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									Lesson Plan Template
Cumberland River Valley Consortium
Teaching American History Grant

Era: 7 1890-1930                   Unit Name: Rise of Modern          Lesson Topic: Yellow
                                   Imperialistic America              Journalism and its impact on
                                                                      American Imperialism
Sequence: # 3 of 10                Unit Author: Chad McGee            Date Created: 7/25/03

Goal(s): The student will recognize the influence of Yellow Journalism on US foreign policy in the
late 1890s.

Objective(s) – State Standards Addressed:

Era 7
5.1 Understand the role of the United States in world affairs.
       Identify causes of American imperialism (ie. Raw materials, nationalism, missionaries,
militarism, Monroe Doctrine)
       Identify consequences of American imperialism (i.e. Spanish American War, expanding
trade, extractive economies, Panama Canal, the idea of a superior Anglo-Saxon culture, yellow
journalism, military occupation)

     1. The teacher will ask students to discuss how the press influences policy in the United
        States today.
     2. Then the teacher will ask students what the primary goal of news media providers is (to
        make money).
     3. The teacher will ask students to consider if the ability to influence policy and the desire to
        make money could lead to conflicts of interest.

Instruction/Activities/Ongoing Assessment:
     1. Students will read the website describing the publishing war between Hearst and Pulitzer:
     2. The students will list ways in which the two newspapers may have shaped foreign policy.

    1. Students will read a textbook or website description of the causes of the Spanish-
       American War, and identify ways in which the causes of the war correspond to the
       causes of American Imperialism that have been discussed:

    1. Students will evaluate a cartoon showing the Pulitzer and Hearst competition. They
        should note how the cartoon suggests they have influenced foreign policy:

Equipment, Materials, Sources:
Pulitzer website: http://www.onlineconcepts.com/pulitzer/yellow.htm
Pulitzer Hearst Cartoon: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAyellow.htm
Causes of the Spanish American War: http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/history/A0861237.html

Extension Activities:
Reflection on Lesson when Taught:

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