Fit While Fasting by aryopras


									Stay Fit while Fasting
Nutrition is the source of energy for human life, in which nutrients must
be consumed every day to get the energy used for activities. If the body
is malnourished then power will be reduced and most likely could not move
with the maximum. Nutrition can be obtained from any type of food,
especially fresh food.
When the body is malnourished, the energy was reduced. But do not assume
the presence of fasting, the body is unable to move. During fasting the
body loses nutrients and fluid intake usually get a day-to-day,
consequently the body will feel hungry, thirsty, weak and underpowered.
This condition usually appears during the first days of fasting, but if
we begin to follow a new diet, your body will get used. Some of the
benefits of fasting for the body include improved physical and mental,
look younger, cleanse the body, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
levels. In addition to healthy body weight by fasting also reduces
stress, sharpens the senses function, better able to control themselves,
and slow the aging process. When the fasting of the body to regenerate
cells, improve hormone functions and strengthen the immune system.
When running fast so that will not deter the activity, there are a few
tips to keep the body fresh:
1. Avoid dehydration when fasting, and 2.5 liters of water your body
needs to be met. Fluid can not be met at once so that the body is not
surprised, to be phased when breaking up the meal. Fluid supply can be
obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables. At dawn just drink 2 glasses
of water and fruit before eating fibrous Ruling recommended, because the
fiber will help the process of releasing sugar gradually. Drink too much
when the meal would stimulate the hypothalamic control of water which
will lead to water discharge.
2. Keeping food consumed nutrients stay balanced, avoid overeating at
open and dawn. Food should be chewed until soft. Choose fiber-rich meal
menu so hungry stomach is not easy. If you need complete nutrition by
drinking milk.
3. menu of fresh fruit juices such as pineapple juice, tomatoes and
strawberries will increase stamina and fitness.
4. Add stamina, if necessary by supplements of vitamins or honey.
5. keep doing light exercise such as jogging or cycling, but avoid
activities that a lot of sweat.
From the tips it can be concluded that the nutrient is needed by the
human body, especially during fasting that will do a lot of activity. By
fasting we obtain the body pengistirahatan gastrointestinal tract, and
there are many benefits to fasting. In the modern treatment of any
disease we are familiar with fasting, for example, ban eating foods that
are sweet, fatty or salty. So clearly has a positive meaning for fasting
gastrointestinal tract and the body as a whole.

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