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					          Volume 9, Issue 4               South Brunswick High School, 750 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ, 08852                 January 2008

                                                                          The Inaugural Ball
                                                                                     Junior Brian Raja
                                                                                 ratnam agreed, saying,
                                                                                 “I learned the rich his
                                                                                 tory of Kingston and Day
                                                                                 ton. You would think some
 By Natalie Twerdowsky (‘09)                                                     thing like that isn’t that interest
                                                                                 ing, but it was a lot of fun to watch.”
      On Friday, January 18, 2008, the Dead Presidents Society (DPS)                 Mayor Gambatese stressed the sig
held its 2nd Annual Inaugural Ball in the blue cafeteria and cafeteria al-       nificance of mixing such a fun night
cove. Tickets were $7 in advance, and $10 at the door. The Inaugural Ball        with the educational values everyone
was not an exclusively high school event. Over 300 guests, comprised             experiences.
of students, parents, and other members of the community, came out to                “It’s important that we can mix histo
celebrate South Brunswick’s history, including South Brunswick Mayor             ry and schoolwork with a really fun time,
Frank M. Gambatese and local historian Dr. Joan Luckhardt.                       because history is important to us. We need
     Guests began arriving at 7 PM to the musical stylings of the SBHS           to learn from history so we can become
Jazz Band, led by Mr. Mark Kraft. The band played over a dozen songs             better in the future. We have a tendency to
as people filtered in. Servers walked around, offering hors d’oeuvres to          make mistakes over and over, and we can’t
guests, ranging from jalapeno poppers to quiches.                                make these mistakes again. That’s why this event
     After an hour of mingling, eating, and listening to the band perform,       is crucial,” he said.
DPS co-advisor and social studies teacher Mr. Justin Negraval, Assistant             The rest of the night included performances
Principal Mr. Peter Varela, DPS president Shilpa Samudrala, and Mayor            by social studies teacher Ms. Samantha Saldanha
Gambatese each delivered speeches to address the educational value and           and The Zanzibar Band, Mr. Negraval’s band. Ms.
significance of the historical elements throughout the night.                     Saldanha sang Sarah McLachlan’s song, “Angel,” and           The Zanzi-
    The Inaugural Ball is a charity event to raise money for the club to go      bar band played covers of many hit songs, including tracks by Bryan
on historical field trips to places such as Baltimore and Washington D.C.         Adams and Bon Jovi.
This year’s proceeds will go towards a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Vir-            “There’s something about Bon Jovi that makes people want to get
ginia. The members of the club actively participate in raising the money,        up and scream! People danced all night!” Mr. Negraval said.
and played a huge role in the planning of the Inaugural Ball.                        The evening concluded with the winners of the Silent Auction, with
     “The DPS students help us plan every aspect of the evening,” said           prizes ranging from Rangers tickets to iPod nanos, and a final set by
Mr. Negraval. “They go out to collect donations for prizes, they deco-           The Zanzibar Band.
rate the room, they help serve the guests and they even provide part of             “It was a huge success. It has become one of the largest and most suc-
the entertainment. Two of our students, Jordan Teicher and Fred Maurin,          cessful events of the year. It reaches out to the whole community and
even created a 10-minute video about the history of South Brunswick.             it helps bridge the gap between the high school and our community
The club planned this evening for months and it was nice to see it all go        leaders,” Mr. Negraval said.
smoothly.”                                                                            “My favorite part of the night was when Shilpa gave her speech,
    “The students were involved in every aspect of the planning this year.”      because s tudents play such a huge part in the development of this night,
co-advisor and social studies teacher Mrs. Corie Gaylord said, “Since this       and Shilpa getting up there with all the other adults that gave speeches
is the second time we have put on this event, we had a better idea of what       illustrates just that,” junior Keren Brown said.
worked and what could be tweaked this year and the students played a                 Samudrala concluded her speech by saying, “I ask for everyone here
big part in feedback as wel as planning. They also stayed after school the       to appreciate South Brunswick history and look forward to its future.”
week of the Ball to prepare food and to decorate. They worked so hard.”              Mrs. Corie Gaylord, SBHS social studies teacher, founded the Dead
      The film, Crossroads of Change: the History of South Brunswick,             Presidents Society about five years ago. Its purpose was to bring history
explained historical sights in South Brunswick, as well as discussed the         to life for students who wanted to learn more about US history beyond
founding of SBHS.                                                                a social studies class. Two years later, Mr. Negraval signed on as a
     “I thought the ball was incredibly interesting, especially when I saw       co-advisor, bringing fresh ideas to the club. Last year, the club came
the documentary because it showed how much of a rich history South               up with the idea to host a ball to collaborate the history and fun DPS
Brunswick really has. So many of us weren’t aware of what happened               focuses on.
here before our time, and now we know,” junior Stanley Baguchin                       By the end of the evening, it’s fair to say that most everyone was
sky said.                                                                        doing as Samudrala suggested- appreciated South Brunswick’s history
                                                                                 and looking forward to its future.

                                                                  Left: Mr. Negraval performs
                                                                    with the Zanzibar Band;
                                                                  Right: Guests start to arrive
                                                                  and mingle at the start of the
                                                                         Inaugural Ball
                                                                    Above: An SBHS Senior
                                                                   performs his George Bush
                                                                    Photos by Eddie Zaneski

                                                                                    Meet the 2008                       A preview of the
          Inside                          An Expose on                                                                 SBHS Recreational
         the Vibe                       Interracial Dating                           Candidates                        Basketball League
                                                    Page 2                                    Page 6-7                            Page 11
PAGE 3                                                               The Viking Vibe                                                        January 2008

