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The Pigman Essay - DOC by Q7FZLLB


									                               The Pigman Essay
                                 April 5, 2011

       Have you ever thought about how big of an impact parents have on their
children? There are a lot of children that don’t have both parents. In the Pigman,
John’s dad, The Bore, was never really a good role model for John. Lorraine’s
father was never there while she was growing up. The only father figure either of
them had was the Pigman. Mr. Pignati was taking John and Lorraine places that
most parents would have taken their own kids such as the zoo and he was always
very open armed to having them around. The Pigman was the father figure for both
John and Lorraine.
       John’s dad was never very supportive of John’s decisions and he never gave
him supportive advice. When John told his dad he wanted to be and actor, his dad
put him down and told him he could never be an actor. The Bore thinks John
should work at the exchange but John doesn’t want to. John’s dad said, “I was
thinking maybe you’d like to work with me over at the Exchange a few days a
week. Just after school?” to John. John really did not want to work at the
Exchange, but his father does not respect that. Since John’s own dad does not
respect his decisions John respects Mr. Pignati more and Mr. Pignati is more of a
father figure to John and Lorraine than their own fathers.
       Lorraine didn’t have a father in her life so the Pigman was important.
Having no father in any child’s life would be difficult. Lorraine only ever had her
mom around while she was growing up. Since she never really had a father, when
she met the Pigman she sort of had a father figure in the Pigman. Mr. Pignati was
always very open armed to having John and Lorraine at his house. The Pigman
enjoyed spending a lot of time with them and took them many places.
       The Pigman took John and Lorraine to many places where most parents
would take their own kids. He also bought John and Lorraine roller skates and took
them shopping. One reason he bought roller blades was because he still wanted to
have fun and act young at heart. “Mr. Pignati’s going to buy us roller skates,” (pg.
78) yelled John to Lorraine at Beekman’s Department store. The Pigman also took
John and Lorraine to the zoo to see Bobo. Even though they had great times
together sometimes they did disappoint Mr. Pignati.
       Sometimes kids disappoint their parents just as John and Lorraine
disappointed Mr. Pignati by having a party at his house while he was in the
hospital. “Just a few intimate friends for a quiet little drink. Don’t you think Mr.
Pignati wants us to have a social life?” John said to Lorraine as he was planning a
party. Parents have a large impact on there children’s lives and since Mr. Pignati
was a good father figure John and Lorraine became better people.

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