Does Going Green Add Value to Your Home by iyusxyusuf


									             Does Going "Green" Add Value to Your Home?

There is really no evidence to really prove if going green actually adds value to your
home. According to certain specialists, installing energy- and water-saving technology to
your home does in fact add value to your property. It also adds more value to those who
are interested in purchasing these kinds of homes. You are more likely to sell your home
in a higher price and also are more likely to be in demand. There will be more people
who are likely to want to purchase these homes than regular ones. The more these homes
are in demand, the more people would want to have them. This means the purchase price
for this kind of property would increase.

There was a study done in Australia which determined that most office buildings with
very high green star ratings are rented more often, which means they are able to profit
more. The property in itself is considered high in value. This trend is spilling unto
residential properties as well and many homeowners are finding out that they too can
benefit from this revelation by having a high green star rating on their homes.

Even though you can profit more on properties with high green rating, it is also good to
know that it is beneficial to the environment as well. The fact that it is not only beneficial
to you financially makes it an ideal investment. It is also good to know that it will help in
how the environment is treated. It is basically great for two reasons. This is definitely a
win-win situation. Those who care about the environment will most likely purchase these
types of homes since they know they will be helping the environment in the long run.
Preserving and giving back to Mother Nature will be worth every cent to them.

The fact that the cost of electricity and water is increasing nowadays will definitely be a
good idea to own home like this. It will lower the costs since it is a home or property that
saves energy and water. It is not only beneficial to the environment but it will also lower
the cost of living when it comes to utility expenses. If you choose to own a home like
this, it will most likely save you money over the years even though it will cost you a lot
to buy one. Look at it this way - purchasing a home with high green rating will benefit
you in the long run because you will be saving money with lower costs in water and
electricity which is two of the major things people need to survive. With the cost of living
going higher and higher, it helps to have a home that will lessen the costs when it comes
to the essentials.

It is true that going green will in fact add value to your home. Why not spend on a home
that will not only save you money in the long run but also help the environment while
you are at it. Green homes are fast becoming a necessity in this day and age where earth's
resources are becoming scarce if we don't start to conserve today. Some say green homes
and buildings are the future and this is the best investment a person can make for their
family, the earth and future generations.

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