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									Principal’s Message                                                                                  M.C.I. Daily Schedule
                                                                                                 Warning bell 8:50 am
It seems timely that today, December 16th, I am writ-                  Maplewood
                                                                                                              8:55-9:00 am
ing this message for our newsletter—on a day when                     Parent Portal               Homeroom
the School Division Busses are not running and the            Parents, if you are inter-           Period 1   9:00—10:01 am
schools are open.                                             ested in accessing your
                                                                                                   Period 2   10:03—11:04 am
                                                              child’s marks, attendance
As a staff we met before classes started today and            and other school informa-            AM Break   11:04—11:11 am

came up with a plan to try to get as many town stu-           tion online, please contact
                                                              Christine at the office              Period 3   11:12 am—12:13 pm
dents into the school as possible. While some of our          867-2794 or
students are not at school due to busses not running,                                             Noon Hour   12:13—12:58 pm
the school really is operating and our staff are here:                 Period 4   12:58—2:07 pm
teaching, reviewing, running tests and providing help
                                                                                                   PM Break   2:07—2:15 pm
to those students from town that came to school to-
day. So some of your students may have received a                                                  Period 5   2:16—3:25 pm
call from myself or one of the staff asking them to
come in to get caught up or to write a test.
                                                              M.C.I. – School Plan 2010-2011
Just for the record, I did check all of the classrooms
throughout the day and there was not a single movie          Each year all schools in Manitoba are required to sub-
                                                             mit a school plan identifying their priorities for the year.
being shown or a classroom where “nothing” was be-
ing done to provide educational opportunities to our         This year M.C.I.’s priorities include the following:
                                                             • Student learning will be evaluated using essential
                                                                 curricular outcomes.
Mr. Ingenmey                                                 • To foster critical and creative thinking and improve
                                                                 student learning by effectively utilizing the technol-
                                                                 ogy available in our school where appropriate –
             A Christmas Carol                                   Literacy with ICT.

                                                             The full School Plan, which includes indicators, strate-
               MCI Drama Production                          gies, data collection, is posted on the M.C.I. web page:

 Tuesday December 21, 2010 at 7:00 pm                        pages/school_plan.html
            MCI Gym—Tickets at the Door

    Yearbooks Almost Sold Out!
             Yearbooks are still available                                    www.rrsd
Although the early bird deadline has passed, yearbooks are
        still available to pre-order—but only a few.
                $65 per yearbook
  We have almost met our pre-order quantity with our
 yearbook printer so if you want to guarantee that you
     get this years yearbook see Mrs. Enns today.
                                Paris, The Loire and The Riviera 2012

                      The MCI French Club will have the opportunity to go on a trip to France in April
                      of 2012. As part of a greater Divisional initiative, The Elton Travel Club has
                      asked us to join them in planning a trip to Paris, the Loire and the Riviera in
                      April 2012. Elton will be uniting with Rivers, Minnedosa and Erickson to make
                      this trip available to high school students Division-wide.
                      We will be travelling with EF Educational Tours on a ten-day tour of southern
                      and central France, that will take us from the contemporary sights of Monaco
                      and the Riviera, through the historical eras of the Roman Empire, 11th and 12th
                      century grottos of the troglodytes, to the French capital of art and culture. In
                      detail, we will be flying to Nice, travelling through the Riviera before heading
                      north via motor-coach through the Pont du Gard, Provence, Avignon, Lyon, the
                      Loire Valley, Chartres and finally Paris. We will fly home out of the city of
                      lights, Paris. Our tentative date of departure from Winnipeg is April 11th,
                      1st Recruitment meeting: The 1st parent meeting took place on December the
                      7th at 6:45 p.m. in room 2 at Minnedosa Collegiate. Mr. Wil Lamont, from Elton
                      Collegiate, was on hand to discuss the trip, show a video from the Spring 2010
                      France trip, and to answer any questions regarding the trip. There was an
                      overwhelming response from parents and students with over 42 students
                      from grades 9 through 11 hoping to secure a spot on the 2012 French Rivi-
                      era trip.
                      At this point in time, the trip will be available to all students’ currently
                      in grades 10 and 11 and there will be a cap of 20 students. Should this
                      be a successful trip, I would hope to be able to extend an invitation to
                      the current grade 9’s to attend the France trip in 2014.
                      Presently, MCI has reached the cap and there is a waiting list for the
                      remaining students in grades 10 and 11 that would like to go on this
                      trip. I will keep you posted if any openings arise.

