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									                            Foundations—a Pedestal
                            Group Publication
                            VOLUME 2, MARCH 2009                                                                FOUNDATIONS

                            The Pedestal Group

                            Get Out There and Pipl Search!
  Special points of         Finding people’s contact in-      tact, you can also see if they
  interest:                 formation and information         post to blogs and if so where,
                            that makes a cold call warm is    which ones and what do they
  • Search Engine Optimi-   always time consuming and         think, are they on LinkedIn,
                            can be frustrating. But here’s    Facebook, Plaxo, etc. or are
                            a new tool I’ve just started      they on a group website that
  • Sales Tips              using that I love—                could help you get your foot
                            www.pipl.com . Run it on          in the door.
  • Recycling Technology
                            yourself—you will find all the
                                                              I am also recommending to
  • Gadgets and Skype       places your information
                                                              people who are looking for
                            comes up on the web!
  • AND MORE!                                                 advice on finding a job to
                            I have been really impressed      check this out as well. Noth-
                            with this tool because it found   ing like knowing exactly what      Try this once, you’ll use
                            references I haven’t found        an employer could find on          it on every search!
                            through any other searching       you and heading it off BE-
                            method. I was able to locate      FORE it becomes an issue.
                            an old colleague of mine who
                                                              It has also helped keep all the
                            has eluded all my attempts to
                                                              information up to date. There
                            find her information in the
                                                              is nothing worse than finding
                            past. We were both thrilled
                                                              a website, using it for awhile
Inside this issue:          when PIPL worked.
                                                              and then getting away from it
                            Not only do you find great        only to find out someone
SEO                     2
                            information about your con-       wanted to contact you.

Sales Tips              3
                            Answers to the Unemployment Numbers
Recycling Technology    3
                            Everyone is hearing all the       ployment rate is 4.1%. That       number of degreed people.
Gadgets and Skype       4   scary unemployment num-           number represents 1,850,000       By region, according to the
                            bers; unemployment is at          individuals with bachelor’s       US Census bureau, 27.5% of
                            8.1%, representing millions of    degrees or higher that are        the United States population
                            people all taxing the unem-       unemployed. Over 43 MIL-          has a four year degree or
                            ployment system of every          LION people with a bache-         higher. Some areas of the
                            state. But what does that         lors degree are still employed!   country have easier to find
                            really mean to your clients?      And guess who your client         degreed individuals for in-
                                                              wants!                            stance, in the Northeast, the
                            Even today, the college-
                                                                                                percentage is 31.5% while in
                            educated population unem-         Now let’s dig deeper into the
PAGE 2                                                            FOUNDATIONS—A PEDESTAL GROUP PUBLICATION

Unemployment Numbers and Education Level (con’t)

the South it is 25.4%.                    In 2007, according to the National       Visual and Performing Arts
                                          Center for Education Statistics,         Transportation and Material Moving
Want to go even deeper? In 2007, the
                                          1,524,000 bachelor’s degrees were        Philosophy and Religious Studies
percentage of people with a bachelor’s
                                          awarded nationwide. Of those, 22%        Parks and Recreation
degree by age looked like this:
                                          were in business, 11% were in Social     Mathematics and Statistics
      25 to 29 years     27.4%            Science and History, and 7% were in      Security and Protective Services.
      30 to 34 years     31%              Education.
      35 to 39 years     31.9%                                                     This and a whole host of other infor-
      40 to 44 years     29%              In the chart below, we see how the       mation is available to share with your
      45 to 49 years     27.7%            fields of study have changed over the    clients. If you need additional statistics
      50 to 54 years     28.9%            years. People graduating in 1996 now     or would like to find something spe-
      55 to 59 years     31%              have around 13 years of experience.      cific, contact the Pedestal Group at
      60 to 64 years     28.3%                                                     330-952-1121.
                                          The following fields grew over 30%
      65 years+          19.3%            from 2001 to 2006:
      (.2 margin for error)

Search Engine Optimization—What is it and why do you care?
Search engine optimization is the         increase web traffic leading to          should be? Go through it, one page at
process used to make your website         searches. In the last twelve months, I   a time and rewrite material that should
appear closer to the top of search re-    am aware of five searches that came in   be updated. Commit to one page a
sults on a search engine. That means if   through websites.
someone does a search in Google,
                                          So what can you
SEO techniques can help you show up
                                          do? Content is still
in the first page of their results.
                                          king. When was the
While we know most searches do not        last time you read
come in from websites, solid SEO can      your website? Is it
certainly help in your efforts and can    really what it
VOLUME 2, MARCH 2009                                                                                                    PAGE 3

Sales Tips based on Gitomer
We all have our favorite authors but        anything about the degree mix in the       Some of Gitomer’s power question
one of mine is Jeffrey Gitomer. He          United States today?                       starters include:
writes books like “Little Red Book of                                                  What do you look for..?
                                            Get some information on the person
Selling” and gives real, effective sales                                               What have you found…?
                                            you are calling (Kathy says use
techniques. I wanted to share some of                                                  How do you propose…?
                                            www.pipl.com!). Don’t call and say,
my favorites as this is a time we could                                                How do you determine…?
                                            “tell me about your business”! They
all use some help in this area.                                                        What would you change about..?
                                            already know about their business and
Become Valuable—Gitomer says give           the fact that you don’t shows they         My thought—think about a service
before you receive, and to become           don’t need you. Ask something real—        you need. If someone called right now
known as a resource. How? Send              something that will get their attention.   and asked a question, what would get
emails to your client base with rele-       Calling from a posting? Why is the         you to listen? Ask THAT question of
vant, helpful information. For in-          position still open? Have you solved a     your prospects and clients.
stance, would some of your upper            client problem recently? Ask if they
level people be interested to know          have the same problem!

