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    2                                                  SEPTEMBER 2011

     04 - RM Letter from the
     05 - MW Letter from the
     06 - RM Calendar
     07 - ME Calendar
     09 - Pueblo Biker Bash
     12 - The Switchback
     15 - Stripper Palooza
     16 - A New Twist on Pipes
     17 - Mid-State Cycles:
          35 Years and Counting
     19 - Victory Touring 2012
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    4                                                                                                                                                              SEPTEMBER 2011

                                                                                                                                 Another event coming up in September that I would
                                                                      Trail Ridge Road (US 34) through Rocky Mountain            like to draw your attention to is Emily’s Parade. For
                                                                      National Park -- Take the Boulder Turnpike (US 36)         those of you that live in Colorado, you surely remem-
                                                                      west to Rocky Mountain National Park via Estes Park.       ber the tragedy that took place on September 27, 2006
                                                                                                                                 when an armed gunman entered Platte Canyon High
                                                                      Colorado 14 through the Poudre Canyon west of Fort         School and took seven girls hostage, ultimately killing
        September is here, kids are going back to school, the         Collins -- Take I-25 north and exit onto Colorado 14       Emily Keyes. Her parents have taken that horrible ex-
        fall weather is sure to roll in shortly—can’t believe the     heading west. (Exit # 269) You will pass through the       perience and created the “I Love U Guys” Foundation
        summer went by so fast. Actually I can. With all of           town of Laporte before entering the beautiful Poudre       in her honor. The foundation’s mission is to create and
        the events, rides, rallies and runs we pack into our best     Canyon in the Roosevelt National Forest. Drive to          support safe environments in schools and elsewhere so
        riding season, I feel like I haven’t stopped having fun       Cameron Pass (10,276 feet) in the Medicine Bow             our children can once again feel the joy of youth.
        for even a minute. Tough life eh?                             Mountains for gorgeous views, and perhaps a picnic         They have developed a Standard Response Protocol
                                                                      lunch.                                                     for any school incident, that is now being adopted by
        As fall rolls in, be sure to head up the hill and take a                                                                 many of the public school systems. Having attended
        ride through the beautiful Rockies to catch a glimpse         Colorado 67 Between Divide and Cripple Creek --            this event several times, I can tell you it’s quite moving.
        of the changing leaves. Below are some really great           Take I-25 south to Colorado Springs, exit onto US 24       The ride begins at Columbine High School and pro-
        options, but just about anywhere you go in the Col-           west (exit 141) toward Woodland Park. At Divide            ceeds up 285 to Platte Canyon High School to remem-
        orado mountains will provide amazing views.                   head south on Highway 67 toward Cripple Creek and          ber and honor those lost in both horrific tragedies.
                                                                      Victor.                                                    Every dime raised goes directly to the foundation pro-
        CO 103 from Evergreen Parkway west to Echo Lake.              Now I’m going to take a minute for some personal           viding programs to help keep our kids safe. It’s some-
        Take Evergreen Parkway to Squaw Pass Road, turn               bragging. I actually got off my bike for a day this sum-   thing we should all be supporting!
        west. Follow Squaw Pass Road (Hwy 103) for about              mer to participate in a triathlon. The cause was breast
        18 miles to Echo Lake. The road will twist and turn           cancer research and a friend sort of suckered me in,       Keep the shiny side up and a smile on your face!
        through a mix of aspen and pine forests with several          but I have to tell you it was an amazing experience.
        good locations to pull off and take photos.                   Speaking of breast cancer research, I encourage you        -Deb
                                                                      all to attend the 11th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness
        Guanella Pass between Grant and the top of the pass           Ride on October 1 in Colorado Springs. The event
        -- Take Highway 285 south from C470 through                   benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation and is a
        Conifer and Bailey. At the town of Grant, head north          great ride. Check out the event calendar for more in-
        on the Guanella Pass Scenic and Historic Byway to             formation.
        the top of the pass.
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                                                                                        5

             Hey, we all make mistakes. When I was overrun with hormones at 16
             and told a semi clothed Cathy P. her mom would never walk in on
             us as I was heading for third base…..well…I was wrong. My bad.

             When the reporter outside Fords Theatre asked Mrs. Lincoln “Other
             than that, what did you think of the play?” ..well, there might have
             been a timing issue….again…his bad. And last months letter from                  This also means I get a second bite at this apple. The winds have been
             the editor ? Ooopsie. My bad.                                                    stirred. Some have a “wait and see” attitude and others are really get-
                                                                                              ting up some steam. Did you know there are 18,000-plus registered
             A quick recap..we were showing the letter that Dale Schmidt, Sheriff             Motorcyclist VOTERS in Washington County? Maybe someone
             of Washington County, had written to justify his inflicting an arbi-             ought to consider that when they are cowing down to the ten people
             trary noise standard targeting bikers in that County (One that                   who are speed dialing the office every time their neighbors grass gets
             STOCK MOTORCYCLES CANNOT PASS) for collect fines to line                         to long or they hear a noise they don’t like. That’s a bad ratio to fall
             the County coffers.                                                              on the wrong side of around election time. 18,000 to 10. Anyway,
                                                                                              my apologies to Steve for our technical faux pas (That’s French for
             When we went to print, the letter’s last two paragraphs had an odd               oopsie).. We all agree we need to focus on ALL avenues to remove
             break inserted. They read:                                                       the fines and remove the profile based discriminatory enforcement
             “…and is acceptable to the greater community who has grown tired                 that is targeting US. (I wonder how many noise tickets got issued for
             of hearing excessively loud motorcycles.                                         the 30 other things that the average person might use that are louder
                                                                                              than a motorcycle we found online? Can you say FREEDOM OF
                  Dale K. Schmidt Sheriff                                                     INFORMATION ACT?)

                  As a respected leader in the motorcycle industry I invite you to share      Now, I took a chance and did a little riding on my modified bike
                  this letter with your membership. While I expect some defensiveness         through the “County that hates bikers” on my way to Waupon. There
                  from individual riders initially, once understood, most riders will agree   is nothing like an evening run with 5 other Brothers through the Ket-
                  I am trying to address the most serious offenders which is good for cy-     tle Moraine area. On the way out we saw a fantastic sunset and on
                  cling overall. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.             the way back, there was only the rumble of our motors and the lights
                                                                                              from our bikes, as we cruised down farm roads and through the Hori-
                  Sincerely,                                                                  con National Wildlife preserve. What a ride. You should try it some-
                  Steven Panters”                                                             time. It did reaffirm I am a genius for installing a Windshield (along
                                                                                              with my socially reprehensible and legal in every other county in Wis-
                 It should have read ““…and is acceptable to the greater community            consin sound distributors…er..Pipes). There be BUGS out at night.
                 who has grown tired of hearing excessively loud motorcycles.                 LOTS OF BUGS!

