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					Some Quick Tips on Contemporary Wedding Photography

Isn't it true that fashion and tastes change with each passing year, and sometimes even quicker than that?
This is true of not just clothes but decorating a house, artwork, architecture, and even photography. And
when it comes to contemporary wedding photography, brides today are absolutely nothing like their mothers
or grandmothers as to what they expect from their photographers. The poses, angles, and even the colors
and contrasts used in photographs change with each passing generation and a photographer that doesn't keep
up with these changes is not going to have a successful and thriving business. So how can someone be sure
that they're offering contemporary wedding photography to today's clients and customers?

The poses are a big part of contemporary wedding photography. Brides understand that poses in any picture
will express certain emotions, or worse yet, express no emotions whatsoever. Think of pictures that were
taken for your school yearbook - what emotions did they convey? Probably none. But when you put the
subject in a different pose than just sitting there looking out at the camera you can really express different
emotions. Look at contemporary wedding photography you see from other photographers. Usually they
have the bride sitting down looking out a window or down at something such as her flowers. A popular
angle is from overhead, looking down at the bride. Overhead shots like this slim down a person something
that every bride will appreciate! Other poses and angles with contemporary wedding photography include
the bride and groom looking at each other rather than the camera, or sharing a small kiss. For an added
romantic touch the bride's veil can be spread in front of the two of them or the shot can be through a window
so it seems as if they're sharing a private moment together. Many even have the couple walking away arm-
in-arm, as if they're starting their new life together right then.

Other aspects of contemporary wedding photography involve a more casual feel than what photography
used to encompass. The bride and groom running along the beach or walking through several inflated beach
balls is popular, as is photos of them on a wooden swing under a tree. Casual photos of the flower girls
sitting in the grass outside or of the groomsmen tossing the groom in the air with a blanket can be fun and
interesting as well. Of course whatever you do by way of contemporary wedding photography make sure
you are mindful of everyone's safety and make sure you think of all the things that could go wrong - the
couple waltzing in front of a pool might mean someone losing their grip and going for a premature plunge,
or little flower girls in the grass can mean grass stains on those beautiful dresses. So be creative with your
contemporary wedding photography but use your discretion and good judgment as well, and make sure
you're in communication with the bride about her expectations as well.

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