link   or place an order at the disco. Books are available for
in with what the children are learning in their weekly class        collection now.
music session. The colourstrings program was developed in
Finland over 40 years ago and has been successful in
P&F Contacts                                                      Venue : Santa Teresa, Ormiston QLD

                                                                  For bookings/details contact: Terry and Rhonda Boyle tel. 07
 President     Joseph Rees        3352 3328 Information website:
 Vice          Sarah Napier
                                                                  Beginning Experience Weekend
 Treasurer     Philippa
               Anticevich                                         The Beginning Experience Team is holding its next weekend
                                                                  from Friday evening 27th to Sunday afternoon 29th April
 Secretary     Melinda
                                                                  2012 at QCCC Brookfield. The weekend offers widowed,
                                                                  separated and divorced people who have moved through the
                                                                  initial shock phase of grief to work through their pain and
                                                                  move into the future with renewed hope. It is a live-in
                                                                  weekend with meals and accommodation provided.

St William’s Craft Market – every second Saturday of              Enquiries: Kathy 3882 0292, Lyn 3480 5337, Terry 3395
each month from 8am - 12noon                                      1150, Peter 3209 2180, Lorraine 5441 7326, Barbara
                                                                  33240997. Look us up on the web.
Next market day: Saturday, 12 May 2012 from 8am – 12
Noon behind St William’s Catholic Church.
                                                                  Mt Alvernia College – Open Day
Come and have a great morning of Art, Craft, Food, Love
                                                                  Open day on Sunday, 29 April 2012 from 10am to 1pm.
and Laughter with us at St William’s Craft Market.
                                                                  Further information 3357 6000 or email
We have something for everyone, Jewellery, Art, Craft,  
Plants, Kids and Ladies Clothing, Jams, Preserves and much
more. Come early for the best bargains, don't miss out.           Mt St Michael’s College – Enrolment / Open
90+ Tables all under cover. All funds raised go to St Vincent
De Paul for use in the local area.                                OPEN DAY, Sunday 20th May from 10 am – 2 pm.
                                                                  Mt St Michael’s College is currently accepting enrolment
All Enquiries to: Edwyn and Margaret Jones on 3351 4454.
                                                                  applications for Year 7 and Year 8 2015.
                                                                  Applications will close on Monday 30 May 2012.
                                                                  Please visit for further
                                                                  information, or contact the College on 3858 4209.
Queen of Apostles Primary School’s 50th
Jubilee!                                                          Padua College - Open Day

      Kedron Wavell Services Club- Blue Pacific Room              On Sunday, 29 April 2012 from 11am – 2pm. Further details:
      Saturday 26th May 2012                            
      6:30pm for Drinks and Nibbles, Sit Down Dinner
      7:30pm                                                      St Joseph’s Murgon 75 Years Celebrations
      Fantastic 8 Piece Live Band “The Party Club”
      Full Bar Available                                          All families are invited to join St Joseph’s celebrations.
      Tables of 10 available at $60 per head includes 2
                                                                  Friday 4 May 2012: Blessing and Opening of a new
      course meal
                                                                  classroom block commencing at 9:30am in St Joseph’s
Please        contact     Mandy       Grace       at              Church. At 12:30pm the time capsule buried in 1987 will be OR 0409044910 to reserve              opened.
your table now!
                                                                  Saturday 5 May 2012: Dinner Dance (Diggers Room, Murgon
                                                                  RSL) 6pm for 6:30pm. $40 per head phone the school office
Worldwide Marriage Encounter
                                                                  (Sheree 4168 1627).
A weekend away for married couples in peaceful,                   Sunday 6 May 2012: Thanksgiving Mass commencing at
picturesque surroundings – away from the distractions of          10am followed by a BBQ lunch. At 3pm there will be a tree
everyday living. Take time out of your busy schedule, to          planting ceremony to bring the formalities to a conclusion.
invest in your most precious asset . . . your Marriage! This is
a unique opportunity to recharge your relationship batteries,
refocus on each other and fall in love all over again!

Weekend date : 27-29 April,2012
Oztag Mixed And Mens’ Winter Competition

 Venue:       Wests Mitchelton Rugby League Grounds,
              Cnr Samford and Prospect Rds, Mitchelton

 Game         Thursday nights

 Game         Games start from 6:15pm

 First        24 May 2012

 Season       Season consists of 10 games (plus 2 rounds
 Length:      finals)

 Cost:        $95 per player, mini11 players, + $20 for
              Official Oztag Shorts

 Prizes:      * Winners * Runner up * MVP * Leading Try

 Sign On Information

 Date:        Thursdays 10 & 17 May or Email

 Times:       5:30 – 7:00pm

 Location:    Mitchelton Rugby League Grounds

Arana Ascot Hockey

Our Hockey training grounds are situated centrally at Leslie
Patrick Park, Olearia Street, Everton Hills. We are close to
transport and shops, right next to The Hills PCYC, we
operate out of a multi-sport complex which also fields Rugby
League and Netball, Little Athletics and Softball.

Come and join and be part of the ‘Arana Sports’ Sporting
Community. Spaces still available for Junior Hockey Players
Under 9’s and Under 11’s. Under 9’s train on Tuesday from
4.30pm – 5.30pm and Under 11’s train on Tuesday from
5.30-6.30pm For more information please call Margie Brown
on 0419 689 239 or email

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