           Shades of Black and White:
         An Exposé on Interracial Dating
By Dana Lucas (‘08)                                                                                                     would date across racial lines.
                                                                                                                             “The only time color is an is-
    A reported 46.3 million Ameri-                                                                                      sue is when other people make
 cans from ages fourteen to twen-                                                                                       it an issue; we don’t care, but
 ty-four are in interracial relation-                                                                                   sometimes they do,” said senior
 ships, and year by year those                                                                                          Laura McGrath, who is white
 numbers are increasing, accord-                                                                                        and currently in an interracial re-
 ing to an article posted on usa-                                                                                       lationship with someone black. on February 8, 2006               March
                                             1 4 ,                                                                        In the 1973 case of Loving vs. Vir-
 entitled “New generation doesn’t                                                                              free-    ginia, Virginia became the last state
 blink at interracial relationships.”        2006.
                                                      If                                                     d o m      to rid of laws banning interracial
       SBHS is a melting pot mi-                                                                           a n d        marriage. It may be hard to believe
 crocosm of students and teach-              this is the
                                             case, why                                                   equality, so   but interracial marriages between
 ers who are both culturally and                                                                      mixed cou-        black and whites have only been
 racially diverse. When walk-                is     there
                                             sometimes                                               ples should not    legal for a little over forty years.
 ing down the halls of our high                                                                    at all flabbergast       Social studies teacher Mrs. Mary
 school, it is obvious some stu-             such bewil-
                                             derment at                                               an individual.    Robinson-Cohen is black and has
 dents have most definitely adapt-                                                                            “Guess     been married to her white husband
 ed to their environment by dat-             the sight
                                             of the oh-                                                   W h o ’ s     whom she met in law school for
 ing people of different races.                                                                                         twenty-six years and “both of our
                                             so-famil-                                                  C o m -
     In fact, twenty-two percent of                                                                                     families embraced our relation-
                                             iar black                                               ing to Din-
 Americans report having a close                                                                   ner,”      reports   ship and two children,” she said.
 relative who is married to some-            and white
                                             couple?                                             that over sev-               According to the U.S. Cen-
 one of a different race, accord-                                                              enty-seven percent       sus Bureau in, 1997 there were
 ing to an article entitled, “Guess          We live in
                                             a country                                      of adults agreed that       311,000 black-white couples.
 Who’s Coming to Dinner,” posted                                                 it is “all right for blacks and        This is more than six times
 on the Pew Research website on              that is marked by its promise of
                                                                                 whites to date each other.”            the amount in the 1960’s.
                   The Viking Vibe                                                    The article also explains that
                                                                                 interracial dating is more accept-
                                                                                                                                 “I think anything goes,”
                                                                                                                        said senior Malcolm Mc-
                             2007-2008 Staff                                     able to the younger generation.        Queen, “It’s who you meet.”
                             Editor-in-Chief:                                       On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin            Yet, as social studies teach-
                          Gopal Narsimhamurthy                                   Luther King Jr. said in his famous     er Mr. Ramon Quinones said,
                          Advertising Editors:                                   “I Have a Dream” speech, that he       “For every individual that is for
                   Jordan Teicher and Jonathan Vamadeva                          dreamt of a day when “little black     it, someone is against it,” add-
                             On-Line Editor:                                     boys and girls will be able to join    ing that the idea of blacks and
                                Sweta Haldar                                     hands with little white boys and       whites dating is similar to the is-
                               Photo Editor:                                     girls as sisters and brothers.”        sue of gay marriage, in that there
                               Zohrain Hassam
                                                                                   Though King spoke of Alabama,        will always be a little resistance.
                              Sports Editor:
                              Andrew Constant                                    his words represented the United           “I think that as long as the two
                              Editorial Staff:                                   States. His dream is evident today,    people are comfortable there’s
               Megan Behrend, Hannah Green, Surbi Luhadia,                       because not only have blacks and       no problem with it,” said so-
                      Anita Modi, and Amy Rowe                                   whites of all ages joined hands        cial studies teacher and senior
                            Graphic Designer:                                    as brothers and sisters, they have     advisor Ms. Nicole Sanyigo.
                                 Parag Patel                                     taken holding hands to the next            Today, studies show that people
                                                                                 level of long-term relationships.      are becoming more tolerant and
                           Staff Photographer:
                               Eddie Zaneski                                           At South Brunswick High          open-minded to the idea of cross-
                                    Staff:                                       School, black and white stu-           ing racial barriers and committing
     Gregory Aaron, Saadia Ahmad, Clara Appia, Maximillian Beckerman,            dents are not afraid to cross          to relationships with someone of
  Justin Berger, Brittany Beris, Dhara Bhatt, Frank Celi, Sukriti Chadha, Dale   racial barriers by dating oth-         different skin tones. While some
           Choi, Zachary Cohen, Rosemary Cosgrave, Amishi Desai,                 ers outside of their own race.         oppose the idea of interracial dat-
           Mark Desmond, Kevin DeVito, Timothy Doehler, Thomas
  Dunleavy, Sukanya Dutta, Kaitlyn Fischer, Poorvi Goradia, Brandon James,            “I have no problem with in-       ing, integration in schools and
 Melissa Katz, Jarret Klein, Kristen Kneis, Aaron Lassin, Amy Lis, Dana Lucas,   terracial relationships,” said         communities prevent the pos-
  Gregory Madia, Michael Malfitano, Alisha Maskarenas, Suman Naringrekar,         senior Ashley Bukoskey who             sibility of it never happening.
                Ashley Nelson, Lauren Nissenblatt, Tyler Olsson,                 is white, and admits that she                  “I think in the future, in-
       Samantha Orlan, Ashna Pai, Dylan Parlow, Deviya Patel, Marielle
 Rodriguez, Roshni Shah, Nazneen Shaikh, Kevin Shiraldi, Aradhana Srinagesh,     likes black culture, “You can’t        terracial dating won’t even be
              Jacob Stern, Natalie Twerdowsky and Jeffrey Veith                  help who you want to be with.”         worth talking about,” said Eng-
                                                                                         Bukoskey says that she         lish teacher Mrs. Doris Bacon.
                                                                                 dates her current boyfriend,                SBHS is living proof that so-
                             Mr. Andrew Loh
                                                                                 who is black because he is fun-        ciety is becoming more and more
 The Viking Vibe welcomes article submissions and                                ny and has a good personality.         accepting of the black and white
 letters to the editors, which may be delivered to Mr. Loh or                         “I think interracial dating is    relationship, and interracial re-
 dropped off in his mailbox. Submissions can also be sent to                     a good thing,” said senior Can-        lationships from other groups The Vibe reserves the right to edit,                        dice McNeill, “You have the            in general. Whether this fact is
 shorten or comment on any material submitted to the                             chance to learn other things           good or bad is not up for out-
 publication. The opinions expressed on the editorial page                       about different cultures by dating     siders to decide, but instead for
 do not necessarily represent the views of the advisor, edito-                   someone outside of your own.”          members of those relationships.
 rial staff, faculty, administrators or the Board of Educa-                             “You should be able to
                                                                                 date whomever          you want
 tion. Students interested in journalism are also encouraged to                                                             Sketch by Betty Wang
                                                                                 to,” said senior           Raniyah
 join the Newspaper Club, held every Tuesday in room A204.
                                                                                 Joyner who admits she too
January 2008                                                     The Viking Vibe                                                              PAGE 4

                 ‘Pedals’ Making New Progess
                                       als for Progress will try to work
                                                                             them up from there at a later date.    190 bikes,” said Mr. Witlen.
By Hannah Green (‘09)                  through the South Brunswick
                                                                                 Junior Christine Wotton said,           “Mr. Witlen is a great teach-
                                       Education Association (SBEA)
 As South Brunswick High School                                              “If this means that Pedals for         er, and I’m sure he does a
                                       to reach out to schools district
begins its tenth collection for Ped-                                         Progress can get more donations,       great job with Pedals for Prog-
                                       wide. When their union repre-
als for Progress, it is taking on a                                          then it sounds like a good idea.”      ress,” said junior Jessica Liu.
                                       sentatives visit the other schools
new goal. This year, math teacher                                                SBHS has already had many              Pedals for Progress will come
                                       in the district, they can let them
and Pedals for Progress Coordi-                                              successful collections for Ped-        to collect all of the donations
                                       know about Pedals for Prog-
nator, Mr. Larry Witlen, plans to                                            als for Progress. Since the first       from SBHS in early June, but
                                       ress and how they can help.
reach out to all schools in our dis-                                         collection in 1999, it has col-        donations have already begun.
                                             “I cannot physically be at
trict to try and get more donations.                                         lected over 1100 bicycles, along              “We store the bicycles in
                                       each school, which is why I
      Pedals for Progress is an or-                                          with approximately 30 sewing           the book rooms here,” said Mr.
                                       hope that working through
ganization based in New Jersey                                               machines. Last year set new            Witlen, “So we need to wait un-
                                       the SBEA will reach more
that ships bicycles to less afflu-                                            records for the SBHS collec-           til at least October when they
                                       people,” said Mr. Witlen.
ent countries in the world. Al-                                              tion, when it received 190 bi-         are used much less often.”
                                          Mr. Witlen hopes to eventually
though bicycles are the main                                                 cycles and 5 sewing machines.              Anyone looking for more in-
                                       have a captain at each school to
donation, other items are also                                                    “We ask that those who do-        formation on Pedals for Prog-
                                       assist with collections from that
taken.       SBHS collects bicy-                                             nate a bicycle try to also donate      ress can check out their website,
                                       location. He also may try to set up
cles and sewing machines, as                                                 ten dollars to cover the trans-       Anyone who
                                       a system where people can deposit
well as monetary donations.                                                  portation costs. Last year we          wishes to make a donation should
                                       the bicycles at whichever school
    According to Mr. Witlen, Ped-                                            raised $3000, which was more           contact Mr. Witlen via e-mail,
                                       they attend, so he could then pick
                                                                             than the target for shipping           at