                  As a respected leader in the motorcycle industry I invite you to share      Times are still tough. You know that. Over the last year I have
                  this letter with your membership. While I expect some defensiveness         pointed out quite a bit that you need to…you know what? Not again.
                  from individual riders initially, once understood, most riders will agree   If you don’t have the business you want walking through your door
                  I am trying to address the most serious offenders which is good for cy-     or ordering from your sight, you should have gotten the message by
                  cling overall. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.             now. When you figure it out…call me and we’ll help you fix it.

                  Sincerely,                                                                  Also, I am still looking for some die hard individuals with thick skin
                  Dale K. Schmidt Sheriff ”                                                   to go and visit those that have not seen the light and talk to them
                                                                                              about investing in effective advertising. We want to bring on experi-
             Now that makes MUCH MORE SENSE.. doesn’t it? The program                         enced people that can take the lead and operate independently as we
             we used to convert it from a picture to a word document put the                  expand our coverage. Again, email me with your qualifications and
             Sheriffs signature (after that lame excuse about why he is targeting             lets hit the road.
             motorcycles) above HIS final stab at why he was being forced to rein
             in those pesky Bikers, then followed with Steve Pantern’s sign-                  ‘Nuff said. See you on the road .
             off/name. It looks like Steve inserted that last paragraph as HIS                PiR8
             words and says what the Sheriff is doing is OK…NOT THE CASE.                     Pir8@quickthrottle.com
             Steve’s name only appeared in the “addressee” portion of the letter.
             No opinion was given in the letter, but I have it on good source that
             He (and ABATE) are as disappointed in the arbitrary enforcement of
             a standard on LEGAL rides as we are.
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    6                                                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 2011

