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Content SEO


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									Content SEO - SEO Advise
Good copy equals conversions.

Content Optimisation is believably the hardest selling point to get across to a client when seo
speak begins. Sure people are beginning to accept in the UK that they need to get ranked in
Google, and they know you need to fabricate an online aspect for their business, and of
course, they all know that they need to get traffic to their site.

But site copy? Anytime that argument is brought up, most clients proudly advertise that they
have already posted their brochure's knowledge on their site and that works just fine.

Well, it doesn't. Content optimization is a skill that few people possess. Words sell, images
don't. You need to get the user to take action! So, in that spirit, here is a list of things to do
and ones to avoid:

Things to do:
Use the main keyphrase you are targeting on every page, except for the home page.
Use keyphrases in your hyperlinks.
Actualize a page title that is captivating and eye catching. Keep in mind words sell, graphics
Confine your keyword usage to 2 or 3 keywords per page. Otherwise, you may get tagged for
keyword spamming.
Create auxiliary content like FAQ pages, how-to pages, industry glossary and related articles
about the product.
Use the description meta tag. Google refers to this when it can't find content or a listing in
Consistently keep an eye on competition and how they rank for the same keywords.
Concentrate on the the pages that have your best conversion rates.
Think like a journalist, asking the five W questions (who, what, when, where, why).
Exposure your location. Studies signify that people look for local vendors, even when online.

Things to avoid:
Inserting keywords into copyrighted material.
Forgetting what your audience is looking for.
Leaving the title of your page as "Untitled".
Using too many graphics.
Waiting to implement copy changes for expected seasonal sales. You need 6-months when
optimizing seasonal content to give the engines time to adjust to your alterations.

Content optimization is a continual process of monitoring and updating. By staying true to
this course, you'll see the results in your sales.

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