      Viking Volunteers Reach Out to Greenbrook
By Poorvi Goradia (‘11) and
                                       “The high school kids share an             “I think it’s a very nice pro-        “After a while, they get com-
Marielle Rodriguez (‘09)               interest in reading and are also      gram, since the little kids get        fortable with you, and you form
                                       role models. The program has          the experience of high schoolers       a special bond with them,”
   Viking Volunteers have visited      been going on with high school        reading to them, ” said sopho-         said freshman Amy Patel.
Greenbrook Elementary School           kids for the past six years.”         more Sarah Chang, who takes                   “The kids became friends
Mondays and Wednesdays for                    High school students who       part in Operation Bookworm.            with us. You can tell they
eight weeks to read and do dif-        want to do local community ser-       “They are still able to have peo-      like it and how happy they
ferent activities with the students.   vice graduation requirements          ple read to them even if their         are to read with us,” stated
       Operation Bookworm, de-         and are interested in work-           parents don’t have the time.”          sophomore Arthi Yerramilli.
veloped in 1991 by Mrs. Ellen          ing with kids may participate.             The buddies do different ac-              The volunteers work on
Gordon and Ms. Eileen Zweig, is               The high school students       tivities together, such as role-       building self- esteem. The chil-
used as a part of an early reading     are assigned to one or two kids       playing, making crafts, and cre-       dren have fun with their bud-
program for elementary school          each, who are their reading           ating rhymes based on books.           dies, and look up to them.
students. The program aims to          buddies. The kids are chosen          They draw pictures of their fa-             “I like to hang out with my
improve the students’ reading          based on teacher recommen-            vorite parts, write stories, and       buddy and read,” says Tere-
skills, as well as provide an op-      dations and on their participa-       make puppets of the characters.        sa Capaccio, a fourth grader.
portunity for high school stu-         tion in the after school program.     A new component of Bookworm                 “I think its great,” said Ms.
dents to perform community             They meet twice a week for an         is the volunteers helping the kids     Gordon, “The volunteers are
service. It also promotes interac-     average of thirty minutes with        to relate situations to their lives.   enthusiastic     and     dedicated.
tion between the South Bruns-          each elementary school student.            “It’s really fun,” said a third   It’s good to work with them.”
wick district schools, as well as      Some of the high school kids          grader, Serah Davis, “We do                Operation Bookworm resumes
between different age groups.          work with first and second grad-       lots of stuff here. We read            on January 7th, 2008 for another
      “We were doing Operation         ers, in which they take two kids      books and make projects.               eight weeks. High school kids in-
Bookworm during the day with           for a one-hour session. The rest of   Sometimes we play games.”              terested in the program can par-
parents, and we thought it might       the high school kids are assigned         “It’s a great experience to read   ticipate through Viking Volun-
be interesting to ask high school      third or fourth graders, which is     to the kids and see them interest-     teers, advised by Ms. Kelly Boyer.
kids to read,” said Mrs. Gordon,       more of a mentoring program.          ed,” said freshman Aditi Bhogal.
   Aspiring Film Maker                                                              Turn the Music Up!
Documents National Events
By Kristen Kneis (‘09)                 was finished, VTN teacher Mr.
                                       Timothy Sweeney informed Mike
       Michael Galonzka, a senior
 at SBHS, started a national-prize-
 winning project a little over a
                                       of a National Student Documen-
                                       tary Contest held by CSPAN. The
                                       contest was of course, just what
 year ago focusing on the Septem-      he was looking for. After having
                                                                                 By Amy Rowe (‘09)                               “from the outside looking in.”
 ber 11th tragedy and the affects it   to shorten his sixteen-minute film                                                               The artist has been trying to per-
 had on the staff and students of      to ten minutes, he sent out the           This month’s                                    form for a long time, yet the op-
 SBHS. His passion for film di-         documentary in March and during           featured artist                                 portunity has never come up.
 recting, screenwriting, and acting    lunch one day in May, Principle           is a Turn The                                           J.Roc said, “I’m extremely mad
 began at an early age and has only    Mr. Matheney informed him he              Music Up first                                   that at least half of the junior class
 helped him progress throughout        had won third prize in the Nation-
                                                                                 in the aspect of                                has had sweet sixteen’s and [I was not
 the years. During his sophomore                                                 genre, and ju-                                  asked to perform] at any of them.”
                                       al Student Documentary Contest.           nior rapper Jer-                                      Despite his in-                experience
 year, he had been working on             “It was awesome. I was thrilled.       emy Greenfield,                                  in per-                               forming,
 numerous                                                    It felt like all    many may know                                   J.Roc                                  plans to
 v i d e o                                                   my hard work        him as J.Rocwell or J.Roc, is spreading         play                                    a few
 assign-                                                     had paid off,”      the word about his musical inclination.         shows                                    in the
 ments,                                                      Mike        said,      J.Roc coined his nickname in the sixth       spring,
 and      he                                                                     or seventh grade, yet continued to use it       J . R o c ’s
 was asked                                                                       as his “rapper name” over the last few          main mis-
                                                             on his third        years. The rapper doesn’t just spit lyrics      sion as a
 to take an                                                  place       win.    into a microphone; he also utilizes a large     musical art-                                  ist
 indepen-                                                        “Mike is a      spectrum of instruments, primarily pia-         is to make                                    an
 dent study                                                  great student.      no, but also guitar, alto saxophone, bass,      impact on the                           lives
 course                                                      He         takes    xylophone and drums. J.Roc’s sound              of his fans.
 with Mr.                                                    criticism
                                                                                 has quite a few influences, including                   “I want [my music] to become a
 Q u i -                                                                         Prince, Quincy Jones, and Hall and Oats.        soundtrack to my fans lives. I want my
                                                             well, he’s al-                     J.Roc struggles to de-           songs to be thematic for the experienc-
 nones.                                                      ways think-         fine his music with a genre.                     es of the listeners. Take my song ‘Un-
        The                                                  ing outside                    “The genre I consider myself is      grateful’ from my new album; it’s about
 p r o j -                                                   of the box”         ‘Different.’ It’s not rap, it’s not R&B, and    someone breaking down because of all
 ect was                                                     Mr.      Shaun      it’s not rock. The closest thing my music       the          drama and stress that is [occur-
 a      9/11                                                 Ruymen, a           [can be compared] to is Pop music,                            ring in] someone’s life. A fan
 Docu-                                                       VTN teacher
                                                                                 because it’s ‘popular’”                                        might hear that and relate
 mentary. Mike spent his time re-                                                said      J.Roc.                                                 to it, and that could possi-
                                       at SBHS and a teacher of Mike                    The rap-                                                   bly help them go through
 searching questions to ask teach-     Galonzka for three years said.            per records on                                                     the healing process of
 ers, finding the forms and legal       His film ca-              reer began       a daily basis,                                                      various problems in
 wavers needed to make the docu-       at the age                                because he has                                                       their life,” said J,Roc.
 mentary and found out the names       of twelve,                                his own record-                                                           To listen to J.Roc’s
 of all the teachers who were in       when his                                  ing       equipment.                                                   music or purchase his
 school at the time of September                                                 He does a lot of                                                     new album, visit www.
                                       father                                                                                or www.
                                                                                 mixing, and as a re-
 11th. He finally sent out 70 emails    gifted                                    sult has released five                    dif- for more information.
 to different teachers, asking if      him with                                  ferent albums, including “7 Deadly              asoundtrack to my fans lives. I want my
 they’d like to be included in the     his first camcord-                         $ins”, “JRockumentary”, “Cancel Yo’             songs to be thematic for the experienc-
 documentary and with difficulty        er. He began making short films            Xmas”, “Can’t Prevent Forest Fires,” and        es of the listeners. Take my song ‘Un-
 received at total of 30 responses.    with his friends soon after. Then         his latest release. “The Rise.”                 grateful’ from my new album; it’s about
 At points during this search he’d     at age 14 he’d finally asked his fa-
                                                                                        J.Roc considers three                    someone breaking down because of all
 literally have to go to cer-                                                    of his songs to be singles,                         the drama and stress that is [occur-
                                         ther for an editing system and a        “Dr. Pepper” ,“Mid-                                        ring in] someone’s life. A fan
 tain teacher’s rooms                      better camera, and focused on         night Ridah” and                                                   might hear that and relate
 to track them                                projects like sketch comedy,       “Superstar.” The                                                           to it, and that could
 d o w n .                                      drama, and stop motion.          rapper’s inspira-                                                                 possibly
 Many                                                   Currently Mike is        tion for lyrics                                                                    help     them
 times                                              working on a 113-            is    himself.                                                                    go through
