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									Maritime Lawyers
Maritime law, also known as Admiralty Law, is a specialized area of legal practice that most Americans
are unfamiliar with but which has been around in one form or another since the beginning of trade and
travel via water routes. Through the course of American legal history there are references to maritime
law that date as far back as the writing of the U.S. Constitution, and though this particular area of law is
only taught in a few law schools around the country, it is vital to ship owners, ship workers, cruise
travelers and pleasure boaters alike. For those who are injured on a ship, whether as a passenger or a
crew member and whether the boat is a cruise ship or cargo ship, a lawyer who is specially trained in the
complexities of maritime law is the professional that will best be able to assist you.

Most people don’t realize that there are specific rules and regulations that govern what goes on in the
water, whether from a commercial or recreational standpoint. They aren’t aware that there are special
laws that have been created specifically for the protection of those who work in the maritime industry,
and they also don’t realize that many accidents that happen on the water may involve a combination of
different national and international laws. The special regulations that are involved in maritime or
admiralty cases, whether involving injury, labor disputes, piracy or any other legal issue will require
special training and levels of experience from any attorney that represents them. Most maritime law
cases end up being handled in federal courts rather than in state or local courts because accidents and
events that take place on the water are governed by a different set of laws and statutes than those that
take place on the land. Whether you are dealing with an injury or robbery that takes place as a
passenger on a cruise ship or as a worker on a boat or on the docks, it is essential that you seek counsel
from an attorney who is up on the latest laws governing the waters. The same is true for those who are
in the midst of a dispute between ship owners and workers on a cargo ship; if you are dealing with a
legal matter that takes place on the water the specialized knowledge, training and experience that
maritime lawyers possess is essential for adequate representation in the courtroom.

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