Fasting tips for Diabets by aryopras


									fasting TIps for people with diabetes
Diabetes or medical language is called diabetes mellitus is a disease has
protected many people. Young and old who became an easy target of the
attack to the disease through the rise in blood sugar. The cause is
terlalui sugar consumed in excess.
People with diabetes can not be cured, but can be prevented by avoiding
foods that contain too much sugar. Even so, people with diabetes are also
forbidden to eat no sugar at all. Because if the lack of liquor there
will be a decrease in blood sugar below normal.
Therefore people with diabetes should keep eating. However, people with
diabetes are prohibited from fasting. Indeed, when the fasting diet will
change according to time schedule and the meal break. The important
number and type of food consumed should be adjusted.
Caloric needs as fast as the day-to-day, the three main meals and three
snacks. The timing and distribution of different meals. When fasting,
diabetes medication (OAD) and vitamin commonly drunk in the morning.
Then, during fasting, eating a main meal by 30% of calories. When
breaking the fast food needed to restore power as quickly as possible
sweet, may eat compote, dawet or sweet fruit.
After Tarawih, around 21:00 hours, enjoy two main meals for 25% of
calories. Should be followed by exercise or light exercise after eating.
Before bed snack meal or snack in the form of bread or fruit by 10% of
calories. Diakhirkan dawn meal should, with the three main meals by 25%
of calories, followed by 10-calorie fruit snack and drink vitamin second.
Selection of preferred dishes of food rich in fiber and protein, because
it will be digested by the body longer, so the emptying of the stomach
longer. Source can be from complex carbohydrates such as grains, cereals,
brown rice, fiber bread, vegetables and fruit. Even more important is to
meet fluid needs. Required drinking water 6-8 glasses a day, at dawn and
fruit juices, which can meet the needs of body fluids and minerals.
Choose fruits that contain lots of water such as watermelon and star
Do all people with diabetes should be fasting? Perhaps if the fasting
blood sugar was over 250 mg / dl. Preferably three weeks before the
fasting blood sugar tests are performed, in order to have the opportunity
to control the sugar with the medicine so close to normal sugar levels.
Patients with insulin therapy two to three times a day should delay the
intention of fasting.
Please note, complications that are often experienced during fasting is a
state of hypoglycemia, the sugar levels below normal and most worrying is
the limit below 70 mg / dl. Therefore, control of blood sugar should be
more strict when running fast. The characteristic of hypoglycemia include
cold sweat, trembling and weak body. If there are complaints as above,
fasting should be canceled. And to recover as quickly as possible to
drink hot tea or honey. Should immediately consult a doctor, because the
treatment dose and hypoglycemia requires a specific diet as well as for
consultation should at least fasting again.

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