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					                               A Brief Overview of Astral Project

 Most people will have heard at some point in time in their lives the term Astral Projection. It is
possible they may have heard it there are a number of books, movies and people who have
studied or follow a new age path.

However, few individuals understand that Out of Body is a very real event. It is something that
anyone can do. More than likely you have astral projected and never even realized it.

You need to understand what Out Of Body really is. Astral Projection how to is the ability of an
individual to leave his or her body. Everyone has the ability to do this; everyone does this when he
or she lay down to sleep at night. While sleeping the physical mind is resting and the
subconscious mind takes control. A person astral projects while this is happening. However, the
majority may never remember astral projecting.

When you astral project, there are no limits to what you can do or where you can go. When you
were young, you could do this with ease in your sleep. As we get older most of us lose our knack
for this and we need to practice again to do it at will.

You probably want to know what your astral body is it's an invisible duplicate of your physical
body which is made of our emotions and our desires. Your astral body will always return to your
physical body the two are connected by a silver cord.

The astral body is immediately connected to the physical body upon entering it with this silver
cord, this cord cannot ever be broken except through death. This cord actually protects the
physical body from losing the astral body.

Another thing that people wonder is where they go when they do Out of Body? Your astral body
travels to what is called the astral plane, which happens to be an invisible copy of the Earth. This
actually has faster vibrations than the physical world does and these vibrations do penetrate the
core of the Earth. Some believe though that the astral plane is reality in a different dimension.
Many of the people will agree to the belief that there are several levels to an astral plane.

It is perfectly alright at this stage if you are concerned about possible hazards in doing out of body.
The answer to this is both no and yes. We have already mentioned these facts that the astral body
always returns to the physical thanks to the silver cord, also that everyone can do out of body. You
just need to make sure you have your mind right to do this though. This means that your basic
thinking skills should be strong and sound, this way you will be able to know exactly what you want
and even more important where you want to go.

It is when alcohol and drugs are involved that astral travel can become risky. These substances
can limit your astral body to the lowest levels of the astral plane where it is more dangerous to

It is essential that you know what it is you do and where it is you want to go. Your goal is to
consciously astral project. You need to have complete control of what your astral body is doing.
Your thoughts control your Out of Body.

With the correct preparation Out of Body can be done by you quickly. Numerous professionals are
in business to teach you the techniques of how to astral project while being in control so that you
can achieve a better projection experience, but most people like to be at home when the astral

You can find various other resources such as books online. For instance, you can create the right
state of mind by listening to quality Out of Body hypnosis recordings. It will help you relax and walk
you through the various stages. This is beneficial since you can continue playing the recording
repeatedly until your subconscious mind picks up the message that it is all right for you to leave
your body.

Something called binaural beats, a new audio recording technique have made it possible for many
people to astral project. Two frequencies which are just slightly different are listened to, one in
each year. The result is that your brainwaves tune to the proper frequency for astral projecting.

Be patient as you practice Out Of Body. Even though it's a natural ability, it will take some time to
get the hang of it. You might fail several times, but if you stick with it you will succeed and begin
enjoying your ability to astral project.

Are you still skeptical about out of body? Let's talk about the times you've done it yourself then.
Those dreams of flying which end with a sensation of falling right before you awake that we all
have those are not dreams at all! These are out of body experiences. The feeling of flight is your
astral body traveling and the feeling of falling is your astral body returning to the physical plane.

Out of Body is something which any one of us can do and it will become easier with practice.

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