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Is Spinal Decompression a Remedy for Chronic Back Pain?

A Wonderful Reliever of Chronic Back Pain

Is spinal decompression a remedy for chronic back pain? Here is the answer.

From the first authentic but randomized study of the State of Washington
Department of Labor and Industries in 2004 to the most elaborate study
conducted recently, researchers have found that spinal decompression can
provide considerable relief to chronic back pain.

Very much a part of the pain
management       system       in     leading
healthcare         centers,            spinal
decompression therapy is and has
been utilized as an effective reliever
of    back     pain.   Patients        report
considerable    improvement          in   the
quality of their life after treatment,
providing      long-term           functional
restoration - quickly and painlessly. The Food and Drugs Administration of
America (FDA) has acknowledged the therapy not only for providing back pain
relief but also for helping to address neck, arm, and leg pain and disability by
reversing nerve impairment, reducing loading of the spine, and mending
damaged spinal discs.

As everyone knows, back pain may hamper the normal activities of walking,
sitting, attending office and recreational activities. Spinal decompression is a
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form of mechanical spinal traction that can bring relief from debilitating back

Back Pain – Causes and the Spinal Decompression Treatment Option

The soft, gel-like cushion between the vertebrae in the spinal column absorbs
pressure like the shock absorber in an automobile. This prevents the bones from
rubbing against each other. The small joints (facet joints) link the vertebrae
together and give them flexibility of movement.

There are various reasons for damage or deterioration of the discs. The
prominent among them are wear and tear caused by age or accidents. In
conditions such as degenerative disc disease, intense pain is felt because of the
tremendous pressure put on the spinal cord or nerves, resulting in numbness or
sudden pulses of sharp pain, which may even spread through the legs and arms.

Such situations call for starting the back pain treatment. State-of the-art
technology is used for the spinal decompression treatment. In this treatment
session, the vertebrae of the spine are gradually separated and pressure is slowly
reduced within the disc until a vacuum is formed. This vacuum draws the jelly-
like center of the disc back inside thereby reducing the disc bulge. The process
drastically reduces pain and disability. The process also pulls the much-needed
oxygen, nutrients and fluid into injured and degenerated discs, which allows
healing to begin.

Needless to say, spinal decompression is a great treatment alternative for back
and neck pain. To know more about this spinal decompression as a remedy for
chronic back pain”, speak to a qualified pain management specialist.
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