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					                 Princeton-Trenton Chapter

June 2002                                                                                         Number 11

Welcome to this Spring edition of the Princeton-           role.
Trenton Chapter newsletter. Actually by the time           I think it has been a good year for the chapter.
you are reading this, summer will likely be very           The Spring lectures & course sponsored
apparent outside, if not yet officially present in         predominately or in part by the chapter were all
the calendar. Please keep on reading, as this              successful in terms of attendance, performance of
issue covers chapter officer elections for the 2002-       the speaker, and satisfaction of the audience.
2003 term, including a ballot for you to vote. The
newsletter also covers upcoming events,                    We will have past president Richard L. Schaeffer
employment opportunities, and a recap of chapter           visit the chapter on Tuesday, September 24. This
activities since the previous November 2001                is an official ASA visit, and plans are underway for
newsletter.                                                a dinner meeting to host Dr. Schaffer. See more
                                                           details inside and stay tuned for further
We have started our 9th year as the Princeton-             announcement and the invitation in the coming
Trenton (P-T) Chapter of the American Statistical          weeks and months. I hope to see you there.
Association. The current paid-to-date membership           I will be still hanging around as Past-President,
count stands at 175. Our chapter’s purpose                 and my new official role is Newsletter editor. As
remains to foster, in the broadest manner,                 with any organization, there are always things that
statistics and statistical applications, and to            need to be done and places to improve. For
promote unity and effectiveness of effort among            example, I would like to see our website better
all groups in the Princeton-Trenton (NJ) area that         maintained and be a better resource for P-T
have an interest in or are concerned with                  chapter members.
statistics. Dues are $5.00 per year. National ASA          And of course, I will continue encouraging people
membership is not a requirement. So please keep            like yourself to be involved in the attendance and
yourself current and/or recommend us to a friend           creation of P-T chapter activities. In the last
who would enjoy the benefits of membership.                newsletter I mentioned that one of the best things
                                                           about the P-T chapter is the diversity of its
1.      President’s Message                                membership  data analysts, statisticians,
                                                           programmers, etc. from various industrial and
Dear chapter friends & colleagues:                         academic institutions. So on behalf of the officers
It has been a great pleasure for me to serve you           and active members, please allow us the
in the past year. John Hall from Mathematica               opportunity to communicate with you in some way
Policy Research will now assume the role of                about your interests, and find out how you would
President of the chapter after having been elect           like to see the P-T chapter better meet your
President-Elect a year ago. John is a long-time            needs. In particular, please feel free to contact me
loyal member of the P-T chapter, and his                   at (732) 594-3913 or,
experience and decisiveness will serve the chapter         or even better, see me at an upcoming chapter-
well. Please join me in welcoming him to his new           sponsored event.          (continued)

(President’s message continued from page 1)                     Stuart Hunter, Princeton University

For now, I would especially appreciate that you fill       2.      Chapter Activities
out the Officers 2002-2003 ballot in this newsletter
and return it as instructed by July 15, 2002.              2.1 Alan Agresti Seminar

Thank you.                                                      Distinguished Professor Alan Agresti from the
                                                           University of Florida, Department of Statistics,
Bill Pikounis                                              spoke on "Dealing with Discreteness: Making
President Princeton-Trenton Chapter                        'Exact' Confidence Intervals for Proportions,
                                                           Differences of Proportions, and Odds Ratios More
2001-2002 Chapter Officers                                 Exact" at Merck & Co.'s world headquarters in
                                                           Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, on April 2, 2002.
President:          Bill Pikounis                          The seminar was co-sponsored by the Princeton-
                    Merck                                  Trenton chapter in tandem with the New Jersey
                        and Philadelphia chapters. About 160 people

