La Universidad y Las Profesiones by Q7FZLLB


									                    ¡¿QUÉ HARÉ Después de SLA?!
                      La Universidad y Las Profesiones

Established Goals:
    Students communicate their academic and career goals by using the future
     verb tense.
    Students role-play job interview situations.
    Students create their own resume in the target language.
    Students become familiar with reading the classifieds in Spanish.
    Students compare our university customs and career issues with those of
     Spanish-speaking countries.

Essential Questions:
1.   How do I express my future intentions?
2.   How are my current practices connected to my future?

1. What we choose to study and the effort we put forth greatly affects our
futures, and in Spanish-speaking countries, this is especially true.
Students will know…
    Vocabulary:
         o College Majors/Minors
         o Professions
         o Words and expressions related to finding and interviewing for a job
    Grammar:
         o Future Tense
         o Por y Para
    Culture:
         o Differences in university procedures and career paths

Students will be able to…

   1.    Communicate their plans and goals for life after SLA using the future tense.
   2.    Read classified job ads in Spanish newspapers.
   3.    Write resumes in Spanish.
   4.    Interview someone and be interviewed for a job using Spanish.

                               Evidence of Learning
  Performance Tasks:
      Various grammar exercises on the future verb tense and por/para
      Participation in discussions
      Performance dialogue: 2 to 3 students, one (or more) interviews
        the other
      Resume written in Spanish

                                          Short Story
        Students will write a “short story” using the photobooks in iPhoto. The short
                                stories will have four sections:
             1. The Present: present school, interests, activities, favorite subjects
           2. After SLA (to be expressed in the future tense): post-graduation plans
                             3. Career (future tense): career choices
             4. Other Aspects of the Student’s Life (future): family, location, etc.

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