 he felt                                                                                 “That                                                                  the       healing
                                                      page       screenplay
 that       he                                                                   might sound                                                                  process of vari-
                                                        with a friend, as        conceited,       but                                                      ous problems in
 was         be-                                        well as a No Child       ‘Me’ consists of my fam-                                                their life,” said J,Roc.
 ing      discour-                                  left Behind docu-            ily, my friends, and my fans.                                        To listen to J.Roc’s mu-
 aged by others,                              mentary. His ultimate goal         Whenever anyone comes up to me                                    sic or purchase his new
 but used it as fuel                   is to attend college at NYU and           and says ‘J.Roc, I love your new song, It                       album, visit www.myspace.
 to continue to do                     pursue a career in film, acting,
                                                                                 really helped me through my problems’                        com/jrocwell           or     www.
 what he’s doing today.                                                          It makes my day. Usually right after I for more information.
                                       directing and writing as well.            hear that, I’m back in the studio mak-
       Soon after his documentary
                                                                                 ing more influential music,” said J,Roc.
                                                                                         J.Roc’s number one rule when
                                                                                 creating music is to compose
   January’s Restaurant of the                                                           “Eid Mubarak”:
   Month: Giuseppe’s Pizzeria                                                           Holiday Blessings
        and Restaurant!                                                        By Samantha Orlan (‘10)                said, “On this past Eid, we ate-
                                                                                                                      festive foods and I met with
By Greg Madia (‘08)                    some of it home in a doggy bag.               While the majority of SBHS       my family. My dad went to a
                                             Also, my other associate or-       was celebrating Christmas over        butcher where they sacrificed
     Located on 24 Summerfield                                                   winter break, students practicing
                                       dered a dish of Chicken Primavera                                              a goat, and then we distributed
Boulevard in Dayton is Gi-                                                      the religion of Islam celebrated
                                       ($14.50). She said the chicken was                                             the meat, but I didn’t eat any.”
useppe’s Pizzeria and Restau-                                                   a holiday called Eid-al-Adha
                                       just as she imagined. She also com-                                                There are actually two celebra-
rant. Giuseppe’s menu contains                                                  shortly before the break began.
                                       mented on the heavy pasta served                                               tions called Eid; the one this past
many choices of Italian food.                                                        Eid-al-Adha is translated to
                                       under the Chicken Primavera. The                                               December is called Eid-al-Adha,
The ambiance consists of com-                                                   “Time of Unity”. Muslims com-
                                       vegetables served with the chick-                                              and one following Ramadan is
fortable chairs, attractive tables                                              memorate the willingness of
                                       en primavera were very fresh.                                                  called Eid-al-Fitr. During the month
and pleasant lighting. Those                                                    Abraham to sacrifice his son,
                                       Though she thought it was a bit                                                of Ramadan, Muslims observe
all give the restaurant a warm,                                                 Ishmael, to Allah (God), al-
                                       bland, she said it was exactly what                                            a strict fast, and once Ramadan
cozy feeling. The restaurant has                                                though God ultimately stops him.
                                       she was looking for in this meal.                                              ends, Muslims break their fast in
beautiful Italian paintings all                                                     This year Eid was recognized
                                             Next, my last dinner partner                                             the celebration of Eid. Mirror-
over the wall. On the back wall                                                 on either December 19th or De-
                                       ordered a meaty dish of Veal Scar-                                             ing the events of Eid-al-Adha,
of the restaurant is a big screen                                               cember 21st, depending on when
                                       pariello ($14.75). The dish was                                                Muslims attend their mosques
projection TV where people can                                                  each mosque decided to hold the
                                       served with red peppers, sausage                                               for prayer and proceed to spend
catch a game if they so choose.                                                 celebration. According to www.
                                       and garlic and vinegar. He said                                                time with family and friends.
     The service at this restaurant                                   , Eid falls on the
                                       the veal cutlets were made just as                                                    Sophomore Saadia Ahmad
was rapid. The food orders were                                                 10th day of Hajj, which is the pil-
                                       they should be, tender and with                                                said, “SBHS should be aware of
in and out in probably less than                                                grimage to Mecca. Muslims try
                                       excellent flavor. Also, he said                                                 different cultures and religions
ten minutes. The waiters and                                                    to take at least one trip to Mecca
                                       sausage and red peppers were                                                   because then they could use that
waitresses were always on the                                                   (modern-day Saudi Arabia) in
                                       a great complement to the veal.                                                knowledge beyond high school.”
ball. They were never shy about                                                 their lifetime, as it is amongst
                                            Last, I ordered a hearty Sau-                                                 Ahmad said, “Eid is important
offering refills or seeing if anyone                                             the five pillars of their faith.
                                       sage Parmigiana sub ($6.50). The                                               because you are getting together
at the table needed anything. The                                                 Muslims attend morning prayers
                                       twelve-inch hot sub consisted of                                               with family and friends and it gives
waitress really did make the expe-                                              held at their local mosques and
                                       toasted Italian bread filled with meat                                          you time to relax and make the rela-
rience a relaxing one. My associ-                                               make donations to the poor. Fol-
                                       and melted mozzarella. It was more                                             tionships stronger because we are
ate tasters and I ordered an appe-                                              lowing prayers are visits with
                                       meat than I really expected. The                                               all celebrating a common holiday.”
tizer to share, dinner and desert.                                              friends and family, where com-
                                       sauce, the same as what was served                                                   According to www.religion-
     For starters, everyone at the                                              pany is enjoyed, gifts are ex-
                                       with the calamari for appetizers,                                    , the submission to
table decided to share an or-                                                   changed, and money is given, but
                                       was again very tasty. The cheese                                               God denoted by Abraham’s ac-
der of Fried Calamari ($8.95).                                                  primarily to children. Accord-
                                       was perfectly melted on the sub.                                               tions, written in the Qur’an (the
This came as a good-size por-                                                   ing to, Muslims
                                            To end the meal happily, ev-                                              holy book of Islam), is the “cor-
tion enough to feed four. It was                                                also sacrifice an animal on Eid.
                                       eryone thought it would be nice to                                             nerstone of the Islamic faith”.
excellent. Everyone at the table                                                      Sophomore Humza Haque
                                       get a homemade Italian Cannoli
ranted about it. It was not greasy
                                       ($3.00). The very large cannoli
and it was served with a very
                                       was most satisfying. The cream
light tomato sauce on the side.
                                       filling inside had a very smooth
  Also, Guisppe’s places a hot dish
                                       taste inside of the filling was small
in six pieces of garlic bread on the
                                       chocolate chips. It was a great
table. The taste of the garlic bread
                                       way to finish off a great meal.
when it first arrives at the table is
                                             Overall, Guiseppe’s Pizzeria
simply superb. Also, served with
                                       and Restaurant was great. The
my associate taster’s meal was
                                       food was great, and the service
a tossed salad. Everyone com-
                                       was superb. The experience was
mented on how fresh the lettuce
                                       superior to many Italian restau-
was. Although they agreed a little
                                       rants. Guiseppe’s has a menu
more of the salad would be nicer.
                                       that doesn’t limit anyone at the
       Next, for the main course
                                       table. People can order anything
everyone at the table ordered
                                       from a big entrée served with
something different. My first
                                       pasta and salad to a quick slice
tasting partner ordered a bowl
                                       of pizza or sub. The restaurant
of Pasta Bolognese ($10.50). He
                                       knows how to make a sweet end-
said that he was surprised at how
                                       ing with a nice desert. Guiseppe’s
much meat was in the sauce on
                                       can accommodate for a large fam-
the top of the pasta. The portion
                                       ily or a buddy or two if anyone
was so big that he had to take
                                       wants to grab a quick bit to eat.