week or so and you’ll be amazed at          tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/           Links are an-
how easy it is to attack that project!      seobook/ This site will help you de-       other impor-
                                            termine if the keyword is a good           tant compo-       KEYWORDS NEED
Next, you can put keywords on your
                                            choice or not.                             nent. Anywhere TO BE RELEVANT,
site (in Galaxy Builder, that is the Key-
                                                                                       your name           SPECIFIC AND
word box on each page). While key-          Images are always a good thing to
                                                                                       appears on the       TARGETED—
words are not as important as they          break up a page but they should AL-
                                                                                       web should            EXECUTIVE
used to be, they can still help manage      WAYS have alternative text associ-
                                                                                       include your       SEARCH IS TOO
traffic. Keywords should be specific,       ated. Not only does this help with
                                                                                       website as well.
targeted and relevant. Don’t try            search engines, but it also is required                            BROAD!
                                                                                       Sites that link
“executive search” because there are        by the ADA. When browsers or peo-
                                                                                       to your website
too many. Go for niche-specific ex-         ple with visual impairments are brows-
                                                                                       are considered “referrals” to Google
ecutive search.                             ing websites, they read the image text
                                                                                       and elevate your page status.
                                            rather than look at the picture.
To select keywords, check out http://

Recycle Old Technology
     What do you do with those old          the value of your item, and if you         for your items.
     computers, monitors, printers,         agree, helps you ship it for free. Once
                                                                                       Another option is to take equipment
     etc. that are currently cluttering     it has been processed, you will receive
                                                                                       to Staples which recycles Dell prod-
     your office / home? You can            a Radio Shack gift card by mail.
                                                                                       ucts for free and all others for $10 an
     easily recycle them!
                                            Toshiba just gives you cash for your       item.
Check out:                                  items:
                                                                                       Be sure your data has been removed
 http://radioshack.cexchange.com/           http://toshiba.eztradein.com/
                                                                                       before sending. Delete all files, or call
online/home/index.rails                     toshiba/
                                                                                       a tech person for advice on how to
                                            It starts the same way with an on-line
Radio Shack’s program allows you to                                                    remove it. All of these centers will
                                            calculator and then you receive cash
use an on-line calculator to determine                                                 remove data, but it is better to be safe
       The Pedestal Group

       4809 Lexington Ridge                                        The Pedestal Group was founded to answer a need we
       Medina OH 44256                                             saw in small businesses to have a source for help.
                                                                   That could be how to find and integrate the right
       330-952-1121                                                technology, how to better hire and manage people,
       kathy@thepedestalgroup.com                                  how to set goals and create a strategic plan, or really
       www.thepedestalgroup.com                                    attack and own your marketplace.

                                                                   Our team has worked in a variety of industries includ-
                                                                   ing staffing, recruiting and executive search, retail,
                                                                   technology, healthcare software / IT, higher educa-
                                                                   tion and franchising and the consistent theme they
                                                                   have found it is very hard to see the forest for the
                                                                   trees. In small business, that is compounded by the
                                                                   number of resources available.

                                                                   Our approach is unique in that we don’t just say it is
                                                                   all about the customer, it really is. The Pedestal
                                                                   Group puts our customers on a pedestal – right where
Putting our clients where they belong.                             they belong. That isn’t to say the customer is always
                                                                   right because that is an adversarial relationship – in
                                                                   our case, we always come to agreement. We are
                                                                   always in a partnership with our clients but also re-
                                                                   member who’s the most important – YOU.

                                                                   The Pedestal Group - Putting our clients where they

Cool Gadget and Skype

I admit it—I’m a gadget girl. I tend to   http://www.lacie.com/us/products/          business. If the other person doesn’t
be more of a cooking gadget girl than     product.htm?pid=11227.                     have a Skype account, that’s okay
anything, but I have my iPhone and                                                   too—there are discounted rates to
my various other tech gadgets too.                                                   calling land lines. For instance an hour
But look at THIS! This cute little                                                   long call from Ohio to Singapore was
drive is made of metal so it goes on                                                 $3.12.
                      your key ring,
                                                                                     Skype also comes with a chat feature
                      doesn’t break,
                                                                                     that allows you to instant message
                      handles pockets
                                                                                     other users.
                      or purses with
                      ease, stores ei-                                               I would highly recommend purchasing
                      ther 4 or 8 GB                                                 a PC headset at an office supply store
                      of information                                                 or radio shack if you are going to do
                      (depending on       Are you using Skype? This program          phone calls. These are much like tele-
Sharing what I’ve the model you           loads on your computer and allows          phone headsets and plug into your
heard recently        purchase) and is    you to talk to people all over the         computer. They make phone calls a
from a variety of     under $30! Pick     world. It uses the internet to carry the   breeze and having them be free is
sources to help       one up at           voice signals from one Skype user to       even better!
you.                                      another so it is great for international

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