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Assistant Head JDPS inclusion Hartley Brook by Q7FZLLB


									Sheffield City Council
Children & Young Peoples Directorate
Assistant Headteacher Role Profile

SCHOOL                  Hartley Brook Primary School
Based onSCALE
SALARY the National Standards for L5 – L9
                        GROUP ISR:              (£41,343 - £45,637)
                        by the Training and
Headteachers as defined NUMBER ON ROLL: Approx 500
Development Agency
JOB PURPOSE : Working with the Executive Headteacher and other senior staff,
to provide leadership for the school which secures its success and continuous
improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its pupils and the highest
standards of learning and achievement in accordance with statutory requirements
and the 5 outcomes of Every Child Matters.

RESPONSIBLE TO : The Executive Headteacher of the school
RESPONSIBLE FOR : Teaching and support staff of the school and its children
and young people.

ACCOUNTABILITIES: To be met in accordance with the provisions of the School
Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document and within the range of teachers’ duties
set out in that document and the professional standards for teachers.

Shaping the Future
Working with the Executive Headteacher to:

Create and communicate a shared vision, ethos and strategic plan that inspires
and motivates all stakeholders and reflects the needs of the school and its
community as part of Sheffield and in its wider context.

Translate the vision into clear objectives that promote and sustain school

Ensure that the school moves forward for the benefit of its pupils and their

Motivate and inspire stakeholders to create a strong, shared culture of learning
within an inclusive environment.

Learning and Teaching
Working with the Executive Headteacher to:

Set high expectations and challenging targets, monitoring effectiveness and
evaluating learning outcomes.

Ensure a school-wide focus on pupils’ achievement, using data and benchmarks to
monitor progress in every child’s learning.

Establish creative, effective approaches to learning and teaching, responsive to the
needs of the pupil community.
Ensure a culture that supports and facilitates pupil engagement in, and ownership
of their own learning.

Monitor, evaluate and review classroom and assessment practice and promote
improvement strategies, challenging underperformance and ensuring corrective

Developing Self and Others
Working with the Executive Headteacher to:

Build a collaborative learning culture within the school and actively engage with
other schools to build effective learning communities and partnerships.

Develop and maintain effective strategies and procedures for the induction,
professional development and performance review of all staff.

Set high expectations for all and address underperformance.

Regularly self evaluate, set personal targets and take responsibility for own
personal professional development.

Support the Headteacher in the implementation of performance management
systems that ensure high quality education provision.

To act as a role model for the highest professional standards within the framework
of the schools expectations.

Managing the Organisation

Working with the Executive Headteacher to:

Ensure that the school and its resources are organised and managed to provide an
efficient, effective and safe learning environment.

Manage the school’s financial and human resources effectively and efficiently to
achieve the school’s educational goals and priorities.

Recruit, retain and deploy staff appropriately.

Ensure that the range, quality and use of all available resources is monitored,
evaluated and reviewed to improve the quality of education for all pupils and
provide value for money.

To deputise for the Headteacher as necessary

To undertake any professional duties of the Headteacher, as delegated, or in the
event of their absence from school.
Securing Accountability
Effective fulfilment of all roles and responsibilities outlined in this document

Provide information, advice and support to the Executive Headteacher and
Governing Body to enable them to meet their responsibilities for securing:

      Effective teaching and learning
      High standards of achievement
      Efficiency and good value for money

and enabling them to present full, clear and accurate accounts of school
performance to a range of audiences including the Children’s Service Authority,
OFSTED, the local community and others.

To assist the Headteacher in creating and developing an organisation in which all
staff recognise that they are accountable for the success of the school.

To assist the Headteacher in ensuring all parents are well informed about:

          curriculum attainment and progress
          realistic and challenging targets for improvement

and to make a fully informed contribution to achieving them.

Strengthening Community
Working with the Executive Headteacher to:

Manage effective relationships with all stakeholders and partners.

Co-operate and work with relevant agencies and partners to ensure the well being
of children in line with the 5 Every Child Matters outcomes.

Ensure learning experiences for pupils are linked and integrated with the wider
community, local, national and global.