       A           •Service: 5 Stars
       I           •Appetizers: 4 Stars
       G           •Main Entrees: 4.5 Stars
                   •Dessert: 5 Stars
                   •Overall: 4.5 Stars
                                                             ---------       Features                  ---------

                                                                                                 MEET THE
                                                                                          Name: Mitt Romney

                                                                                          Background: Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mitt
                                                                                          Romney grew up to become a successful entrepreneur.
                                                                                          He inherited his desire for reform in the business world
                                                                                          from his father, who managed to save the failing Ameri-
                                                                                          can Motors car company by introducing a the first “com-
                                                                                          pact car.” In 1971, Romney earned his Bachelor’s De-
                                                                                          gree from Brigham Young University and furthered his
                                                                                          education by attending Harvard Business School where
                                                                                          he received his master’s degree. He later graduated from
                                                                                          Harvard Law School with a J.D cum laude. Three years
                                                                                          after Romney completed business and law school, he
                                                                                          held the position of vice president of Bain & Company, a
                                                                                          managing consultant firm. During the financial crisis of
                                                                                          the 2002 Winter Olynpic Games, Romney took over and
                                                                                          became the CEO and president of the Salt Lake Organizing committee. His ability of
                                                                                          successfully overseeing the Olympic games demonstrated his leadership qualities and
                                                                                          won him governor of Massachusetts for the following four years. As mayor, Romney
Name: Mike Huckabee                                                                       ensured every Massachusetts citizen with health insurance, lowered the unemploy-
                                                                                          ment rate, and erased deficits by creating surpluses. At the end of his term, Romney
Background: Huckabee spent a significant part of his                                       was elected to the Chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association for the
adult life as a pastor for the Baptist congregations of                                   2006 election cycle.
Pine Bluff and Texarkana in Arkansas and as presi-
dent of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. His
strong background of religious leadership pervades                                        Experience
much of his campaign, with his beliefs regarding                                          Four years as Governor of Massachusetts
faith and politics at the forefront of his political plat-                                CEO and President of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City
form. Huckabee is also the published author of five                                        Vice President of Bain & Company, a managing consultant firm
books, including From Hope to Higher Ground: 12                                           Elected to the Chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association for the 2006
STOPS to Restoring America’s Greatness.
                                                                                          election cycle.
Experience: Served as the 44th Governor of Arkan-
sas from 1996 to 2007. During his tenure as gover-                                        On the Issues:
nor, he served in other leadership positions includ-                                      Domestic: In regard to gun control laws, Romney believes Americans maintain the
ing president of the Council of State Governments,                                        right to bear arms to protect their families and their homes. However, citizens who
state co-chairman of the Delta Regional Authority,                                        own guns must follow the respective laws and those who fail to do so will face severe
and chairman of the Southern Governors Association, the Southern Regional Educa-          punishments.
tion Board, the Southern Growth Policies Board, the Southern Technology Council,
the Southern International Trade Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact
Commission.                                                                               Foreign Policy: Romney supports President Bush’s decision to increase the number of
                                                                                          troops stationed in Iraq and disagrees with troop removal.
On the Issues:
Domestic Issues: Although he would like to see reform of the national healthcare          Social Issues: He agrees with abortion laws that permit abortion during cases of rape,
system, particularly regarding disease prevention, Huckabee does not support the          incest, and endangerment of the mother’s life. Romney also opposes same-sex mar-
implementation of socialized healthcare. Huckabee’s campaign also features a 9-
Point strategy devoted to the attrition of the illegal immigrant population entitled      riages and civil unions.
“The Secure America Plan”.
                                                                                          Global Issues (energy): Although Romney believes human activity remains a leading
Taxes and the Economy: Huckabee supports the FairTax bill, which proposes the             cause for the climate change, he also thinks that America requires an energy plan that
replacement of income taxes with a more comprehensive consumption tax.                    includes “reducing [its] consumption of oil, increasing [its] use of alternative sources
                                                                                          of energy like nuclear, ethanol, and biodiesel, and investing in the necessary research
Foreign Policy: Huckabee is strongly committed to keeping troops in Iraq. He also
intends to continue fighting the War on Terror with the same intensity as the past         and development programs for alternative energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon
administration.                                                                           technologies.”

Social Issues: Huckabee is strongly opposed to abortion, embryonic stem-cell re-          Economy: The three actions Romney would take to promote economic growth and
search, and gay marriage. In addition, as an unwavering proponent of Second Amend-        prosperity are cut taxes, implement free trade agreements, and ease the competition
ment rights, he opposes gun control.                                                      for American companies in the global market. He plans to abolish the Death Tax and
Global Issues: Huckabee intends to make one of his first actions as president sending      to create a middle class savings plan that eliminates taxes on dividends, interests, and
a plan to establish energy independence to Congress.                                      capital gains.

All facts can be verified on Mike Huckabee’s website,                All facts can be verified on Mitt Romney’s website,
                                                                                                 Sketches drawn by Catharine Chu (‘08)
Name: John McCain

Background: Senator McCain was born in Panama in the Coco Solo Air Base. The son and grandson of US Navy Admirals, he had to
move around frequently when he was younger. The family settled in Virginia and then graduated from the US Naval Academy. His naval
honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, and the Purple Heart. Additionally, Senator McCain was held as a POW from
the Vietcong during the Vietnam War.

Experience: John McCain was elected to the House of Representatives from Arizona in 1982. After serving two terms, he was elected to
the Senate in 1964, and then reelected in 2004.

On the Issues:

Domestic- Senator McCain believes border security should be tightened and an immigration reform.

Economic- McCain wants to reduce taxes on middle class families and wants to make the Bush income tax and investment tax cuts per-
manent. He is also open to a flat tax or consumption tax.

Foreign- From 2003, McCain has called for more troops to Iraq. He believes that more troops are required to provide security, train the Iraqi Army, and implement American
personnel in Iraqi police units.

Social- Senator McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and believes that individual states should answer the question of abortion. As president, he promises to nominate judges
that will interpret the Constitution the way intended by the Founding Fathers. Additionally, he now supports embryonic stem cell research, while he did not initially.

Global- He wants to reduce dependency on foreign energy supply and was the lead author of a Senate proposal to reduce carbon emissions by 65% by 2050.
All facts can be verified on John McCain’s website,
                                                             ---------             Features                 ---------

Name: Hillary Clinton

Background: Born in the suburban town of
Park Ridge, Illinois, Hillary Clinton was al-
ways a leader. She started as an active mem-
ber of her youth group as a child, became
the first-ever commencement speaker of her
graduating class at Wellesley College, and
advocated children’s rights in court while still
a Yale Law School student. Throughout her
life, Clinton’s focus has been on women and
children. As First Lady of the United States
of America, she traveled the world to cham-
pion women’s rights; as a lawyer, she repre-
sented foster children and children of abusive
parents. One of her two published books, It
Takes a Village, discusses the responsibilities
society has towards children.

Experience: Before becoming the First Lady of Arkansas, and then the First Lady of
the United States, Clinton made a name for herself as a Yale Law School graduate,
and as a prominent lawyer primarily concerned with children’s affairs and has twice
been deemed one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America. During her years as             Name: John Edwards
First Lady, she was appointed to serve on a number of boards, including the United
States Legal Services Corporation, the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the Child Care            Backgruond: John Edwards, the dark horse demo-
                                                                                               cratic Presidential candidate and North Carolina
Action Campaign, and the Children’s Television Workshop. Hillary has also served               native graduated from North Carolina State Univer-
as a Senator of New York for over seven years.                                                 sity in 1974 and received a law degree from North
                                                                                               Carolina University in 1977. He is married and had
On The Issues:                                                                                 four children, one of whom died in a car accident.
Domestic Issues: Throughout her campaign, Clinton has strongly advocated her                   He became a trial lawyer in 1977 and continued that
                                                                                               career for over twenty years until he moved on to
America Health Choices Plan, which means to provide affordable health insurance to             politics in 1998.
all Americans by lowering costs and regulating insurance companies. Her campaign
stresses that those satisfied with their current plan need not switch providers.                Experience: Edwards was elected as the U.S. Sena-
                                                                                               tor from North Carolina in 1998 and teamed up with
Taxes and the Economy: With respect to the economy, Clinton’s goals are to lessen              John Kerry for the 2004 Presidential election as the
                                                                                               democratic candidate for Vice President.
the income disparity between the middle class and the upper class, as well as to stabi-
lize the housing market. To achieve her goals, Clinton plans to apply the income tax           On the Issues:
rates that existed during her husband’s presidency.                                            Domestic Issues: He wants all Americans to be covered with health insurance by
                                                                                               2012 and believes this can be achieved by getting rid of tax cuts for the wealthiest
Foreign Policy: Clinton has made it clear throughout her campaign that she wishes to           citizens.
end the war in Iraq, starting within her first days in office. Her three-step withdrawal         Taxes and Economy: Edwards opposed tax cuts by President Bush in his first term,
plan calls for the aid of “key allies, other global powers, and all of the states border-      and wants to eliminate tax cuts for the richest people in the country.
ing Iraq”, as well as that of the U.N.
                                                                                               Foreign Policy: Initially, when the reports came out that there were weapons of
Social Issues: Clinton is strongly pro-choice with regards to abortion, wishes to fur-         mass destruction in Iraq, Edwards voted for troops to be sent there. Since then, he
                                                                                               has said his original decision was a mistake. He recently supported a bill that called
ther expand embryonic stem-cell research programs, and supports gay marriage. She              for a complete troop withdrawal by 2008. He is also against any future plans to send
is also in favor of strict gun control.                                                        more troops in. In terms of immigration, he supports citizenship for some illegal im-
                                                                                               migrants but wants the border patrol to crack down on illegal trafficking.
Global Issues: Clinton plans to reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil, as well as
make the country more green and efficient, by reaching out to automakers, oil, ener-            Social Issues: Edwards opposes same-sex marriage but also is against a constitu-
                                                                                               tional amendment banning them.
gy, and coal companies, and individuals alike. As president, she would develop a $50
billion Strategic Energy Fund to fund alternative energy research and investments.             All facts can be verified on John Edward’s website,

