A Look At How To Have An Out Of Body Experience

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					                             A Brief Overview of Astral Travelling

 Astral Projection is something that you already have some awareness of. No doubt you've heard
the phrase used in conversation, in a movie or TV program or seen it in a book or magazine.

What you might not know is that you can astral project anyone can, in fact. You've already done
so, though you might not remember it.

Lets look at Out Of Body Experience and find out what it is. A very simple explanation of Out Of
Body is the ability of an individual to actually leave their physical body. Everybody has this ability
and you actually do this when you sleep in the night. In a sleep state your physical mind is resting
and your subconscious mind is in control. It is during this that the person can astral project. Most
of the time people just can't remember this happening.

In fact, many young children engage in Out of Body without understanding what they are doing. It
can happen automatically if the body is relaxed, but many adults just feel that they are dreaming.
But Out of Body is real! The astral body can travel without regard to either time or distance.

Let's explain the astral body. This is an invisible and non-physical version of your physical body
which is the product of your will and your subconscious desires. Your astral body always comes
home to your physical one because of an unbreakable bond between them which is called the
silver cord.

This connection is there from your birth until your death. The silver cord keeps your astral and
physical bodies inextricably linked for your entire life.

When we astral project, where do our astral bodies go? They go to their natural element, the astral
plane: an ethereal counterpart to the physical world. Experts are not all in agreement about exactly
how the astral plane works, but they generally agree that there are many different levels which
make up the astral plane and that it is tuned to a slightly different rate of our vibration than our
own. We can't perceive it with our physical senses, but our astral bodies can travel through this
plane of reality with ease.

Even though your astral body will always return to you and you are at no danger of physical harm
while astral projecting, you should exercise caution since there are some dangers in the astral
plane. As long as you use common sense and basic caution though, you'll be safe.
Out of Body while you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be somewhat risky. When
you're not in total control of yourself, your astral body is limited to the lowest and most hazardous
levels of the astral plane. If you're not careful, there is a danger of psychological harm.

You should know where you want to go and only astral project when you are in the proper frame of
mind to do so. You want to have control over where your astral body goes and what it does.

With the right preparation, out of body can be learned very quickly. There are professional out of
body instructors who can show you how to do this, though most people prefer to learn and practice
astral projecting in the comfort of their own home.

There are also a number of books and online resources available. For example, by listening to a
quality Out Of Body hypnosis recording, you can enter the right state of mind. This type of
recording will help you fully relax and will take you through the necessary stages. The advantage
of a recording over a professional session is that you can play the recording multiple times until
your subconscious receives the message that it is okay for the astral body to leave the physical

The use of sound technology can also be helpful in being able to reach a level of relaxation that is
conductive to being able to engage in Out of Body. One such technology is known as binaural
beats. This technology works by alternating sound between both ears and using a variety of
frequencies. This method is designed to place the body into a state of deep meditative relaxation,
which is the best for Out of Body.

Do not be discouraged if you are unable to astral project in the beginning. It is important to keep in
mind that you are simply remembering a skill that you already possess and have used at some
point in your past.

Still skeptical? Think back to a time when you dreamed you were flying, or felt a sensation of
falling. The flying sensation was your astral body moving through the astral planes. The feeling of
falling was when you felt your astral body returning to your physical body.

Out of Body is something which any one of us can do and it will become easier with practice.

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