Build a school culture and curriculum that takes account of the richness and
diversity of the school’s communities.

Create and promote positive strategies for challenging all forms of prejudice and

Promote the concept of lifelong learning and family engagement with learning
through partnership.
Specific Responsibilities: INCLUSION

Responsibilities as Inclusion Manager/SENCo
     Have experience as a SENCO or Inclusion Manager in a primary / middle
      school (including a secure knowledge of SEN / Inclusion / Equality issues)
     Ensure the best possible well-being, progress and achievement for all
      pupils on the SEN register, and those who may need additional provision /
      support at some time
     Work in partnership with other specialist staff to ensure the needs of all
      the children on the SEN register are met
     Work collaboratively with outside agencies
     Act as CPLO and deal with child protection issues
     Use data to analyse and evaluate performance, and to present to a variety
      of audiences the outcomes from this
     Ensure that the needs of G&T pupils are met
     Responsible for developing, maintaining and managing attendance
     Responsible for developing, maintaining and managing behaviour
     Responsible for all data systems in relation to SEN, Gifted and talented,
      behaviour and attendance
     Provide regular reports in relation to SEN, Gifted and talented, behaviour
      and attendance to headteacher and governors

     Resource Responsibilities for Inclusion

        Ensure health and safety standards in SNU and IR’s
        Ensure the provision of a safe, secure learning environment in SNU and
        Oversee the management and maintenance of the SNU and IR’s and
         wider school staffing as appropriate
        Working with the executive deputy and executive headteacher on staffing
         and premises matters.

     Curriculum Responsibilities for Inclusion

        Responsibility for Planning, Development, Monitoring and Assessment of
         SEN provision
        Responsibility for ensuring high standards of SEN provision
        To develop with the assessment coordinator a central pupil performance
         database for children with SEN
        To assist the Headteacher in formulating a system of performance
         management for all staff to include both staff and curriculum development
        To ensure that all pupils receive their entitlement to the full curriculum
         within a framework of equal opportunities and ensuring regular monitoring
         and reporting of their progress
        To assist the Headteacher and deputy in ensuring that all parents are well
         informed about progress and are able to understand realistic and
    challenging targets for improvement and to make a fully informed
    contribution to achieving them
   To develop extracurricular activities

Pastoral/Line Management Responsibilities for Inclusion

   To line manage SEN staff and support senior teachers
   Manage the Behaviour Support Team, which includes the Senior and
    Assistant Learning Mentors, Pupil Support Assistant, lunchtime Play
    Leaders and the Home/School Link Officer
   To plan, manage and monitor the use of support staff in this area and
    across the school (as required)
   Managing PPA and absence cover for SEN
   To ensure staff carry out their roles and responsibilities in line with school
   To be responsible with other senior leaders for Staff development
   To be responsible for pastoral provision and the promotion of an inclusive
    strategic provision for pupils
   To develop and implement strategies to ensure pupil progress, to monitor,
    evaluate and review those strategies and pupil progress, and develop
    extension and out of school hours activities working with partners in
   To act as Child Protection Liaison Teacher
   Ensure that a high level of attendance and punctuality for all pupils and
    work with school staff and outside agencies to support this
   With the Head, Deputy and other Assistant Heads, provide leadership for
    and management of whole school priorities
            Person Specification/Profile – Assistant Headteacher (INCLUSION)
Qualification and Experience Requirements                              How assessed
       QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)                                                   Application
       Evidence of regular and appropriate professional development                     Form, Reference,
       Experience as a SENCo in a primary or middle school                              Assessment,
       Evidence of recent management development and of leading a team                  Interview
       Evidence of recent senior management experience demonstrating a substantial
        contribution to:
        - Significantly raising standards
        - Developing and implementing a school ethos
        - Planning, developing, monitoring and assessing the whole school curriculum
        - Raising standards through systematic target setting and monitoring ,
            including within the processes of OFSTED
        - Developing community involvement
        - Developing and/or leading SEN
       Successful experience of leading CPD
       Successful experience of implementing school improvement initiatives with
        measurable outcomes
Assistant Headteachers should be able to demonstrate their ability                       Application
in:                                                                                      Form, Reference,
     Collaborative and flexible leadership in close partnership covering                Interview
    - Planning, development and monitoring whole school curriculum provision
    - Planning strategically and operationally
     Effective management, decision making and organisational skills, including:
    - Communication skills (oral and written)
    - Consultation and negotiation skills
    - Ability to delegate
    - Ability to motivate staff and pupils
     Interpersonal skills which demonstrate an ability to develop and maintain good
        relationships with all members of the school community and partners
       Active and effective internal school liaison work, including the promotion and
        development of team working
       To plan and make decisions that take full account of equal opportunities
       Performance review: a sharp focus on school self evaluation, with particular
        regard to assessment and pupil progress
Assistant Headteachers should be able to demonstrate their knowledge, experience
and understanding of:
Shaping the future                                                  Application
   Local, national and global trends in education                                       Form, Interview
   Communication strategies both within and beyond the school
   New technologies, their use and impact
Leading teaching and learning                                                            Application
   Strategies to raise achievement and achieving excellence                             Form, Interview
   Strategies to ensure inclusion, diversity and access
   Strategies to develop effective teachers
   Models of learning and teaching
   Principles of effective teaching and assessment for learning
   Models of behaviour and attendance management
   Curriculum design and management
Developing self and others                                                               Application
                                                                                         Form, Reference,
 Strategies to promote self and team development