All facts can be verified on Hillary Clinton’s website,
Name: Barack Obama

Background: Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. He was raised by his mother, a woman from small-town Kansas, his
father, a Kenyan native, having left when he was very young. He attended Columbia University, graduating in 1983. Rather than immediately
pursuing a career in law or the corporate world, he spent a number of years as a community organizer with a church-based group in Chicago,
helping to improve the lives of the urban poor. Hoping to enact change on a larger scale, he earned a law degree from Harvard in 1991, then
returned to Chicago to teach constitutional law and work as a civil rights lawyer.

Experience: Obama served in the Illinois State Senate for eight years. One of his notable accomplishments included attempting to make the
capital punishment process more equitable (after several death row inmates were found innocent) and pushing an expansion of early childhood
education. He is currently serving his first term in the U.S. Senate, where his chief concerns include veteran’s affairs and government corrup-
tion. He is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

On the Issues:

Domestic Issues: Education is an important emphasis of Obama’s domestic platform. He plans to help redesign and better fund the No Child
Left Behind act and improve funding for early childhood education. His plan for a national healthcare plan includes provisions for those who
would prefer to retain their private insurance plan.

Taxes/Economy: Obama’s tax plan includes income taxes for low-income seniors and creating a working pay tax cut for middle-class Ameri-

Foreign Policy: Obama supports immediately removing troops from Iraq and adopting a tough diplomacy approach with Iran. A major part of his foreign policy platform is improv-
ing American prestige abroad.

Social Issues: Obama has little to say on polarizing moral issues like abortion and gay marriage. He has spoken extensively on his beliefs on the role of faith in a pluralistic soci-
ety—namely, that people of faith should translate their religious values into secular policies. He is a strong supporter of civil rights, including ending racial profiling and discrimi-
natory legal practices, as well as expanding hate crimes protections.

Global Issues: Obama believes in the U.S. taking a leadership role in ending the genocide in Darfur and in world AIDS efforts.

All facts can be verified on Barack Obama’s website,
                                                  ---------        Features             ---------

               Teens are Seeing Green
By Lauren Nissenblatt (‘09)            site, the CW television net-         mental club, Ms. Jane Rothfuss         ic material to fertilize the earth.
                                       work has launched a campaign         was unavailable for comment            Lowering the thermostat in the
     Generation Y has decided to       called “Free to be Green,” where     regarding how South Brunswick          winter, and raising it in the sum-
change the world, literally. With      they try to tell their watchers      High School environmental club         mer saves energy and produces
companies, celebrities, and big        about the danger of harming the      is involved in “going green.”          less pollution. Lessening the
time television networks “going        earth and how to take care of it.         The aforementioned website        use of herbicides and pesticides
green,” it is no surprise that the             The, a        states that 80% of American teens      on lawns also limits pollution.
rest of the generation has jumped      website for “The Consumers           are concerned about the environ-            “Today to help the environ-
aboard the eco-friendly wagon.         Guide to the Green Revolution,”      ment, and 61% believe their gen-       ment, people are buying hybrid
According to the article “Busi-        many influential celebrities have     eration will be more responsible       cars and eating organic food,”
ness Sees Green in Going Green,”       “gone green,” which has jump-        when it comes to the environment.      said sophomore Chelsea Gohd.
posted on, many com-           started the revolution. Stars like            Junior Marissa Olcott               In fact,, a
panies, like General Electric          Zac Efron have arrived to award      said, “ I think it’s great how this    website with facts about hybrid
have changed their ways and are        shows in eco-limos, and Bindi        generation is becoming more            cars said that a gallon of gaso-
developing new ways for their          Irwin, the daughter of the late      aware of the environment. The          line weighs over six pounds, and
tasks that are more eco-friendly.      crocodile hunter Steve Irwin,        earth needs help, and no matter        when that gasoline is burned, the
         Stores are selling clothes    has designed a clothing line us-     how it happens, it is a good thing.”   carbon in it combines with the
that have earth friendly messages      ing eco-friendly fabrics, and                 There are many ways           oxygen in it and created nearly
on them, such as “respect your         shoes made from recycled rub-        to help the environment. Ac-           20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide.
mother,” with a big picture of         ber. Even Pope Benedict XVI          cording to, a says a hybrid car
the earth on it. With the sudden       has gone green. He has approved      website dedicated to ecology,          has a small fuel-efficient gas
up rise in the need to “go green,”     a project to outfit the roofs of      using public transportation and        engine that is combined with
many are concerned that being          Vatican City with solar panels.      carpooling saves a lot of fuel         an electric motor that assists
eco-friendly is just the next trend.           Assistant principal Mr.      that can end up polluting the air.     the engine when accelerating.
           Junior Elise Greenberg      Peter Varela said, “In a school      Reusing, reducing, and recycling,              “It may be a trend,
said, “Since the issue of global       point of view we have added ad-      are three ways to help reduce trash.   but it may not be. People may
warming has arisen from people         ditional recycle bins. [Our school   30% of all waste comes from            want [“go green”] for the sake
like Al Gore and the popular           does] meet the recycling numbers     yard and kitchen waste, and this       of the earth or for the sake of
media, it may be just a trend.”        as far as the inspection goes.”      amount can be reduced by com-          the trend, either way it’s good
            According to its web-              Advisor of the environ-      posting, or using decaying, organ-     for the earth,” said Greenberg.
                                                  ---------          Features      ---------
                                           Good Vibrations:
By Surbi Luhadia (‘08)
                                        Ms. Samantha Saldanha
                                      dents because the barriers put
  Ms. Samantha Saldanha has been      up in class tend to come down.
teaching history and social scienc-   Also, I just have a lot of fun be-
es for the past 7 years, 5 of those   ing involved,” said Ms. Saldanha.
years at South Brunswick High                Outside of the classroom,
School. Before teaching here, she     Ms. Saldanha has many other
taught at both Edison High School     interests. She really enjoys read-
and South Amboy High School.          ing, watching foreign mov-
     Ms. Saldahna began teaching      ies, and especially traveling.
US History and Global Studies             “I have been to 25 countries,
at SBHS, but she now teaches a        but my favorite was definitely
multitude of classes; AP Com-         Spain where I did a study abroad
parative Government and Poli-         program in college. I also re-
tics, Honors Global Studies,          ally liked Israel,” she added.
Anthropology, and Sociology.            She has participated in programs
     “I like teaching such a range    that allow teachers to teach over-
of classes because it gives me        seas. Recently, she taught in India
an opportunity to still be a stu-     and Japan and is currently apply-
dent and learn. I like challeng-      ing to a program to teach in Korea.
ing myself,” said Ms. Saldanha.           When she is not off traveling
      In addition to these classes,   or grading papers, Ms. Saldanha
Ms. Saldanha advises numerous         likes to read the Viking Vibe.
clubs and activities in the school         “I think it is a good way to
such as Student Council for the       highlight what is going on in the
Class of 2008, the Muslim Stu-        school. Students really seem to
dent Association, and the SBHS        enjoy it and it really appeals to the
chapter of Odyssey of the Mind.       school community,” she added.
Though this seems like a long             One of Ms. Saldanha’s hidden
list of activities to be involved     talents is to sing and she displayed
in, Ms. Saldanha enjoys partici-      her talent at the annual Dead Pres-
pating in the school community.       ident’s Society’s Inaugural Ball.
     “I enjoy advising many pro-           The Viking Vibe would like
grams because I like to see how       to thank Ms. Saldanha for her           Mrs. Saldanha poses with her new very-own
students are outside of class. I      continued support and for being
                                      such an active member of the
                                                                                           Viking VIbe t-shirt
think its important for teach-
ers to see this other side of stu-    South Brunswick community.