                      Mrs. Sandra Enns

R.R.S.D. Administration monitors winter weather conditions and makes decisions to run or cancel school bus service on a daily
basis when required. This process includes the analysis of local forecasts, wind chill values, road conditions, and information
available from area contact persons.

The School Division has adopted a wind chill value of –47º Celsius as a reference point that corresponds closely with the former
2300 watts. Although serious consideration is given to the cancellation of buses at this temperature, actually outside temperature
is also considered prior to declaring a cancellation.

When the Division deems that weather conditions are not favorable for school bus transportation, school buses will be cancelled
and communicated to Parents and Students as follows:

1. Division wide cancellation of bus service will be announced on local Radio stations by 7:30 AM. Parents will not be personally
   contacted in the event of a Division-wide shut down.
2. If bus service is cancelled in specific areas but not for all routes in the Division, Bus Drivers will contact each parent to advise
   them of the cancellation for their specific route. Buses cancelled in the morning due to weather conditions will not operate in
   the afternoon.

Parents are encouraged to ensure their children are properly dressed for winter travel conditions and are ready to board the bus
when it arrives. Rolling River School Division will respect a Parent’s decision to keep their children off the bus on days when they
feel weather or road conditions are in question.

For more information contact: Daryl Tesarowski, Transportation Supervisor at 867-2754 extension 1.

                                                     The Drama 2010
                                          MCI drama is putting on their rendition of
                                          A Christmas Carol on 21 December at 7pm
                                          for the public and TCS and MCI is going
                                          to able to see the dress rehearsal on Mon-
                                          day, 20 December. The audience will ex-
                                          perience the talents of a wide range of stu-
                                          dents this year from students taking
           R.R.S.D. Su                    Drama 20S/30S as a course (which means
                      rve ys
                                          this is assessment night), to students taking
          All RRSD
                       parents w
                                          drama as an extra-curricular option, to
         mailed sur              ere
         in identifyi
                      veys to ass
                                          TCS students. The students in my course
        priorities a educational          have both onstage and offstage roles. My
                      s part of
        divisional              th
                    planning pr e         role has been as co-director, along with par-
        ess.                    oc-
                                          ent, Jennifer Mickle and Susan Nelson as
                                          assistant director, both who have been in-
        Please retu
                    rn the surv           valuable to us. As well as acting, some stu-
            by Dec 20,         eys
                                          dents have been dancing under the direction
                                          pf Christine Bailey and lunch time Christ-
                                          mas caroling under my supervision. Per-
                                          haps some of you witnessed Victorian
                                          Christmas carolers promoting the play by
                                          singing carols on main street last week.
                                          Some students have been practicing on
                                          Wednesdays after school to co-ordinate
Congratulations to Sean Horner of MCI     with the extras and also to be able to access
on receiving a 2010 TD 4-H Agriculture    to the gymnasium and some have attended
Scholarship of $2,500 awarded to appli-   Sunday run-throughs this month. This type
cants with the highest academic average   of joint activity has been able to promote
who are continuing studies in vet medi-   accountability, responsibility, confidence as
cine, engineering, agriculture or bio-    well as talent. I’m proud of the journey
chemistry. Well done Sean!                the students have made. We are very ex-
                                          cited for the first electronic sets produced by
                                          our technology-talents. Thank yous are ex-
                                          tended to all the drama-friendly students
                                          and staff. Have a merry Christmas and
                                          “God bless us, every one!”
                                                                             Mrs. J Roche

       Chancellor Hockey News
       The Minnedosa Chancellors Hockey Team has had a very successful start to our season. With a league record of
       4 wins, 2 losses and 1 overtime loss, the Chancellors are tied for the lead in the North Division of the WHSHL.
       The Chancellors placed 4th in their home tournament (Nov. 13-14) and recently lost a tough shootout semi-final
       game to #1 ranked Killarney in the Killarney tournament Dec. 11-12, finishing 3rd.

       The Chancellors are currently ranked 4th in the province and are looking forward to finishing the first half of the
       season strong.