Managing the organisation                                                                Application
   Equal opportunities policy in service delivery and employment                        Form, Interview
   Legal issues relating to managing a school including Equal Opportunities, Race
    Relations, Disability, Human Rights and Employment Legislation
Securing accountability
   Relevant education legislation                                                        Application
   Principles and practice of quality assurance systems, including school review, self   Form, Interview
    evaluation and performance management
   Data collection and analysis tools
   Performance monitoring and evaluation techniques
   Statutory educational frameworks, including governance
   Public service policy and accountability frameworks, including self evaluation and
    multi-agency working
   Use of a range of tools (including performance data) to support, monitor, evaluate
    and improve aspects of school life.
Strengthening community                                                                   Application
   Current issues and future trends that impact on the school community                  Form, Interview
   Strategies to encourage parents and carers to support their children’s learning
Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children                                        Application
                                                                                          Form, Interview
 Safeguarding issues

           Please note that you should complete a “SCHOOL LEADERSHIP” application form for this
                                                       ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER COMPETENCIES

Team Impacts: An effective assistant headteacher needs to be well balanced across each of the team impact areas.

Sheffield Headteacher Competency Framework : This framework identifies the key competencies required of an effective assistant headteacher (these
competencies are derived from and mapped against the Revised National Standards for Headteachers 2004)

Emotional Intelligence Competencies: This competency framework is the Goleman 1998 Emotional Intelligence Model as recommended by NCSL, it identifies
the professional qualities required of an effective assistant headteacher. (These competencies are divided into social and personal competencies).
This is a leadership model that underpins all leadership roles within schools.
                                                                             Team    Impacts (SHL)
        Creating The Vision                        Managing Activities                       Delivering                                  Resourcing

                                             Sheffield    Headteacher                 Competency     Framework
Analysing &      Strategic          People                Leadership and         Organising and      Resilience          Communication and      Finance
Interpreting     vision and         Management            Decision making        Implementing                            Influencing            and
                 innovation                                                                                                                     Resourcing

                                          Emotional            Intelligence        Competencies      (Social/Personal)
Social           Organisational     Self awareness (PC)   Conscientiousness      Self management     Emotional Self      Self-confidence (PC)   Service
Awareness        awareness          Accurate self         (PC)                   (PC)                Awareness (PC)      Social Skills (SC)     Orientation
(SC)             (SC)               assessment (PC)       Initiative (PC)        Achievement         Self Control (PC)   Influence (SC)         (SC)
Organisational   Change             Trustworthiness       Leadership (SC)        Orientation (PC)    Adaptability (PC)   Communication (SC)
Awareness        catalyst (SC)      (PC)                                                                                 Building Bonds (SC)
(SC)                                Social awareness
                                    Empathy (SC)
                                    Developing others
                                    Management (SC)
                                    Teamwork and
                                    collaboration (SC)
Working Together
Executive Headteacher:             Chris Hobson                  Executive Deputy
Head:          Lynn Thorne
Hartley Brook Road, SHEFFIELD, S5 0JF                          Federation Assistant
Head:      Gail Kemp
Tel: 0114 2456 882      Facsimile 0114 2402 544                Assistant Headteachers:
Karen Brown
E Mail :
       Penny Watkin