President-Elect:    John Hall                              Professor Agresti discussed ongoing issues for
                    Mathematica Policy Research            achieving nominal levels in confidence intervals for
                        common inferences on binomial parameters. He
                                                           summarized simple practical ways of adjusting
Past-President:     Dan Reyner,                            standard large-sample methods to improve
                    Bristol-Myers Squibb                   dramatically their small-sample performance. We
                               thank Dr. Agresti for a very enjoyable and
                                                           informative presentation.
Treasurer:          Mohammed Ahsanullah,
                    Rider University                       2.2 Don Berry Seminar
                                                           The seminar was held on April 16th, 2002 at the
Secretary:          Michael Sinclair,                      Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research
                    Mathematica                            Institute Hopewell, NJ campus. Donald Berry,
                    Ph.D., Chairman of Biostatistics at the M.D.
                                                           Anderson Cancer Center, gave a talk entitled "The
                   oDan Reyner,                            Screening Mammography Controversy: Science,
                   uBristol-Myers Squibb                   Politics and the Press". Approximately 90 were in
                              attendance. He discussed recent controversies
                   c                                       related to the issue of routine mammography, and
                   i                                       evaluated the available evidence. Among other
                   l                                       topics covered, he also recounted his personal
                                                           involvement with the press, with politicians, and
                   o                                       with the medical establishment on the issue. The
                   f                                       Princeton-Trenton Chapter would like to extend it's
                   h                                       appreciation to Donald Berry for a provocative
                   a                                       talk, and to the New Jersey and Philadelphia
                   p                                       Chapters for extending the invitation to attend this
                   t                                       meeting to their membership.
                   r                                       2.2 Ray Littell Course
                                                                Ray Littell, Professor at the University of
Representative                                             Florida, presented a one-day short course on
                                                           Mixed Models and Covariance Structures on April
Advisory Committee:                                        29, 2002. The event was co-sponsored by the
     David Hunt, Wilbur Smith,                             New Jersey and Princeton-Trenton chapters as

part of the annual spring short course, and was            Search for talented individuals to join growing
held at the Merck Corporate Conference. There              Biostatistics and Data Management group.
were approximately 100 attendees.                          ALLERGAN has a 50-year track record of success
                                                           in creating and marketing products for the
3.      Upcoming Activities                                pharmaceutical, ophthalmic surgical device,
                                                           movement disorder and dermatological markets.
3.1 Fall Dinner Meeting                                    Our significant growth requires top talent to
                                                           maintain our industry position.
Richard L. Scheaffer, Past-President of the
American Statistical Association, and Professor            We are looking for extraordinary talent to join the
Emeritus, University of Florida, Department of             Biostatistics team in our corporate headquarters, a
Statistics will be hosted as part of an official ASA       beautiful 28-acre campus-like setting, in Irvine,
visit on Tuesday, September 24. A dinner                   CA.
meeting will be held in the Princeton-Trenton
dinner area and will include a presentation by             We have two especially significant positions
Professor Schaeffer. Please mark your calendars,           available currently:
and please stay tuned for further announcement,
invitation, and registration details.                      1) DIRECTOR, BIOSTATISTICS
                                                           You will direct the activities of Biostatistics for one
4.      Other Announcements                                or multiple therapeutic areas to ensure that
                                                           Allergan R&D projects are correctly designed,
4.1 Treasurer's report                                     properly analyzed and clearly presented to support
                                                           new product development, domestic and
Chapter income during the past months has                  international regulatory submissions and the
mainly been from the chapter dues. As of May 31,           maintenance and growth of existing products.
2002, the current balance is $4,347.86.
                                                           2) MANAGER, BIOSTATISTICS
5.      Job Announcements                                  You will direct the activities of Biostatistics for a
                                                           major portion of one therapeutic area to ensure
As a informal service we pass these along. For             that Allergan R&D projects are correctly designed,
consideration in future issues, interested                 properly analyzed and clearly presented to support
employers please email                                     new product development, domestic and .                                international regulatory submissions and the
                                                           maintenance and growth of existing products.