       Game Results:

       Killarney Tournament
       3rd Place      Minnedosa 5 Kenora 2
       Semi-Final     Killarney/Wawanesa 5 Minnedosa 4 SO
       Quarter-Final Minnedosa 3 Melita/Waskada 1

       League Games
       Killarney/Wawanesa 5 Minnedosa 2
       Minnedosa 5 Bossevain 3
       Minnedosa 5 Crocus Plains 4
       Vincent Massey 3 Minnedosa 2 OT

       Upcoming Games:
       Friday Dec. 17           8:30pm      Rivers/Elton vs Minnedosa          @ Minnedosa
       Wednesday Dec. 22        12:30pm     Minnedosa vs Neepawa               @ Neepawa
       Wednesday Jan. 12        7:30pm      Minnedosa vs Souris Valley         @ Souris
       Friday Jan. 14           8:30pm      Major Pratt vs Minnedosa           @ Minnedosa
       Tuesday Jan. 18          8:30pm      Minnedosa vs Birtle/Shoal Lake     @ Birtle
       Friday Jan 21            8:30pm      Minnedosa vs Hamiota               @ Hamiota
       Friday Jan. 28           8:30pm      Deloraine vs Minnedosa             @ Minnedosa

   December 22, 2010 – MCI Schedule
                                                                     3rd Annual Christmas Classic
   Period 1: 9:00 – 9:45                                                     Wednesday Dec. 22
   Period 2: 9:45 – 10:30                                                           12:30 pm
   Period 3: 10:30 – 11:15                                                  Minnedosa vs Neepawa
   Lunch: 11:15 – 11:50                                                            in Neepawa
   Homeroom: 11:50 – 11:55
   Depart for Neepawa @ 11:55                                         Students Attending the Game will be
   Game: 12:30 – 2:30                                                 Transported from MCI by School Bus
   Depart for Minnedosa @ 2:30                              Cost of admission is a donation of a non-perishable
   Arrival in Minnedosa @ 3:00                             food item—brought to homeroom by Monday Dec. 20
   Dismissal @ 3:25
       Students not going to Neepawa will return to the school for their afternoon activities at 1:00
       The canteen will close @ 1:00

                                                Printable entry form and addendum (outlining types of classes offered,
                                                scholarships available, etc.) are available at
                                       under Community Organizations.
                                                The syllabus, forms and addendum are at Regional and School
                                                Libraries, Minnedosa Pharmacy, and Rivers Home Hardware
         Celebrating 30 Years                             Contact Val Dornn @ 867-2432or Colleen Lewis @ 826-2184
          2011 in Minnedosa
                                                Submit entries to:
         April 04-08 and 15-19                                       Rolling River Festival of the Arts
Entry Deadline:                                                             Attn: Colleen Lewis
            Wednesday January 19, 2011
                                                                                  Box 333
         No late entries will be accepted.                               Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0

Eye on MCI by Kate Soltys
(this article will also be printed in a January edition of the Minnedosa Tribune)

The past month in MCI has been a busy one. There are a lot of sports starting and ending, volleyball, basketball,
hockey, and curling. There are also many other extra-curricular activities going on in the school, with student council,
drama, yearbook and more.

On November 17th our school as well as all the other schools in the Rolling River School Division participated in
Drug Awareness Day. Everybody gathered at the Minnedosa Community Conference Center, where there were a
number of speakers who talked to us about the impacts of drugs. There was a great attendance from all the schools
and the speakers were very influential and inspirational.

In sports, the girls’ volleyball is all wrapped up. The junior girls went to provincials in Souris on November 18- 20
and placed 4th. The senior girls took part in provincials in Forest on November 25-27 and placed within the top eight.

Another sport starting up is boys’ hockey. The Chancellors this year have a great league record, so far they are 4-1-1,
four wins, one loss, and one overtime loss. They have also participated in three tournaments in Minnedosa, Hamiota,
and Killarney. They placed 4th at home, 5th in Hamiota, and 3rd in Killarney. The team also has the Christmas Classic
coming up against Neepawa in Neepawa at 12:30 pm on Dec 22. They have a great season ahead of them, good luck

Basketball is another sport going on at MCI. In league play the junior boys have won both of their games against
Erickson and MacGregor and the junior girls have one their one game, against MacGregor. The senior girls lost their
first league game to Neepawa. Both the senior girls team and junior boys team participated in a tournament in Roblin
on December 4th. Although neither team won the tournament, our own Justin McKinnon won the bump competition.