       87% of Arcadia                                                                                               ty    adm ission
       Freshmen Use Their
                                                                                                                 MAR CH 1
       Passports!                                                                                                     deadl
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                                                                                               �   Opportunities to study abroad
                                                                                                   in every major
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                                                                                                   by U.S. News & World Report

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    Martin Luther King’s Dream Still Inspires
                                        graduate studies at Boston Uni-       would not give up her seat for       cial injustices. However, his phi-
By Brandon James (‘10)
                                        versity. During his time in Bos-      a white passenger, ultimate-         losophy was to promote peace and
                                        ton, he met and married the love      ly causing her to be arrested.       nonviolence. He always ensured
    On January 21st, 2008, students,                                                                               that his protests were orderly,
                                        of his life, Coretta Scott. The            According to,
teachers, faculty, and administra-                                                                                 and he never wanted his protests
                                        two would go on to have two           which includes a biography of
tion were able to sleep in and en-                                                                                 to become physical or violent.
                                        sons and two daughters together.      King’s life, as a result King then
joy the day off as SBHS was closed                                                                                      At the age of thirty-five, Dr.
                                              In 1954, King became the        led the famous Montgomery
to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther                                                                                King became the youngest man
                                        pastor of the Dexter Avenue           Bus Boycott, lasting for about
King, Jr. On this day, not only was                                                                                ever to receive the Nobel Peace
                                        Baptist Church in Montgomery,         382 days. During the days of
the SBHS community able to relax                                                                                   Prize. Being the class act that he
                                        Alabama. During this time, racial     the boycott, King was arrested,
and enjoy a day at home with friends                                                                               was, he donated every penny to-
                                        tension was at a massive high, es-    his house was bombed, he faced
and family, but they were able to                                                                                  wards helping the Civil Rights
                                        pecially in the south. Blacks were    personal threats and abuse, and
take time and reflect on the sacrific-                                                                               Movement. Sadly, at the age of
                                        forced to live under the harsh        his family, friends, and support-
es and contributions Dr. King made.                                                                                thirty-nine, on the evening of
                                        Jim Crow laws. These laws pre-        ers were constantly threatened.
      “I have a dream” is arguably                                                                                 April 4th, 1968, King was assas-
                                        vented blacks and whites from            After a long and grueling boy-
one of the most famous phrases                                                                                     sinated on the balcony of his ho-
                                        attending the same schools, eat-      cott, the matter was taken to the
ever to be echoed in American                                                                                      tel room in Memphis, Tennessee.
                                        ing at the same restaurants, rid-     Supreme Court, and the decision
history. It was after his peaceful                                                                                    Sophomore Andrew Gong said,
                                        ing on the same buses, and even       was left for the judges to make.
march in Washington that his fa-                                                                                   “Martin Luther King helped give
                                        from using the same restrooms.        On December 21st, 1956, after
mous “I Have A Dream” speech,                                                                                      me the life that I know today.”
                                        Theese were just a few ways in        the Supreme Court declared the
touched an entire nation. During                                                                                        Many feel that Martin Luther
                                        which black Americans were seg-       segregation of buses unconsti-
his speech, he expressed his beliefs,                                                                              King, Jr., left this world too soon
                                        regated from white Americans.         tutional and blacks and whites
goals, and dreams for all people                                                                                   and too young. He was a vic-
                                        Blacks were treated as second-        rode the buses as equals. King
to be treated like equals, and he                                                                                  tim of violence and hate, which
                                        class citizens, and were constant-    had organized this boycott and
delivered it in a strong, booming                                                                                  were the exact aspects of life he
                                        ly terrorized, threatened, harmed,    fought hard to maintain a peace-
voice that was hard to ignore. This                                                                                spent his entire life facing and
                                        and even killed from White Su-        ful and positive environment. In
speech impacted people all across                                                                                  combating. Throughout his life,
                                        premacy groups such as the Ku         the end, he was a major factor
the nation and brought the Civil                                                                                   and even after his death, he be-
                                        Klux Klan, and several others.        in gaining this significant right.
Rights Movement to new heights.                                                                                    came a symbolic representation
                                            King had always worked hard           Sophomore David Harry said,
        Sophomore Hai Hemchan-                                                                                     of equality not only for blacks,
                                        to gain equal rights and opportu-     “MLK helped pave the way for me
dra said, “Martin Luther King                                                                                      but for all people as a whole.
                                        nities for blacks. By 1954, King      and other African-Americans.”
gave me a dream that all people                                                                                        Today, it is evident that King’s
                                        had become a member of the ex-              In 1957, King was elected
can come together and be equal.”                                                                                   life long dream of racial equality
                                        ecutive committee of the National     presidents of the Southern Chris-
       Martin Luther King, Jr. was                                                                                 is being recognized and taking
                                        Association for the Advancement       tian Leadership Conference. This
born on January 15th, 1929 in At-                                                                                  great strides as African American
                                        of Colored People (NAACP).            was an organization formed to
lanta, Georgia. He attended seg-                                                                                   Democratic candidate Barrack
                                            At this point in history, black   provide new leadership for the
regated public schools in Georgia,                                                                                 Obama runs for president, and
                                        people were forced to ride in the     now blossoming Civil Rights
and graduated from high school at                                                                                  stands a legitimate change of be-
                                        back of the bus, and were also        Movement. The way King sought
the age of fifteen. He then received                                                                                coming the country’s first black
                                        expected to give up their seats       to reach his goals stemmed from
his B.A. degree in 1948 from Mor-                                                                                  president. If not for Dr. Martin
                                        for white riders. Rosa Parks,         the teachings of Christianity and
house College. This was a sophis-                                                                                  Luther King, Jr., places like SBHS
                                        a black woman, refused to sit         from the techniques of Mahatma
ticated, predominantly black in-                                                                                   might not have such a diverse and
                                        at the back of the bus, and also      Gandhi. King aimed to protest ra-
stitution in Atlanta where both his                                                                                unique makeup of students, teach-
father and grandfather attended.                                                                                   ers, faculty, and administration.
Following this, King enrolled in