                                                                                                 Rocky Mountain
        SEPTEMBER                                                 motorcycle leaves at 10:00 am. The ride fee is $20.00     Rally in Commerce City. The memorial ride will also
                                                                  for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. All money       support the Colorado Mounted Rangers.
        August                30-September                    4   raised will be put in a fund for 2 year old Koston who
        Ignacio Bike Week – Rally headquarters are at the         lost his father in action in Afghanistan. For more in-    September 17
        corner of Goddard Ave and Ute St. Ignacio, CO.            formation call (303) 564-9302                             The 3 B’s Run – Sponsored by PT’s Penthouse and
        Events start Thursday at 10AM. Includes poker runs,                                                                 Diamond Cabaret. Startes at PT’s, 1601 W. Evans in
        bike games, burn-out contest, bike parade, bull riding,   9th Annual Wind & Fire Burnout Poker Run -                Denver. Registration from 10-11 AM. $20/rider,
        music and more.         Contact 970-259-9302 or.          Sponsored by Thunder Mountain Wind & Fire. The            $10/passenger. Includes t-shirt, free buffet, cash
        www.ignaciobikeweek.com                                   poker run will start at Moto Adventure, 6385 Byrd         prizes and contests at all stops. Proceeds benefit
                                                                  Dr, Loveland. Registration is from 8:30 am to 10:00       Breast Cancer Research. www.the3bsrun.com.
        September                                         1-5     am. The motorcycle ride ends in Fort Collins with
        Sugar Pine Ranch Rally – Mancos, CO. Registration         door prizes and an auction. Cash prizes will be           September 17-18
        begins at 8AM on Thursday. Event includes dice            awarded to the winners. The poker run will be bene-       First Annual Gearhead Nationals – Sponsored by
        runs, bike show, bike rodeo, poker runs, burnout con-     fiting Angel Faces. For more information go to            Bangin Bars Promotions. Held at the Lincoln Couty
        test, loug pip contest, vendors, music and more. Con-     http://www,tmwf.us.                                       Fairgrounds in Hugo, CO. Event includes half mile
        tact:       970-799-0933,        970-882-2456      or                                                               dirt track races, a chopper show, swap meet, music
        www.sugarpineranchrally.com                               Law Dogs Poker Motorcycle Poker run – Limon               and more. Events being at 10AM. Contact: 720-884-
                                                                  Ambulance Shed, 110 A Avenue, Limon, CO. $500             7530 or www.banginbarspromotions.com
                                                                  High hand, $100 low hand, door prizes, $20 registra-
        September 2-5                                             tion, $10 second rider. Over 100 miles of riding on 2     September 18
                                                                  lane blacktop through rural Lincoln County. Ride          Third Annual Justin Baur Memorial Run – Event
        Thunder in the Rockies. Thunder Mountain Harley           proceeds benefit the three Ambulance services of          starts at VFW Post 6624, 35501 State St, Evans, CO.
        Davidson. The 7th annual Thunder in the Rockies           Lincoln County. Registration begins at 08:30, last        Registration from 9AM to 10AM, fee is $20. Ride
        Bike Rally is a four-day event happening                                                                                        ends with entertainment, raffles, food and
        over Labor Day weekend (September 2-                                                                                            more. All bike welcome. Proceeds used
        5, 2011). This year’s highlights include:                                                                                       to support families of active duty military.
        •Over 30,000 people •Live music includ-                                                                                         Contact: 970-339-2411
        ing local and national bands •Harley-
        Davidson® Demo fleet (featuring the                                                                                            September 25
        new Jumpstart Ride Simulator and                                                                                               Emily’s Ride – Sponsored by the ‘I Love
        models such as the Tri Glide™ Trike                                                                                            You Guy’s Foundation’. Ride starts at
        and CVO™ Screamin Eagle® available                                                                                             Columbine High School, 6201 S. Pierce
        to test ride) •The Full Throttle Saloon                                                                                        St, Littleton, CO. Registration begins at
        •Midget wrestling •Competitions •100+                                                                                          10:30AM. Ride leaves at 11AM. 45 mile
        vendors And much, much more!                                                                                                   ride ends in Bailey. Contact 303-426-3100
                                                                                                                                       or http://iloveyouguys.org
        September                             10
        9th Annual Wind & Fire Burnout                                                                                                 OCTOBER
        Poker Run – Moto Adventure, 6385
        Byrd Dr, Loveland, CO. Registration                                                                                          October 1
        8:30-10:00AM. T his is a five stop                                                                                           11th Annual BCA Ride – Sponsored by
        poker run benefiting Angel Faces, with                                                                                       Mountain Shadow Riders. Event starts at
        cash prizes for poker run and with the                                                                                       Western Omlette, Colorado Springs, CO,
        final stop at Old Chicago in Ft Collins                                                                                      9AM. Proceeds will go to the Susan G.
        at Harmony and Timberline where                                                                                              Komen Foundation. Contact 719-697-
        there will be door prizes and an auction. This run has    bike out at 10:00. Come for the poker run, stay for       3275 or www.mountainshadowriders.com
        a reputation of giving away lots of fantastic door        the Hub City Classic Car Show. Visit www.col-
        prizes and great auction items. Thunder-Mountain          oradolawdogs.com/events.html                              15th Annual T. B. Run – Rocky Mountain Harley
        Wind and Fire is made up of local firefighters who                                                                  Davidson, 2885 W. County Line Road, Littleton, CO.
        ride and want to help a GREAT charity. All modes          Guardian of the Flame Torch Ride – Sponsored by           12PM. This is a poker run to some of Denver’s
        of transportation welcome. www.tmwf.us                    Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson, benefiting Spe-         best,(and worst) adult establishments. 100% of funds
                                                                  cial Olympics Colorado. Registration at 8AM, last         raised are given to The Komen Race for the Cure on
                                                                  bike out at 10AM. $30/rider, $20/passenger. Poker         Sunday morning. Contact PaPaLew Vaughan, fat-
        Annual All Patriots Run – Sponsored by Combat             run, door prizes, raffle, auction and more. Raffle for    boy15@aol.com
        Veterans Motorcycle Association. Ride starts at           2009 Thunder Mountain Custom “Spitfire”. Visit
        Golden VFW, Golden, CO. Registration begins at            www.specialolympicsco.org                                 October 2
        9:30AM, last bike out at 11AM. Ride fee includes                                                                    24th Annual High Country Toy Run - The biggest &
        food and entertainment. Ends with raffles, food and       September 11                                              best Toy Run making Christmas better for local kids.
        more. Benefits the Mountain States Chapter of Par-        911 Freedom Rally – Sponsored by KMGH 7, Best             Admission: 1 new toy per person. Huge raffle and
        alyzed Veterans of America. Contact: 720-271-1426         Buy and Dicks Sporting Goods Park. Events will be         auction at the post run party at Cowboys nightclub.
        or www.cvmacolorado.com                                   held at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. Event includes         Free USMC ride pin for every participant.
                                                                  a charity ride, bike show, music and more. Proceeds       For more information call Pro Promotions at
        Veterans 4 Veterans Charity Poker Run - Fort Car-         will help veterans, firemen, police and first respon-     719.487.8005 or www.pro-promotions.com
        son Gate 1, Colorado Springs, CO. Starts at 9AM.          ders. Contact 303-843-6200 or www.911freedom-
        All stops will be at Veterans Nursing homes or Me-        rally.org                                                 October 8
        morials $25.00 per bike All proceeds go to the Craw-                                                                IPE’s 2nd Annual Biketoberfest – Benefits Easter
        ford House, A homeless Veteran shelter operated by        Ranger Bell Memorial Run - Sponsored by Outpost           Seals Colorado. Two Doors Down, 8800 Washing-
        the Colorado Veterans Resource Coalition. Contact         Harley Davidson , and 911 Freedom Rally. The ride         ton St, Denver. One day, one place, live band. $15
        719-495-5660, fischerrp@comcast.net.                      starts at Oupost Harley Davidson, 5001 North Eliz-        for food, music and giveaways. Silent auction, door
                                                                  abeth Street in Pueblo. Onsite registration begins at     prizes and 50/50. Contact Roger Jujan for more
        2nd Annual Poker Run for Koston - The ride starts         7:30 am and the ride leaves at 9:00 am. Pre-registra-     info—404-521-8808.
        at Let It Ride, 8425 West Colfax Avenue in Lake-          tion is available. The ride will end at the 911 Freedom
        wood. Registration begins at 9:00 am and the first
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                                                                                             7

