How to open Big Software by mrmubi2


									How to open Big Software, Applications
and Games in Less Time
While working with software and applications on computers or laptops we used to open different
software, applications and games etc... Some of them are used to open with a lot of time, like Corel Draw,
Need for Speed, Adobe Photo Shop etc... It will slow down the processing speed of Windows while
opening. Today I will give a very small and useful tip to overcome this problem.

You all need to follow certain steps:

       First makes a shortcut of that application or software you want to open instantly.
       Right Click on shortcut.
       Click Properties.
       In properties select Shortcuts.
       Under Run Select Minimized from drop down list. (as shown in figure)
       Click Apply

You all done.

Now you will feel a big difference in program opening speed.

Happy Learning

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