 Above: Many notable Civil Rights Activists walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Geor-
  gia in remembrance of the march acros the same bridge from Selma to Montgomery in 1965
                           --------- Features ---------
          SBHS Students Gear Up for Another Year of                                                            Dunleavy’s Pre-
                                                                                                               Season Rankings
                       Rec Basketball
                                                                                                               Division B
                                                                                                               1. Team Cuccia- favorites to win it all
By Tom Dunleavy (‘09)                at the Crossroads North gym.                                              this year. Solid backcourt of Muchanic
                                                                          are going to unleash the beast!”
                                                                                                               and Rogan. Big men, Sisco and Cuccia
      The South Brunswick High               League     Commissioner              Finally, this summer,        will control the paint.
School recreation basketball         Mr. Rex Mangrum, who has             there will be an outdoor sum-        2. Team Allen- undefeated champions
league has been very popular for     been running the league for 11                                            from freshmen-sophomore division last
                                                                          mer rec basketball league with       year who return all 5 starters. Key free
the SBHS students for over 20        years, enjoys what he does, “        games played at night at Woodlot     agent pickup of P. Goldsmith.
years now. Students in grades 9-     I love running the league. It        Park. Flyers and sign-up forms       3. Team Zabel- Luke Zabel and Zach
                                                                                                               Zenda will lead the way for this athletic
12 at SBHS can enjoy the com-        is great to have 26 teams. It’s      will be handed out during the        team.
petitive and fun environment on      competitive, but also very fun,      winter season. Many students         4. Team Gazawie- Alex Gazawie and
Monday thru Thursday nights at       and the kids have a great time.”                                          Dave Santos are a strong presence on the
                                                                          are very excited for the season.     post. Could be a very dangerous team in
the Crossroads North and South               New things for the 2008              Junior Jimmy Mikedes         the playoffs.
gyms. Students are required to       season are that teams may play       (Team Allen) is very confi-           5. Team Mortenson- solid team coached
                                                                                                               by Dr. DeBari. Matt Mortenson will
create their own teams of 6-10       two games per week so the            dent, “ There’s no team in the       handle the point and Beck and Singh will
players and a coach over 21 years    season will be finished earlier       league that can run with us.         control the boards.
old. The cost to play is $25 per     this year. Last year the season                                           6. Team Dunleavy- undersized, up-tempo
                                                                          Hands down, we tear up the           team that only lost two games last year.
player, which is used for the new    ran into the spring high school      wood harder than anyone.”            Will rely on shooting prowess of Olsson,
reversible jerseys and to pay for    sports season and many players               Joe Mastronardi, a ju-       Klein, and Dunleavy.
                                                                                                               7. Team Veglia- Gerard Veglia and Mike
the referees and scorekeepers.       who play a spring sport had to       nior and guard for Team Hol-         “The Machine” Clark will lead the way
    Because of the popularity and    stop playing. Also new for this      mes, said, “I am exhilarated for     for this experienced team.
excessive interest for the boys’     year are the team jerseys which                                           8. Team Doshi- Doshi, Hayes, and
                                                                          the season! We made it to the        Mayfield lead the way for this offensive
league, the league has been split    are no longer single colored t-      Championship last year and           minded team. A very underrated and
into two divisions. In division A,   shirts, instead new reversible       we look to repeat this year.”        dangerous team.
teams consist of mostly freshman     jerseys. Last year there was a               Games are played in two      Division A
and sophomores, and in Division      four-team playoff, but this year     20-minute halves with a running      1. Team Madia- Madia and Muha lead
B, teams consist of mostly ju-       there may be a six-team playoff.                                          the way for this offensive powerhouse.
                                                                          clock that will stop for whistles    2. Team Palumbo- Tenacious defense by
niors and seniors. Division A will           Furthermore, on Mon-         under two minutes. There is also     Mike “Icee” Ferrara and strong 3-point
play on Monday and Wednesday         day thru Friday from 3-5 pm          a 5-minute over-time period if       shooting from Palumbo are the strengths
                                                                                                               of this team.
nights at Crossroads South, and      at Grand Slam, there will be         needed. Each team will have 3        3. Team Berrios- Team with two years of
Division B will play on Tuesday      an open gym where teams will         timeouts per half. Anyone ejected    rec experience under their belt. Led by
and Thursday nights. The two-        be able to practice for free.                                             Berrios and Bruzzano.
                                                                          from a game will be suspended        4. Team Hemchandra- Guards Mandvi-
division system was introduced               Junior Matt Mortenson,       for the next two games. Every        wal and Mauqe are the keys to success
for the first time last season. No    who claims to have been prac-        player that plans to play in the     for this team. Could make some noise in
                                                                                                               the playoffs.
longer could teams of all seniors    ticing four nights a week pre-       games must also have some form       5. Team Kennan- young, undersized
be playing teams of all freshmen     paring for the season said, “My      of identification that shows they     team that plays an up-tempo game. Will
and having lop-sided games. The      team plays with a lot of heart.                                           rely on shooting and strong defense.
                                                                          attend SBHS (school id card, re-     6. Team Sadek- Cella, Chidid, and Sadek
teams were much closer in ability,   Always 110%! Guard, Brian            port card). Schedules were hand-     are strong perimeter shooters. Team
games were more competitive, and     Hayden, has recently grown a         ed out already and games will        plays with intensity on defense.
                                                                                                               7. Team A. Patel- young, offensive
the rivalries were more intense.     goatee, and we plan to use that as   start on January 21. If anyone has   minded team led by Wang and Modi.
        The girls’ league has        an intimidation factor this year.    any questions about the league,      8. Team Turan- young, undersized team
a total of four teams and they       We’ve been waiting for the sea-                                           that plays an up-tempo game. Will rely
                                                                          they can email Mr. Mangrum           on shooting and strong defense.
will play on Monday nights           son all year and on January 22 we    at

                                                February 2008
                                                                                                1                        2

             3                4               5                6               7                8                        9
                                              National          Course                          Dance Dance              ACTs
                                              Honor            Selection                        Revoluton Night –
                                              Society          Sheets Due                       6 pm
                                              Induction –      to SPS
                                              7 pmpm
             10               11              12               13           14                  15                       16
                                              National         HiTOPS                           ��������� –
                                              Honor            Family                           Professional
                                              Society          Night – 7 pm                     Development Day
                                              Snow Date
             17               18              19               20              21               22                       23
                              ��������� –
             24               25              26               27              28               29
                                                                                    Dr. Ithan Zimmer is a science teacher at South Brunswick High
          “I... Will Serve                                                        School. He has been a member of the US Navy and Navy Reserve
                                                                                 for more than 20 years. Dr. Zimmer was recently recalled to active
             Proudly”                                                              duty and will be serving in Afghanistan for at least the remainder
                                                                                   of the academic year. Below is a letter written by Dr. Zimmer to
                                                                                                      SBHS students and faculty.
Dear SBHS Family,
    I received word that I was being recalled to active duty (mobilized) in the Navy via
a phone call in early December. All reservists will most likely be recalled at
least once in their careers. This is my first recall as a reservist, although I
have a number of deployments from my years on active duty, including two
aboard ships to the Persian Gulf. My orders are written for one year, as
most are, but they also state I will only be spending six months “in country.”
That country is Afghanistan, which is where many navy personnel are be
ing sent these days in addition to Iraq.
      Before going to Afghanistan, I have approximately one week of
     In this process, we get up to date on medical, getting any necessary shots, physicals, and other
medical screening. We are issued uniforms. We sit through a number of briefs to aid our transition
back to active duty. I am currently in Norfolk, Virginia going through the mobilization processing leg.
Around Saturday, January 19, I’ll travel to Fort Jackson, South Carolina to attend three weeks of Combat Train-
ing School. I’ll qualify on the M16 rifle, the M9 pistol, as well as an assortment of other equipment needed in a
combat zone. Additionally, we receive lessons on the Afghani culture, religion, and some of their language(s). Land
navigation, first aid, and CPR are a few of the other topics we’ll cover. Physical Training (PT) will be done throughout
this time. Although I’m not as young as I used to be and likely older than most others going through this, I am not the
oldest and I assure everyone I am in good shape to make it through all right. After Combat Training, we fly to Kuwait
for almost a week of additional training. The most important part of this training will be convoy operations. This means
how we safely move across the land in vehicles, watching out for road mines, and defending ourselves as necessary. I
expect to get to Afghanistan by mid-February. Actual assignments can and do change once you arrive in theatre. My job
is listed as Staff Officer working with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) at our headquarters in Kabul. This
command is run by NATO, a US Army four-star general is in charge. Normally, this type of position would be filled by an
Army officer. However, the Army is spread thinly doing their primary job, so Naval Officers fill in as needed.
Naval officers are well-qualified to do this type of staff work and the Army is quite happy with our support.
    People ask me if I am upset about the recall. Initially, I must admit I was upset because I was leaving my family and
my students. Yes, I do miss my students a great deal and understand I may not see any of my seniors due to graduation.
But, I soon realized that this is what I promised to do. Almost twenty-two years ago I took an oath that started with stat-
ing my name and ended with “so help me God.” How can I not fulfill my responsibility? How can my peers and friends
go overseas and I stay home? I welcome this challenge and will serve proudly. I have no real concerns about myself
during this time. My biggest worry is my family – my wife and my son, Aaron. Aaron is 19 months old and my wife is
expecting our second child, a girl, in May. This is especially difficult on my wife. I don’t really know how Aaron will
be affected, but I understand he misses me already. I’m typing this letter and will email it on the computer given to me
by the South Brunswick High School Family. I’ve told many navy friends about this gift and they are in awe as well as a
bit jealous. I did not see a gift like this coming and it already has made a world of difference.
    Just today, I was able to talk to my wife and son via Skype and we all saw each other on the webcam. I will never be able
to thank everyone for their generosity, but it is appreciated deeply. As more exciting things happen, I’ll be sure to write. I
hope to start a blog that Dr. Murphy has helped me to set up.

CDR Ithan Zimmer, USN

(CDR is Commander, USN is United States Navy)

                                                                                                                       Left: Dr. Zimmer’s 1B AP Environ-
                                                                                                                      mental Science Class poses with Dr.
                                                                                                                      Zimmer and his new Navy Build-a-

                                                                                                                       Above: A photograph of the good-
                                                                                                                      bye card given to Dr. Zimmer on his
                                                                                                                                final day in class