      10 SEP Des Moines, IA            ABATE of Iowa D4          24 SEP Cannon Falls, Mn                      Ride and      ing. 13-classes, entry $ 5.00. 8AM – 3PM. Vendor
      - Fun Run. Starts at Sambetti’s Bar, 1430 2nd Ave @12      fund raiser for the Polytruma/sever brain injury center    spaces $ 30.00. Vendor set-up 6AM – 8AM. Admis-
      PM. FMI: http://www.abateiowa.org/districts/d04            at the VA. Hospital in Minneapolis. The events in-         sion $ 5.00, under 14-free, free parking. 630 / 985 –
                                                                 clude a pancake breakfast 8-10 am. motorcycle fun
                                                                 run, register from 8-10 am. $10.00 entry. Golf tourna-     2097 www.walneckswap.com
      10 SEP Little Chute, WI             Nick‘s Ride to Re-
      member. Starts at 5th Quarter Sports abr. Registration     ment, car show. silent auction and chicken BBQ. FMI:
      starts @8 am to 9:45 for an all bike ride to Huss\‘s       507.250.6418                                                22 OCT CHICAGO RIDGE, IL                   H a l -
      Hideaway in Cecil and will return to the 5th Quarter                                                                  loween Benefit for Mitchel Ramirez. Starts at Glenn
      around 3pm for the rest of the activities, including       25 SEP Des Moines, IA            ABATE of Iowa D4          Maker American Legion Post No. 1160, 10739 Ridge-
      ,silent auctions, basket raffles, bands inside and under   - Dinner-Ride. Starts at Maingate Bar. 2956 E. Grand       land Avenue. 7 PM Hosted by South Suburban
      a tent, bake sales restored military vehicles, army ve-    @              2              PM.               FMI:
      hicles and so much more. All to benefit families, Reg-     http://www.abateiowa.org/districts/d04/                    A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois. $10 donation. Food – Raffles –
      ular and Military in medical crisis, Little Chute High                                                                Music – Costume Contest – Split the Pot and more.
      school, Wreaths across America,and Night Stalker           25 SEP Martinsville, IN                      W a l -       Funds raised during this event help with Mitch’s med-
      Assoc. www.communitybenefittree.org for more               neck’s Motorcycle Swap Meet & Show. ALL                    ical expenses. FMI: events@ssabate.org or http://ss-
                                                                 BRANDS of bikes & parts, at Morgan County Fair-            abate.org
      11SEP TINLEY PARK,IL                          5th An-      grounds, 252 Hospital Road, Martinsville, Indiana
      nual Cpl Kevin Clarke Memorial Rid.Ride to benefit         46151. Rte 37 & Hospital Road. Indoors & out, rain         23 OCT Springfield, OH                          Wal-
      The Heart of A Marine Foundation. Starts at Ameri-         or shine. American, British, Japanese & European mo-
      can Legion Post 615, s: 17423 S. 67th Court. The ride      torcycles & parts. Indoors & out, rain or shine. Show      neck’s Motorcycle Swap Meet & Show. Clark County
      will run in conjunction with a village wide ceremony       with trophies by public judging. 13-classes, entry $       Fairgrounds, 4401 S, Charleston Pike, I-70 at exit 59,
      to honor the 10th anniversary of those lost in the 9/11    5.00 8AM – 3PM, Vendor spaces $ 30. Vendor set-up          Springfield, Ohio.45502. Indoor three heated build-
      terrorist attacks. The run will go to Abraham Lincoln      6AM – 8AM. Admission $ 5.00 , under 14-free, free          ings & out, rain or shine. All brands of motorcycles
      National Cemetery for a ceremony, then return to Post      parking. 630 / 985 – 2097 www.walneckswap.com              and parts. Show with trophies by public judging. 13-
      615 for food, entertainment and raffles. Registration
      fees are $20 for riders, $10 for passengers. Cars are                                                                 classes, entry $5..00. 8AM – 3PM, vendor spaces $
                                                                  27 SEP LA CROSSE,WI            Fall Flood Run
      gladly welcomed. There will be an optional pancake         South 8:00am. the Flood Run Is one of the oldest and       40. Vendor set-up 6AM – 8AM. Admission $ 6.00,
      breakfast from 7-10AM for a $5.00 fee. FMI: 708-601-       larger runs in America. The original run went down         under 14-free, free parking. 630 / 985-2097 www.wal-
      1884                                                       Minnesota highway 61 to Winona to help sandbag             neckswap.com
                                                                 during the 1965 floods. NEW OFFICIAL FLOOD
      12-17 SEP MARENGO, IL            VICTORY ROAD              RUN START POINT NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS                        OCTOBER 23                   MENASHA, WI*
      CHALLENGE – At Randy’s Cycle – Ride a Victory              The Flood Run is a charity event for Gillette Chil-
      and a Harley back to back and dare to compare! Hrs.        dren’s Hospital. The Flood Run Benefit Wristband in        MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEET By GT Promotions-
      M-F 9-6, Sat 9-5. Call to reserve your spot! 815-923-      1970 was $10 and still is! \“ Purchase Your Flood          Sabre Lanes, 9am-4pm. 7/$6 w/Abate Card, Kids
      0600 or 877-586-9446. 18307 Beck Rd. More info:            Run® Benefit Wristband and Merchandise at many             under 10 & Disabled Vets Free. 1330 Midway Rd.
      www.randyscycle.com SEE AD                                 locations along the run. FMI: www.floodrun.org             More info: 920-202-4590.

      19-24 SEP STERLING, IL                    V I C -          30 SEP- 1 OCT PLYMOUTH, IN                   VIC-          6 NOV Shepherdsville, KY                          Wal-
      TORY ROAD CHALLENGE – At Douglas & Frye                    TORY MOTORCYCLES 2012 DEMO TRUCK
      Motorsports- (New date since Aug calendar) Ride a          EVENT – Hosted by Turn One Motorsports 10-5 FRI            neck’s Motorcycle Swap Meet , we are moving back
      Victory and a Harley back to back and dare to com-         & 10-3 SAT. Come & try out all the new 2012 Victo-         to the November date .( just South of Louisville , KY
      pare! Hrs. M- 9-6, T/W 9-5, Th/F 9-6, Sat 9-3. Re-         rys! Food/Refreshments available- Dealer event pro-        ), Bullitt County Fairgrounds, I-65 & Rte 245 ( exit
      freshments selected days/times. 1902 N. Locust St.         motional incentives- 3000 Miller Dr. More info:            112 ) (N.E.corner )., Indoors (heated ) and outdoors
      More info: 815-625-4426 or www.douglasfryemotor-           574-936-9192 or visit www.turn1.com                        pavilion, rain or shine. All brands of motorcycles and
      cycle.com SEE AD
                                                                                                                            parts. 8AM – 3PM admission $ 6.00 , under 14-years
                                                                 6-9 OCT Cave in the Rock, IL H O G R O C K T O -           old free, free parking. Vendor space $40 – 10’ x 10’ in-
      18 SEP, Monroe, MI Walneck’s Motorcycle Swap               BERFEST. \“Mardi Gras in the Fall\“ Bands/Enter-
      Meet & Show. Monroe County Fairgrounds. 3775 S.            tainment, Wild Contests, Vendors, Field Events,            doors, $ 40 outdoors with a larger space.. Vendor set
      Custer, Monroe, Michigan 48161. ½-half hour from           Camping and more! Located in beautiful Southern Illi-      up 6AM – 8AM. Info 630 / 985 – 2097 www.wal-
      Toledo or Detroit. 5-miles west of I-75, on Hwy M-         nois on the Ohio River, next to the Shawnee National       neckswap.com
      50. Indoors & out, rain or shine. All brands of motor-     Forest. Come Party \‘til the Leaves fall off the Trees!
      cycles & parts.. Show with trophies by public judging.     FMI: www.hogrock.com                                       NOVEMBER 6                    NEILLSVILLE,
      13-classes, entry $ 5.00 8AM – 3PM. Vendor spaces
      $ 40., vendor set up 6AM. Admission $ 6.00, under                                                                     WI* MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEET By GT Promo-
                                                                 8 OCT Plainsfield,IL               Reindeer Toy Run.       tions- Clark County Fairgrounds, 9am-4pm. $7/$6
      14-free, free parking. 630 / 985-2097, www.walneck-
      swap.com. SEE AD                                           Starts at American Legion Marne Post #13, 24741 W
                                                                                                                            w/Abate Card, Kids under 10 & Disabled Vets Free.
                                                                 Renwick Road, Plainsfield,IL. Reg at 8 AM. 100 mile
                                                                                                                            Hwy 10 @Fairground Ave. More info: 920-202-4590.
      20-21 SEP ALTOONA, WI            VICTORY DEMO              motorcycle/vehicle run with stops along the way.
      TRUCK EVENT—Hosted by Sport Rider, Inc. 9 AM               home cooked meal on returning, 50/50 raffles, raffle
                                                                 baskets and more. All toys and donations collected         NOVEMBER 13                  KANKAKEE, IL*
      – 5:30 PM (or later). Come try out all the 2012 Victo-
      rys!! Food, refreshments, event promotional incen-         will be distributed to local needy children at xmas. fun   MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEET By GT Promotions-
      tives. 1504 N. Hillcrest Pkwy. For more info/details,      day for whole family. $15 per person/driver and $5 per     Kankakee County Fairgrounds, 9am-4pm. $7/$6
      call 866-834-0244 or visit www.sportriderinc.com           passenger plus a new unwrapped toy Dinner included         w/Abate Card, Kids under 10 & Disabled Vets Free.
                                                                 with registration bike blessing at 10:30am & 1st bike      213 W. 4000 South Rd. More info: 920-202-4590.
      24 SEP Baraboo, WI The R.A.P. Ride . starts at Liv-        out 11am. dinner apprx 3:30pm live music also see us
      ing Hope Church S 3963 Hwy. 12. Registration               on facebook                                                18 DEC St.Charles, IL             Walneck’s Motorcy-
      9am/Ride 10:30am. Approximate 100 mile benefit
      motorcycle ride in south central Wisconsin for Com-                                                                   cle Swap Meet. Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 S.
      passion International to raise money for Aides relief.      16 OCT, Sandwich, IL            Walneck’s Motorcy-        Randall Road, ( Rte 64 & Randall ), St.Charles, Il. In-
      On site registration is $25 per rider/$30 with passen-     cle Swap Meet & Show. Sandwich Fairgrounds, 1401           doors & heated. Snow or shine. 8AM – 3PM , vendor
      ger. See www.rapride.blogspotcom for complete de-          Suydam Rd., Sandwich, Illinois. Rte 34 & Fairwinds         set up 6AM – 8AM, vendor spaces $ 40., Admission
      tails. Pre registration discount available. FMI: Gordy     Blvd. Indoor & out, rain or shine. All brands of mo-       $ 6.00, under 14-free, free parking. 630 / 985 – 2097
      Carlson         @       Ph:       608-721-0722      or     torcycles & parts. Show with trophies by public judg-
      www.rapride.blogspot.com                                                                                              www.walneckswap.com
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                              9