Plano, TX job opening for a Statistician Manager           These key positions require a Ph.D. (or Ph.D.
(Full relocation provided). I am interested in             equivalent). Both positions require both big
learning if your chapter has a mechanism whereby           Pharma and extensive NDA experience, and
recruiting agencies like myself can post job               working knowledge of at least one scientific
openings for your members. This is a senior level          programming language and/or one statistical
position (base salary $100k+) with a well known            software package.
Fortune 500 financial services company.
                                                           In addition to providing competitive salaries,
Regards,                                                   excellent benefits, and great facilities, we
                                                           encourage our employees to create a healthy
Bruce Peoples                                              balance between work life and family life.
Principal Consultant
Anshin HR Consulting                                       Contact:
804-752-0023 voice                                         Jennifer Klaus
804-752-0026 fax                                           Staffing Consultant
                                                           Allergan Pharmaceuticals

                                                           Team-based manager and calculated risk-taker
                                                           who possesses a true profit orientation and
Dieckmann & Associates is a retained executive             drives the creation of long-term value in
search firm founded in 1981 to assist companies            organizations.
with senior management recruiting needs.
                                                           Compensation: Will respond to market
A $2 billion U.S. insurer, of a $160 billion global        conditions. Base/bonus/liberal benefits.
financial services company, has engaged us to
conduct a search to fill the position of Vice              Candidate      Kitz Rosenbaum
President - Business Forecasting.                          Referrals to: rosenbaum@dieckmann-
Specification:                                   >
Vice President - Business Forecasting                      312-819-5905

Our Client:    A $2 billion U.S. insurance entity of       Kitz Rosenbaum
a $160 billion global financial services company.          Executive Search Consultant

Our Mission: Find an executive who can                     Dieckmann & Associates
revolutionize the industry sector by building an           180 N. Stetson Ave
intelligent business model that predictably drives         Suite 5555
the company's profits. Although in an industry             Chicago, Il 60601
which cannot forecast its costs with great
accuracy, key drivers of major financial results           Direct 312-819-5905
are identified. What they need now is the                  Email
critical analytical mind that will amplify,
crystallize and codify these into a reliable
forecasting model.

Critical Selection Factors:  M.A. or Ph.D. in
Mathematics, Statistics or Actuarial Science.

Experience in building forecasting
models/intelligent systems for complex business
entities, preferably in financial services, or
experience in macro analysis, such as

Sophisticated project management skills; Prior
projects should have been completed with
verifiable balance between strategic breadth and
tactical efficiency.

Extraordinary conceptual ability and broad
business understanding communicated with
clarity and brevity.

Strong business proclivity; driven to a general
management career profile.

Consumer mindset which will relate effectively to
an out-of-the-box, creative, energized and
market-driven senior management group which
is fully committed to the extensive use of

2002-2003 Princeton-Trenton Officer Ballot

Please note that Formal Voting for officers is required by our chapter constitution. Even
though all candidates are running opposed this year, please vote by checking-off or
specifying a write–in within each office, and provide your results to Bill Pikounis at

ATTENTION: P-T 2002-2003 ballot
Bill Pikounis, Ph.D.
Biometrics Research Department
Merck Research Laboratories
PO Box 2000, MailDrop RY84-16
126 E. Lincoln Avenue
Rahway, New Jersey 07065-0900

postmarked no later than Monday, July 15, 2002

Michael Sinclair                                          [ ]

write-in ___________________________

Karen Pitts                                               [ ]

write-in ___________________________

Mohammed Ahsanullah                                       [ ]

write-in ___________________________

Agnes Kovacs                                              [ ]

write-in ___________________________

Princeton-Trenton Chapter of
The American Statistical Association

c/o Bill Pikounis, Ph.D.
Biometrics Research Department
Merck Research Laboratories
PO Box 2000, MailDrop RY84-16
126 E. Lincoln Avenue
Rahway, New Jersey 07065-0900

                                   PLEASE NOTE
 Chapter membership is $5.00 a year. Chapter members need not be members of the American Statistical
 Association. If you have colleagues or friends who might be interested in joining the Princeton-Trenton
 Chapter, please contact Bill Pikounis, 732 594 3913 or for application forms
 and further information.

 We encourage members to send us information about their activities. Please send them to one of the
 officers. Items for the Chapter Newsletter should be sent to Bill Pikounis at

 Membership dues may be sent directly to Mohammed Ahsanullah, Rider University,,
 Department of Management Sciences, 2083 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, NJ08648-3099. Please
 forward change of address information and e-mail addresses to Bill Pikounis at