Learning How To Have An Out Of Body Experience

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					                                A Brief Overview of Astral Travel

 How to Astral Travel is something that you already have some awareness of. No doubt you've
heard the phrase used in conversation, in a movie or TV program or seen it in a book or

What you might not know is that you can astral project anyone can, in fact. You've already done
so, though you might not remember it.

Let's start by understanding what How to Astral Travel actually is. Basically, How to Astral Travel
is a person's ability to leave their body. Everyone has this ability, and we all do this at night when
we are asleep. During sleep, the physical mind rests but the subconscious mind remains active
and takes over. This is when a person astral projects, though most people have no memory of
doing this.

When you do project you get to go wherever you want. As you remember when you were a child,
you probably can recall doing this as you went to bed, as you grew up you have forgotten it
though. You have limitless possibilities of places to go, there are no restrictions as far as distance
or time where Out of Body is concerned. When you are sleeping your physical body is at sleep,
while the astral body goes on a journey.

You probably want to know what your astral body is it's an invisible duplicate of your physical
body which is made of our emotions and our desires. Your astral body will always return to your
physical body the two are connected by a silver cord.

As the astral body first enters the physical body, the silver cord is connected. There is no depletion
of this until after the time of death, when the astral body leaves the physical body for the very last
time. This silver cord prevents the astral body from leaving and not coming back.

You may wonder where you may go when you astral project. The astral body goes to the astral
plane. It is the invisible double of the Earth. It has a faster vibration than the physical Earth and its
vibrations penetrate to the center of the Earth. Some define it as another dimension of reality.
However, the majority agree that there are many levels of the astral plane.

Can astral travel be dangerous? The answer is both yes and no. If you exercise caution when
astral projecting and decide beforehand where you want to travel to, then astral travel is safe as
long as you are in the proper state of mind.
The greatest danger when astral projecting comes with the mind is not carefully prepared or under
the influence of thought and perception, altering substances such as drugs or alcohol. There are a
number of levels to the astral plane. The lower levels are not considered places to visit and are
often considered to be unsafe. It is these levels that are easiest to access when under the
influence of drugs or alcohol.

You should know where you want to go and only astral project when you are in the proper frame of
mind to do so. You want to have control over where your astral body goes and what it does.

If you take the time to get properly prepared ahead of time, you might find that you are able to
astral project quite quickly. There are also many professionals in this field that teach different ways
of helping a person gain the necessary control to have a better experience, though many people
prefer to astral project alone, from the comfort of home.

The web is an excellent source of information on out of body. You can find resources like out of
body hypnosis recordings which can put you in the proper frame of mind to astral project. Since
you can listen to these recordings over and over until your body is completely relaxed and your
astral body receives the message to leave the physical world, these often work better than a
session with a professional.

Sound technology can also be helpful. There is a technology known as binaural beats, which plays
a variety of frequencies in each ear. These frequencies are slightly different and as a result relax
the body quickly. This places the mind into a deep meditation making it easier to astral project.

Don't fret if you are unsuccessful the first few times you astral project. It takes practice to
accomplish this. You already have the ability to do it you do not need to do anything special to
acquire the skill, you have probably just forgot how to do it and need to hone your skills.

If you still don't believe in Out of Body, just remember the last time that you had a dream that you
were flying followed by a sensation of falling right before you awoke. The sensation of flying was
how it feels to travel with your astral body and the falling was your astral body coming back to you.

Out of Body is very real. Anyone can do it and find benefit in it. However, you do have to invest
time in fine-tuning your natural ability in order to reach the kind of success you desire with Out of
Body. It will become easier to do once you begin your journey while projecting.

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