    By Abel

    Pueblo, CO – Iron horses thun-
    dered into the steel city on June 4th
    and 5th for the 4th Annual Pueblo
    Biker Bash but like most things in its
    infancy, the only major event in
    Southeastern Colorado is experienc-
    ing growing pains.

    For the first three years, the Biker Bash
    was held in the first week-end of May
    and was only a one day event. The
    weather for the past events had been
    windy and cool which is probably what
    prompted the move to a date a month later
    on the calendar. This year the event was
    also expanded to a two day event.

    The crowd was good on Saturday and there
    were a good number of vendors peddling the
    usual ware found at biker events. The burnout
    pit was a crowd pleaser as the smoke bellowed
    and the smell of burnt rubber filled the air as each
    entrant strived to blow their perfectly good tire to
    shreds and afterwards, the Heroz Stunt Team per-
    formed some trick riding for the crowd. With
    warmer temps there were a number of ladies that en-
    tered the afternoon’s wet t-shirt contest which soon
    turned into a no t-shirt contest and the party was on.
    Ending the day’s entertainment was the biggest sur-
    prise of all and that was the music provided by the
    Austin Johnson Band. The lead guitarist is a 17 year
    old and he plays like Stevie Ray reincarnated! An
    awesome way to end the day!

    Sunday was a different story though. With temps
    in the 90’s, it was a great day to ride and that
    probably had a lot to do with the lower atten-
    dance. Folks would stop in, wander around for
    a bit, and climb back on the bikes. Sunday’s en-
    tertainment consisted of a repeat of the day be-
    fore with a different band lineup and the addition
    of a tattoo contest sponsored by Tortured Souls.

    A lack of a campground or any accommodations close
    by puts a damper on this being a two day event but if in the fu-
    ture things change in the schedule of events to make it worth attending
    two days, the inconvenience may be worth it. For more information on the
    Pueblo Biker Bash, visit their website at www.pueblobikerbash.com.
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   12                                                                                                                                SEPTEMBER 2011

     It’s not everyday that Harley-            I had the honor of riding from Park City, Utah to     great for running around town, and they look
                                               Rapid City, South Dakota with the folks from          good. Well, if you can get past the battery box.
     Davidson takes aim at a certain           Harley-Davidson, and spent a full day, nearly 450     So H-D started with the Dyna, and simply added
     rider, or tries to fill a niche, and      miles, putting the new 2012 H-D Switchback            a removable windshield and removable hard bags?
                                               through it’s paces. We rode the first two-thirds of   Hardly. New front end geometry, wheel and tire
     actually achieves that goal.              the day through beautiful mountain twisties, and      specs, and a cartridge fork are engineered to work
     Many companies fall into the “If          finished the day on about 100 miles of Interstate     together to produce steering that’s light to input
     you build it, they will come”             80, just another freeway, this one going through      and immediately responsive. The rake on the front
                                               Wyoming. We had great road conditions most of         end is almost 1 degree greater than the Street Bob,
     trap, and in headier days that            the day, but a portion had been soaked with a rain    while the front tire is slightly wider and shorter,
     would even work. But for 2012,            storm we thankfully managed to miss. All in all, a    and overall tire weight is reduced. The new
     with consumer demand for func-            good mix of roads and road conditions. But be-        chrome nacelle is just that - a new design crafted
                                               fore I tell you how the Switchback handled these      from aluminum to reduce front end weight, which
     tionality, practicality and value         roads, let me tell you more about what has gone       is then chrome-plated. And don’t forget, this new
     at the top of the list, H-D design-       into it.                                              model features the venerable 103 Twin Cam en-
                                               In setting the goal of “convertible,” H-D wisely      gine, now standard across all touring, all Softail,
     ers sought to make a true con-            chose the Dyna platform to start with. Softails are   and most Dyna models.
     vertible - a bike that could              the ultimate cruisers, the FLH or FLT’s the best      The riding position is excellent - between the just-
     double as both boulevard cruiser          touring platforms, but the Dyna has always been       right “mini-apes” handlebars, and the full-length
                                               a great design, strong in multiple applications.      floorboards, it’s a set up for long touring. Further
     and highway tourer. Did they hit          Low Rider and FXR owners know this. They’re           distinguishing this new bike are removable bags
     the mark? Let’s take a look.              more comfortable on the highway than Softails yet     that are rounded and more styled than hard bags
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                                                    13