April 2011

Dear applicant

Assistant Headteacher – INCLUSION

Thank you for your interest in the above post.

If you are ambitious and want a post that will develop your leadership skills to the
full, offer you enormous opportunities to work at the cutting edge of educational
development and provide you with interesting challenges and career prospects,
then this is the job for you.

As part of a major restructure at Hartley Brook, we are now able to offer the above
post, which is new to the school and to the structure. The post will mainly be based
at the Hartley Brook site. However, as a federation appointment, there will be
considerable opportunity for the role to encompass development work across both

Hartley Brook is in the Hartley Brook – Hatfield Federation, established to raise
standards and improve provision. The senior leadership work across both schools,
although some senior leaders have a greater role in one particular school. Our
vision is that any school can become outstanding and deliver outstanding
outcomes for its children. With this in mind, professional development, both in
relation to teaching and learning and leadership, is central to what we do.

There are almost 1000 children (Hartley Brook 550) and 100 front line staff (Hartley
Brook 60) within the federation. The governors want to gradually develop common
systems and structures across the two schools. The executive head works across
both schools on a daily basis, leading the federation in a similar way to a split site
secondary school.

The executive head has been in post at Hatfield for two years and just over two
terms at Hartley Brook, in addition she led the Sheffield Primary Task Force (2008-
10). Previous to that she was Headteacher of Richmond Primary School and
Executive Headteacher of Hodge Clough Junior School and Werneth Junior
Schools, all in Oldham. She was a National Leader of Education when based in
Oldham and Richmond was a designated National Support School. The current
federation executive deputies and the executive assistant head were part of the
National Support School team in Oldham and the Sheffield Task Force. In addition
to running the two schools, the leadership team also provides the NQT training
package for Sheffield Local Authority. As such, the team have a wealth of
experience in school improvement to share with new members of the leadership

The governors and leadership team are looking to appoint an assistant head with
drive and ambition which matches their own. Considerable change needs to take
place to develop Hartley Brook so that the children there can reach their full
potential. This post is essential in enabling this to happen.

Hartley Brook is based in two buildings (F1 – Year 2 and Year 3 – Year 6 plus
extended schools) on one large site. Much work is still needed to improve these
and the resources in them.

The post of Assistant Head Inclusion has been created to ensure that all children at
Hartley Brook receive the support that they are entitled to. Hartley Brook has a
large number of children on the SEN register and is also home to a Special Needs
Nursery (SNU) and an Integrated Resources Unit in both KS1 and KS2, funded
and well supported by the Local Authority. We want to improve the standards of
SEN provision in the school and need a highly skilled Assistant Head to help us to
achieve this. This post is non class based. The person appointed will work with
the Head and Deputy to manage the school, and its buildings and resources on a
day to day basis, therefore strong leadership and management skills are essential.
They will also manage the Behaviour Support Team, which includes the Senior and
Assistant Learning Mentors, Pupil Support Assistant and lunchtime Play Leaders
and the Home/School Link Officer.

If you are interested in applying for this post, please contact the Executive Head
(Mrs Chris Hobson) any day before 9pm on 07843694120. Visits to both federation
schools are warmly welcomed.

The closing date is noon on Monday 16 May 2011 at 4:00pm and the selection
process is scheduled for Friday 20 May 2011. Shortlisted candidates will be
contacted by 4:00pm on Tuesday 17 May 2011. Please ensure that you provide
daytime contact numbers and email addresses for your referees.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Yours faithfully

Anne Nettleship
Chair of Federated Governing Body

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