MCI Drama is putting on a play on December 21st. The play is called “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. The
play will be in the MCI gym at 7:00 pm and admission is $5.00. There will also be a dress rehearsal at 1 pm on De-
cember 20th. Both MCI students and some grades from TCS have been invited to come watch the dress rehearsal.

The new 2010-2011 MCI yearbooks are still on sale, even though the first sales deadline is past. Yearbook now
$65.00, but there are only a few left to pre-order. Normally they order a few extras so if students want to get them in
the next school year, a few are available. This is now changed; they are not ordering any extra yearbooks so if you
want one you’ve got to order it!

Student Council was disappointed that the Dec. 15 Christmas Dance was cancelled but they are hoping to reschedule
it near Valentine’s Day. The C.H.A.N.G.E. committee was going to decorate for the Christmas Dance T.A.D.D. was
going to sell “mocktails”. We would like to thank very much all the people who are offered their time to come chaper-
one the dance. It is very much appreciated and we couldn’t put on a dance without you. Hopefully we can get every-
one involved again in February for the re-scheduled dance.

A few T.A.D.D. members participated in a conference on December 13th. They had two very good speakers, Mitch
Dorge and Anders a magician. “It was a great experience” explained Emily Kingdon, “I’m very glad our T.A.D.D.
group got to be a part of it.” Another conference that MCI students participated in was the Social Justice Conference
on November 18th and 19th. Here Kate Soltys (Minnedosa Collegiate) and Jordyn Maduke (Erickson Collegiate) got to
travel to Winnipeg to represent the Rolling River School Division. There were many amazing speakers, such as
Stephen Lewis, and much more.

For the Christmas Classic on December 22nd MCI student council is taking bids on the teams alternate jerseys to wear
to the game. Everybody is getting into and it is great to see the school spirit.

And that’s an Eye on MCI.
                                        MINNEDOSA COLLEGIATE
                                         FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE
                                              January 2011

             January 10          9:00 am – 12:00 pm             ELA 40 Provincial Exam
             January 11-13       During ELA Class               ELA 40 Provincial Exam

     Monday                  Tuesday                  Wednesday                     Thursday                 Friday
    January 24              January 25                January 26                   January 27              January 28
     9:00 AM                 9:00 AM                   9:00 AM                       9:00 AM                9:00 AM

   Pre-Calc 40S        Consumer Math 40S            Applied Math 40S           Applied Math 40S            Biology 40S

     12:30 PM

  Psychology 40S

                       JANUARY 31 - GRADE 12 SEMESTER 2 BEGINS

     Monday                  Tuesday                  Wednesday                     Thursday                 Friday
    January 31              February 1                February 2                   February 3              February 4
     9:00 AM                 9:00 AM                   9:00 AM                       9:00 AM                9:00 AM

   ELA 10F a & b         Math 15F a & B          Science 10F a & b           Power Mech 10S a & b
Applied/Pre-Calc 20F      Science 20F         Essentials Math 20F a,b,c        Geography 20Fa             ADMIN. DAY
  Chemistry 30S         Applied Math 30S            PreCalc 30S                History 30S a & b
                                                Consumer Math 30S                                         NO CLASSES

     12:30 PM                12:30 PM                  12:30 PM                     12:30 PM

 Basic Service 20S        Engine Fund 20S      Exams for Ski Trip Stu-          Geography 20Fb
                            Biology 30S        dents who miss Feb 3

                     FEBRUARY 7 - GRADE 9, 10, 11 SEMESTER 2 BEGINS

                                                             HOST FAMILIES STILL NEEDED
                                                           Visit for more information about this
                                                          exciting initiative and how you can participate as a host family
                                                                               in the homestay program.

                           TADD members have been busy reminding students and the community to stay safe
   Teens                   this holiday season. Christmas wreaths sold not only beautified homes, but
                           spread a message to enjoy the season responsibly. Sales of wreaths helped
                           fund fifteen students to attend the Crocus Plains TADD Conference, where
   Against                 we networked with other schools, brainstormed activity ideas, and met with An-
                           ders the Magician and Mitch Dorge. Candy canes will be delivered by our
                           TADD “elves” before Christmas break, and Mocktails were planned for
   Distracted              the Christmas dance. Hopefully we have a chance to mix our fancy alco-
                           hol-free drinks in the New Year to promote fun, healthy alternatives.
                           TADD wishes everyone a joyous holiday season…Remember to call a
   Driving                 taxi, get a designated driver, and use hands free communication to keep
                           our roads safe for all!

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