                                                        from some other models. They also lock to ensure that, without the key, they
                                                        cannot be removed from the motorcycle. Rounding out Switchback’s clean
                                                        looks are the chrome “cigar tube” emulsion shocks. If you’ve ever removed the
                                                        bags from a Road King, you know it really wasn’t meant to be this naked. But
                                                        with bags in place or without, these shocks are gorgeous.

                                                        So how did all this geometry, weight and balance take to the road? Damn
                                                        well, really. I was riding with several other journalists, and over the two-day
                                                        ride once they’d spent some seat time on the Switchback, they all agreed it’s
                                                        an impressive ride. On the highway or freeway, you feel grounded, but not too
                                                        much so. You’re not quite getting the cushy ride of a Street Glide or Road
                                                        Glide, but you do avoid the pounding of a softail at highway speeds. Again,
                                                        it’s an excellent blend of road and highway manners. As for hanging in the
                                                        curves, it does that job well too. I never scrapped pegs (tried to) but I did lean
                                                        and lean, back and forth for hours on some of the prettiest mountain roads,
                                                        and only my age and fear of death (well, pain really) kept me from pushing
                                                        the envelope. The bike had more to give.
                                                        Oh and that reminds me - spring for the anti-lock brakes. Always say “yes” to
                                                        So what are the downsides? Oh yeah, there’s always one or two. My favorite
                                                        whipping boy with H-D is always the seats, and this one’s no different. I didn’t
                                                        get the support I’d like, didn’t sit as deep as I’d like, nor as far back. But con-
                                                        sider that this bike and in fact, many Harley’s, are built for the average 5’10”
                                                        frame. I’m over six feet, and weigh 225, so I’m not the prototype.
                                                        And that leads me to who this bike IS for - H-D was aiming at young riders,
                                                        older riders who want the best of all worlds, and women, and all with mod-
                                                        erate income. Well the search for the all-in-one motorcycle continues, but this
                                                        is as close as H-D’s ever come, maybe as close as any company’s come, and
                                                        it’s a huge leap forward. They hit the mark, and not just with a shot in the
                                                        dark, but because they listened to journalists, dealerships, and you the rider,
                                                        and they built what you asked for.
                                                        Now go enjoy the ride.
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   14                                                   SEPTEMBER 2011
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                                                     15

                                                              HOT, HOT, HOT babes in their
                                                              sexy dance a re lining a makeshi pit are a sight
                                                             to behold. Confident in their skin, they skillfully and
                                                             ero cally courted the dance pole a rac ng all eyes in hypno c
                                                            As you can imagine, this annual event seems to be catching on in this local
                                                            Rocky Mountain se ng. There was standing room only… well nearly,
                                                            some brought their lawn chairs, others had folding chairs, and there was
                                                         a stack of those plas c lawn chairs we’ve grown to love so well. The girls, the
                                                         strippers, surrounded by a throng of men bikers that are technologically ad-
                                                         vanced in the art of cell phone photography… amazing.
                                                        Three bands rocked the house… The Disciples, The Hornbuckle Bros. and one
                                                        that’s not a mystery but the name has fallen through the cracks. However,
                                                        that band is featured in the photos. A million thanks go to the talented mu-
                                                        Now that the cat is out of the bag “so to speak”, next year be ready to brace
                                                        yourself for a bigger Stripper Palooza. And to think, if you’re interested in
                                                        making it to Stripper Palooza 5 you might want to keep your ears open and
                                                        your eyes peeled, especially around the week a er the 4th of July.
                                                        Stripper Palooza proceeds go to support BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) a
                                                        well-known benefit helping children.
                                                        Keep Your Balance (KYB)                               Biker Larry
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   16                                                                                                             SEPTEMBER 2011

                                                                         A New Twist on Pipes
                                                        One sunny afternoon, Ken Swartzlander was sitting in his truck thinking
                                                        about how he could make something really different for his motorcycle.
                                                        He drew up some sketches and came up with this incredibly unique prod-
                                                        uct. Problem was he had no idea how to make it.
                                                        The search was on for a few weeks as he went to 4 different places looking
                                                        for anyone who could make twisted metal pipes or knew of where they
                                                        could be purchased. No one knew how to do it but everyone thought the
                                                        idea was incredible. He was surfing the internet one day and divine inter-
                                                        vention occurred. He found a company in England that had tubing that
                                                        they used to make patio furniture and the tubing was just what he needed.
                                                        He tried to communicate with them by email, phone, fax etc. and there
                                                        was never an answer. After sending a registered letter to England, they fi-
                                                        nally returned his call to tell him they were out of business but had samples
                                                        of the tubing. Awesome. Now Ken had to come up with the exhaust. He
                                                        bought an engine and put a mock up together. He went over to a bender
                                                        and had two pieces of metal bent for the engine and there was his proto-
                                                        type. He took the mock up to the local swap meet where the response was
                                                        unbelievable! No one had ever seen Twisted Metal Pipes before and they
                                                        loved them!
                                                        Now for the mass production. The only machine for this product was out
                                                        in England and he needed to get his hands on it. He bought the machine
                                                        and then came up with the fishtail idea. It is a manual fed machine and not
                                                        hydraulically operated.
                                                        These pipes are very efficient and actually allow the engine to breathe bet-
                                                        ter. Best of all, the sound will blow you away! It’s something we haven’t
                                                        heard before - loud but with a deep rumble to them. No popping or crack-
                                                        ing! How does he get that great sound? Most pipes use an 18 gauge steel
                                                        but Ken uses a thicker 16 gauge. They don’t make that tinny sound with
                                                        the thicker steel.
                                                        These slip-on pipes fit any Softail or Road King. There are full twists or
                                                        partial twists, square cut or 45 slash cut. All fishtail and cut pipes are 2” in
                                                        diameter and 36” long.
                                                        To complete the look, you may want a pair of ape hangers. If so, Ken will
                                                        refer you to his buddy who makes those. Now we’re talkin’ bad ass.

                                                        The price on these things is under $450 and Ken offers a 30-day money
                                                        back guarantee. Summer sale - take $50 off. Call Twisted Ken at 951-520-
                                                        3190 or for more information on this very cool product, see their ad in the
                                                        magazine or go to www.twistedmotorcyclepipes.com
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                                                      17

                                                        Story and Photos by Darlene Ferris

                                                        Motorcycles have been in Bob Cleary's blood for nearly 50 years. When Bob was-
                                                        n't up to his elbows in grime working on bikes, he could be found riding, drag
                                                        racing (gas and top fuel), custom building, selling, or just talking motorcycles.
                                                        The love of motorcycles became a way of life for Bob when he went into business
                                                        for himself, specializing in Harley Davidson motorcycles. Thirty-five years ago,
                                                        Mid-State Cycles was born.

                                                        Bob Cleary opened the first shop in Paxton, IL and became a registered Illinois
                                                        motorcycle dealer in 1976. After nearly four years, he moved the business to
                                                        Champaign, IL . Over the next 22 years the shop moved twice more. In 2000 the
                                                        shop opened in its current location at 801 Bloomington Rd. Champaign, IL. On
                                                        Saturday, August 13, 2011, Mid-State Cycles celebrated its 35th anniversary.
                                                        The celebration got a kick start on the eve of the big event. Friends came from
                                                        near and far to help celebrate. Mike Calhun rode his Street Glide all the way
                                                        from Austin, Texas to help his lifelong friend celebrate 35 years. As business
                                                        closed Friday, beers and memories started flowing. Many interesting stories were
                                                        told. Many friends and relatives were on hand to help get the shop set up for the
                                                          big day. Bob drug out shop t-shirts that span the past 35 years of Mid-State Cy-
                                                           cles. With a little encouragement from this author, each was hung from the
                                                           ceiling...decorating complete!
                                                           Saturday morning found the shop doors open and the parade float in the park-
                                                           ing lot...that float was a story in itself. The girls told Bob he could not have a
                                                           ride from the shop to Bradleys without a lead float carrying motorcycles and
                                                          big boobed, nearly naked women! The girls built the float and the run was set.
                                                         Bikes started rolling into the shop's parking lot before 11:00. The party made for
                                                        a great vintage motorcycle show. Several Indians showed up for the occasion
                                                        along with flatheads, pans, shovels, and even a knuckle or two. Once attendees
                                                        had a chance to look over the bikes, they were invited to sign the anniversary ban-
                                                        ner and receive a door prize ticket. Over 100 bikes were present by 2:00 when the
                                                        Champaign Police showed up. Not to worry, they were there to help celebrate.
                                                        At 2:00 it was kick stands up for the ride to Bradleys. Police controlled traffic at
                                                        intersections, allowing over 100 bikes to roll through Champaign. A few minutes
                                                        later, kick stands were back down and everyone was ready to get the party started!
                                                        Great food, cold beverages, and live music was waiting for everyone to arrive at
                                                        Bradleys. The band, Outbound Drive got the party rocking with some awesome
                                                        country music. When the band took a break, door prizes were awarded. The
                                                        shop gave away everything from hats and t-shirts to oil change kits.
                                                        The afternoon seemed to fly by. Storm clouds rolled in and blessed the celebration
                                                        with a little rain. The skies then cleared and made for a beautiful evening. As the
                                                        party died down and many friends had gone home, Bob found himself at the bar
                                                        with a few great friends. Some from near, some from far, but all who are always
                                                        there for their friend. Why? Because Bob is always there for them. Just ask Roger
                                                        who blew a head gasket after the boys left Bradleys. Who was it that drove to
                                                        Mid-State Cycles, hooked up the trailer, hauled the dead bike to the shop, then
                                                        gave his vehicle to Roger so he had a ride home? Yep, you know it! It was Bob
                                                        Bob put on one heck of a celebration. However, he did not do it alone. He did
                                                        not get Mid-State Cycles to 35 years alone either. It has been said that behind
                                                        every good man stands a good woman...this is not the case with Bob. His wife
                                                        of 30 years, Sheila, has been at his side most every step of the way. She also gave
                                                        him four amazing sons who have all had a hand in getting to 35 years. Joe and
                                                        Chris, the twins, play an active role in the family business. Joe, who shares Dad's
                                                        passionate love of motorcycles, runs the shop with his dad. Chris, a CPA (strate-
                                                        gically planned by Dad?... we will never know!), makes a huge contribution by
                                                        doing the books for the shop. Brandon helps when he can, but after the anniver-
                                                        sary party he, along with his sweetness, Charla, left for China to teach English for
                                                        the next year. The youngest of the crew, Jason, is always right there to give a
                                                        hand whether it is helping Mom at home or Dad at the shop. When Jason is not
                                                        helping, he can be found in class at the University of Illinois.
                                                        Bob Cleary, along with his family and friends, are a fine example of a small family
                                                        business, alive and well in America today. Bob and Joe would like to invite you
                                                        to stop by the shop the next time you are in Champaign and for all your Harley
                                                        Davidson motorcycle needs. At the very least, check them out on the web at
                                                        www.midstatecycles.com. Additionally, in a few short years Mid-State Cycles
                                                        will be celebrating 50 years. See you there and remember, every day is a good day
                                                        to ride!
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   18                                                                                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2011

   ALL NEW VICTORY COMFORT                                 • Both the Upper Air Controls and Lower Air Con-       TALL WINDSHIELD
   CONTROL SYSTEM                                          trols can be adjusted easily with gloved hands.        Complementing the Victory Comfort Control Sys-
   The Cross Country Tour lets a rider control airflow                                                            tem is the new tall windshield. This windshield is
   reaching the seating area and thus control comfort      SPECIALLY EQUIPPED HARD LOWERS                         taller than the previously available accessory tall
   year round in all riding conditions. The new Vic-       Along with the Lower Air Controls, the hard lowers     windshield and it blocks wind, rain and road debris
   tory Comfort Control System consists of:                feature convenient covered and lockable storage        while providing a rider with a clear view of the road
                                                           compartments with 1 gallon capacity per lower; an      ahead.
   • Upper Air Controls that allow a rider to control      iPod® cord that connects an iPod with the bike’s
   the volume and direction of airflow to the upper        integrated audio system; and an integrated 12V         LOCK & RIDE® TRUNK
   body.                                                   power outlet for electrical devices such as GPS or     A color-matched Lock & Ride® trunk is standard
   Mounted at the base of the bike’s protective fairing,   chargers. The lowers are mounted on chromed tu-        on the Cross Country Tour. It offers 17.7 gallons of
   these controls pivot to provide cooling airflow         bular highway bars that provide tip-over protection.   secure, weatherproof storage in a space roomy
   wherethe rider wants to direct it or block air from                                                            enough to hold two full-face helmets. The lockable
   reaching the upper body.                                                                                       trunk provides the passenger with a padded back-
   • Lower Air Controls that allow a rider to control                                                             rest and it has two audio speakers.
   the volume of airflow to the legs. Fully open, they
   allow cooling airflow to reach the legs. Closed, they                                                          • With Lock & Ride technology, the trunk can be
   block airflow to keep a rider’s legs warmer.                                                                   installed on or removed from the bike quickly and
                                                                                                                  easily without tools.

                                                                                                                  ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS)
                                                                                                                  For ALL Touring
                                                                                                                  The non-linked ABS provides a Cross Country
                                                                                                                  Tour rider with confidence-inspiring braking. Sen-
                                                                                                                  sors on each wheel monitor wheel speed, and if
                                                                                                                  they sense slippage or wheel lock, the ABS provides
                                                                                                                  instant, effective braking to slow the vehicle and
                                                                                                                  help the rider maintain control.

                                                                                                                  HEATED GRIPS & HEATED SEATS
                                                                                                                  Rider comfort is enhanced further by heated hand
                                                                                                                  grips with High and Low settings, and heated seats
                                                                                                                  with separate high-Low controls for the driver and
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   SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                                                                                19

                                                                                     By The Law Tigers
                                                                                     America’s Injury Lawyers Who Ride

                                                                                     Riding With Passengers -
                                                                                     Keeping Motorcycle
                                                                                     Passengers Safe on the Road
                                                                                     Motorcycles are more popular than ever. Millions of people every year
                                                                                     head out with friends on a long road trip or for just a fun day ride.
                                                                                     Riding can be a fun and safe activity, but you have to always be alert
   ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT PASSENGER FLOORBOARDS                                           and watch what’s going on all around you. Many accidents involving
   The passenger floorboard height can be adjusted a range of 2” quickly and
                                                                                     motorcyclists are the result of motorists not seeing them, or not being
   easily. A passenger has the choice of three height settings and the floorboard
                                                                                     careful enough around them. As a rider, you can never be too careful.
   surface angle can also be adjusted a range of 10°.
                                                                                     You don’t know how anyone else on the road will interact with you
   ADDITIONAL PREMIUM FEATURES                                                       and your bike. You must give a lot of thought to allowing another per-
   The Cross Country Tour also has HID lighting for optimized visibility and         son to ride with you. As soon as someone gets on your bike, you’re
   rear tip-over protection. Strong frame mounted bars that run along the bot-       responsible for their safety and well-being. It’s a tremendous respon-
   tom edge of the saddlebags make first contact with the ground if the bike         sibility that requires a great deal of caution.
   is tipped over. World’s Largest Storage Capacity 41.1 gallons
                                                                                     Even before riding with a passenger on your bike, there are certain
   • Solid Black                                                                     considerations to keep in mind. When more than one person rides on
   • Solid Imperial Blue                                                             a motorcycle, it’s going to handle differently than it does when you’re
   • Sunset Red over Silver                                                          riding alone. The additional weight could cause the bike to feel slug-
                                                                                     gish. When the weight is shifted while the bike is in motion, it will
   NEW LOWER PRICE FOR THE VICTORY VISION                                            also feel different, so you have to be prepared to act accordingly. You
   Victory drops the base price of the outstanding Vision $2200.00. With a           must also decide if you’re capable of handling the bike while carrying
   26.5-in. seat height riders keep feet firmly planted when the bike sits at rest   a passenger. If you aren’t sure of your ability to control it, then don’t
   and provides a low center of gravity when it’s rolling. A six gallon tank
                                                                                     give anyone a ride.
   gives it excellent range, while standard ABS provides secure braking. Its
   audio system features speakers in the fairing and on the front face of the
   trunk so you can enjoy your favorite tunes from the AM/FM radio or mp3            From the passenger’s standpoint, motorcycle instruction and how it
   player. A large display screen conveys audio mode, radio station,                 applies to them should be an important consideration. Before getting
   and playlists.                                                                    on a motorcycle with anyone, you should think about how well you
                                                                                     know the person. If it’s a casual acquaintance and you aren’t sure
   2012 COLOR OPTIONS                                                                whether you trust the person or their ability to handle the motorcycle,
   • Solid Black & Vogue Silver                                                      you should reconsider. Never ride with an inexperienced rider. You
   • Sunset Red & Black W/Black Carbon
                                                                                     should verify that the person has a valid license to drive a motorcycle.
   • Solid Imperial Blue & Super Steel Gray
   • Bronze Mist with Sandstone Metallic                                             If you think your safety may be in jeopardy, you shouldn’t accept the
   MSRP of $20,999 - $21,799.
                                                                                     If your potential passenger isn’t familiar with all the terminology and
                                                                                     how to communicate with you while you’re on the bike, you need to
                                                                                     give some instruction before getting on the road. Motorcycle instruc-
                                                                                     tion includes informing anyone who’ll be riding with you about how
                                                                                     to sit and where to place his or her feet. They need to know how to get
                                                                                     on and off the bike, and what they should be doing while the bike is
                                                                                     in motion. You should always offer appropriate gear to your passenger
                                                                                     to ensure their safety. They should be wearing clothing that will protect
                                                                                     them in the event of an accident, including a jacket designed for riding
                                                                                     a motorcycle, heavy jeans, and boots. You and your friends can have
                                                                                     a lot of fun on the road; just be sure to make it a safe experience for
                                                                                     both of you.
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   20                                                   SEPTEMBER 2011
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